Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Respect & Sex Appeal FAQ v1.7
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Respect & Sex Appeal FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.7 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
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              %@%      %@      @@      %@   @  %@%      %@
              %@       %@      %%       @       @       %@
              %@   @   %@  @@  %@%%@%   @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      %@%      @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      @@   @   @   @   @   @   %@
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
              %@@@@@   %@@@@%   %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%
              %@       @@@@@@%      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
              %@@@@@@@@%   %@@%@%      %@%     %@%      @%   %@@@@
                     %@        @%       @       @    %  @        @
                     %@%   %@@@@%   @   @   @   @   @@@@@%   %@@@@
                       @   @   @%   @   @       @       @@   @   @
                       @   @   @%   @   @   @@@@@   %@@@@%   @   @
                       @       @%   @   @       @   %@@@@%       @
           %%@@@@@%%@@@@@%@@@@%@%%%%@%%@@@@%   %@%@@@@@@@@@%@@@%@%
          %@       @   @   %%   %@@@@@      %@@%%%@   @@%@@    @@%
          %@       @   @%  %        @       %@@%%@      @@      @%
          %@@%%@   @   @%  %@   %@@@@   @%  %  @@    @  @   @@   %
          %@       @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @@@    @%@  @  @  %
          %@   @   @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @@@@@@  %@  @@@@  %
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@ @@ @@  @%        %
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@ @      @%  @@@@  %
           %@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@%% %@@@@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%

GTA San Andreas For PS2
Respect & Sex Appeal FAQ
Version 1.7

Created by KSheth A.K.A Krunal Sheth
Date November 2004
Email @

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 02/11/04)
   -Started the FAQ for the first time
-Version 1.1: (Started 03/11/04)
   -Added more to the FAQ
-Version 1.2: (Started 05/11/04)
   -Updated FAQ with new information
-Version 1.3: (Started 06/11/04)
   -Added Dating Perks
-Version 1.4: (Started 07/11/04)
   -Added ALOT of things about Denise and some Frequently asked Questions as
    well as general tips. Will add more stuff about clothes for respect and
    sex appeal next time round.
-Version 1.5: (Started 08/11/04)
   -Added best items of clothing that give you most respect and sex appeal.
-Version 1.6: (Started 10/11/04)
   -Added some tips to gang wars and girlfriends.
-Version 1.7: (Started 21/11/04)
   -Added some new questions about the Girlfriends thing.

Table of Contents
To skip to a certain part of the system, press Ctrl+F to bring up the find box
and search for the relevant code to get to the desired section.

      ________                                   ____
     |Contents|                                 |Code|
      --------                                   ----

    I.  Introduction                            [I010]
   II.  General Game Info                       [GG20]
  III.  A Quick Overview of this FAQ            [FAQ4]
   IV.  Respect - General Questions             [RT04]
    V.  Respect - How to Raise                  [RT05]
   VI.  Respect - What it does                  [RT06]
  VII.  Sex Appeal - General Questions          [SA07]
 VIII.  Sex Appeal - How to Raise               [SA08]
   IX.  Sex Appeal - What it does               [SA09]
    X.  Credits                                 [CR10]
   XI.  Legal Thingamajig                       [LT11] 

Introduction                                                             [I010]

The game is out, people need cheats. There is no FAQ like this so i decided to
make a FAQ of about it.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and 
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters), if you are trying not to 
learn about the game before you get to that point then please remember it 
contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your
game. You have been warned.

General Game Info                                                        [GG20]

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, 
San Andreas--a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and 
corruption, where film stars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers
and gangsters. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has 
been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all
heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighbourhood, a couple of
corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him
across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control
of the streets.

A Quick Overview of this FAQ                                             [FAQ4]
Sex Appeal and Respect is a big part of this game, and i have created this FAQ
to tell you all you need to know about it.
I will tell you where to get respect, why to get respect, as well as why and how
to get Sex appeal. All these things are needed to get 100%, and so this FAQ is
the best way for you to find out what you have to do.

Respect - General Questions                                              [RT04]
This is the section for General Questions, you can email me your questions at

[Q] How do I recruit Gang members?
[A] To recruit gang members, go up to them and target them with R1 (Preferably
    with no weapons or melee weapons) and then press Up or Down on the D-Pad

[Q] I still cant recruit them, why cant I recruit the gang members?
[A] You need to make sure that your Respect bar is above 1% this may be the case
    or it may be that you have already recruited all that you can recruit

[Q] My gang members keep falling behind and dont follow me what should i do?
[A] Pressing Up on the D-Pad will make CJ give a shout to the gang members

[Q] I dont want the gang members any more what should I do?
[A] Do NOT kill them, just press down on the D-pad and he will tell them to stay
    where they are. Then go where ever you wanted to go, and they will be gone
    when you come back (and you wont have lost respect)

[Q] Are the Gang members Really helpful in Gang Wars?
[A] Hell no, just have them, usualy a few of them will get killed before the
    gang wars start, and the remaining during the gang war. They can be good to
    take some of the damage, so just have them anyway, but you will have to do
    all the work yourself.

Respect - How to Raise                                                   [RT05]
Respect can be raised in many ways which can be seen below:

[Method 1]Mass Murder Cops - Get them on you, and kill them like theres no
[Method 2]Mass Murder Gang members - Go into other gangs turf, and just kill as
          many as you can
[Method 3]The way that you dress will also influence the Respect you get from
          gang members. Belows a table so you can dress 'Appropriately'
          look at a clothe FAQ for more details about clothes

|Shop Name          |Item                         |Price| Respect |
|Binco              |Green Hoody                  |$45  |   +15   |
|Binco              |Eris T-Shirt                 |$35  |   +15   |
|Binco              |Green Jeans                  |$60  |   +15   |
|Sub-Urban          |RockStar Hood                |$120 |   +17   |
|Sub-Urban          |Base 5 Hood                  |$105 |   +20   |
|Sub-Urban          |Bobo Ape T                   |$115 |   +17   |
|Prolaps            |Track Top                    |$85  |   +10   |
|Zip                |Jean Jacket                  |$90  |   +10   |
|Victim             |Hooded Jacket                |$75  |   +17   |
|Victim             |Gray Jacket                  |$1620|   +20   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Green Jacket                 |$5500|   +25   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Tweed Jacket                 |$5500|   +25   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Yellow Jacket                |$6000|   +25   |
 ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッ

[Method 4]This will probably be the first way that you get Respect - Its by
          completing Missions. I wont list how much respect you get for each but
          you get more respect further in the game.

[Method 5]Dont forget Hiarcuts, heres which haircut is best:
|Name of Hiarcut | Respect |
 ---------------- ---------
|Cornrow         |   +30   |
|Flattop         |   +25   |
|Blonde Cornrow  |   +30   |
|Groove cut      |   +30   |
|Detail Cut      |   +25   |
 ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッ

[Note] Make sure you dont loose respect rather than gaining it, heres a table
       telling you how much respect you get for every kill:

|% Respect | What to do                |
|  +0.05%  |Kill a drug dealer         |
|   +0.5%  |Kill a gang member         |
|   +30%   |Take over Territory        |
|  -0.05%  |Kill an OG Member          |
|    -2%   |An OG member Dies          |
|    -3%   |Territory is Lost          |

Respect - What it Does                                                   [RT06]
Having resepct allows you to recruit gang members, belows a table telling you
how much respect will gain you how many gang members:
|% Required|Gang Members Recruitable|
|     1%   |           2            |
|    10%   |           3            |
|    20%   |           4            |
|    40%   |           5            |
|    60%   |           6            |
|    80%   |           7            |
 ッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ

Having gang members will make it easier for you to fight in gang wars as they
will take alot of the bullets for you, but just dont expect them to win it for
you, your going to have to the hard wark all by yourself.
When in a car and going through enemy teritory the Gang members will shoot any
enemies that they see, as well as cops. The good thing is that even if the
police see this, it WONT get you a wanted level, so you can use it to your
During some missions you may not be able to take gang members with you, so watch
out for the missions that you can.

Ok, heres a quick and easy way to win gang wars...firstly go into the area that
you want to take over, and find a place where theres one entrance and no exit
(so you would basicaly be trapped there if the gang memebers come) this is
actually the best place for you to be. Now just go and start a gang war,and as
soon as you killed the gang members, go to this place and wait for the first 
Wave to come. Now that you have basically trapped yourself, theres only ONE way
from which they can come, meaning that they cannot surround you at all. Which is
good for you, because all you have to do is press L3 to crouch, and pick them of
one by one (its best to use an Uzi/tec9) try to take out the closer ones first
as they are usauly the only ones that can shoot, as the tec9 does have good 
distance firing. Now just keep hold of the O button and keep pressing L2 and R2
until theres no-one left from taht wave. Now quickly go and get their weapons, 
and see if you can spot any armour or health, and if you can, get it. Now repeat
until all 3 waves have been beaten and the hood becomes yours.

Sex Appeal - General Questions                                           [SA07]
This is the section for General Questions, you can email me your questions at

[Q] If you get to 100% does the meter stay at 100%?
[A] No once you get it to 100% it does go back down, but usually theres no point
    in dating her anymore, so you can let it go. However its best to keep dating
    Barbara and Katie as they will give you other bonus's

[Q] Why cant I find the girls home??
[A] Try going at the times I have mentioned below, and try to do the girlfreind
    'Quests' As soon as possible. It may be becuase your not the right type
    (i.e. your to muscular or you have no muscles)

[Q] Do you get to see the girls and CJ having sex?
[A] No you dont, all you see is the outside of their home, (with the car you
    braught them home in, if any) and the screen will shake and they will say
    things and thats about it.

[Q] Do i have to get 100% with them before they have sex with CJ?
[A] No, just get it near 50% and she should invite you in for Coffee (Bringing
    her flowers makes this happen sooner)

[Q] How do i actualy date the girls?
[A] First of all you need to find them, and then when you have, go up to them &
    they will compliment you, so press right on the D-Pad to compliment her, and
    she will now be your girlfriend. If your not their type (i.e. too skinny)
    then she will tell you what to do, for you to become her type.

[Q] Do I need to get the girls to 100% to get 100%???
[A] No, you dont need to date any of the the girls (Besides millie who gives you
    the Key card) for 100%

[Q] I got the car keys but why cant I STILL get into the car??
[A] You have to go away and then come back, as it will only open once its

Sex Appeal - How to Raise                                                [SA08]

[Method 1]Like Respect, what you wear influences the how much you appeal to
          girls sexually.
|Shop Name          |Item                         |Price|Sex Appl |
|Binco              |Eris T-Shirt                 |$35  |   +7    |
|Sub-Urban          |RockStar Hood                |$120 |   +15   |
|Sub-Urban          |Base 5 Hood                  |$105 |   +14   |
|Sub-Urban          |Bobo Ape T                   |$115 |   +13   |
|Prolaps            |Track Top                    |$85  |   +15   |
|Zip                |Jean Jacket                  |$90  |   +20   |
|Victim             |Hooded Jacket                |$75  |   +15   |
|Victim             |Gray Jacket                  |$1620|   +25   |
|Victim             |Black Jacket                 |$300 |   +20   |
|Victim             |Sports Jacket                |$450 |   +17   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Green Jacket                 |$5500|   +15   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Tweed Jacket                 |$5500|   +25   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Yellow Jacket                |$6000|   +25   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Tuxedo                       |$7000|   +25   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Blue Jacket                  |$3000|   +25   |
|Didlier Sachs      |Red Jacket                   |$4000|   +25   |
 ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッ

[Method 2]Getting Muscles - Its a sure way for real life aswel ;) it will boost
          your sex appeal by quite alot, however different people may require
          different levels of muscles (and some may require none)

[Method 3]Cars, now who doesnt like a good car, if you drive around in good
          'UNDAMAGED' cars, then your sex appeal will increase, so learn to
          drive, because your going to need to become a pro ;)

[Method 4]Once you get a girlfriend, you can bring them flowers and kiss them,
          this again will increase your sex appeal and chances with the girls.

[Method 5]Getting all 50 oysters in Las Venturas also increases your Sex Appeal

[Method 6]Sex appeal is also affected by your haircut, and if you got a tatto or
          not, try different styles and see if they raise your sex appeal or not

Sex Appeal - What it Does                                                [SA09]

The more sex appeal you have, the more girls like you.

Hers a list of the girls that you can date, and the times and everything you
need to know about them:

|[Name] Denise Robinson                                         |
|[Job] Gang Girl                                                |
|[Location] She is met in the mission 'Buring Desires' in Los   |
|           Santos                                              |
|[Her Likes] She likes you to have a high Sex Appeal Rating     |
|                    [What to do on a Date]                     |
|When taking her out to eat take her to the Bar in Gantan       |
|When she wants to have fun, just drive around in your area and |
|she will do drive by's and this will increase her fun meter    |
|When she wants to go to the disco go to the disco showing on   |
|map and when dancing try to get above 4000.                    |
|[Availibility] 16:00 to 06:00                                  |
|[Rewards] Her Car Keys and Pimp Suit delivered to your Wardrobe|
|[Name] Michelle Cannes                                         |
|[Job] Mechanic                                                 |
|[Location] Found inside Driving School - San Fierro next to the|
|           water cooler                                        |
|[Her Likes] Shed rather you are abit fat and have high Sex     |
|            Appeal                                             |
|                    [What to do on a Date]                     |
|She likes you to come in FAST cars, so go find yourself a      |
|Cheetah, Infernus or something fast.                           |
|For a date, take her to a bar, and this will please her        |
|If she wants to dance take her to the only club in San Fierro  |
|Theres also a special date with her, when she does the driving,|
|you will see a scenematic of her doing the driving for you and |
|taking you out, this is worth many points with her so look for |
|[Availibility] 01:00 to 12:00                                  |
|[Rewards] Car Keys to Monster Truck, Racing Suit, Free Pay N   |
|          spray at her garage                                  |
|[Name] Barbara Schternvart                                     |
|[Job] Cop                                                      |
|[Location] El Quebrados, Desert - Sherrif's Parking Lot        |
|[Her Likes] Shed rather you have muscles and high Sex Appeal   |
|                    [What to do on a Date]                     |
|Go to the diner southwest of El Quebrados when she is hungry   |
|Try to get to a club quickly when she wants to dance, although |
|she does seem to live really far away                          |
|She likes slow speeds, however dont go TOO slow and her fun    |
|meter should fill up quickly.                                  |
|[Availibility] 16:00 to 06:00                                  |
|[Rewards] Cop Uniform, Dont Loose money or weapons when busted |
|          Keys to her Police Ranger                            |
|[Name] Helena Wankstein                                        |
|[Job] Lawyer                                                   |
|[Location] Blueberry, Red County - Exterior Shooting Range     |
|[Her Likes] Normal, Not Fat, Not Muscular                      |
|                    [What to do on a Date]                     |
|Take her to the restaurant in Rodeo for a dinner date          |
|Go to any club and dance well on her date.                     |
|Drive fairly slowly for her and drive around rural areas.      |
|[Availibility] 08:00 to 12:00 & 14:00 to 02:00                 |
|[Rewards] Access to tool shed containing numerous weapons      |
|          Keys to her Bandito, and Rural Clothes               |
|[Name] Katie Zhan                                              |
|[Job] Nurse                                                    |
|[Location] Avispa Country Club, San Fierro - Practising Tai Chi|
|           at edge of the gold course                          |
|[Her Likes] Muscles and High Sex Appeal                        |
|                    [What to do on a Date]                     |
|If she wants to eat, take her to the diner next to her house   |
|For dancing, just take her to the club in San Fierro           |
|When she wants to go on a drive, be sure to drive slowly, and  |
|go around china town as she loves that area more, and it will  |
|be easier to fill her fun meter by going there.                |
|[Availibility] 12:00 to 00:00                                  |
|[Rewards] Medic Uniform,Dont Loose Money or weapons when wasted|
|          keys to her Romera (hearse)
|[Name] Millie Perkins                                          |
|[Job] Calgula's Croupier                                       |
|[Location] Millie is met in the first mission of Las Venturas  |
|[Her Likes] You to act like a Gimp - High Sex Appeal GREAT Car |
|                    [What to do on a Date]                     |
|She likes restaurants, so go to restaurants when shes hungry   |
|Take her to the Camels Toe Dancing club when she feels like    |
|dancing. (Las Venturas)                                        |
|She likes a normal average speed, and shouldnt be too hard to  |
|bring up her fun meter.                                        |
|Her special date consists of you going to her house in a Gimp  |
|suit and she will invite you in for 'coffee' rather than going |
|out for a date (After the date the gimp suit will be returned  |
|to your wardrobe)                                              |
|[Availibility] 02:00 to 10:00 & 14:00 to 18:00                 |
|[Rewards] She will give you a key card which is necessary to   |
|          advance through the game. Keys to a pink Club, and a |
|          gimp suit.                                           |

|OUTFIT         |Who To Get 100% With |
|Medic Uniform  |Katie Zhan           |
|Police Uniform |Barbara              |
|Pimp Outfit    |Denise Robinson      |
|Racing Outfit  |Michelle             |
|Overalls Outfit|Helena               |
 ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ

When dating try out these simple things:
~Bring her Flowers (These can be found in: Verona Beach & Glen Park)
~Give them to her, and then kiss her
~Bring a good undamaged car
~Try to keep the car undamaged
~Drive into enemy teritory and she may want to do some drive by's
~Bring her the Purple Dildo from the LS Police station and give it to her.
~Look at the top left hand corner, if it says Press L1 to Kiss, PRESS IT (It can
 happen when ever, doesnt have to happen only when you give her something)
~When she invites you inside ACCEPT, and she will have Sex with CJ (all you see
 is the car you braught her home in, and the screen shaking around)
~When they call you, that means they are waiting for you, drop what every your
 doing and go to her
~If you just dropped her and you see that the red markers there again, take her
 out again, it will make it easier to get to 100% with the girl.

Credits                                                                  [CR10]
First off, I want to thank the all the people in the Neoseeker forum that helped 
me put this FAQ together. 

I would also like to thank Neoseeker for giving me an opportunity to waste so 
much of my time writing FAQ's and talking on the message board. In addition, to 
Rockstar for making this game.

One more time, if you need/want to contact me for any reason, my email address is .  
Please feel free to tell me how much you loved my FAQ. Moreover, if you have to, 
tell how much you hated it. Whatever it is, I will try to reply.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading this FAQ and not making it a COMPLETE 
waste of my time. Hope it helped you out!

Legal Thingamajig                                                        [LT11]

Please do not use this FAQ without my permission, use can be granted under the 
agreement that nothing shall be changed. The above and all contents herein are 
copyright to myself. I am known as KSheth and all want to use this FAQ must do 
with my permission. You are allowed to print out this FAQ for personal use but 
it is not to be changed or altered, and you are not to claim credit for it.