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7.8's a Port.


Set 3 years before GTA3, Toni Cipriani takes on the role as the main character in this new GTA game which has been ported for the PS2.
After been accused of killing a made man he tries to work his way back into society by doing jobs and favours for many different bosses.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years you're bound to at least be aware of the GTA games.
Originally meant as a PSP exclusive it's now available on the PS2. It's the exact same as the PSP version nothing is added to it although Multiplayer has been removed. So it's less of a game as the PSP version was. ...


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

The good:

- Bikes in Liberty City
- Some new and unique missions
- Free roaming
- Good radio stations
- Lazlow is back on Chatterbox!
- Liberty news!

The bad:

- No flyable vehicles
- Now swimming
- Too short for a GTA game (beat it in 10 hours on my first time!!)
- Most missions are kinda repetitve
- Bad targetting system
- No Multiplayer
- Lack of some characters from the original GTAIII
- Graphics not that good


Tony Cipriani is the anti-hero of the game. He's a member of the Leone crime family, a well-established and well-connected organized crime syndicate with ties to city hall. As usual, the family is involved with territorial disputes with other crime families. Tony's too low on the totem pole to concern himself with directly with these affairs but as long as he's got cars to steal, debts to collect and people to kill, he's a happy camper. Starting at the bottom, Tony accepts a variety of missions from members of his family in addition to other crooks he encounters which includes pimps, dishon...


Welcome back to Liberty City!

The good:

It's GTA
Some fun missions
Only $20

The bad:

The graphics aren't that great.
Some boring missions


In October last year they released this game for PSP. Now in June this year they ported this game from the PSP to PS2 with minor tweaks. First of all they took the multiplayer out (Too bad). From what I've heard the loading times are also faster but I can't really tell.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is more like Vice City than San Andreas since cops can lay down spike strips again and you change your clothes the same way you do in Vice City. Unlike in San Andreas in this game when you point you gun to the cops it gives you an automatic 2 stars. Wow! Of course their's that free roaming ...


Back to basics

The good:

  • This time round, we have motorbikes.

  • There is a good detailed plot which makes the game fun to play.

  • The grave yard in Staunton Island keeps track of your victims!

  • There are a vast array of vehicles to drive, including sports cars, motor bikes, and speed boats.

  • There are a vast array of weapons to use, including rocket launchers, axes, knives, shot guns and Molotov cocktails.

  • You now have the option to change your clothes and unlock outfits, a feature lacking in GTA:III.

    The bad:

  • Sadly, there are no flyable vehicles. No planes, no helicopters, no nothing.

  • There are a few too many glitches for my liking.

  • The radio sucks. There is only one channel worth listening too and that is LCFR, bring back full time chatterbox dammit!

  • It is too easy to get killed

  • You can't swim.


    If you are familiar with Grand Theft Auto III then you will instantly recognise the setting of this game, the notorious Liberty City, and nothing has changed. Corrupt cops, your own mother, and more mobsters than ever before stand in your way of reaching it to the top of Liberty City. You are Toni Cipriani, and you are a wanted man. After going into hiding after killing a made man, you have to do a series of missions to restore the name Cipriani.

    The game itself is pretty fun to play. As I write this I am currently 40% into the game with only a few main story missions remaining. I believe th...

  • 6.0

    It's Grand Theft Auto 3.5

    The good:

    *A new Grand Theft Auto Story
    *Budget price

    The bad:

    *Nowhere near as good as GTA San Andreas
    *A PSP import, meaning a lot of improvement of SA are now gone, like swimming.
    *Weak graphics


    I'm not going to bother in writing a huge review. Because the question on everyone's mind who hasn't got this game is. IS IT WORTH BUYING?

    Because surely with the popularity of the GTA series, someone has got GTA: 3, GTA: VC, or GTA: SA. And so I'm going to base this review on the view that you already own or have played previous GTA games.

    And so is it worth buying? Well it depends on what your looking for. If your looking for a new storyline and how it fits in with the rest of the series then it's worth getting, if not, then there is no point in getting this game. On the other hand, this ...


    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories review. you don't want to miss this lickle gem.

    The good:

    BIKES!!! new storyline, interchangable outfits (though not as in-depth as San Andreas), and an entirely NEW GAME ENGINE! and dont forget the wireless multiplayer!

    The bad:

    as usual, you fall of bikes a lot...and running up narrow staircases is TOUGH! it's basically GTAIII squashed onto a little disc wrapped in plastic. the cops lay Spike-Strips.


    i, personally, have finished the main storyline. you meet a lot of people in this, Salvatore (obviously) one of them. you also meet JD o toole, Vincenzo and Donald Love. you play as Toni Cipriani, less fat than in GTA3, a ruthless gangster. gangster or not, almost no-one in GTA can escape their family. Sweet, Kendle and CJ in San Andreas, and Ma Cipriani (yes, MA) and Toni. even Salvatore meets his father at some point in the story. the graphics inn the game are incredible! the texture resolution has been lowerd a little, but you hardly notice it on the PSP's smaller screen. a selection of ...

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