There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone family, Tony Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he's back and it's time for things to be put right.

The streets of Liberty City are in turmoil. Warring mafioso vie for control as the town begins to self destruct under waves of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and union strikes. No one can be trusted as Toni tries to clean up the mess of the city's chaotic underworld. Deranged hitmen, morally depraved tycoons, cynical politicians and his own mother stand in his way as Toni tries to bring the city under Leone control.

Forced to fight for his life in an odyssey that will shake Liberty City to it's foundations. Toni must use any means neccesary to secure his place in the leadership of the Leone family in a town up for grabs.


  • An astounding technical achievement, Liberty City Stories pushes the PSP to its absolute limit, resetting the publics understanding and expectations of what is possible on a hand held gaming system.
  • An all new story, all new features, all new missions, all new characters, all new voices, all new music—an entirely NEW game that follows Toni Cipriani's return to Liberty City, his involvement with the Leone's, and their bitter turf war against the rival gangs, the police force and the Mayors office.
  • THE FIRST EVER 3D MULTIPLAYER WIFI MODES IN A GRAND THEFT AUTO GAME! 7 modes for up to 6 players! Run and gun through the open city environments of all 3 islands of Liberty City!
  • See Liberty City like never before. Experience a whole new adventure in the three classic boroughs: Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Dripping with nostalgia, each neighborhood has been meticulously created for the PSP with all new businesses, pedestrians and adventures.
  • Liberty City has been rebuilt from the ground up specifically for the PSP with a brand new game engine built by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North, optimizing the texture density, resolution and particle effects. There are amazing reflections on cars, fantastic in-game physics, and impressive draw distances.
  • Freedom to play the game your way—play through the varied missions, or interact freely with the sprawling city.
  • Full-scale audio production, from an all-new licensed soundtrack played on changeable radio in-game radio stations, to all-new pedestrian speech, and all-new player speech.
  • Drive the best vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto universe. Motorcycles, Choppers, Scooters, Boats, Muscle cars, Train and Ferry systems are all featured in Liberty City for the first time ever.
  • Liberty City is filled with classic Grand Theft Auto gameplay elements like Hidden Packages, Insane Stunt Jumps, Rampages, Ammu-Nations and Pay 'N' Spray.

Many safehouses positioned around Liberty City ensuring gamers' ability to quickly save their game on the go.

  • Sprawling urban environment includes changing weather, chattering pedestrians and interactive ambient traffic.
  • Lookin' Sharp! For the first time different outfits have been made available to the player in Liberty City.
  • Full host of Grand Theft Auto weaponry including the best weapons from the Grand Theft Auto universe including machine guns, shotguns, pistols and multiple weapon sets never seen in Liberty City.
  • Refined weapon targeting system with an optimized control scheme for the PSP
  • The AI of Liberty City Stories is as sophisticated as previous Grand Theft Autos. You'll see all the gang rivalries, police and emergency services, chattering pedestrians going about their daily business as they bring life to the gritty streets of Liberty City.


Rockstar officially releases Grand Theft Auto radio history via Spotify and iTunes playlists

That's... that's a lot of Grand Theft Auto radio

Apr 11, 2013, by Rory Young | 4 comments
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories arriving on PSN next week

PlayStation 2 versions expand Rockstar's digital catalog

Mar 29, 2013, by Troy Crumley | 11 comments

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Very good game!!!, I love the mini game where you have to kill a bunch of chickens with a chainsaw. it's a bit deranged but funny. GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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a great sequal to gta3 with lots of things added that was not in gta3 GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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This game is really fun especially when you use cheats on this game!! GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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By far a violent game.Fun. GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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Harsh. GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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i love grand theft auto cuz its funny when i kill people GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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CAN'T ANYBODY GET MORE CHEATS!? GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
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