Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ v1.9
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.9 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
               %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%  @@@@@@@%@@@@@@  %%%@   %@
              %@%      %@      @@      %@   @  %@%      %@
              %@       %@      %%       @       @       %@
              %@   @   %@  @@  %@%%@%   @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      %@%      @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      @@   @   @   @   @   @   %@
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
              %@@@@@   %@@@@%   %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%
              %@       @@@@@@%      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
              %@@@@@@@@%   %@@%@%      %@%     %@%      @%   %@@@@
                     %@        @%       @       @    %  @        @
                     %@%   %@@@@%   @   @   @   @   @@@@@%   %@@@@
                       @   @   @%   @   @       @       @@   @   @
                       @   @   @%   @   @   @@@@@   %@@@@%   @   @
                       @       @%   @   @       @   %@@@@%       @
           %%@@@@@%%@@@@@%@@@@%@%%%%@%%@@@@%   %@%@@@@@@@@@%@@@%@%
          %@       @   @   %%   %@@@@@      %@@%%%@   @@%@@    @@%
          %@       @   @%  %        @       %@@%%@      @@      @%
          %@@%%@   @   @%  %@   %@@@@   @%  %  @@    @  @   @@   %
          %@       @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @@@    @%@  @  @  %
          %@   @   @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @@@@@@  %@  @@@@  %
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@ @@ @@  @%        %
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@ @      @%  @@@@  %
           %@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@%% %@@@@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%

GTA San Andreas For PS2
Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ
Version 1.9

Created by KSheth A.K.A Krunal Sheth
Date October 2004
Email @

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 30/10/04)
   -Finished the Cheats Section. A lot of Cheats and tips and more to come.
-Version 1.1: (Started 31/10/04)
   -Updated FAQ slightly, a bit more tips and stuff, and changed layout
-Version 1.2: (Started 01/11/04)
   -Adding new tips and tricks, day by day (literally)
-Version 1.3: (Started 02/11/04)
   -There are just too many cheats in the Others section, so i have created more
    sub-catorgories so its easier for you to find the cheats type you want.
-Version 1.4: (Started 03/11/04)
   -Missed the unlockable section, so added it now. Also corrected a few bugs &
    Added alot more cheats.
-Version 1.5: (Started 04/11/04)
   -All minor additios - Added some contributed Tips and tricks. Thanks every1
    that has contributed, and if you havnt, then please do :)
-Version 1.6: (Started 05/11/04)
   -Many people are now submitting tips and tricks, and i am adding them to the
-Version 1.7: (Started 19/11/04)
   -Added ALOT of stuff that i had been getting through the past 2 weeks
-Version 1.8: (Started 25/11/04)
   -Keep your submissions coming, ive added alot more of Kyle Milligans
-Version 1.9: (Started 18/12/04)
   -Added ALL NEW cheats, look under Personal, Spawning and Cars for the new
    cheats, and enjoy

Table of Contents
To skip to a certain part of the system, press Ctrl+F to bring up the find box
and search for the relevant code to get to the desired section.

      ________                                   ____
     |Contents|                                 |Code|
      --------                                   ----

    I.  Introduction                            [I010]
   II.  General Game Info                       [GG20]
  III.  A Quick Overview of this FAQ            [FAQ1]
   IV.  Cheats                                  [C004]
    V.  Tips and Tricks                         [C005]
       i. Cars                                    --
      ii. Money                                   --
     iii. Weapons, Armour & Health                --
      iv. Side Missions                           --
       v. Unlockables                             --
      vi. Other                                   --
   VI.  Contributed Tips and Tricks             [C006]
       i. Cars                                    --
      ii. Money                                   --
     iii. Weapons, Armour & Health                --
      iv. Missions                                --
       v. Unlockables                             --
      vi. Other                                   --
  VII.  100% Benefits                           [C007]
 VIII.  Credits                                 [CR08]
   IX.  Legal Thingamajig                       [LT09]

Introduction                                                             [I010]
The game is out, people need cheats. There is no FAQ lile this so i decided to
make a FAQ of about it.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and 
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters), if you are trying not to 
learn about the game before you get to that point then please remember it 
contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your
game. You have been warned.

General Game Info                                                        [GG20]
Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, 
San Andreas--a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and 
corruption, where film stars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers
and gangsters. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has 
been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all
heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighbourhood, a couple of
corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him
across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control
of the streets.

A Quick Overview of this FAQ                                             [FAQ1]
This FAQ has been created for all those people that are TIRED of looking for
tips and tricks such as how to make money quickly. This FAQ will tell you how
in a quick and easy way, with each tips, tricks and cheats catorgorised for your

Cheats                                                                   [C004]
|Key |            Meaning                |
|<-  |Left                               |
|->  |Right                              |
|Dwn |Down                               |
|[]  |Sqaure                             |
|O   |Circle                             |
|Tri |Triangle                           |
| *  |Cheat will not turn off once active|
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |
|Least Powerful |R1 R2 L1 R2 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up      |
|Medium Power   |R1 R2 L1 R2 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn Dwn <-     |
|Most Powerful  |R1 R2 L1 R2 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn Dwn Dwn    |
Least Powerful:
Bat, Pistol, Shotgun, Mini SMG, AK 47, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, 
Spray Can, Brass Knuckles

Medium Power:
Knife, Pistol, Sawnoff Shotgun, Tec 9, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Grenades,
Fire Extinguisher

Most Powerful:
Chainsaw, Silenced Pistol, Combat Shotgun, M4, Bazooka, Plastic Explosive

*Personal *
|Description     |PS2 Cheat                                  |
|Health,Armour & |R1 R2 L1 O <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up       |
|$250,000        |                                           |
|Suicide         |-> L2 Dwn R1 <- <- R1 L1 L2 L1             |
|Respect Upgrade |R1 R2 L1 X <- -> Dwn Up                    |
|Max Muscle      |Tri Up Up <- -> [] O [] <-                 |
|Skinny          |Tri Up Up <- -> [] O [] ->                 |
|Max Fat         |Tri Up Up <- -> [] O [] Dwn                |
|Jump 10x Higher |Up Up Tri Tri Up Up <- -> [] R2 R2         |
Note If health code is enabled when there is damage on your car the meter will
be reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.

*Wanted Level*
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |
|Raise It by two|R1 R1 O R2 -> <- -> <- -> <-               |
|Lower It       |R1 R1 O R2 Up Dwn Up Dwn Up Dwn            |
|Bounty On You  |Dwn Up Up Up X R2 R1 L2 L2                 |
*Weather Changing*
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |
|Foggy          |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 X                      |
|Sunny          |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 []                     |
|Overcast       |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 Tri                    |
|Rainy          |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 O                      |

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                          |
|Peds Riot      |Dwn <- Up <- X R2 R1 L2 L1         |*
|Peds Hate You  |Dwn Up Up Up X R2 R1 L2 L2         |*
|Have Weapons   |R2 R1 X Tri X Tri Up Dwn           |*
|Ladies Man     |O X L1 L1 R2 X X O O               |*
*These cheats will not turn off

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |
|Time Flies By  |O O L1 [] L1 [] [] [] L1 Tri Tri           |
|Speed Up Game  |Tri Up -> Dwn L2 L1 []                     |
|Slow Down Game |Tri Up -> Dwn [] R2 R1                     |

|Description     |PS2 Cheat                                 |
|Destroy All Car |R2 L2 R1 L1 L2 R2 [] Tri O Tri L2 L1      |
|Better Handling |Tri R1 R1 <- R1 L1 R2 L1                  |
|Crazy Traffic   |R2 O R1 L2 R1 L1 R2 L2                    |
|Pink Cars       |O L1 Dwn L2 <- X R1 L1 -> O               |
|Black Cars      |O L2 Up R1 <- X R1 L1 <- O                |
|Drive On Water  |-> R2 O R1 L2 [] R1 R2                    |
|Fly Boats       |R2 O Up L1 -> R1 -> Up [] Tri             |
|Cars Are Faster |-> R1 Up L2 L2 <- R1 L1 R1 R1             |
|Smash n' Boom   |L1 L2 L2 Up Dwn Dwn Up R1 R2 R2           |
|Bunny Hop Higher|Tri [] O O [] L1 L2 L2 R1 R2              |
|Invisible Cars  |Tri L1 Tri R2 [] L1 L1                    |

|Description     |PS2 Cheat                                        |
|Rhino           |O O L1 O O O L1 L2 R1 Tri O Tri                  |
|Bloodring Banger|Dwn R1 O L2 L2 X R1 L1 <- <-                     |
|Hotring Racer1  |R1 O R2 -> L1 L2 X X [] R1                       |
|Hotring Racer2  |R2 L1 O -> Up O R2                               |
|Romero          |Dwn R2 Dwn R1 L2 <- R1 L1 <- ->                  |
|Trashmaster     |O R1 O R1 <- <- R1 L1 O ->                       |
|Caddie          |O L1 Up R1 L2 X R1 L1 O X                        |
|Rancher         |Up -> -> L1 -> Up [] L2                          |
|Stretch         |R2 Up L2 <- <- R1 L1 O ->                        |
|Jet Pack        |L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Dwn <- -> L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Dwn <- ->|
|Stunt Plane     |O Up L1 L2 Dwn R1 L1 L1 <- <- X Tri              |
|Monster         |-> Up R1 R1 R1 Dwn Tri Tri X O L1 L1             |
|Parachute       |<- -> L1 L2 R1 R2 R2 Up Dwn -> L1                |
|Hovercraft      |Tri Tri [] O X L1 L2 Dwn Dwn                     |
|Hydra           |Tri Tri [] O X L1 L1 Dwn Up                      |
|Squad Car       |<- <- Dwn Dwn Up Up [] O Tri R1 R2               |

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                              |
|Clothes Change |-> -> <- Up L1 L2 <- Up Dwn -> ->      |
|Beach Day      |Up Up Dwn Dwn [] O L1 R1 Tri Dwn       |

|Description      |PS2 Cheat                                |
|More Gore        |[] L1 O Dwn L1 R1 Tri -> L1 X            |
Tips & Tricks                                                            [C005]
This is the section that you will need most, its where i tell you about cool
stuff in the game, in an easy to understand way:


---Unlockable Vehicles---
 ____________ __________________________________________________________________
|Vehicle     |What to do                                                        |
 ------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------
|Bandito     |Collect 15 Vehicles for the Import/Export Dock                    |
|BF Injection|Get 1st Place in Dirt Ring Race - Las Venturas                    |
|Bloodring   |Get total time of 1 minute in the Bloodring                       |
|Banger	 |                                                                  |
|Bullet      |Get all silver awards in driving school|Collect 30 Vehicles 4 I/E |
|Dune        |Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring                             |
|FCR-900     |Get all silver awards in bike school                              |
|Freeway     |Get all bronze awards in bike school                              |
|HotKnife    |Get all gold awards in driving school                             |
|Hotring     |Get first place in 8 - Track                                      |
|Racer       |                                                                  |
|Hunter      |Get All Gold Awards in pilot school - It will be at Verdant       |
|            |Meadows Airstrip                                                  |
|Hydra       |Mission "Vertical Bird" & it will spawn at your airstrip          |
|Jet Pack    |Complete the airstrip asset near Las Venturas                     |
|JetMax      |Get all gold awards in boat school                                |
|Leviathan   |Complete Mission 'Sky Crane' & it will spawn at your Air Strip    |
|Marquis     |Get all bronze awards in boat school                              |
|Monster     |Collect 5 Vehicles for the Import/Export Dock                     |
|Monster Car |Win it by beating 8-track                                         |
|NRG-500     |Get all gold awards at Bike School                                |
|Rustler     |Get all bronze awards in pilot school                             |
|Squallo     |Get all silver awards in boat school                              |
|Stunt Plane |Get all silver awards in pilot school                             |
|Super GT    |Get all bronze awards in driving school                           |
|Turismo     |Collect 20 Vehicles for the Import/Export                         |
|Vortex      |Collect 25 Vehicles for the Import/Export                         |
|Windsor     |Collect 10 Vehicles for the Import/Export                         |
 ッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ

---Early Bulletproof Savanna---
After you finish the 'High Stakes, Low-Rider' Mission, Cesar and his car stay at
the finish line, doors locked. You can push the car to the nearest garage and the
doors will become unlocked. The car stays bulletproof.

---Drive Planes without a license---
To dive planes without a license all you need to do is get a car (any car doesnt
have to be a truck or soemthing like that).
Now go to the Los Santos Airport entrance (its next to your El Corona hideout.
There will be a man at the entrance that will tell you that you need a licence
to enter the airport. Dont listen to him and park the car next to the fence and
jump onto the car. Now just simply jump OVER the fence and you'll be inside the
airport. Now go deep into the airport and you will find a Dodo type plane. Dont
even get into this one, its not as great as the other one in there. If you go to
the right from where you saw that plane, you should come to another plane. Its
called the SHAMEL and it is much easier to fly. Now just back up abit and start

---Free Pilot License---
Hop the fence of the Los Santos International Airport and get into the SHAMEL
and keep flying around for 25 minutes and you will get a free license which
will give you access to all the airports.

---18 - Wheeler!---
San Andreas is the first game to let you haul an 18 - wheeler across the road.
What you want to do in Red County is head over to the countryside and obtain a
truck cab. There are plenty, and easy to spot. Now, take the cab and drive it
to East Los Santos/Corona area and you should find the trailer park. back up
and latch it onto your cab and haul away.

---Motorcycle Tricks---
~Press Down(2) while riding a motorcycle-class vehicle to pop a wheelie. 
~Press Up(2) while riding to stand. 
~Get a PCJ 600. From a stop, press Down and press X. When the motorcycle is in 
a wheelie, tap the X rapidly to keep the bike up. This will allow you stay in
the wheelie for as long as desired. This is also a great way to make money. 
^Choose a dirt bike or sport bike and build up a little speed. If you hit the
regular and emergency brakes at the same time and stand up (Left Analog-stick
Up), you can do a stoppie and earn some money. 
^You can also get extra points for flipping around 180 degrees on the front 

---Bike Tricks and Tips---
The BMX, and the Mountain Bike are in many cases a lot faster than any other
motorized vehicle. This is because you can evade faster.

Try to cycle a lot, go cycling from your house to Blueberry for example. If you
look good in the western part, you will find a Mountain Bike. Use it to make
bizar cycling speeds on the long, straight on countrysideroads.
When at a high speed after tapping x, HOLD x. CJ will cycle automaticly at the
same speed, moving his legs fast, and you are only holding x, not tapping it. If
you bike a while in Los Santos, and in the villages north of them, Jump a lot
with the L1 button, your cycling skill will be maxed in NO time! Another funny
thing is jumping from standing still. Press L1, (if you have a high cycling skill,
press L1 very short) CJ whill jump. Now hold the right analog stick forward, and

---Have NO cars on the road---
Start a new game and get to the OG Loc missions. At the beach mission, talk to 
the DJ and respond positively. When she says lets dance, instead of talking to
her again just run away and there will be no cars on the road. Save game, so you
can do this whenever you want.

Some fun things to do with this glitch are to turn on "all people hate you" cheat
for zombie style survival horror game, or turn up the wanted level for fastest
police chases ever.

---Get the Hunter Quickly---
Go to the Las Venturas airport and choose the Heli Hell race, fly the Hunter back
to the airport and exit the helicopter and lose the race, you know have a Hunter
that you can use for vigilante missions.

Whenever your nitro runs out, leave your vechicle and get back in. Your nitro
will be replenished and you won't have to wait two minutes for it to refill.

---Location of AT-400---
In Las Venturas Airport there is a very large, lone hanger at one end of the
main runway. If you walk up to it it opens top to bottem. At certian times of
the day an AT-400 will spawn inside this hanger. Its difficult getting it out
undamaged, but you can reach max height with it, plus you fly so high that
flying over area-69 wont get you a wanted level. A must for the skydiver.

---Police Impound Garages---
To get the car you were busted in go to the local city police station (LSPD,
SFPD, and LVPD) and enter the garage with a police vehicle. Drive down to the
very end of the garage to find your car you were busted in.

---Money Easy Way---
If you leave your PS2 running in order to build up money at your safe house you
will eventually lose all your life from hunger and end up in the hospital. 
However, if you go into CJ's house and leave him playing the video game system
in the living room, money will still build up and his health will no longer

---Gambling SPREE!!!---
To get money easily simply go to a horse betting place and put all your money
on the horse with the worse odds, if they win u'll get around 10-12 times your
money back, if they lose simply re-load your game and try again. Eventually, you
should get around $7-8Million 

---Easy money by Killing---
Anytime you kill a drug dealer, you will net $2000. Drug dealers normally wear
black jackets and stand still waiting for people to talk to them. Kill as many
as you can find to build up your cash stash quickly.

---Strip loads of money---
To get easy money - enter a strip club and stand directly in front of the main
stripper, all the money the men throw at the stripper you will get because you
are standing in front of her.

If you stand there for a while your money will continue to go up in hundreds,
with this you could simply leave Carl there and go and do something else and
when you get back you should have quite alot of money!

Weapons, Armour & Health
In Los Santos, go inside any police station and go into the shower room. Inside
you will find a purple sex toy you can use as a weapon.

---Easy Body Armour---
Go out behind the house and into the aqueduct to the left. Go down the sloped
wall of the aqueduct and head left. On an incline underneath the bridge, 
you'll find a handy vest.

---Easy Firearms---
Head out behind your house in Los Santos and go down into the aqueduct. Go down
the slope and head right along the walkway to locate a nice Mini SMG. You'll
also find a Desert Eagle in Sweet's backyard.

---Level up weapons quickly---
The best time to level up the weapons is Los Santos, you dont get really high 
wanted level,and the police isnt anything you cant handle. Ok to start equip
the weapon that you want to level up (get to hitman level) and go to the street
acroos the gym (in los santos) and get onto the roof of that gym. Now with
whatever weapon you have, MANUALLY aim and fire at the cars, this will make
them drive off, but you will get a few shots in, and it will count. If someone
gets out of the car just keep shooting the car until it blows up. When the
police come just shoot them, and kil them and shoot their car. When you are
slightly low on health, or have around 3 stars, or your running out of Ammo,
you can quickly jump of, and head straight for your hideout (hi-jack a car if
you want). I found this a good place, however you can also do this from the
room of your hideout (in ganton), to get up their, climb the wall next to the
house and use that to climb onto the roof, however not as many cars will be
coming, but this time you can just jump down and the save point will be there.

---Free Ammo---
Go to any Ammu-nation that has a shooting range. Enter the shooting range with
a weapon that is sold at Ammu-nation and exit it. When you exit, you will get
more ammo. Repeat as many times as needed.

---Be In Debt---
After obtaining a high gambling skill, gamble in Caligua's until you have 
actually lost money. (Your money will turn red). After a while you will receive
a call from a mobster at Caligua's, who informs you that you owe him money.
Later again, he will call you and tell you that some of his "associates" are
coming to talk about the money. You will then be hunted down by the mafia, and
they will try to kill you.

---Free Shotgun Ammo---
To get loads of shotgun ammo just keep trying the "Pop and Lock" driving school
test over and over again.
Because you get 5 shotgun ammo everytime you enter a police car and each time
you retry the test it counts as a different police car you get 5 shotgun ammo
Quite handy when you are low on money and need a gun.

Side Missions
In the mission 'Wu Zi Mu', during the opening cinematic, the main character 
from GTA3 can be seen sitting on a car in the background.

---Easier Snapshots---
At 12:01 AM in San Fierro all of the snapshot areas glow

---Vigilanti Missions---
First get a police car and start the Vigilante Mission. Now leave your car 
during a chase, and going into a shop or a store. Now leave and then re-enter
your police car before the timer is up and the mission will automatically end, 
and you will get the money bonus for eliminating the thread and the time bonus.
Remember this does not work with Police Motor-cycles.

---Play Basketball---
Head to the left of Sweet's house (and go into the back yard) in your 
neighborhood to find a basketball court. Pick up the ball and follow the
onscreen instructions to play basketball.

More of a money tip but you get it via a side mission, and so i added it here:
Get first place in all races at the 4 racing locations across San Andreas 
(marked with a checkered flag on the ingame map).

---Police hanging from bumpers---
To do this start the second last mission(for los santos) Reuniting the Family in 
Ganton, then get to the part where smoke is driving the car and you have to shoot
the cops. Keep shooting the cars and eventually the cops will come in motorbikes.
Now just wait for them to jump onto the back of your car, and shoot them in the
leg or somewhere (dont shoot their heads) this will cause them to slip and they
will grab hold of your bumpers. Unluckily it cannot be done outside of this
mission (not sure if you can do it for any other missions either).

---Playing Pool---
Playing pool can double the money you bet, however the maximum amount is only
$1000 (Increases as you play more and get higher luck) Here are some tips:

1) Try your best to get the balls into the pockets, and look around the table
for what YOU think is the easiest shot to play.

2) If the white ball and the ball that you want to get in are too close to the
pocket and you dont want to foul just hit the white ball at the top (Left
analogue changes the position of where you hit the cue) This wil make the white
ball go backwards when you hit it

3) If the opponants ball coems between you and the ball you need to hit, strike
the white ball at the bottom to chip it and make it go over the ball

4) When striking the white ball, press down on the right analogue stick, and
then the speed with which you press up will denote the power that you have put
into it (Make sure you press down and then up quickly, otherwise you wont get
much power)


(A) = Asset
|Unlockables & How to Unlock                                                    |
|Prostitutes earn YOU money  |Complete Level 10 of Pimping Mission              |
|Fireproof CJ                |Complete all 12 Levels of the Firetruck Mission   |
|Get Hippy shopper (A)       |Complete 4 levels of Deliveries in San Fierro     |
|Get Hunter Quarry & Quarry Mission Time-Trials (A)                             |
|Complete all 7 Quarry Missions                                                 |
|Flamethrower, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Homing Rocket Launcher delivered to    |
|Mike Toreno's Cabin                                                            |
|Beat all Of Mike Toreno's Missions                                             |
|Get RS Haul (A)             |Complete Level 8 of Trucking Missions             |
|Increase Max health to 150  |Level 12 Ambulance missions                       |
|Increase Max armour to 150  |Level 12 Vigilante missions                       |
|Nitro boosts on Taxi&Cabbies|Complete 50 Fares                                 |
|San Fierro Valet Parking (A)|Complete 5 levels of Valet Parking in San Fierro  |
|Sniper Rifle, Micro SMG, Shotgun, Grenades delivered to the San Fierro Garage  |
|All 50 Snapshots taken                                                         |
|Tec 9, AK47, Sawed-off Shotgun & Molotov delivered to CJ's house in Los Santos |
|Cover all 100 tags                                                             |
|Increase Lung Capacity and Sex Appeal                                          |
|Find all 50 Oysters                                                            |
|M4,MP5, Combat Shotgun & Satchel Charges in Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas|
|Find all 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas                                         |
|Increase Luck               |Get all 50 Horse Shoes in Las Venturas            |
|Increase Lung capacity and Sex Appeal                                          |
|Find all 50 Oysters                                                            |
|M4, MP5, Combat Shotgun &Satchel Charges in Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas|
|Find all 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas                                         |

---Unlockable Outfits---
|Name Of Outfit |Who To Get 100% With |
|Medic Uniform  |Katie Zhan           |
|Police Uniform |Barbara              |
|Pimp Outfit    |Denise Robinson      |
|Racing Outfit  |Michelle             |
|Overalls Outfit|Helena               |
 ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ


Do not move CJ for 2-3 minutes. The display will be removed and the camera will
start to follow and zoom into any activity going on (ie. Pursuits, fights,
people talking).

---Moon Size---
Shooting the moon with a sniper rifle will make it grow, and after it has grown
a few times, it will shrink again.

---Headless CJ---
Find a katana, then go into two player mode (by finding a icon that shows two 
red figures). Have player two chop your character's head off, and then when you 
go back into one-player mode CJ will have no head, and a nasty little blood 

---Loose the Heat -Quick Way---
If you have stars, you can get rid of them by going inside and place and playing
playing minigames. You can also get a haircut or a tattoo and they will go.
The good thing is you dont have to pay them, as all you need to do is sit on the
chair and press the quit button.

---Glitchety Glitch---
In Sweet's penultimate mission, the swat team helicopter anounces "Los Angeles
Police Department" instead of saying Los Santos.

---DRIV3R Cameo---
In the mission "Madd Dogs Ryhme Book" Sneak in without alerting anyone and when
you get past the bar there is a man playing DRIV3R. Listen to him Rant about the

---Widescreen Mode Glitch---
To do this go to any airport, and book a flight to anywhere. When you see the 
plane appear on the runway put in the "destroy all vehicles" cheat. You will 
die, and be sent to the nearest hospital, but the screen will stay wide screen.
Ya know black bars at the top, and bottom of the screen.

The only way to get out of the wide screen mode is to book another flight, and
either jump out of the plane, continue to the other airport, or do a mission.
Also you will not be able to see the map, health, or armor bars, weapon, money,
wanted level. and you cannot pause, or save the game.

---Picture of CJ---
You can have a photo taken of CJ for your gallery. Select the camera and target
a GREEN gang member (Grove Street member). Press L1 and they get the camera and
they'll take a photo of you for your gallery.

---Free Paint Jobs---
Select the paint job you want and then QUICKLY press X followed by TRIANGLE 
(VERY VERY QUICKLY) and you wont be charged for it, and you will get the paint

---Underworld GATEWAYS---
You'll need a jetpack to explore the Underworld.

Go to the sea's cliffs east of Los Venturas near Sobell Rail Yard. Now fly along
the ledge near water level. There is a glitchy rock wall that you can pass
through in one point. The wall twitches and shakes. When you get in, you may
have to fly north a little before it lets you get under fully.
It's in a corner wall of your safehouse in Vinewood, right by the pool. Just
walk into the wall at different spots until you find it.

Go to the gym in Las Venturas, and through the bomb garage next to it. Stand in
that alley and look at the building across the street to your right -- and
you'll see people jumping and walking off the roof. It will only happen if you
stand in that alley and watch it from there. It's pretty much a Lemmings Easter
Egg since Rockstar North made Lemmings

---Two Timing Trouble---
Whenever you have +2 girlfriends, sometimes another girlfriend will appear in
her car and chase you down. If you are caught, both girls will get angry at you,
you lose realtionship points with both, and the date will terminate.

Contributed Tips and Tricks                                              [C006]


16) Catch a cool "Bullet" car behind the RS Haul building outside of Easter Bay 
Airport/Easter Basin area, near a Police Bribe.
17) Get a "Patriot" if you dare to venture into the naval docks in San Fierro and
fight a barrage of cops on your way out (and maybe in), and get a Five Star
rating in the process. It's at the end of the dock and you can access it from
either a ramp near the water or through the front gate which is open. Get to a
Pay N Spray pronto and that puppy is yours.

20) To Get the nrg 500 without bike school go tho the crane at the export 
dock and go to the corner near the big bowl this is a side mission done with 
the nrg 500 ride away and you keep the bike.
**My Notes**
If you dont want to fail that mission, you can just move it a few meters (using
a car to push it) from its spawning point and it wont activate the mission.

***More to come***

Weapons, Armour & Health

2) Every time you get in a cop car, you'll get a regular shotgun (once per car).
Likewise, you'll get body armor if you go into a Police Enforcer van and 25%
health in an ambulance. 

3)There's a grenade pick-up behind the most southern building that is mid-way 
through the big pier in Santa Maria Beach (aligned with shoreline). 

4)An AK-47 and sawed off shotgun can be found in the back of the Vinewood Studio 
area (huge walled complex with giant archway entrance), in the far right hand
corner (AK47) and between two buildings on the far left hand side (shotgun). 

5) A Chainsaw (way better than a knife) can be found to the left of the entrance
to the Junkyard in Willowfield (near a "Fossil Oil" billboard).

6) Directly behind "8-Ball's Auto Works" in Idlewood, hop the fence to snag a 
samurai kantana sword.

7) On top of the Jefferson hotel, you'll find a powerful SMG towards the left 
hand side of the roof.

8) In San Fierro, Doherty, a chainsaw can be found on an elevated area of the 
Construction Site behind CJ's garage, directly opposite Wang Motors across the 

9) In San Fierro, Doherty, a flamethrower and a pool cue can be found underneath
the collapsed second floor of the condemned building at the Construction Site 
behind CJ's garage.

10) In San Fierro, Palisades, a handy "M4" in the back yard of one of the ocean
view homes in the third tier of white picket fences starting from the southern
most house.

11) In San Fierro, Armor can be found at the back right-hand side of "Shady
Industries" building in Doherty.

12) In San Fierro, Armor can be found at water level behind the ocean view homes
in Palisades (near where the M4 is found, but down below).

13) In Angel Pine, Armor can be found near "J & J's Restaurant" which is near an
optional Safe House.
14) Cameras in San Fierro:
1. Inside the waiting area of the Cranberry Train Station opposite CJ's garage,
   there's a camera in the corner to the right.
2. In the back of a covered, yet open garage area at the San Fiero Medical Centre
   in Santa Flora.
3. Behind "Tuff Nuts" Donut shop in Palisades.
4. In an alleyway in China Town's Juniper Hill (near optional Safe House).
5. Inside the Zombotech building downtown.
6. At the Burger Shot Restaurant in Garcia.
7. In the center of the metallic structure/statue outside City Hall.

19) There is an Ak 47 at the factory in blueberry red count


---Drive By Mission Help---
1) During the Drive By missoin as you kill each group of rival gang members - 
you can stop the car right next to them you can get out and take any weapons and
cash they had - don't step more than a few paces away from the car or it's 
mission failed. Also if you find your car getting a bit shot 
up just drive of to the spray shop - mid mission and it's health is restored 
- you have to pay but it's better than starting the missionall over again.

---ZERO's MISSION, SUPPLY LINES---Kyle Milligans Strategy---
18) Here are the tips for the most annoying mission in San Andreas: In "Supply 
Lines..." when you have to take out rival couriers, you have to be very quick.
Take out the two closest to you in thirty seconds or you might as well start 
over (self destruct with a CIRCLE). Use the throttle at full speed when flying, 
because gliding doesn't save you fuel (let 'er rip) and know that after you get
the fifth courier you have to have enough to get back to Zero's base. This 
means there's no time to fuss about. Some people find it easier to drop the 
plane on the ground and shoot the couriers that way. If you're doing that, get
behind the bikes, and in front of the vans, but hold that L1 machine gun fire down
hard and don't let up. Hopefully you can take out the first van in the first five
seconds and you're off to a good start. The longer you take, the further the
couriers get away from you. 

***More to come***


---Base Jumping---
15) Wanna go base jumping? Go the the "Big Pointy Building" opposite the Valet 
Parking Mission area in San Fierro and enter from the opposite side where the
building warns "No Base Jumping" You'll be taken to the top immediately where a
parachute waits for you. Jump off, and hit the Circle button to activate your
chute. (Or splat). Careful not to get too close to another building or land on
one, or you'll have to jump again without a parachute.

100% Benefits                                                            [C007]

~Stats and cash will be boosted!
~Rhino Will be delivered to CJ's house in Grove Street
~Hydra will be delivered to CJ's house in Grove Street.

Credits                                                                  [CR08]
First off, I want to thank the all the people in the Neoseeker forum that helped 
me put this FAQ together. 

I would also like to thank Neoseeker for giving me an opportunity to waste so 
much of my time writing FAQ's and talking on the message board. In addition, to 
Rock star for making this game.

Thanks to Kyle Milligan for spotting that Part of the Gore cheat was missing
Thanks to Camden Daily  for a correction in the Weapons Cheat
Thanks to Adam Lytle for subbmiting the Jet Pack Cheat

****Numbers 1 was been contributed by Ronnie Grimes****
****Numbers 2-18 have been contributed by Kyle Milligan****
****Numbers 19-20 have been contributed by Michael Mosher****

One more time, if you need/want to contact me for any reason, my email address is .  
Please feel free to tell me how much you loved my FAQ. Moreover, if you have to, 
tell how much you hated it. Whatever it is, I will try to reply.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading this FAQ and not making it a COMPLETE 
waste of my time. Hope it helped you out!

Legal Thingamajig                                                        [LT09]

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