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I'm one of those guys with patience and i love to explore huge areas with lots of things to do. I must stand for my actions and there will be no turning back if i do something wrong.
That's Gothic 2 in a nutshell. Almost, there are just a lot of more things to say about Gothic 2.

You can say that this is a traditional non-linear PC RPG where you can go anywhere you want and almost do anything you want. Unlike other PC RPG:s you don't create your own character in the beginning, here you start as the character you were in the first game. Unfortunately I haven't played the first Gothic, so I am missing some parts of the story.
The story of the first game is explained in the beginning of Gothic 2, so you will at least know a little bit of the events from the first game.

Graphics & Design
The graphics are nice. They are not the best as it looks a bit old for today's standards, and some textures looks a bit blurred, but it's not that kind of graphics that annoys you.

The design however is this game's strongest point. You will find caves, steep slopes, nice forests, ponds and some really cozy and narrow areas to explore. The map layout is perfect and I really feel that I'm one with the nature when I explore the world.

Music & Sounds
There are no music that plays during the game. I think it's because you must hear the voices when you talk to people. The music there is, is just ok. There's nothing bad with it.

Some voice actors are quite good, while others are just decent. When you explore the world you hear all sort of sounds that you hear in the nature, like birds, waterfalls, wind etc. The problem is that most of the time I can't hear much at all.

One of the strongest parts of this game. You are free to
do almost anything you want. Kill anyone you want, help people, go anywhere you want. Just like a traditional PC RPG.

Your character develops during the game. When you level up you will get LP (Learning Points). When you have some LP you can go to a NPC and learn the things you want to get better at. You choose your guilds and special areas during the game by doing quests for people instead of creating a custom character in the beginning of the game like many other PC RPG:s. The quests you do can have some really big consequences on other people. If you choose to be a legal guy you will get hated by the illegal characters like thieves etc.

The NPC:s have their own daily routines. They talk, work, sleep, eat, defend themselves against bandits and monsters etc. This really makes the world to feel alive, and that's a very good detail for a game like this.

The bad things about the gameplay is the controls and battles. The battles was confusing in the beginning and I didn't know what to do, but it became pretty easy when I realized that I had to lock on my target with the action button and then attack by pushing forward on my keyboard.
The control is a bit annoying as it doesn't have any mouse cursor. Minor details like browsing through your items with your keyboard is a bit annoying as you sometimes have very many items in your inventory.

This game also requires a lot of virtual memory. Don't think 128mb in RAM is enough. I have 256mb RAM and it still lags a lot when I'm in areas with a lot of events going on at same time. Make sure you have a fast computer as this game just eats virtual memory. A good graphics card is recommended to have too.

Play Time & Replayability
With all the things you can do it's over 60 hours. After you have completed it you just want to do all the things you didn't do. So the replayability is very good.

Final Recommendation
If you have a lot of time and some patience, this is an excellent game. If you like PC RPGs you will probably like this game very much. If you have very little time in your life or don't like PC RPG:s, then Gothic 2 is probably nothing for you. But overall, I myself think it's a very good game.
Final Score: 8/10

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