Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tips

Some Easy Tips
Recharging and evading police for free
You can recharge your power and you can even evade cops for free. I say for
free because you have to eat food to recharge your power and you have to
respray your car in order to escape from cops. Just save your game in the
CJ's house or any safehouse and your power will be full and no cops will be
chasing you.

An easy way to raise your weapon skill
Just enter any bar (one is just one block west of Grove Street) and start
blasting the bottles there. Each accurate shot will raise your accuracy. After
all the bottles are finished, just walk out of the bar and then again enter it.
All the bottles are back. This is the most non-violent way to raise your weapon

Beware of your gang members
If you recruit any gang member and then you start to shoot him, he will try to
kill you.

Location of skydiving buildings
Los Santos
The building is in Downtown Los Santos. It is the highest building in the whole
area. Circle the building and you will find a yellow marker which will lead you
to the roof. There is a parachute there. Take the parachute and equip it. Jump
down and press left mouse button to open the chute.

San Fierro
This one is in Financial. Just north of the hotel for the valet mission is a
building which is very pointy at the top. In fact its name is the most pointy
building. At the north end of the building there is a black block which is the
way to the roof. Equip the parachute (you get it automatically when you are on
the roof) and jump down. Use left mouse button to open the parachute.