Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Weapon/Item Guide v2.0
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: : : : Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Weapon/Item Guide

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Weapon/Item Guide

by Braden   Updated to v2.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.

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         Improved Version (2.0)

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     To jump to a certain section, highlight the code in the brackets, 
     and press CTRL+C, CTRL+F, CTRL+V and then enter.

        00                                   00
        00  Fist (FS01)                      00
        00                                   00
        00      -Fist (FS02)                 00
        00      -Brass Knuckles (FS03)       00
        00      -Fighting styles (FS04)      00
        00                                   00
        00  Melee (M01)                      00
        00                                   00
        00      -Baseball bat (M02)          00
        00      -Shovel (M03)                00
        00      -Cane (M04)                  00
        00      -Golf club (M05)             00
        00      -Knife (M06)                 00
        00      -Katana (M07)                00
        00      -Chainsaw (M08)              00
        00      -Pool cue (M09)              00
        00      -Nightstick (M10)            00
        00                                   00
        00  Pistols (PL01)                   00
        00                                   00
        00      -9mm (PL02)                  00
        00      -Silenced 9mm (PL03)         00
        00      -Desert eagle (PL04)         00
        00                                   00
        00  Sub-machine guns (SMG01)         00
        00                                   00
        00      -Tec-9 (SMG02)               00
        00      -Micro SMG (SMG03)           00
        00      -SMG (SMG04)                 00
        00                                   00
        00  Shotguns (SG01)                  00
        00                                   00
        00      -Shotgun (SG02)              00
        00      -Sawn-off shotgun (SG03)     00
        00      -Combat shotgun (SG04)       00
        00                                   00
        00  Assault rifles (A01)             00
        00                                   00
        00      -AK-47 (A02)                 00
        00      -M4 (A03)                    00
        00                                   00
        00  Heavy artillery (H01)            00
        00                                   00
        00      -Rocket launcher (H02)       00
        00      -Heat-seeking RPG (H03)      00
        00      -Minigun (H04)               00
        00      -Flamethrower (H05)          00
        00                                   00
        00  Rifles (RF01)                    00
        00                                   00
        00      -Country rifle (RF02)        00
        00      -Sniper rifle (RF03)         00
        00                                   00
        00  Thrown (T01)                     00
        00                                   00
        00      -Molotov cocktails (T02)     00
        00      -Grenades (T03)              00
        00      -Remote explosives (T04)     00
        00      -Tear gas (T05)              00
        00                                   00
        00  Goggles (GG01)                   00
        00                                   00
        00      -Night-vision goggles (GG02) 00
        00      -Thermal goggles (GG03)      00
        00                                   00
        00  Low-range (LR01)                 00
        00                                   00
        00      -Spray-can (LR02)            00
        00      -Fire extinguisher (LR03)    00
        00                                   00
        00  Special (SP01)                   00
        00                                   00
        00      -Camera (SP02)               00
        00      -Parachute (SP03)            00
        00                                   00
        00  Slots (SL01)                     00
        00                                   00
        00  Contact me / Disclaimer (CD01)   00
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      8  FIST (FS01)  8

Hold R1 to target and press circle to attack with a basic fighting style. Press
triangle to fight with an alternate, more powerful combo. This can be changed by
going into any gym and beating the fighter. You can block by pressing square while 
holding R1. This will block your opponent's punches but it is useless against melee 
weapons.The more muscle you have, the more damage you do.

Fist (FS02)

Normal hand-to-hand combat. You obviously will always have this as a weapon.

Brass knucles (FS03)

Just like the fist but will give more damage. 


Los Santos- Ganton, below the south part of the bridge nearest to Grove Street
            Commerce, near the last building to the south.

San Fierro- Calton Heights, near the 4th building from the north-west going down
Las Venturas- Las Payasadas, north

Fighting styles (FS04)

Basically, there are 4 different fighting styles rather than 3 like some people
think. To attack with a fighting style press  R1+triangle. You will need to train
your muscle before attempting to learn a new fighting style.The 4 fighting styles
are shown below.

CJ (Liberty City) combo-

Some might not remember this combo, but when you start out, you will have the CJ
fighting style. This combo consists of normal punches and kicks and is very slow and
not powerful. When having this combo it is best to stick with the circle combo as it
is much faster.

Boxing (Los Santos) combo-

You can learn this combo in the gym in Ganton, Los Santos. Simply go to the red
marker near the boxer and reply positively by pressing right on the D-pad. This
combo consists of normal punches and uppercuts.

Martial arts (San Fierro) combo-

This combo can be learnt in the gym in Garcia, San Fierro. This combo is more
powerful than boxing. This combo consists of sidekicks and roundhouses. The running
attack is a bicycle kick. It is quite powerful but just one combo isn't going to
kill your opponent, you may need to repeat the combo before your opponent dies.

Kick-boxing (Las Venturas) combo-

The gym in Redsands East, Las Venturas offers this kind of combo. This is the
ultimate combo, a kick and two knee strikes finishes your opponent. This combo is so
powerful that I 'kickboxed' my way to 5 stars before dieing!


      8  Melee (M01)  8

The melee weapons are very useful when fighting against multiple opponents when
having no ranged weapons. All melee weapons can be used to block. To block simply
press square while holding R1. This will block some of the strikes from other melee 
weapons but not all, for example a knife-block is useless against the nightstick.

Baseball bat (M02)

The good-old baseball bat. It can finish off an opponent in about 3 hits. Some
Ballas gang members drop the baseball bat when killed. 


San Fierro- Garcia, in the south part of the court

Las Venturas- Redsands East, in the middle of the baseball stadium

Shovel (M03)

The shovel deals as much damage as the baseball bat, sometimes less. It can finish
off an opponent in about 3-4 hits and the heavier weight means most of the time it 
will throw your opponent on the ground.


Los Santos- Ganton, behind Ryder's house in Grove Street
            The Panopticon (Red County), brown square on the radar
            Fern Ridge (Red County), middle south; near Catalina's house
            Palomino Creek (Red County), south-west, near the last 2 blocks from the 
San Fierro- Ocean Flats, near the second building from the north-west going down
            Whetstone, east of Mount Chilliad in the yard

Las Venturas- Hunter Quarry, in the center
              Prickle Pine, in the north-east corner
              Redsands East, in the court, the north-east corner

Cane (M04)

The cane is a special weapon. It has it's own slot and doesn't replace any other melee
weapon, and no melee weapon can replace it. It is quite powerful, when you attack from
behind; it will kill a normal pedestrian in 3 hits and when you attack from the front; 
it will kill in 2 hits. It imitates the katana in it's movements. It is very commonly 


Los Santos- Mulholland, behind the 'V' in the 'VINEWOOD' sign
            Temple, second block from the north-east going down
            Rodeo, in front of Didier Sachs, in the middle of Rodeo

San Fierro- Flint Country, nearest part to Richman, in the truck station
            Flint Country, west of previous location in in a farm
            Santa Flora, first building from the north
            City Hall, first building from the west
            Ocean Flats, third building from the north-west
            Ocean Flats, in the north-east corner of the building in the south-east
            Hashbury, west of the clothes shop
            Ocean Flats, south-west corner of the building in the south east

Las Venturas- Prickle Pine, west of the bridge that links Prickle Pine to Redsands East
              Prickle Pine, north of the second road from the southwest going right
              Emerald Isle, east of the bulding in the north-west
              Pilgrim, grassy area in south Pilgrim

Golf club (M05)

The golf club is exactly like the baseball bat but you can sprint with it. It kills a 
pedestrian after 3 hits. You can sometimes obtain the golf club by killing a golfer.


San Fierro- Angel Pine, west of the village

Las Venturas- Yellow Bell Golf Course- On the terrace of the building to the east

Knife (M06)

The knife is not such a powerful weapon. It will kill an opponent after 3-5 hits. 
Although the knife is a special melee, it will instantly kill if in stealth mode.
To enable stealth mode, press R1 to target, go behind the ped and when CJ raises
the knife, press circle. CJ will cut the person's throat and will instantly kill.
Some pedestrians like gang members wield knives. After spraying all 100 tags, your
gang members will wield knives too.


Los Santos- Market, in the middle block

Las Venturas- El Castillo Del Diablo, near the cabin, north of Area 69

Katana (M07)

A powerful weapon. Kills after 3 hits and when a running attack is formed, it kills
instantly by cutting off the opponents head.


Los Santos- Idlewood, south-west in the corner of the fence in the grassy area

San Fierro- Hashbury, in the tunnel between Queens and Hashbury

Las Venturas- El Quebrados, behind one of the houses in the north-west

Chainsaw (M08)

This is the most powerful melee weapon. It kills instantly when it touches an 
opponent but it takes very long to destroy a car. You cannot block with the 
chainsaw, and you do not need to.


Los Santos- Ocean Docks, east on the platform down the stairs
            The Panopticon (Red County), brown rectangle on radar, east of Panopticon
            Red County, north of Fern Ridge / hill

San Fierro- Doherty, up a ramp in the construction site

Las Venturas- Hunter Quarry, up one of the orange structures to the east

Pool cue (M09)

Powerful weapon. Kills after 2 hits. The pool cue is found in bars, after you 
play pool or after you kill the guy playing pool.


San Fierro- Doherty, south-west of construction site in Doherty
Las Venturas- Rockshore East, north-east corner of Rockshore East

Nightstick (M10)

Normal melee, kills after 3 hits. The nightstick can be obtained by killing any cop.
The nightstick spawns in the police station as well. 


<no locations found>


      8  Pistols (PL01)  8

The 3 pistols in San Andreas are very different from each other. The rate of fire 
is always based on single wielding a weapon and hitman level, this applies to all 
9mm (PL02)

You can run while aiming / shooting the 9mm, and sprint when holding it. You can 
dual wield the 9mm after reaching hitman level. The 9mm does little damage. It has
good accuracy as well as a fairly good aiming range. The rate of fire isn't that good,
about 3 bullets per second. Overall, it isn't a very good weapon. The only good
thing about the 9mm is that it is cheap and common and nearly all gang members, 
police, and some pedestrians have the 9mm.


Los Santos- Las Colinas, north of second block in East Los Santos, starting from 
                                                    north-west going to the right
            Ganton, in the north-east corner of Grove Street

San Fierro- Garcia, west of safe house in front of driving school, between Doherty and

Las Venturas- Tierra Robada, west of railway bridge linking Tierra robada to Bone County

Silenced 9mm (PL03)

You can only strafe sideways while aiming / shooting the Silenced 9mm. If there are no 
cops you will never get a wanted level when killing with the Silenced 9mm. The Silenced
9mm's damage, aiming range and rate of fire are nearly the same as that of the 9mm, but
the Silenced 9mm is more accurate.


Los Santos- Conference Center, south of second block from west to east

Desert eagle (PL04)

The most powerful pistol, kills with just one shot when hitman level is reached, no 
matter how far. You can only strafe when aiming / shooting. The ammount of damage 
is high, but the rate of fire is low, about 1.5 bullets per second. It is very 
accurate for a pistol. Overall this weapon is the best pistol when it comes to damage 
and accuracy. 


Los Santos- Ocean Docks, south part of the sandy part behind the fence
San Fierro- Whetstone, east of Mount Chilliad in the yard

Las Venturas- Bayside Marina, north-west corner of Bayside Marina
              Lil' Probe Inn, east on the brown patch on the radar


      8  Sub-machine guns (SMG01)  8

The sub-machine guns are the most common type of weapons when it comes to ranged 
weapons. All types of SMG's can be obtained by killing gang members. SMG's are 
mostly used for drive-bys, although they aren't very accurate in long range, 
as the recoil force is strong. SMG's usually have very short accurate range, 
about 3 vehicles away and less.

Tec-9 (SMG02)

A powerful short-ranged SMG. You can run while aiming / shooting and sprint while 
holding it. It's rate of fire is high, about 7-8 bullets per second. It's aiming 
range is good. You can dual wield this weapon after reaching hitman level. The 
accuracy is the Tec-9's weakest spot. You can use this weapon on a jetpack. 


Los Santos- Las Colinas, north of the first block from the north-west in Los Flores
            Mulholland, in between the two roads between Dillimore and Vinewood
            Los Santos International, south of the circular structure
            Blueberry (Red County), near one of the buldings in the north
            Ganton, in Grove Street on top of Sweet's house

San Fierro- Battery Point, east side nearest to the bridge
            Calton Heights, east of the church (first building from the north going down), 
                                                                     near one of the trees

Micro-SMG (SMG03)

The Micro-SMG is similair to the Tec-9. You can run while aiming / shooting and 
sprint while holding it. It is more accurate than the Tec-9. The slower rate of
fire and the high damage means you have about the same power of the Tec-9 and 
waste less ammunition. The Micro-SMG can be used on a jetpack and can be 
dual-wielded after reaching hitman level. 


Los Santos- Ganton, under the bridge which connects Ganton to East Beach

San Fierro- Angel Pine, near your safehouse to the south
Las Venturas- Verdant Meadows, near the plane in the south-west
              Redsands West, near your safehouse in Redsands West

SMG / MP5 (SMG04)

The most powerful SMG in San Andreas. You can strafe while aiming / shooting and 
sprint while holding it. It is very accurate comparing it to the other SMG's. The 
rate of fire is about 10 bullets per second and the damage is very high. You cannot 
dual-wield but this weapon alone is already more powerful that a dual-wielded 


Los Santos- El Corona, north of Unity Station
            Jefferson, on the roof of the second building from the north-west going to the east
            Montgomery (Red County), near one of the buildings in the north

San Fierro- Ocean Flats, second building from the north-west going east

Las Venturas- El Quebrados, near south-east block
              Starfish Casino, on the third floor in the parking to the south


      8  Shotguns (SG01)  8

The shotguns, like in any other game, are made for short range shooting against 
single opponents. The reloading and the type of shells make them incapable of 
shooting multiple opponents who are far away.

Shotgun (SG02)

The shotgun has a slow firing rate at about 1 shell per second. It isn't very accurate 
at long ranges, but it is very powerful. Most of the times your enemies are killed with 
just one or two shots. You can strafe while aiming / shooting and run while holding it.
You can get the shotgun from the police station.


San Fierro- Doherty, on top of the second building from the north-east going down

Las Venturas- Pilson Intersection, under a bridge to the east

Sawnoff shotgun (SG03)

The sawnoff shotgun can fire 2 times before reloading. It's accuracy is very bad and is
only good for close ranged attacking. If there are multiple enemies in your turret, the 
sawn-off can sometimes hit more than 1. It takes less than a second to shoot 4 shells but 
then you have to wait another 2 seconds to reload.The aiming range is as good as that of 
the pistol. You can run while aiming / shooting and sprint while holding it. After reaching 
hitman level you will be able to dual-wield this weapon. Most of the times you will kill 
an opponent with 4 shots.


Los Santos- Ocean Docks, inside the train to the east where the railway ends
            East Los Santos, On top of the building in the second block from the north-west 
                                                                                 going east
            Palomino Creek, behind the third house, considering that the first one is the one
                                                                       in front of AmmuNation

Las Venturas- Redsands West, north in the alleyway east of the baseball stadium
              Las Venturas Airport, on top of the building in the south-east

Combat shotgun (SG04)

The combat shotgun, also known as the Spaz shotgun, can fire 7 shots before reloading in
a firing rate of about 7 shots per second with a reloading time of just less than 2
seconds. It has pretty good range and the accuracy is quite good too. You can strafe
while aiming / shooting and run while holding it. It is a very powerful weapon. It
is the best shotgun in the game.


Las Venturas- LVA Freight Depot, in the centre of the grassy strip


      8  Assault rifles (A01)  8

The assault rifles are the best weapons to use in almost any type of circumstances. They
are powerful and deadly accurate. These of weapons are the most powerful lock-on weapons 
in the game. For gang wars or any other mission that includes fighting, I suggest you
always have an assault rifle with you.

AK-47 (A02)

You can strafe while aiming / shooting and run while holding it. It's firing rate is about
30 bullets in 4 seconds. It is a very accurate weapon. Some gang members have this weapon.


Los Santos- Ocean Docks, near the building in the north-west

San Fierro- Foster Valley, east of the 2 circles from the south in the grassy area
            Downtown, on the helipad in the south-east

Las Venturas- Tierra Robada, north, Valle Ocultado, near one of those caravans
              Redsands West, in the grassy area in the middle of the buildings in the south-west
              Four Dragons Casino, on top of it

M4 (A03)

The M4 has better accuracy and longer range than the AK-47. Same movements as the AK-47
apply for the M4. It's firing rate is nearly the same...about 5 bullets per second. It
is the better assault rifle. The M4 is usually wielded by the army.


Los Santos- Los Santos International, west between 2nd and 3rd ramp from the north

Las Venturas- Restricted Area, middle


     8  Heavy Artillery (H01)  8

These are the ultimate weapons. They usually destroy any vehicle within seconds; but
these weapons are rarely found wielded by other pedestrians and never sold at AmmuNation. 
Instead they can only be found.

Rocket launcher (H02)

The rocket launcher is a very powerful weapon. It destroys any vehicle, boat or 
aircraft with just one rocket. You cannot move while aiming, and you cannot 
lock-on. Rockets create an explosion after they hit something or 3 seconds after 
launched. You can run while holding the rocket launcher but cannot jump. You can
find this mounted on the Rhino, Hunter and Hydra.


San Fierro- Downtown, on the helipad in the south-east

Las Venturas- Las Venturas Airport, near some containers in front of the hangar
              The Emerald Isle, on the building with the helipad in the north

Heat-seeking RPG (H03) 

The heat-seeking RPG is exactly like the rocket launcher but it can lock on to any 
vehicle, boat or aircrafte. A green circle around the target means it identified it's 
target and can be locked-on, when it turns red it means it's locked on and when you 
fire a rocket, it will home in to the target as long as there is nothing in it's way. 
You can also find the heat-seeking RPG mounted on the Hydra.


San Fierro- Easter Bay Airport, between the fuel tanks south of the two hangars to the east

Las Venturas- Aldea Malvada, in the ruins of a village

Minigun (H04)

The best weapon in San Andreas. It can destroy any object in less than seconds except
the Rhino. It's firing rate is very fast, about 500 bullets per 16 seconds, thats about
30 bullets per second. You cannot lock-on, but if you have good manual aim then this
weapon is for you. The minigun has the same movement abilities as the rocket launcher.
You can find another version of the minigun mounted on the Hunter, Rustler, Seasparrow
and the RC Baron.


San Fierro- Downtown, on a platform in the railway track leading to Las Venturas

Las Venturas- Rockshore East, on a platform in the construction site
              Roca Escalante, bottom floor of the parking lot; second building from the 
                                                                 north-east going down


The flamethrower isn't very powerful at fact I was going to put it with the
low-range section, but because people are more familiar with the flamethrower in the
heavy artillery section, I left it here. First of all, the flamethrower has bad accuraccy
but that doesn't matter since it doesn't shoot anything. The flamethrower, as the name
suggests, uses naphalm as ammunition. It can burn up anything, even the environment and 
it is one of the only 2 weapons that can destroy a Rhino. But destroying vehicles is a 
very slow process. Best used against other pedestrians.


San Fierro- Shady Creeks, north part closest to Back'o'Beyond in the middle of some trees
            Doherty, west in the construction site
            Flint County, north by some cabins on the lighter green patch on the radar

      8  Rifles (RF01) 8

Rifles are made to be very accurate and are only good at a long range. Since the two 
rifles of San Andreas vary alot, I cannot say more about rifles in general.

Country rifle (RF02)

I don't like this weapon at all. It has a very slow rate of fire, and it can only be 
manually aimed. The only good things are that it is very accurate and quite powerful;
it can destroy a car with about 10-15 bullets. This rifle can be bought at AmmuNation.
Kills a person with about 2 shots.


<no locations found>

Sniper rifle (RF03)

The sniper rifle is very accurate although it can only be manually aimed; but the purpose
of this weapon doesn't need any lock-on anyway, it's purpose is to eliminate targets from
far away and is not recommended for close ranged attacks. To look through the scope press
R1, to zoom press R2 / square and to zoom out press L2 / X. When your targets are far away
there will be a delay after you shoot to hit them. This means you need to aim a little to
the direction moving targets are going to. The sniper rifle is a bit slower than the country 


Los Santos- Mulholland, south-west on a balcony (grey patch on the radar)

Las Venturas- The Clown's Pocket, on the building to the south
              The Four Dragons Casino, on the roof (east side)


      8 Thrown (T01)  8

Thrown projectiles are very useful where your opponents are in a group. To throw a projectile
hold circle, the longer you hold it the further CJ throws it. After a little experience 
you won't find this very hard to estimate the distance.

Molotov cocktails (T02)

Molotov cocktails create a fire when they hit the ground. The fire has nothing different 
from that of the flamethrower so it can create the same damage, and that makes it the 
second weapon with the ability to destroy a Rhino. Best used if your opponents are in 
groups. If you completed the Firefighter missions then you are immune to it's damage.


Los Santos- Mulholland, south-west (grey patch on the radar)
            Palomino Creek (Red County), south

Las Venturas- Fort Carson, south-east corner of the block (grey on the radar) to the south

Grenades (T03)

Grenades are a bit more powerful than the molotov cocktails. Grenades create an explosion, and 
do the same damage as the rocket launcher. If the grenades are fired too close CJ can get hurt.
Grenades explode 2 seconds after thrown.


Los Santos- Las Colinas, central-north beside the house to the west in the second row from the north
                                                                                         going down
            Santa Maria Beach, on the bridge leading to the fun-fair, east; exactly where the bridge
                                                                                        touches land

Las Venturas- Bayside, central-south

Remote explosives (T04)

The remote explosives cannot be thrown very far away. When thrown, these remote explosives
can stick to anything. After one or more is thrown, you will have a gadget in another slot 
(see the slot section for more information) that when used, by pressing circle, will explode 
all the explosives thrown.


San Fierro- Avispa Country Club, near the building in the north-west

Tear gas (T05)

The tear gar throw an gas for around 20 seconds after they hit the ground. This gas stuns 
anyone around it for a few seconds although it takes very long to kill. You are immune to 
its damage.


Los Santos- Downtwon Los Santos, near the building in the north-east
            Ocean Docks, where the railway ends, near the containers at the very end

Las Venturas- Las Venturas Airport, near the ramps south of the second building from the 
                                     north-west going down, where the two 'Shamals' spawn
              K.A.C.C. Military Fuels, central-east


      8  Goggles  (GG01)  8

Goggles are very rare. They help you see better in different ways and circumstances.

Night-vision goggles (GG02)

The night-vision goggles allow you to see better in dim light. Everything around you 
turns into bright green when the goggles are activated. Fire isn't very visible. You 
can find these goggles in Madd Dogg's mansion, under the stairs which leads to the bar. 


<no locations found>

Thermal goggles (GG03)

I don't have much information about the thermal goggles. Any surface that gives off 
heat appears in red / pink while any cold surface appears in blue; that means only 
lights, fire, pedestrians and reflections from a light are visible to you. The thermal 
goggles can also be obtained from Madd Dogg's mansion, it is near the video game.


The thermal goggles can only be picked once, after that, they never re-spawn again.


Las Venturas- 'The Big Ear', below the large satellite dish, where the sandking spawns


      8  Low-range (LR01)  8

Low-range weapons have a specialised use, but can still be used like a normal weapon. 
They cannot destroy vehicles, only pedestrians. Both low-range weapons spray gas / liquid 
droplets which suffocate your opponent although they take very long to actually kill, so 
they're not deadly. Best used to stun any nearby opponents and gives you a chance to run 

Spray-can (LR02)

The spray can is used for spraying tags. When near a tag, press R1 to target and then
circle to start spraying, there are 100 tags around Los Santos. The spray-can can be
found in the 'Johnson house' after you complete the 'Tagging up turf' mission.


Los Santos- Las Colinas, near a house which is exactly aligned with the third vertical
                               road in East Los Santos from the west going to the east

Las Venturas- Sobell Rail Yards, between two of the hangars in the north

Fire extinguisher (LR03)

The fire extinguisher, as it's name suggests, can extinguish any fire. To do this properly,
aim at the base of the fire instead of at the actual flame. The fire extinguisher can be
found in almost all (fast-food) restaurants behind the counter. A much more powerful version 
of this can be found mounted on all firetrucks, except afew which have a ladder instead.


San Fierro- Whetstone, south-east

Las Venturas- Valle Ocultado, near the only building


      8  Special (SP01)  8

Camera (SP02)

The camera's use is obvious: to take pictures. There are 50 photo opportunities scattered
around San Fierro. To capture one, simply zoom on the photo opportunity and press circle
to take a picture. To take a normal picture and save it press L1 instead of circle. The
picture will be saved in the gallery which can be found in the main menu. It will not
be deleted unless you do, even after your saves have been deleted.


San Fierro- Easter Bay Airport, west in the grassy area near the road leading to Easter Bay Airport
            Garcia, south-west near Burger Shot
            Missionary Hill, near the only building
            Avispa Country Club, near the building in the north-west
            City Hall, in the centre
            Cranberry Station, south
            Santa Flora, north-east in the car park
            Palisades, central west near the donut shop
            Juniper Hill, south-est in the alleyway
            Calton Heights, beside the path in front of your safehouse (in front of the garage door) 
            Financial, near the sky-scraper
            Downtown, south of the block where Burger Shot is

Parachute (SP03)

The parachute can sometimes save your life from falling, but sometimes kill you. Pressing
circle will open the parachute and eventually you will slow down. Before you press circle
CJ will be in skydive mode, and if he hits the ground before opening the parachute he is 
certain to die. But, when you have no parachute CJ will never skydive and instead he will 
fall onto his legs which leaves you with just a bit of health left and save you. So never
carry a parachute on you, just use it when you need to.


Los Santos- Downtown Los Santos, on the helipad in the south-west

San Fierro- Mount Chilliad, on the top
            Financial, on the highest point of the sky-scraper

Las Venturas- Arco Del Oeste, in the centre of this area
              Bone County, on top of the aerial south of 'The Big Ear'  
              The Emerals Isle, highest point (which is near a helipad)          


      8  Slots (SL01)  8

Weapons in the same slot replace each other.

Slot 1

-Brass knuckles

Best weapon to use for this slot: Brass knuckles (kick-boxing)

Slot 2

-Baseball bat
-Golf club
-Pool cue

Best weapon to use for this slot: Chainsaw

Slot 3

-Silenced 9mm
-Desert Eagle

Best weapon to use for this slot: Desert Eagle

Slot 4

-Sawnoff shotgun
-Combat shotgun

Best weapon to use for this slot: Combat shotgun

Slot 5

-Micro SMG

Best weapon to use for this slot: SMG

Slot 6


Best weapon to use for this slot: M4

Slot 7

-Country rifle
-Sniper rifle

Best weapon to use for this slot: Sniper rifle

Slot 8

-Rocket launcher
-Heat-seeking RPG

Best weapon to use for this slot: Minigun

Slot 9

-Molotov cocktails
-Remote explosives
-Tear gas

Best weapon to use for this slot: Remote Explosives

Slot 10

-Spray can
-Fire extinguisher

Best weapon to use for this slot: Camera

Slot 11

-Night-vision goggles
-Thermal goggles
-Remote controller (remote explosives)

Best weapon to use for this slot: Night-vision goggles

Slot 12


NOTE: This is a glitch, the cane should actually be in Slot 2


      8  Contact me / Disclaimer (CD01)  8

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regarding guide / topic and to correct me on mistakes. Write something related to this topic 
as a title.

This guide may not be copied on any other website except To have it on
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Thanks to Jeremy Michael and Gta_Kh2 freak for submitting/correcting some information and all 
my friends who gave me support to write this guide.


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