Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tips

Getting Hitman levels fast
Getting Hitman stats on your weapons will be very usefull later in the game, for instance your Pistol will be dual weilded, and will shoot 2 bullets instead of 1 in the same time!

Now how you get these is quite simple, if you want them fast. After some missions you can begin taking over terrotories. Use one and the same weapon EVERYTIME you try to take over a terrotory such as a pistol. Just make sure you're standing on a rooftop or something to avoid being shot.

If however you do get shot and die, just buy your weapon again and try again. This will get your weapon stats up pretty quick.

Another way is the shooting range at the bigger Amunation, but that takes pretty long and it's boring... This way you even make some money in the process, allowing you to buy more of the weapon, or another weapon when you've reached hitman on the first...