Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Unlockables

Unlockable Weapons
all guns
UnlockableHow to unlock
HydraComplete vertical bird and a hydra will spawn a the abandon airstrip in the desert
RhinoGet 100% completion and a rhino will spawn in ganton
MinigunComplete all of mike toreno's missions and go to the inn in Terria Robada and you will find the minigun
JetpackComplete the mission Black Project and a jetpack will spawn near the airstrip
GokartComplete the mission Cut throat Business and a gokart will spwan near Madd Doggs mansion(near the main entrance which you enter in the mission Madd doggs rhymes)
At-400 planeafter you unlock LV an AT-400 will spawn in the large single hangar at the airport
M4To unlock m4 You must Type Bringiton Then You Have 6 Wanted Star level And Then Wait for The Barracks To Spawn And Then The Swat Will Go Out And Then Kill The Swat Then You Will Get M4