Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Guide - Sean Mc
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Guide

by Sean Mc   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
          %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%  @@@@@@@%@@@@@@  %%%@   %@
         %@%      %@      @@      %@   @  %@%      %@
         %@       %@      %%       @       @       %@
         %@   @   %@  @@  %@%%@%   @   @   @   @   %@
         %@   @   %@      %@%      @   @   @   @   %@
         %@   @   %@      @@   @   @   @   @   @   %@
         %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
         %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
         %@@@@@   %@@@@%   %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%
         %@       @@@@@@%      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
         %@@@@@@@@%   %@@%@%      %@%     %@%      @%   %@@@@
                %@        @%       @       @    %  @        @
                %@%   %@@@@%   @   @   @   @   @@@@@%   %@@@@
                  @   @   @%   @   @       @       @@   @   @
                  @   @   @%   @   @   @@@@@   %@@@@%   @   @
                  @       @%   @   @       @   %@@@@%       @
      %%@@@@@%%@@@@@%@@@@%@%%%%@%%@@@@%   %@%@@@@@@@@@%@@@%@%
     %@       @   @   %%   %@@@@@      %@@%%%@   @@%@@    @@%
     %@       @   @%  %        @       %@@%%@      @@      @%
     %@@%%@   @   @%  %@   %@@@@   @%  %  @@    @  @   @@   %
     %@       @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @@@    @%@  @  @  %
     %@   @   @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @@@@@@  %@  @@@@  %
     %@       @       %@       @       %@@ @@ @@  @%        %
     %@       @       %@       @       %@@ @      @%  @@@@  %
      %@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@%% %@@@@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%

-------Created by: Sean Mc Namara-----------------------------
-------Last Update: 8/12/04-----------------------------------
-------VERSION: 0.25------------------------------------------

[To get to a certain section in this guide just press Ctrl f
to open the search screen, Then put in the code of what you
want to finde for instance to get to weapons would be C1 
then you press Direction-Down and then find next and press
Find next until you get there usally takes 2 trys]



---------------CHAPTER 1 Los Santos--------------------------

The Beginning Strand
-------B1.1 Opening Movie
-------B1.2 Big Smoke
-------B1.3 Sweet & Kendl
-------B1.4 Ryder

The Sweet Strand
-------B1.5 Tagging up the turf 
-------B1.6 Cleaning The Hood 
-------B1.7 Drive-Thru 
-------B1.8 Nines And AK's 
-------B1.9 Drive-By  
-------B1.10 Sweets Girl 
-------B1.11 Cesar Vialpando 
-------B1.12 High Stakes, Low-Rider

The Ryder Strand
-------B2.1 Home Invasion
-------B2.2 Catalyst
-------B2.3 Robbing Uncle Sam

The Big Smoke Strand

-------B3.1 OG Loc
-------B3.2 Running Dog
-------B3.3 Wrong Side Of The Tracks (comin soon)
-------B3.4 Just Business (comin soon)

The OG Loc Strand

-------B4.1 Life's a beach
-------B4.2 Madd Dogg's Rymes
-------B4.3 Managament Issues
-------B4.4 House Party

The Crash Strand

-------B5.1 Burning Desire
-------B5.2 Gray Imports 

The Sweet Strand II

-------B6.1 Doberman     
-------B6.2 Los Sepulcros

The Los Santos Finale Strand

-------B7.1 Reuniting the familys 
-------B7.2 Green Sabre          



Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life
in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with
gang trouble,drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and 
millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and 

Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has
been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood 
friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops 
frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes
him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family
and to take control of the streets. Liberty City. Vice City. 
Now San Andreas, a new chapter in the legendary series.

Grand Theft Auto has finally returned to the PlayStation´Ż«2.



If you do not know the cheat codes visit

my own site that is packed with stuff

               The Begining

----B1.1 Opening Movie

After you've finished watching the opening video. Walk 
torwards the BMX and get on it.From here you'll need 
to read the on screen instructions which will tell you how
to ride a bike. Now use the radar to direct you to the CJ icon.
As you approach Grove Street Carl will give a hint you're 
close by talking about the hood. Once you get to the end of 
the cul-de-sac enter the red marker and you'll begin the 
first mission.

----B1.2 Big Smoke

This mission is more of a movie. You'll enter the Carl's 
House and Carl will have flashbacks of when his mom was 
alive. He grabs a photograph of her and looks at it and
then Big Smoke enters the room with a baseball bat. After
a short talk they move outside and Carl enters Smokes
car. They then drive off to the funeral.

----B1.3 Sweet & Kendl

Upon arriving at the funeral you'll be reunited with 
Sweet and Kendl, Carl's siblings, as well as Ryder, 
a friend of the family. Sweet shows you that a lot 
of the Grove Street Families have been killed and 
eventually leads you out of the cemetery. 
Just outside the gates you'll see a Ballas car and
a spray of bullets. This is now where the mission starts.
Run across the road and get on the bike marked with the 
blue arrow, then head along the street to the right and 
follow Smoke, Ryder and Sweet. 
I wouldnt advise using cheats here only the armour one,
if your health is low Follow Sweet on the radar and if 
you get lost, just look at the map to see where he is. 
Follow them until you reach the area under the 
intersection, then Sweet will head off in a different
direction in order to lose the Ballas. 
From here, follow Ryder and Smoke as they take you
back towards Grove Street. 

----B1.4 Ryder

In this misson Ryder tells you about a pizza place
that keeps painting over his "beutiful graffiti." 
You will then get in Ryders car and have to drive to
the Barbers. Go into the barbers and get whatever 
haircut then come out and you will be told to go over 
to the pizza place. You go in and eat and 
then Ryder trys to do a armed robbery but the clerk
takes out a shotgun. You will then run out of the 
Pizza place and i decided to do the weapon cheat at this
stage and did number one and blew his head of with a 


----B1.5 Tagging up the turf 

You will be told to drive down into Idlewood to cover up 
rival gang graffiti and will be handed a spray can. Just 
follow your radar into Idlewood and park in the red 
circle. Then Sweet will show you how to Tag graffiti.
Once he is done you will have to do two. The first one is
just across the road from where you'll be located on the
side of a building, the next is in an alleyway behind the
first row of houses. When your done these you will have to
drive into East Los Santos. You will be given two more tags
to spray, one is on the wall just across the road, and the 
other is on a wall just near Cluckin' Bell. Then Sweet will
tell you to get in the car and drive back to Grove Street.
Park in the red circle and watch the short cutscene to pass 
the mission. You don't really need any cheats for this 

----B1.6 Cleaning The Hood

When you're outside get in the car and make your way to 
B-Dup's crib. Park in the red circle. After a movie you'll 
be outside, and you're going to look for some dealers to 
kill. Head to the yellow dot on the radar i recommend you 
steal a car for this also do the weapon cheat now. 
Then you'll see another movie, now head over and kill the 
dealer quickly as he also has a baseball use an AK-47. 
Once your done another movie starts. When you're back
in the game,head to the dot on the radar. Head into 
the red circle and you'll enter the building. Once 
inside you need to kill all of the Drug Dealers, 
they should be no problem, if usin a shotgun
now find a vehicle and drive Ryder back to Grove Street
to pass the mission.

----B1.7 Drive-Thru

Youll see a movie and then you have to drive to the 
Drive-Thru, just get in Sweets car and follow the yellow 
marker. When you get there park in the red marker, then
you will order the food and while leaving youll see a 
Ballas car going to do a drive through on Groove Street. 
Follow the car and try to keep to the left side of it 
and let them all shoot after a while the car will blow 
up (make sure your no where near the car when this happens) 
if your having problems with blowing up the car try to 
drive it into a wall and keep it there,giving your gang a 
good shot. You can do the armour cheat on your car if 
it goes on fire other than that though you cant really
do anything else

----B1.8 Nines And AK's

In the movie Carl asks what weapons they are using now 
and OG kindly tells him they have nothing so its of to
another car journey in Smokes car, were to Emmets gun shop 
to grab a gun with Smoke (even though we have weapon 
cheats).Park in the red circle and you will get 
out and recive a gun that looks like it was 
in World War 1, after reciving this you do a bit of 
target practice of blowing things up (bottles). Basically 
just follow the on-screen instructions and youl pass
Smoke then wants to go home. SO whos going to drive 
woop de do you are simply drive back to the house and 
misson passed

(Big Smokes Missions Are Now Unlocked.)

----B1.9 Drive-By

In the movie Ryder complains about your driving and 
that maybe he should drive . Unfortunaltly its resolved
and your still doing the driving, see its time to get back 
at the Ballas, before entering the car do your weapon cheat
a few times for the drive-by drive into the Ballas 
territory and let the gang do the drive-by to 
keep your car health up. You cant use the armour cheat
or your car will go bang bang bye bye. Once the 
first batch are dead head around the corner and there 
will be more repeat what you did before and they will
also be dead. Same again after that, then your in 
the park these are the last guys use your sub-machine 
gun here and also do what you did before. Voila everyones
dead now just drive back to Groove street park in the red 
marker and Hey Presto your done.

----B1.10 Sweets Girl

Carl enters Sweets house to find nobody home. 
After going outside he gets a phone call from Sweet who 
is in trouble in Seville with his girlfriend. Grab Sweets 
car and quickly make your way over to the houses where 
Sweet is. You'll need to walk in, so make sure you have 
a weapon and a good one at that. I used the UZI
Make your way to the front of the building and wipe 
out all of the Seville Boulevard guys. There's some 
on the road, one on the stairs and some at the other 
end of the building. They shouldn't be too much 
trouble if you know how to aim and switch between targets 
(L2 R2). Once they're dead you'll get another phone 
call from Sweet telling you to get a car and park 
it out front. So grab a car and park it in the red 
circle. Sweet and his girl will get in the car, 
then you need to get back to Grove Street while avoiding 
the two cars in pursuit of you. Sweet will fire at them, 
but they'll most likely keep up with you until you 
get there. Park in the red circle and Done.

----B1.11 Cesar Vialpando 

Go to the garage on the map, look at the expensive mods
that you can add to a car i did mine up totally with 
Hydrolics. Head over to the lowriding competition by 
following the yellow blip and place your bet. The beat
is ok not bad, move the control stick in the right 
directions. When that's done, watch the lovely movie,
were Cesar stops them from killin you and breathe a sigh
of relief, we're done with Sweet for now.
No cheats needed.

----B.12 High Stakes, Low-rider

For this misson you need to have a lowrider or find one
When you get to Cesars he will tell you about the race.
So follow Cesars car to the race and park in the red 
marker. Now just all you have to do is race through the
red markers watch the arrows on the checkpoints as they
tell you which direction to go next. You should slow
down around corners otherwise the low-rider will go all
over the road.
Cant do any cheats.

----B2.1 Home Invasion

This is your tutorial to home invasion. Nothing good here. 
Drive down to the guy's house quickly. Go in, follow the 
instructions by staying quiet. The six boxes are {I} In 
the first room, {II}Through the door on the right, 
{III}On the first flight of stairs, {IV}At the end of the 
hallway, {V} In the guy's room to the left and {V} In the 
guy's room behind his bed. You have plenty of time to get 
them all, though i only got the minimum now drive to the 
safe house and you're Finished.
No cheats can help you.

----B2.2 Catalyst

Ok in this misson at the start Tenpenny comes in and says 
something about a train thats going to make a unscedualed
stop. So after the movie pop in Ryders truck BUT not 
before you do the weapon cheat (II) and head to were
the train is halted. When you get their there will be 
a lot of other gang members with sub-machine guns. 
Kill them all. After you have done this go to the red 
marker at the back of the train and you will get on 
the back of it suddenly the engine starts but Ryder 
is behind you in his truck. You have to throw
10 boxes of ammo to ryder in the truck you have unlimited 
box's so don't worry about missing. When you get in 10 you 
will jump of the train. Now get into Ryders truck and bring
him back to Groove Street you will have a three star wanted

----B2.3 Robbing Uncle Sam

For this misson do the armour and weapon cheat before
you start. When you start Ryder has an idea who has the most
guns he asks? Obviously the army so its of tho rob the 
National Guard warehouse. So drive to the warehouse when 
you reach it park in the red marker now climb the wall and 
open the gate for Ryder he will drive in truck and tell you
to get the boxes with the forklift. Every time you put a box
in the truck another guy comes with a gun id advise you to
stop and take these guys out cause you know if Ryder dies its
misson failed. When you get all the crates in the truck get in
and drive to the lockup unfortunatly the the National Guards
wont stop and they try to blow your car up, i wouldnt worry
about them just keep going to to the lock-up and you'll be
fine. Misson Complete.

------------------Big Smoke----------------------

----B3.1 OG LOC

One of your homies called Jeffery got screwed when in jail
by Freddy and he wants to go kill him well first you have
to pick him up from jail he is just being released. Get in
the car and follow the yellow radar blip. When you pick him
up the rest of your homies leave and you get the honour of
driving him to Freddys house drive into the red marker in 
Freddys house and get out and go up to the red marker at
the front door a clip-sceen will start and Freddy will make
a run for it on a motorbike get on the other scanches and 
follow him. You are not able to kill Freddy till he stops 
so take your time and just make sure you keep up with him
its easy as he is on the map, then after a while Freddy 
will stop were a few Vagos are kill the Vagos and Freddy.
     Next OG asks you to take him to the Burger Shot so
get a car and drive him around the back of it to the red
marker and you have completed the misson.

Use weapon cheat beforehand.

----B3.2 Running Dog

Do weapon cheat before this misson you need a 
You'll see a clipsceen and you have to drive Big Smoke to
a Vagos turf in Ganton you see a bunch of them then you
will see a Vago running all you got to do is shoot him 
and kill him you dont even have to run.

----B3.3 Wrong Side of the tracks

Ok i hate this misson just to let you know i was stuck
on it for a week basically you have to drive Big Smoke 
to the train station you see a bunch of people and then
they get away by jumping on the train now the movie will
stop and now just jump on the Sanchez and chase after the
train. This is a chancy misson as it is up to Big Smoke 
to kill them i advise staying just on the line of the right
railway track and you get the best shot. At the start its
ok but then after you go over the railway crossing a train
comes in your direction now go through the tunnel and when
you come out do what Big Smoke suggests and go up on the
high hill to the right as then you miss the oncoming train.
Now keep heading along that track being careful not to pass
the train out or else you have to stop hopefully you only
have one guy left as its basically over now. Now you reach
the end of the misson and if you killed them all
Misson Passed.

No cheat can be used, no cheat is needed either

----B3.4 Just Business

Use the weapon cheat before you start the misson make sure
you have the AK-47. Ok this misson is cool veeeerrrrrrrry
coool. Smoke enters the building and then you here his
cry for help so go in with guns blazing and kill every 1
that gets in your way this is very easy by the way, now
approach Big Smoke who is crouching by the second door.
You will now enter outside were there is more guys. Use
the armour cheat now if you need to. Kill everyone and then
you jump on the back of the bike and for the first time
big smoke drives. You must shoot with your machine pistol
at the moterbikes coming (Don't bother with the truck
really it gets knocked of the road) now after a while
of doing this you will enter the aquaducts and more
moterbikes will come. After doing the same again, you
will do a big jump over the truck now shoot down the
gate of the sewers.
         Now just shoot all the explosive barrels once 
you pass them out and you will blow up the bikers. Now
your home free.

IMPORTANT: Doing the armour cheat will blow up the bike.
                The OG LOC Strand

-------B4.1 Life's a beach

Ok drive to the beach there is no violence in this misson
so no cheats will be needed. When you get to the beach
talk to the girl by the van and press right for a positve
response. Then the beat will come up and like at the lowrider
meet direct the anologe stick in the right direction. When
you comleted it the girl will invite you in her car. Get in 
and Cj will jack in then just bring it to the Holdup and 
misson passed.

-------B4.2 Madd Dogg's Rymes

In this misson you are meant to learn about stealth kills
but i think its better and faster to take out a shotgun
or AK-47 and just kill everyone you can put on the armour
cheat if you lose health i wont evern insult your intelligence
by telling you you do the weapon cheat. Collect the records
and head back to the Burger shack.

-------B4.3 Managament Issues

Ok in this misson you get to drive a car of a pier with a
person inside it. We he he! Ok get the car before it can go
anywhere then drive carefully to the hotel and park perfectly
one bump and you will need to go to the pay and spray, or
use the armour cheat. Now when he gets in the car floor
it and head to the pier when near the end of it bail and
let the manager drown. *Evil Laugh*

-------B4.4 House Party

Ok head over to OG's partay and go to the red marker. A
cutscene will start and you'll see the Ballas attacking.
Get some weapons obvoiusly good ones kill all the Ballas
and use the armour cheat if needed. Don't let Sweet
die and Misson Passed.

                   The Crash Strand

-------B5.1 Burning Desire

This is were you make your first girlfriend. Do the weapon
cheat with the rocket launcher as this is the best for fire.
Get in a car and head over to the house. Shoot through all
the windows which is really easy belive me! Now you will here
screams from inside so go in with the fire extuingisher 
(a real pain) and save Denise by putting out the fire and 
then drive her back to her house Misson passed.

-------B5.2 Gray Imports

Ok in this misson which is easy with cheats you are going to
visit the docks were the Russians and Ballas are dealing.
So hop in the car and drive to the yellow blip. When you
arrive park in the red marker. You now see a lot of guards
outside the warhouse. Ok now before you go barging in do
the weapon cheat and the armour now what i did was drove right
in got out of the car used my M4 and killed everyone, putting
in the armour cheat only once. Now walk calmly over to the 
keypad shoot it and the door opens. There will be two guards
waiting right at the door hoping to get the better of you.
Shoot them in the head with your M4 (dosent have to be head)
now enter the warehouse and shoot any guards you see. Ok we
are basically done now. Now get to the back were the deal.
Is being done, there are a few more guards here. Take care
of them and climb up the stairs there will be two Ballas and
a russian arms dealer. Focus on the Ballas first and blow them
to pieces. Dont go in to the room. The russian will stay were
he is if you enter he will flee taking more effort so go to 
the left side of the door aim manually and you'll be able to 
kill the Russian from this angle, but he will take a good few
bullets (even to the head). If you go in and the russian runs,
run after him quickly with your sub-machine gun and auto aim
hopefully by doing this he wont get the chance to get in his
car. If you did what i said "hey who said one man could'nt
take out a twenty man gang" if not its a Misson fail and you
gotta do it again. Now just enter your car and go back to your
house to save the game.

                The Sweet Strand II

-------B6.1 Doberman

This is a great misson it is the tutorial on taking over gang
territory. Ok instead of going to the Ammunation put in your
favorite weapon cheat, now head over to Glen park, ride into
the purple area and kill four Ballas. It will trigger a gang
war now the ballas will come in three waves this is easy 
buisness kill anyone who trys to even attempt to hurt you.
Jot in the no wanted level if needed as it gets a bit anooying
when the cops mess it up for you! Now just continue killing
all the Ballas that come and put in the armour cheat if
needed.. Now your backstabbing homie comes out and just gun
him down and misson complete. Now a $ sign is in front of CJ's
house and this generates money the more territory you take 
over the more money you make daily.

-------B6.2 Los Sepulcros
Ok in this misson your heading to a funeral to kill some 
Ballas after all they tryed to do the same to you at your 
mums funeral didn't they. First get some gang members to 
join you by aiming a gun at them and pressing Up. Now 
get in the car and drive to the funeral. Drive to the back 
of the cemetary. Now Kane arrives. Press up for your gang 
to follow you and shoot all the Ballas and espically Kane! 
When Kane finally dies, Sweet tells you to get a getaway 
car so dont just stand there go get in the car Sweet is 
sittin in. You have a two star wanted level now so just
put in the no wanted level cheat. Drive back home and
your done. Misson complete.

                 The Los Santos Finale Strand

-------B7.1 Reuniting the familys

Ok this misson is as easy as pie when using cheats the only
thing you have to worry about is your health. So Ryder, Sweet,
Smoke and you hop in a car and you know who is driving (u).
Ok so had to the Motel were the meeting will be. Only one 
rep is aloweed per a family so Sweet goes in. Leaving you,
Smoke and Ryder in the car. Suddenly ploice helecopters sweep
in. Its Chaos, Cj refuses to leave Sweet behind so you get
out and Big Smoke drives off. Sprint for the nearby door and
do the weapon cheat and armour cheat quickly. Climb up the
stairs and gun down the Swat guys while your at it. Find
sweet via your radar he is the blue blip! Find Sweet and
then the two of you try to escape via roof. But a chopper is
overhead. Protect Sweet and get down the chopper the best way
to do this is yes rocket launcher. Dont bother with the heat-
seeking one it takes to long. Just take out the normal one and
blow the chopper out of the sky. Now run after Sweet down the
stairs and into the street. Ryder and Smoke pull up and you
and sweet get in. Weeeee. You get an Ak-47 and you change into
first person shoot everything that stands a treat to you. 
Including the police that jump on your bonnet *weird*. Make
sure to keep your car health high as you cant do the armour
cheat or the car will blow up. Now continue until Smoke drives
through a sign and that is Misson Passed.

-------B7.2 Green Sabre
Enter Sweets crib and you'll see a movie now leave and you'll
get a phone call from Cesar. Follow the yellow blip to meet
him. You will get in the car and see a movie now, drive as 
fast as you can to the Mullohand intersection as Sweet is 
getting ambushed. When you get there go into the red circle
Cj will lay sweet on the floor and he will take to fighting
take out a good fast gun and shoot everything in sight! When
cars start to come take out your rocket launcher and blow them
up soon the police will arrive and will start a scene. 
Misson complete. 


(c) 2004/2005 Sean Mc 
Created by Sean Mc Namara
Do not use this guide without written permission from the 
owner. No part of this guide can be used or recreated without 
the written consent of Sean Mc Namara(

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