Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tips

Some More Handy Dandy Tips
Weapons scattered here and there in Los Santos
This can be found in the backyard of the Ryder's house which is at the right side of the CJ's house. Just go to the left side of the house and head forward. You will be in backyard. The shovel is placed in between the backyard, resting on the house wall.

Pool Cue
This can be always found in the bar named "Ten Green Bottles" which is a block ahead of the CJ's house. At the block next to the CJ's house is a road intersection. If you started from the CJ's house, just turn right at the intersection and you can see a green signboard written "Ten Green Bottles". Go in and play the pool. After you play the pool, you will have the pool cue.

Brass Knuckles
This is found in Ganton where the CJ's house is located. You may have seen a bridge above the road which enters the Grove Street. The knuckle is found at the left side of the bridge. It is near the support of the bridge.

A pistol is always found behind the Sweet's home which is two homes besides the CJ's house. There is a basketball court beside the Sweet's house. There is a door at the end of the court. Get into that door and you will be in a grassy area. Head left and at the end of the wall there is a pistol floating.

The car park mentioned for the NRG 500 also contains an uzi at the roof of the car park. Just go up through the spiral ramp and when you reach at the top of the park, see left and you will see an uzi floating near the corner.

Just enter any cop car and drive it for some time and get out of that car. You will get a shotgun with five bullets. There is also one in the police station but don't take it unless you want to get a two-star wanted level.

AK 47
This assault rifle is in Willowfield. If you go back to the warehouse you
visited during the second mission of C.R.A.S.H, you will find the AK behind the staircase leading up.

Sniper Rifle
It is found on the roof of the hospital in Jefferson near a bicycle park. The bicycle park is like two dumbbells joined together. You can easily locate them in the Jefferson's map. It is located just right to the bicycle park. A simple way to reach there is to just kill yourself in Jefferson. The rifle is on the roof of the hospital. You can reach there by using the jetpack cheat YECGAA or by unlocking jetpack.

It is found behind the Pizza Stack in Idlewood. Head behind the Pizza Stack. You will see a pink colored building with seems to be a motel. Anyways, where the road turns towards left, there is a car park at the right of the road. Enter the car park. You will see some stairs leading up. Go from the right stairs and then take a right just after you climb over the stairs. There are the grenades lying there.

Fire Extinguisher
This can be found in any of the restaurants in Los Santos except in Cluckin' Bells. It is usually behind the counter where the counterperson stands.

There is a place where this beautiful yet violent thing can be found. It is
located in Idlewood at the gas station which is located just one block north of the respray shop. Just head north through the road between respray shop and the barber shop. You will see a gas station at the turn. Behind the two pumps is the office or something. At the door which is located at the centre of the office are the flowers.

It is found in police station located in Pershing Square in the central part of the Commerce. Go into the police station and go straight. Take the second door on your right and go into the room tiled with white tiles. Turn right and then left. The dildo is at the end of the left turn. Quickly holster it back or you will get a two-star wanted level

Spray Can
This green can of paint can be found in the Johnson's house's upper floor, in the room opposite to the wardrobe. In that room you can also find a camera.

Body Armor
This can be found in the police station in Pershing Square which is in the
centre of the Commerce. Head into the police station and go straight. Take the second door on the right. There is an armor lying there. There are many more located here and there, but I forgot their locations. Don't take any guns from there and don't take out any as it nets you a two-star wanted level. The place mentioned for AK has also armor. Just go up the stairs and there will be armor in the office area.

Location of some special guns
This super gun can be found in a parking lot in northwest Las Venturas. There is a hotel named V-Rock hotel in Roca Escalante which is very large. There is a parking lot around it which has also an underground lot. This underground lot contains minigun. One is also found in the military base which you infiltrated during the third mission of airstrip. In the first room, go up by the stairs and you will be in a room with body armor. This room also contains a minigun.

This is found on the ship which is docked at the Easter Basin. It is a white colored ship like thing in the map which points in East-West direction. The ship also happens to be the ship to which you can export cars after the Wang Car's third mission.

Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher
This can be found in San Fierro airport. In the airport there are two buildings at the northeast edge of airport. Just besides the buildings are some tanks and between these tanks is the rocket launcher.

Defeating Big Smoke easily
In the last mission, where you have to kill Smoke, when you get to him, take out a minigun (it can be found in Las Venturas. It is in a car park which is in Roca Escalante) and stay where you are. Take aim and start shooting on him. You will kill him with barely any damage.

Location of GO-Cart
This miniature car is in an alleyway at the left side of the ZERO's shop in San Fierro. As a bonus there is also a Desert Eagle. This GO-Cart is unlocked after the mission "Cut Throat Business". There are two more carts in San Andreas, one at the Madd Dogg's mansion and another in Angel Pine.

Finding the NRG-500 bike parked near the Johnson house
Hey friends, I have read about the NRG-500 parked near the Johnson house but it was quite a pain to find the car park as they were no maps to locate them so I am making a map so that you can find that awesome bike without any difficulties. Open your map and you will see a cup icon on the north. The cup icon on the map is the 8-track racing stadium. Just to the northern block of the stadium is a U shaped building. The car park is just in the northern block of the U shaped building.

Take pictures of CJ
You can take some pics of CJ. Recruit some gang members and take the camera
from the CJ's house. Take it out and then face towards your gang members and a notification will be shown of taking the picture of CJ by pressing Tab.

Deactivating the cheats
I have found out the way to deactivate the cheats. Just type the name of the cheat you used to deactivate it. Note down that some cheats like HESOYAM may not be deactivated.

Here's a trick I noticed
Go into any Burger Shot and kill all the persons there. After killing all of them, go into the toilet and after you come out everyone except the counter women will be alive. You can beat them again and again for some quick money. This trick can be used in every restaurant except in Cluckin' Bells but you have to go out first and when you come inside all of them are alive. You will attain no wanted level by this trick. But if you do any crime outside the restaurant and attain a wanted level, cops will come inside the restaurant and try to bust you.

A simple way to complete first level without cheats
Here is a simple way to complete the first level without having to cheat. Just find any firearm (I have described many weapons up) before going into the house to trigger the first mission. When you see the Balla's car, go down from the bicycle and shoot the driver. After shooting, just take a happy ride back to Sweet's home to end the mission.

Some Easy Dating Tips
Usually the girls you date like to do three things; eating, dancing and driving around the city. If you have got any problem with any of these things and your girlfriend wants to do the same thing, just reload your game and visit your girlfriend's house. She must have changed her mind. If not, just reload until she wants to do what you can do. Like I am very bad at dancing and whenever the girlfriend wanted to do dancing, I reloaded my game. When I visited her house back, she said for dinner or driving through the city, both are of my taste. Hope you like.
Dating Denise
She is actually very simple to date. She mostly likes to do eating (very easy as a bar is very near from her house) and having fun which is even easier. Just enter any Balla territory and find some Ballas. She will start shooting at those fools and she will have fun. I recommend using bikes for dating as if girlfriend wants to drive around, then you have much control over your speed by the bike. You get pimp suit from her when you reach 100% with her and a Hustler car for half progress.

Dating Helena
She is found at the top of the Ammu-nation shop in Blueberry. She likes men who have less muscle packed on and with at least half of their appeal. She mostly likes to eat and drive around. But if she says you for dance, reload your game as the nearest club is very far from her home and if you are too late to reach there, she will be angry with you and your progress will drop down. So, keep eating and keep driving with her. Her favorite restaurant is in Rodeo. The dress you get from her is a villager dress. Some weapons like Molotov cocktails, flamethrower, chainsaw and pistol also spawns near her home in a shed. You also get Bandito as a vehicle reward.

Dating Michelle
She is also like the other girls. You can find her in the driving school in San Fierro. She likes big muscle men. She loves driving around so do so. But her fun is about very high speed. And sometimes she also likes to drive a car. Her favorite restaurant is a dance club which is in Ocean Flats. You get racing suit as a reward for getting the progress to 100% and a monster truck.

Dating Katie
You can find her near the gym in San Fierro. She likes speed and stunts but
when it comes for driving around the city, she says something else and wants something else. She says you to drive fast but don't get fooled, she likes moderate speed. Her favorite restaurant is in Juniper Hollows. You get a medic outfit and free hospital visits when you are wasted and also you get a Romero car.

Dating Barbara
The sheriff of El Quebrados can be found in El Quebrados. She is also quite
simple. Just don't go for dancing with her. You will be absolutely late as club is very far and the progress will drop. Reload if she wants to dance. The other things also apply for Barbara also. You get a cop car at half of the progress and cop suite for full progress. She also saves your money and weapons when you get busted.

Dating Millie
You meet her in the casino mission of Las Venturas. She is the simplest one. Just wear the gimp suit you got while doing the mission and then you won't be going anywhere. You can raise the progress to 100% in nearly ten to eleven tries by this technique. She gives you the keycard which is required in one of the missions. You also get a pink club as a vehicle reward.