Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Tips

Two bulletproof vehicles

On the mission Biker Heat in Portland, simply steel Wayne's bike after the mission and garage it.


Ok, i have found the easiest way to obtain this one. Its on a mission for Salvatore in Staunton Island- via payphone, the one where you have to rescue him. Go through the mission as normal until you reach Sal, then on your way out, kill a few guys when you come out of the little cul de sac where you found Sal. Then head to the left, killing all the people that way. Make sure you leave a couple alive, when you look right out of the cul de sac- its important. Ok, so you've headed left and reached the road, steal a car or bike quicky as the couple you left alive will follow you. then go around the road and back to the limo. Park next to the limo. Sal will not get in due to the fact that you left a couple of guys alive. So then Kill Sal while you can still see the limo. You will fail the mission for killing Salvatore, then simply get in and drive it to a garage. If the limo is not in eye shot when you kill Sal, it could dissapear.