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Grabbed by the Ghoulies

  • Released on Oct 21, 2003
  • By Rare for Xbox

[edit] Background

You play the role of Cooper in this humorous action/adventure cell shaded game that takes place in a haunted house full of ghoulies. Your mission is to save your girlfriend who has been 'grabbed by the ghoulies'. Make your way through battling a variety of monsters while trying to escape the many tricks, traps and shocks that await you in Ghoulhaven Hall.

[edit] Features

  • Ghoulies galore. Players will encounter more than 25 types of ghoulies to keep them on their toes, including vampires, zombies, mummies, skeletons, haunted furniture and many more. Each ghoulie has its own crazed, personality and style of attack, and they all fight dirty. Gamers could be electrocuted, bitten, burned, cursed, thrown around and even mummified
  • Superscary surprises. Spine-tingling events will happen without warning to test players' resolve and reactions, such as faces appearing in windows, ghostly figures and disembodied heads materializing from thin air, and ghoulies leaping out from almost anywhere. Gamers must avoid these scares to keep Cooper in control or risk being overwhelmed by debilitating fear and ultimately fainting
  • Environmental hazards. Players can explore more than 50 rooms in the giant Ghoulhaven Hall as they follow a twisted plot full of surprises, escapes and rescues. There are tons of puzzles to solve and, not surprisingly, they conclude in players unleashing a bash-fest on the ghoulies
  • Sophisticated yet simple gameplay. Featuring an easy pick-up-and-play style, "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" offers something for gamers at all skill levels. Players can grasp gameplay basics quickly, and refine and improve their fighting strategy as they progress through the game

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Funny GrabbedByTheGhoulies
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Seriously underrated. It's like a 3D version of a classic SNES adventure game. :) Also, it's Rare's first XBOX game. :D GrabbedByTheGhoulies
Sep 18, 03 2:50am
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  • North America: Oct 21, 2003
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