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A must have for F1 lovers

The good:

-Superbly detailed driving simulation.
-Fully licensed in every way.
-Realistic sound.

The bad:

-Perhaps a little too serious.
-Has a few minor bugs.
-Incredibly slow to load.


This game has superb graphics and provides a realistic Formula 1 game that makes you feel like you are actually driving in a car! This game is great for beginners as it gives you some driving aids. It's good for experts because there are many difficulty levels. The game takes itself too seriously sometimes whichh might be a disappointing thing for some people. Gp3 is let down though by a few errors. Gp3, in my opinion, is the best game if you want a realistic, no joke Formula 1 game. If you want an arcade style F1 experience it might be worth getting Grand Prix challenge instead. Despite al...


Grand Prix 3


General/Summary: This game is a great game for its class. I haven't tried Grand Prix, or Grand Prix 2, but Grand Prix 3 is all you need. I found this game to be a true simulation and for sure not an arcade type game. Grand Prix 3 is for true F1 racing fans, because some caracterists may be unformiliar to non F1 racing fans. It's a great experience for F1 racing. Even if you are new to this game, you can still learn a few things, like the rules, what the car looks like, how the pit works and a few more. With todays racing games, this one may look out dated, but don't worry, for a cheaper pri...

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