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A stand-alone version of Gran Turismo is available on PSP. While presenting accuracy well, it could be done better to improve. As I like to think of it, this is the arcade mode from Gran Turismo 5. But with no career mode, GTPSP’s sole income is through the three, (well two), modes. I’ll continue on to more points now.

The three modes are fairly straightforward. First, there is the most obvious. Race. You can select how many laps you want to do, and whether the direction is forward or reverse. On this mode you win money according to what place you come. But as there are only four racers at any one time, racing can become a bit flat if you are on a low rank. The next mode, Time Trial, doesn’t allow you to earn money, but it does allow you to practise with any car on any track at will. The other trial mode, Drift Trial, is my favourite and the easiest way to get the credits if you know what to do. With any car on any track, driving around corners and pulling the back end of the car out, you earn points.

Whenever you want, quit, and whatever the total points you got, they will be doubled and added to your credit count. This is the full drift submode however. Sectional drift mode means you can only get points on certain corners.
The next I want to talk about is the cars available. Only four car companies are available each two GTPSP days, and not all cars available at that time. Whereas this might seem annoying at first, there is a point. As there is no limit as to how much credits you can earn day, this will stop car collectors from buying all the most expensive cars all at once. But with over 800 cars to buy, it is also a limiter as to how many cars you can buy.

The Driving Challenges offers more of a challenge, with credits being earned depending on if you get a trophy. Split into modes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I, there are six challenges in each, meaning 54 challenges to tackle. And when I say tackle, I do mean it. The challenge mode of Gran Turismo is of a fairly difficult level. Some challenges might seem easy enough, but when trying to get gold trophies on all of them, they will become harder. Completing challenges A and B will unlock the User BGM. There are two things you need to do to activate this before you can use this though.

The graphics of this game are sharp and clear. The cars move like they should and tracks look realistic. The only drawback is sometimes a section of track might disappear when viewed at an odd angle. While not a big issue in itself, as when the cars in the correct position again the track reappears, it does detract from the realism driving simulators are meant include. The music is nothing special. Mostly you wouldn’t notice it while racing, but sometimes does irritate a bit. Some tracks though are more suited to racing as they are gimmicky and are on a loop, which does get a bit boring. But to keep them interesting a new element is added to them each time.

The options on this game are quite fitting for what the game is. The ability to change the controls at will is a good feature as everyone is at their best when using a control scheme they are familiar. Also included in the options is ability to tweak the sound to your liking, so you could have the background music off or racing sound off (but why would you want to do that!) as well as just having them lowered a bit.

This game is a great purchase, but it lacks some of the minor essentials that a racing game needs, like the ability to customise your car how you want and the ability of upgrading your car. A good example of this feature is Midnight Club: L.A. Remix, another PSP racing game. Whereas it has way less cars for you to buy, it does have loads of ways to upgrade and customise your car, like adding decals to the side, front or rear and choosing a colour for them. The main reason, I think, of a car collection and racing game, am for you to be able to race a car that you have customised yourself and upgraded. So with this, plus a bland racing mode it gets just over a four.

Available on Playstation Network for £16.99 plus a supercar fivepack for free.

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