Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Glitches

Easy Vigilante Rewards
1 Fisrt get a Vigilante Vehicles(Barracks,Enforcer ,FBI Rancher ,FBI Truck ,HPV-1000 ,Police Car ,Rhino and SWAT Tank . NO Air or Sea Vigilante Vehicles )
2 Than take it to your garage( Safehouse)
3 Than turn on the Vigilante on and get out the Vehicle and wat until the Garage Door Close COMPLETEY!!!!
4 Than tpye in "CPKTNWT" to blow up (except the ones in the Garaage) all the vehicles (inclueing Criminal and the cops!)in San Andreas.
5 than return to your FBI Vehicle and get out again and repeat as many times as you like, untill you reached the maxuim Level 12 and loads of money
(note: if you can also Like to do that Trick in a other gta game, (3 Era only) try it)
GTA 3: Cheat - BANGBANGBANG | Safehouse - Portland Island
GTA Vice City: Cheat - BIGBANG | SafeHouse - Anyone of them with Garages
(Since the Only 3 first games are on Pc , try the Stories Version on Ps2)
GTA Liberty City Stories: Sorry for no Cheats, since i couldn't find one Cheat. the trick Won't Work.the Safehouse is in Portland Island
GTA Vice City Stories: Cheat - L1, R1, R1, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, DOWN, R1 | SafeHouse - Phil's Apartment (after the Thrid mission)(report me if this Cheat (L1, R1, R1, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, DOWN, R1) Doen't Work in GTA:VCS)