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Gothic Walkthrough

by Airyn   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Gothic on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
Airyn's Gothic I Walkthrough 
Gothic I Walkthrough 
PC Version
December 16, 2002 
NOTE: I've kept this entire walkthrough on one page, so that it might be easier 
for people to find what they're looking for. This makes the page take a bit 
longer to load, but since it's virtually image-free, it shouldn't take too long. 

If you haven't yet begun your journey through the Gothic universe, you're about 
to embark on a really snazzy journey - the realm is very large, and populated 
with a variety of interesting flora, fauna, and humans, and a bunch of the 
latter two want to kill you. You come into the world pretty much vulnerable and 
defenseless, without a single friend. In fact, the first person you'll meet will 
beat the living crap right out of you. Fortunately, a new face soon arrives, and 
answers many of the questions you undoubtedly have. 
Diego will be an unflagging ally throughout your adventure, but there are many 
questions even he can't answer; hence, I created this walkthrough. There are 
very few Gothic walkthroughs out there, at least in English, and the ones I have 
found are not terribly good. Given that I've got nothing but time right now, I 
thought I'd try to fill that void, in case there are folks like me out there 
looking for a little help. I'm not going to go over the basics of every control, 
or the beginning the story - you already have all of that from the manual and 
the opening cutscenes. I also won't give you every possible outcome of every 
possible conversation - there are far too many options to do that. Generally 
speaking, though, Gothic is arranged so that no matter which path you choose, 
you will still be able to complete your objectives, even if you screw something 
up minorly. My job is to walk you through the game itself, and to help you find 
answers to quests, riddles, and other potential stumbling blocks. This is not a 
cheat code walkthrough - those can be found elsewhere, including RPGDot's Gothic 
Site. The one code I found exceptionally useful, and isn't a cheat, is the clock 
that can be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen; normally, 
you can only see what time it is by pressing "N," which is a hassle. To get the 
visible clock, press "S" to get into the status screen, and then type "clock" 
(without quotes) and "S" again. You should see a "CLOCK TICK TOCK" message, and 
then the clock itself in the upper right. Very handy. 
Gothic is a very pretty game, and it has a beautiful soundtrack that will very 
likely wedge itself into your brain for quite some time. There are almost 
endless numbers of objects to interact with - frying raw meat taken from kills 
in pans, pick-pocketing hapless passers-by, pulling switches to see if anything, fun, fun. If you're anywhere near as compulsive as I am about 
RPG games, you'll probably have the occasional dream about the plotlines. It's a 
very immersive experience, playing this game, but a heck of a lot of fun, too. 
The number of NPC's is vast, and each of them interact with the world around 
them, going about their own little lives, conducting their usual routines, and 
sometimes involving you in their individual needs and quests. 
The answers to particularly tricky bits will be on a separate page, so I won't 
spoil the fun of figuring it out on your own, if you would like to do so. Many 
obvious things are inline in the main text, but nothing that should ruin your 
General Advice and Notes: 
  Save soon, save often!! Anytime you complete a major step in the journey, 
  every few minutes, after a boss fight - save! Gothic can crash at any time for 
  any reason, including for no reason at all. Further, progressive saves are a 
  good thing - when you make a decision that could irretrievably change the 
  course of your future, play for awhile longer, and then discover you really 
  screwed up, it's good to be able to go back to a game before that decision, 
  and change your destiny. This isn't cheating - it's Enlightened Self-Interest. 

  Talk to any character who has a name. These are generally the people who will 
  give you quests, or who have important information for you. If they have no 
  conversation topics available to you, then it's not time for them to come into 
  your quest yet, and you should speak to them in later chapters of the journey. 

  Don't join one camp too quickly - you can get more XP by playing all of the 
  trials out as far as possible, as in the walkthrough. 
  Keep plenty of healing potions on-hand at all times. 
  Likewise, keep a lot of lock picks with you; much wealth can be had from 
  looting chests. 
  Hoard the healing plants you find throughout the land, and keep all of the 
  meat. This is a free way to heal yourself before you have the resources to buy 
  potions, scrolls, or runes. 
  Any time you receive new information that you deem valuable, check your log 
  (press "n") to make sure it's there - not everything gets logged there, but 
  the game is generally pretty good about storing information in a 
  well-organized fashion. 
  As a new character, stay out of the woods; Wolves, Orc Dogs, Shadowbeasts and 
  assorted other Big Bads will feast upon your lifeless corpse if you venture in 
  very deeply. 
  Similarly, it is unwise to be caught out after dark; the sun sets between 
  7:30-8:00pm, and rises at about 4:30am - do try to be someplace safe when 
  you're a low-level character when night happens. 
  Don't be shy about using Speed Potions and Transformation Scrolls - it really 
  helps cut down on the tedium of running back and forth across the land. 
  Bloodfly Scrolls are particularly useful, so buy those whenever you can; they 
  allow you to jump off of cliffs or other high places without becoming hurt, 
  and this can save a lot of time, too - instead of taking a safe way around 
  some huge hole, you can just fly right down into it. I tend to hoard things, 
  and at the end of the game, I invariably have a heap of stuff I never used 
  because I was "saving it for when I really needed it." [sigh] I could've saved 
  myself a hell of a lot of running back and forth at normal speed if I had used 
  my Speed Potions regularly. Likewise the transformation scrolls. Ah well, 
  lesson learned. At least, it is to be hoped. 
  When using Speed Potions, try to avoid jumping, falling, wading, swimming, 
  fighting or climbing - these activities are not accelerated, and thus waste 
  valuable seconds of your potion! 
  Listen to the soundtrack's clues; when you're getting into a dangerous area, 
  the music will change accordingly. Similarly, the soundtrack will drop hints 
  that it's going to get dark soon, et cetera. 
  Pay attention to what target the program is tracking during attacks; the 
  auto-tracking is really horrible! It will lock onto one target, which may be 
  out of range entirely, even while another is eating you alive. Hence, be 
  careful that the monster you're swinging at is the one you want to be swinging 
  at, and if it isn't, readjust. 
  Sometimes, you can get double XP by attacking and killing people. I don't 
  recommend doing this early on in the game, as you may accidentally take out 
  someone important. However, later on, when you get a feel for who's who, and 
  are strong enough to do so, you can oftentimes get XP for knocking them 
  unconscious with your melee weapon, and then, when they wake up, killing them 
  with your ranged weapon. This won't work for everyone in every circumstance, 
  but it frequently works out. 
  I do not note every single interesting nook and cranny; to do so would require 
  a document of huge proportion that went into crazy detail. Hence, explore all 
  over the place on your own, and you'll be sure to find something interesting 
  that I didn't mention. 
  As you begin to gain levels, you should think about what kind of character you 
  want to be - what major skill you want to specialize in. If you want to be a 
  Mage, then you needn't worry about Crossbow or Two-Handed Weapons as much, but 
  it's still a good idea to be a master of One-Handed Weapons. If you want to be 
  a Warrior (melee fighter,) then be sure to master Two-Handed Weapons as 
  quickly as possible, and also invest in some decent Dexterity, and perhaps 
  master of Bow/Crossbow if you have the Skill Points. If you want to be a 
  Ranger, definitely go for master of Bows as quickly as possible, and when 
  Crossbow becomes available, grab that as well. You should also try to get 
  Two-Handed Weapons training, as much as you can, because to complete the game 
  as a non-Mage, you have to be able to defeat one boss with a weapon that 
  requires two hands. Generally, it's wise to have well-balanced skills, as 
  there will be times when you will not be able to rely completely on your 
  primary skill set; Mages will have to fight melee sometimes, Rangers will need 
  to use magic, and Warriors will have to take enemies down from a distance. If 
  you scroll down to the very bottom of this page, you'll see the ending stats 
  for my Mage and Warrior characters (I haven't yet played through as a 
  Templar,) and you might notice that they're not hugely far apart; however, the 
  Mage was not able to learn Crossbow or a few other skills, simply because the 
  Circles of Magic take up so many Skill Points. My Warrior character, on the 
  other hand, had Skill Points to burn by the end of the game, and if I so 
  desired, I could have become a Mage of Water, and gone up to probably Circle 
  Three or Four, had I wished to invest the time to do so. I believe there are 
  enough skill points for one to play most of the game as a kick-ass Warrior, 
  and then toward the end, join up with the Mages and start on the path of 
  magic. It's unlikely that they'll reach the required 6th Circle to get the 
  snazzy High Robe of the Dark Arts and the Uriziel Rune, but a powerful Mage 
  has many tools, and coupled with the advanced fighting skills of a Warrior, 
  that's a hard-to-beat combination! 
  At various points, I'll give you a "character snapshot;" what my character 
  stats are at that point in time. Don't feel obligated to follow my path; there 
  are many different ways you can conquer this game, and my skill strategy 
  probably isn't even the best way. I only give the snapshots as a basic 
  reference. I'm sorry I didn't insert more Warrior snapshots as I went through; 
  they only show up later in the game. 
  This version of the walkthrough was first written as someone who first joined 
  the Old Camp, and followed the path of Magic as soon as possible, so the tone 
  is biased toward that angle. However, I have now played through as a New Camp 
  Warrior, and those elements are in as well. I'm in the middle of going through 
  as a Swamp Camp Templar, but that shouldn't be too hugely different from the 
  Warrior path already here. 
  I freely admit that as a New and Swamp Camp player, I wasn't as obsessive 
  about getting every bit of XP, as I was going through as the Old Camp Mage. 
  Something about playing the game for the fourth and fifth times made me want 
  to get through it as quickly as possible. Sorry about that, but it's all 
  basically the same. 
  I am going back for a Master's degree in Wildlife Science; I love animals and 
  nature. However, this is not a game in which you want to be a conservationist 
  - think of animals as XP on the hoof! I enjoy the atmosphere the critters add 
  to the game, and the woods feel empty without animals in them, but you really 
  do need their XP as quickly as you're able to kill them. 
  On choosing a camp - in all honesty, it doesn't much matter which camp you 
  choose; your basic storyline will remain the same. The basic quests are the 
  same, once you get past the initiation process. Joining the Old Camp is the 
  best way to become a powerful Mage, but the Swamp Camp is the fastest way to 
  begin using magic, although their spells aren't terribly powerful offensively. 
  The best way to becoming a good battle Mage is to joing the Old Camp, so if 
  magic is your thing, that's probably where you'll want to join up. 
Important controls not covered in the manual: 
  1, 10 & 100 amount transfers: There will be times during the game when 
  thousands of ore nuggets will be exchanged, which gets incredibly tedious at 
  times. To avoid 20-minute trading sessions, employ these time-savers: 
  Control-Left or right arrow = 1 item per keystroke
  Control-Alt + left/right = 10 items per keystroke
  Control-Shift + left/right = 100 items per keystroke

  Freelook: To get a look around from one spot without moving your character, 
  hold down the zero on the number pad, and use the mouse. This is a fairly 
  limited option, but can come in handy in places. 
I make absolutely no (zero, none, nada, zilch, the absence of Any) guarantee 
that one single word of this walkthrough is anything other than the complete 
insane babblings of a crazy woman. If you follow these guidelines, the world may 
end. Just because I think I've done a fine job doesn't mean I actually have. If 
you get hurt, lose data, or have anything else bad happen while you're reading 
these documents, I am not liable. If you strain an eye muscle, you cannot sue 
me. By reading any further into the document, even just peeking, you are 
implicitly agreeing not to hold me responsible for anything in here, unless it's 
something funny that makes you laugh - I'll take the credit for that. If 
something bad happens to you while you're reading, or even thinking about this 
document - look elsewhere to place blame. You're a reasonable, responsible 
person - you know as well as I do that it's not my fault. Do not put this 
document on mucous membranes. Do not inhale. Stay away from high tension lines. 
Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. Et cetera.
Ok, then? Let's get going. 
The Walkthrough Itself:
Initial Outlying Area: 
When you first arrive in the barrier, you are slugged a good one by Bullit and 
his gang of hooligans, and rescued by your new friend, Diego. Get all of the 
information Diego has to offer, and listen well. He will give you your first 
quest, "Admission to the Old Camp," as well as information on how to survive, 
and who one of the key game characters, Gomez, is. When he leaves, experiment 
with how to control your (nameless) character, running, turning, jumping, 
punching (press the space bar to enter combat mode,) and generally get familiar 
with your new body. Check out the structures to the left for an ore nugget, a 
torch, and a beer. Don't venture too far off to the left, though, because soon 
after you start glowing blue, you'll be killed by The Barrier, which keeps 
everyone securely inside the prison. Learn how to swim in the pond with your 
arrows and and Alt key. 
After you've got the gist of things, run up the path Diego took. You'll soon 
come to a guarded bridge. Walk to the ladder, and face it so that a "Ladder" 
title comes up. When you see a white label on something, you can interact with 
that object by pressing Control-Up Arrow (unless you've changed your default 
settings.) Climb up the ladder, and speak to the guards up there to learn what 
they have to say. Orry tells you why they're guarding the gate, and gives you 
some advice about the camps. You can ask him numerous questions and learn quite 
a bit of important information, including where to find your first weapon. 
As you pass through the gate, you'll come upon your first edible plant, a patch 
of blueberries. You'll also find Meatbugs, which you can try to kill for 10 XP 
each, plus some meat. If you do manage to get them, save the meat, rather than 
eating it to heal - it will help you get an easy quest accomplished, once you're 
inside the Old Camp. If you don't kill them now, you can always go back later, 
after you get a weapon, although it's almost easier to get them without one; 
just keep punching away at them until you strike. Further along, we see the 
entrance to an old, abandoned mine. Here, we'll find an Arrow, some blueberries, 
a tumbler, and a chest. Go to the chest and open it by pressing Ctrl-Up. Inside 
are two beers, 11 coins (which are, sadly, utterly without value,) 4 arrows, a 
torch, and a lockpick. Transfer them all to your inventory by pressing 
Ctrl-Right. Gothic has no limitation on how much stuff you can carry, which is a 
huge plus. Go toward the entrance of the mine now, and pick the blueberries 
there (from here on out, consider it a foregone conclusion to pick whatever 
plants you see on the ground. You "pick" something by using the "use" control - 
Ctrl-up. This also goes for any object you see out in the wild - arrows, 
tumblers, whatever; they can all be sold or traded.) Under the overhang, you'll 
find a pickaxe - you first weapon! Equip it by opening your inventory (tab) and 
pressing Ctrl-Up when the pickaxe is highlighted. When you exit your inventory, 
you'll now see the axe on your back. 
Turn around, and before reaching the path, you'll see a hill to your left with a 
fence running along it; go up the hill, and stop at the bridge. If you look 
across the bridge, you'll see a pink creature rummaging around an old campsite - 
our first quarry. Save your game. You may find it helpful to rotate the camera 
view up a bit for combat, so you can more clearly see your prey. Go into combat 
mode (press "space") and walk across the bridge. When you see the Juvenile 
Molerat label, press Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Left/Right to swing the pickaxe, and with 
luck, defeat your foe. When you encounter a monster or another person, you'll 
see their hit points above them, as well as their label. Your own hit points are 
down in the lower left-hand portion of the screen - watch them closely! You can 
outrun most enemies in this world, so if you start getting low on health, turn 
and run away until you hear the enemy give up pursuit - they will all make some 
kind of noise when they are chasing, and a different noise when they give up the 
chase. You'll learn to distinguish them easily. Run until they give up, run a 
tiny bit further, heal yourself, and then head back to finish up the job, if you 
think you can. At this stage, just about any creature other than a Scavenger, 
Molerat or Meatbug will kill you, so bear that in mind. This first juvenile 
molerat should die fairly easily, and you can scout around for bits left behind. 
You should find a Rusty Sword, an ore nugget, and a bottle of rice schnapps. 
After the Molerat is dead, you can Ctrl-Up on its body and remove some meat from 
the carcass for future consumption. If you were injured during the fight, eat 
some of the berries or meat you have to heal. Also, now that you have a melee 
weapon, you can draw it by pressing "1" (the number one.) When you get a bow or 
another ranged weapon, it will be "2." "3" will be the last spell you used, and 
4-10 you will assign to various spells you have. 
We're ready to move on. 
Go back down to the path by turning left before the wooden bridge and running 
down the hill. You'll come to a dead tree in an open area, and find an arrow and 
some berries, as well as the first Juvenile Scavengers. Scavengers are like 
chickens on crack - they'll kick your ass if you give them an opening, but 
they're generally pretty easy to kill, except right here at the outset. Under 
the hanging skeleton, you'll find an Old Sword, which is even better than your 
rusty sword, so equip that as your melee weapon before attacking the Juvenile 
Scavengers. Save your game. Kill the first one you see, off to the right. 
Nearby, you'll find a club and some arrows sticking out of a tree. Don't forget 
the meat from the carcass. Heal if injured (here on out, also an assumption,) 
and take on the next one down the path. To check your progress toward Level One, 
press "s" for "Status," and you should have about 120-140 experience points 
accumulated; getting there. You'll also note that everything else is pretty much 
"zero," except for your Attributes, which are pretty sad right now. 
Let's head on down the path, shall we? 
Along your left-hand side, you'll see a pretty stream, and up ahead, some 
buildings in the mist - that's the Old Camp, and we're headed there, after a 
brief stop just ahead. As you come around a slight curve, and the rock wall to 
your right ends, you'll see two humans under the trees. Approach (make sure you 
put away your weapon first) and one of them will begin to speak to you. You can 
learn a lot from Ratford, if you ask all of the available questions. Notice you 
receive a new journal entry, noting a merchant in the Old Camp. Listen well to 
his advice about the woods - stay out of them for now! Bad nasty things lurk 
there. After you finish talking to him, speak to Drax. Give him a beer, and 
he'll teach you a little bit about hunting Scaveners. His advice applies to 
almost all animals in the land - when you come close, they will notice you, and 
watch you. If you go closer, they will give a "battle cry;" the Scavengers caw 
like chickens, Lizards will growl and snort, et cetera. If you don't turn and 
flee, the animal will attack you now. When animals occur in packs, approach very 
slowly, one step at a time, until you are close enough for one of them to notice 
you. When it does, and when it charges, turn and run a short distance to lure it 
away from its friends, then dispatch it. Lather, rinse repeat for each animal in 
the pack. When you level up a bit, most animals can be taken on one by one 
without too much trouble, but in packs, most will kill off a low-level character 
very quickly. 
Drak will impart more hunting knowledge, just as soon as you can pay him for it. 
You must have at least 1 Skill Point and 50 ore to begin, as you'll see from his 
list of available choices. This is excellent knowledge to pick up as quickly as 
possible, because it will be your primary source of income for awhile. 
Behind these two, you'll see a small flock of Scavengers. If you feel confident, 
you can take them on, one by one. However, the two hunters may kill them with 
their bows and arrows before you're finished, thereby robbing you of the XP. You 
can still get the meat, though. One way to avoid those two killing the birds is 
to go around the edge, along the rock wall, behind them, and lure them to you 
away from the hunters. If you're lucky, they won't take them out with their 
bows. Afterward, go back to the path, and contiue the way you were headed 
previously, toward the Old Camp. Shortly, you'll encounter another Juvenile 
Scavenger - dispatch it and continue. This is not a good time to go wandering 
off exploring the creek or the woods - there are critters nearby that'll give 
you an ass-kicking you can't quite survive at this point - I recommend staying 
on the path. You'll see two adult Scavengers just after the path forks; if you 
feel confident to take them on, save your game first and do so. There is also a 
Juvenile to the left of the bridge, up on the hill. If you don't want to go 
after these guys, just take the left fork and approach the bridge guards 
(remember to have your weapon put away around people in non-combat situations at 
all times.) Talk to them if you like, then cross the bridge, and find some beer 
at the right-hand edge on the other side. 
Before we go into the camp, let's get some more experience. Off to your right, 
you should see a cave full of Molerats. A little secret about these guys; most 
of the time, they will only advance so far. When you get a ranged weapon, you'll 
be able to plink them off from a safe distance, and they won't harm a hair on 
your head. These guys here should give you enough experience to level up and 
have some skill points to trade for, well, skills. Don't forget to lure them out 
one at a time, and heal between fights or run away if you get low on health. 
Take their meat, as well as the Hell Mushrooms inside the cave (don't eat these 
- they will help with the same quest as the Bugmeat.) At the creek bed, there is 
another Scavenger to take out, but don't go beyond him at this point. Somewhere 
in here, you'll hear the glorious tones of "Level Up!" and you'll see you now 
have 10 Skill Points in your status screen - woohoo!! 
Go toward the gate guards and speak to them, then enter the Old Camp. 
Old Camp: 
As you approach the gate, the guard on the left will challenge you. Tell him 
Diego sent you, and he'll let you in without any questions. Neither of these two 
will ever have a good answer for "Any news," as far as I can tell, but that 
conversation topic will always be there. You can speak to the guy by the winch, 
who has more information for you, including where you can find key people, and 
guard bribery. Continue through the entrance, and voila - we're in the Old Camp 
We need to find Diego, so follow the main path up toward the large structure 
directly ahead of you. It may be getting dark at this point, and at night, 
people may be in different places. However, Diego should be right near the 
campfire at the top of the hill, either sitting at the hut next to it, or 
standing or sitting by the fire itself. Find him, and speak to him. He'll tell 
you about the other two camps, the Barrier, and a couple of other things. Now, 
we have to seek Thorus, who guards the entrance to Gomez's castle. He'll be the 
guy in the big giant silver and red armor, looking terribly intimidating. You 
can select any of the conversation topics without worry of offending him, 
including the bribery option, but don't tell him about the letter for the Mages 
(if you do, nothing horrible will happen immediately, but he might tell someone 
else.) He'll let you into the castle for 1000 ore nuggets, but that's an AWFUL 
lot of money! If you want to earn that much ore just to give it away to someone 
who will eventually let you in, anyhow, you're free to do so. In fact, I think I 
did the first time I went through the game. However, there's a better way. Tell 
him you want to work for Gomez, and that Diego told you to speak to him. This 
will give you a new journal entry, and Thorus will explain how to become one of 
Gomez's men. 
Now we go back to Diego, and become his student. Diego will instruct you as to 
how you can become a Shadow, the lowest rank of Gomez's men - you must impress 
various other Shadows around the camp, who will report back to Gomez. When you 
have convinced the right players, and have taken the test of faith, you will 
finally be allowed to become a Shadow. Diego will tell you whom you should 
impress, who can teach you skills, what the test of faith is. You can take the 
test at any time, and he'll tell you how to get the list for the test from Ian, 
where to get a map, and so forth. Diego is also one of the instructors, and he 
can help you up your Strengh and Dexterity. You have 10 Skill Points to use now, 
so choose wisely. My advice for the moment is to advance your Strength by 5, and 
to hold onto those others for the time being. Strength governs how much melee 
damage you do, while Dexterity governs ranged weapons; since we don't have a 
ranged weapon at this point, Dexterity will do us little good. 
If you like, talk to the other folks around the fire to learn more tidbits. Grim 
will give you the names of some influential Shadows, but later on, he may turn 
against you; if you refuse to pay Bloodwyn his protection money, he will send 
Grim and others after you. However, don't let that make up your mind; you'll be 
able to survive their attacks when they happen. Let's go ask Thorus why he won't 
give you the test of faith himself. Hm, surely there must be something he wants 
done, right? Let's find out. By golly, we're quite capable of doing anything he 
tells us. We are ready for the task. Yes indeedy, Thorus needs a character named 
Mordrag taken care of. Find out about Mordrag's background, any other pertinent 
information, and then end your conversation after finding out where Mordrag is, 
and asking if you should kill him. 
Ok, let's go impress some Shadows. We'll begin by going clockwise (left) around 
Gomez's castle. Take the main path leading to the left from Thorus. Soon, you'll 
encounter a truly annoying character named Mud; this is someone you should beat 
the living hell out of immediately, so that he will leave you alone. During my 
first time through, I let him follow me around for ages, in the hopes that he'd 
be useful, but he never helped in battle, and constantly asked annoying 
questions. Further, he wants to cuddle. No matter what you say to him, he will 
not leave, but if you beat him until he falls down, he'll leave you alone. Don't 
kill him, unless no one else is around. Once he's on the ground, you can rob him 
by Ctrl-Up'ing his body. It's likely he'll run away, though, and you won't get 
him on the first try, and until you knock him unconscious, he won't leave you 
After taking care of Mud, go to the campfire and speak to Snaf the chef. He'll 
give you your next quest, the Snaf's Recipe quest. We already have some Bugmeat 
and a couple of Hell Mushrooms, but we need to get more. When we come to the 
South Gate, I'll go over getting more. For now, just accept the quest and move 
on. If Mud comes back, keep attacking him. 
Important Safety Tip: Don't enter someone else's hut, unless no one is around - 
otherwise, you will be challenged and then attacked for trespassing. If you 
learn how to Sneak, you can do sneakier things (strangely enough,) but for now, 
it's just wise to keep out. 
Alright. Go past Snaf until you see a path leading off to the right. Follow it 
to the castle wall, and you'll reach Fingers, an important Shadow. Tell him you 
want to become a Shadow, and tell him you're looking for a teacher. He'll give 
you some advice, and he can teach you how to Open Locks, or how to Pickpocket. 
If you used any of your Skill Points, you won't be able to learn anything from 
him right now, but that's ok; I found the Pickpocketing skill to be mostly 
useless. Open Locks is handy to have at least one level of training in, as 
you'll go through fewer lockpicks once you know what you're doing. For now, ask 
him about speaking up for you in front of Diego. He'll tell you you need to 
learn thiefly skills before he will do that. You don't absolutely have to have 
his blessing to get into the camp, though, so after you learn Open Locks level 
one, you can largely ignore him, unless you are interested in becoming an adept 
thief. End your conversation with Fingers, and go back to the path we were just 
on, continuing on in the same direction. 
As you pass a well, the path will diverge. If it's getting dark, or dark 
already, or if you just want to get a hut and bed of your own right now, take 
the left path. You'll see a pan on the left, which you can use to grill the meat 
you've taken from your prey. Grilled meat offers a bit more Health Points than 
raw meat, so you may want to grill up what you've got. It also takes time, 
however, and may not be worth your while - all up to you. Now, go toward the 
campfire. When you reach it, turn left and enter the hut with the awning and the 
fur hanging outside; this is an empty hut where we can spend the night. Go in, 
face the bed, and Ctrl-Up it to sleep until morning. When you come out, find a 
Digger named Guy, and speak to him. Ask him which of the huts you can take for 
yourself, and the hut you just stayed in becomes yours. Ask him any of the other 
questions you like, and then off we go. 
On the opposite side of the fire from our hut is Fletcher, a guard. Go speak to 
him, ask him "where he is," why you're talking to him, and where Nek is. He will 
give you another job - the "Vanished Guard" quest. Turn left from Fletcher, and 
continue down the path until you find Huno the Blacksmith. He can tell you how 
to become a blacksmith, and offer to sell you the proper equipment. At this 
time, there's really no need, but if you decide to try your hand at smithing, 
remember where he is. If you didn't find Fletcher in the area above, he will 
likely be standing above Snaf. 
Ok, turn around and go back past Guy, your hut, and the fire. To the left, 
you'll see a wooden deck around a pit - this is the Arena, with which we'll 
become more familiar later in our trials. For now, just go back to the well and 
take a sharp left to continue in our clockwise circuit around the castle. As you 
come down the hill, you'll find Scatty to the right - speak to him, as he's one 
of the Shadows to impress. Find out how to impress him - you'll have to 
challenge one of the fighters and win. Right now, this is impossible. Ask him 
what he can teach you, and you'll find he can teach you one-handed weaponry for 
50 ore and 10 Skill Points. Beyond our reach right now, but we'll come back for 
this soon. If you haven't knocked Mud unconscious yet, he may appear again now; 
do not draw your weapon in this area!! You'll get severely smacked down by the 
people here, who will steal about half of your possessions. Lead Mud back a bit 
between the huts, and continue to assault him. 
If you like, speak to the fighters in front of the Arena, but don't challenge 
any of them to a fight unless you really want to get hurt. If you really want 
to, talk to Kirgo. When you challenge him, he'll offer you a beer. Take it, and 
then tell him you want to fight. Don't draw your weapon until you're inside. 
He'll tell you to begin, beat the bejeezus out of you, and that's that. You're 
unconscious for a bit, and your Health goes down to 1. When you recover, you can 
either go back to your hut and sleep to regain your Health, or eat some food. If 
you talk to Scatty after losing, he won't be impressed, and will give Diego a 
very unenthusiastic report. My advice, wait until you can beat Kirgo, several 
levels from now. 
Talk to Gor Manis to learn more about the Swamp/Sect Camp, and their god, The 
Sleeper. He can tell you how to get to the camp, and we'll meet a guide there 
later. Kharim will give you a spiel about his greatness, and you can challenge 
him, but he's tougher than Kirgo, so let it go for now. Continue clockwise 
around the castle wall. You'll pass a Shadow sitting on a bench, and the next 
wall on the right past him is where we can find more Meatbugs if needed. Kill 
the little buggers and take the meat. 
Keep going clockwise now, until you come to the South Gate, a large ramp leading 
up to a tower containing, you guessed it, a gate. Jackal the guard will stop 
you, and offer to protect you for a fee of 10 ore. There's no real need to pay 
any of the guards any money. Tell him you aren't interested, and keep going past 
the ramp. Immediately in front of you will be a man dressed in blue - this is 
Mordrag, the guy Thorus wants you to take care of. 
Have you saved your game recently? Just checking. 
When you speak with traders in the game, be on the lookout for these items for 
an upcoming quest: 5 Apples, 2 bottles of Rice Schnapps, 5 bottles of Beer, 3 
loaves of Bread, 2 pieces of Cheese, and 2 bunches of Grapes. The Grapes you 
will likely only find in the New Camp, but the other items can be found in 
chests, with traders, and just laying around. Talk to Mordrag, and if you like, 
trade with him to get some ore. He doesn't have much money, though, and we'll 
soon encounter a much better trader, so don't feel obligated to trade with 
Mordrag. It might be a good idea to wait to talk to Mordrag, and instead, pass 
him by. Continue around until you find Fisk, a trader. Sell him what you have. 
You'll notice a niche in the castle wall to the right of the fire, as you face 
the castle. If you climb up onto the recessed hut there, you'll find a hole in 
the wall that leads to Gomez's basement. If you can pick the locks to the doors, 
you'll find a Blood Blade in there that's worth mega ore (2840, though you 
probably won't be able to get to it - just remember that for the future.) If you 
have accumulated 50 ore, go back and talk to Drax to learn a hunting skill. Then 
come back to Mordrag, as he's about to lead us on a long journey and kill some 
beasties for us, which we can skin or otherwise profit from, if we have the 
needed skills. 
If you ask him about being a courier, he'll tell you "if you're one of us," you 
could get admittance to the Mages. If you tell him he has a problem, he'll get 
all full of attitude, and tell you of better opportunities in the New Camp. 
Here, you must make a choice. He'll tell you great things about the New Camp, 
but honestly, it's not much different than the Old Camp. You can follow him to 
the New Camp and learn about it personally, or you can try to defeat him in 
combat to make sure he leaves, or kill him. If you do follow him to the New 
Camp, you won't betray the Old Camp, and you can still complete Thorus' quest. 
Let's have him take us to the New Camp, since we cannot beat him in battle at 
the moment. This will give us some new contacts, which are important, we can 
find out what this place is all about, and decide if perhaps the New Camp might 
be the way to go. Mordrag will lead the way out of the South Gate, and to the 
New Camp. If you wander away from him, he'll wait for you, so long as you don't 
wander too far. If you leave him for too long, he'll go on ahead without you, 
and you'll have to find your own way to the New Camp without benefit of getting 
the experience points for his kills. If you do lose him, go back to the Old Camp 
and pick up with the circle around the Castle Wall. We'll get a map soon, and 
you can find your way to the New Camp that way. We actually do want to wander 
just a tiny bit, though, but not far. Directly ahead of you now are some rocks 
with mushrooms near them - these are the Hell Mushrooms you need to get for 
Snaf, so grab them. Don't go over and kill the Molerats just yet, as that might 
be too far away from Mordrag. 
As you come upon a flock of Scavengers, Mordrag will take them out for you; you 
can just stand back out of harm's way, and you'll still get the experience 
points - keen! Don't forget to loot their bodies for meat. As long as you follow 
him, you will not get lost. He'll lead you down into a wide canyon, and as you 
enter it, you'll see a dwelling up ahead. This is where Cavalorn lives, and he 
can teach you to use a Bow, as well as to increase your Dexterity. He also has a 
good initial supply of ore and other items to trade for, so remember where he 
is. As Mordrag leads you near the house, hang back and let him dispatch the 
Goblins for you, then take their weapons (their bodies offer nothing.) 
When you go up a hill, and pass a Scavenger, you'll see two more Scavengers 
ahead. To their right is a cave with four Molerats inside. There is also an 
Extract of Healing in there, along with a Withered Axe, and some herbs you can 
pick up. Either take the Molerats on one at a time, or just dash in, avoid them, 
grab the loot, and dash back out again. The Molerats are slow and clumsy, and 
shouldn't be able to catch you. Mordrag will wait outside. There is a pair of 
Wolves over the next rise, so stay back and let Mordrag take care of them. Just 
past the Wolves is another hunting teacher, Aidan. He can teach some hunting 
skills, and there are also items to take near him. The initial investment for 
the hunting skills may seem large, but it pays for itself very, very quickly 
when you start killing animals which yield claws, teeth, fur and skin. Lying on 
the ground is an ore nugget, an arrow, and a tumbler. Open the chest for arrows, 
your first spell scroll (Healing,) and other items. 
The New Camp: 
When you reach the gates of the New Camp, Mordrag will speak to you, give you a 
ring, and tell you to go find Lares, one of the bigwigs in this camp. He also 
mentions you should look him up in the bar when you're done. You can speak to 
any of the Rogues near the gate to learn more tidbits about the New Camp, if you 
like, and then continue up the path. You'll come to some rice paddies, and here 
we need to do a little scooting around. You'll see the path going up an incline, 
and we need to stay away from that for now. Before you get to the incline, climb 
up to the first level of the rice paddy. Go all the way up to the left, and 
climb up to the top To climb, you stand in front of a wall or under a ledge, and 
press Alt-Up. On the top level, there is a worker named Horatio. Speak to him, 
and eventually ask him if he can teach you to be as strong as he is. He'll ask 
you why you want to be strong, and tell him you'll think about it. Now climb 
down two levels and go back across the path to the other side of rice paddies, 
as far away from the path as you can get. Climb up the walls to the main path 
again. Our objective here is to avoid the jerk at the top of the ramp, who will 
be a giant pain in the butt if we talk to him right now. So, do the rice paddy 
shuffle for now, and we'll deal with him later. Continue along the path up the 
Jarvis will ask you if you want to go through the gate - he'll give you a 
warning about the New Camp, which is largely unfounded. He can give you 
information about the Mercenaries, the Water Mages, and the Ore Mound. Go past 
him, and find Homer on the dam. He'll give you "The Dam Lurker" quest, which we 
won't be solving right now, but accept it anyhow. Keep going up the path, past 
the bar (the building out on the island in the lake) and into the cave ahead. 
The cave is the heart of the New Camp. Stick to the left side, and go up a 
slight incline to the campfire. Talk to Baal Kagan and tell him you can help him 
sell his swampweed. He'll give you some samples to hand out; when you do, make 
sure you follow his instructions. If you do, he'll offer you a gift. You can 
pass out the swampweed to just about everyone in the camp, Rogues and 
Mercenaries alike, who will give you 10 ore apiece for the joints. After 
speaking to Lares (which is where we're going next,) we'll go do that, and 
acquaint ourselves with the camp. 
For now, go up the ramp to the left, and speak to the men there. They will 
challenge your entrance, and you must tell them you want to talk to him. Pass 
them and speak to Roscoe, the man outside the hut. Tell him you came with 
Mordrag, and give him the ring. He'll let you in. Talk to Lares and tell him you 
want to join the gang and give him the ring. He'll give you a task to complete. 
If you press him, he'll tell you what else you need to do to join the camp, 
including betraying the Old Camp. He can also teach you Strength and Dexterity. 
You probably have more Skill Points to use at this point, and now you begin to 
decide what kind of fighter you want to be, or if you want to hoard your Skill 
Points for future use. Personally, I invest in Strength early on, even if you 
want to be a Mage, because magic won't be an option for some time; Strength 
allows you to kill stronger monsters, thereby more quickly gaining XP and 
valuable trading goods. For every 5 Strength points or so, I pick up 1 or 2 
Dexterity points, so that I can take out monsters from a distance. Picking off 
creatures with a bow and arrow can often lead to victories that wouldn't 
ordinarily be possible at a given skill level. More on that later. 
Now that we're in the New Camp, in addition to Strength & Dexterity, we can also 
increase Mana (1 Mana point per Skill Point from Cronos,) learn acrobatics from 
Buster (which increases the distance you can fall without injuring or killing 
yourself, and increases the distance you can jump - important, but later,) or 
learn one-handed weapons from Cord, out on the ledge (DING! That's what I choose 
at this point.) If you would rather learn two-handed weapons, you need to speak 
to Lee, who is in the cavern, all the way up on the right-hand side, just before 
you get to the Mages' territory. He can teach you two-handed weapons (although 
perhaps not until you join the New Camp - I have to go back and check this out.) 
I know it is possible, though, to learn two-handed without previously having 
learned one-handed. I just find it expedient to be able to fight well with 
one-handed weapons, and the training doesn't take as many Skill Points. I 
actually made it through the whole game without two-handed weapons training of 
any kind, although it does make certain end-stage enemies very difficult to 
handle. For now, let's give out the weed, and learn where people and places are 
within the cave. Go out past Lares' guards, and straight up the path. The first 
person you'll encounter is Sharky, a trader. He'll have a lot of ore (if not 
now, then later,) so keep him in mind when the other traders are fresh out. 
Barter with him if you like, and continue on. At a campfire, you'll encounter 
more customers. When you reach Buster, he'll offer to teach you acrobatics, but 
at this point, it's not a great idea to spend the Skill Points on this 
particular item. Keep going. 
Go past Buster, and then jump down from the roof to the campfire with the 
Scavenger roasting on it. Give the weed to the two Rogues, and then talk to 
Wolf. Wolf is a great trader here; he often has a lot of cash. Also, buy 2 
bunches of his grapes, but don't consume them; they will help on the same quest 
as the apples, later on. Double back toward the Baal, and meet the people along 
the way, giving out the weed. Butch will give you attitude - don't mess around 
too much with him. Wedge will offer you some advice, and can teach you Sneaking, 
Open Locks, and Pickpocketing. 
By the time you get back to Baal Kagan, you should have given out all of your 
weed. You'll get 200 XP, plus a reward. The most practical option is to have him 
help you join the Brotherhood - this will net you more XP later. The scrolls can 
also help you join the Brotherhood, by impressing another Baal, so you can also 
choose that option. However, you can come by those scrolls in another way for 
that Baal's task, so the "help me join" option is the most lucrative at this 
point. If you select that option, he'll give you a special joint to give to one 
of the Baals - don't sell this! Go down into the lower level, and walk toward 
the man in the deep blue robes wandering around the edge of a circle. This is 
Cronos, a Water Mage. He can sell magic books, scrolls, runes, and jewelry, as 
well as teach you to increase your Mana. Trade with him if you like. He can tell 
you about their plans to destroy the barrier, too. 
Walk back out of his circle, and go into the very center of the cave, where 
people are gathered around another campfire. Here you'll meet Gorn, who will 
become a very good friend later on. He'll tell you where you can stay, although 
you have to kick out a man named Shrike to do so. At this point, that's highly 
unlikely (he'd kill you with two strokes,) but remember this quest for later. 
The other half of the cave is inhabited by Mercenaries, and we have no need for 
them at the moment. Hence, let's go outside. If it's daylight, take a left 
immediately outside the cavern, and go up to where the Mercenaries are 
practicing. Find a man named Cord, who will teach you One-Handed Weapons. If 
it's dark out, go back to the bar. 
You'll have to bribe the doorman 100 ore to get in, or use a Sleep Scroll on him 
(if you got the scrolls from Baal Kagan.) I just paid the ore, and had done with 
it once and for all. Once inside, on the left is Baal Isidro, whom both Lares 
and Baal Kagan mentioned. Speak to him, buy him some drinks, tell him he has a 
problem, and then offer to help him sell the weed. After some convincing, he'll 
give you 50 joints, which you'll need to sell and share the profits with him. 
You'll get 200 ore. You can then either go and give Lares 400 ore, wait until 
later in the game when it's not so painful, or choose not to complete that 
quest. At any rate, guess what? Baal Isidro is so freaking tanked that you can 
sell half right back to him for 200 ore. Take the rest up to Wolf and sell it to 
him. Come back and tell him you're all set, give him 200 ore, and voila - Done. 
If you have 400 ore to spare, to talk to Lares. If not, no worries; just 
remember to come back and give it to him later on. 
Find Mordrag at the bar, and deliver Lares' message. Senyan won't have much to 
say, and neither will Cipher until later. Go around the bar, and enter the room 
at the back. Rob the chest, and speak to Jeremiah (who may be upstairs.) He'll 
give you some Rice Schnapps, as well as information on the correct answer to 
Horatio's question, if you ask him about the distillery, then the Rice Lord. You 
can sleep in his extra bed if it's nighttime, and he won't disturb you. When 
he's downstairs, loot the upstairs chests. 
If you didn't find Cord yesterday, do so today if you want to learn One-Handed 
Weapons. If you choose to learn this skill, your battle technique improves 
greatly; you can strike harder, faster, and in different ways than you 
previously could. Practice when no one's around, just getting the hang of when 
to strike forward, and when to go left or right. You'll quickly find a sweet 
spot. Then we're going to head over to the Free Mine. Follow the path up past 
Cord and into the hills. There are three Scavengers to take out just ahead; 
three can still kill you at this point, so be careful, and take them on 
Now trot those tight little buns over the hill and into the tunnel, where you'll 
find some Molerats. Dispatch them, and proceed to the end of the tunnel. Save. 
In the meadow beyond the tunnel are a Wolf and two Molerats. If you take on the 
Wolf at this point, you'll very likely get killed if the Wolf gets a strike in. 
However, the chances are excellent that the Wolf will be distracted by chasing 
and eating one of the Molerats, and you can run on by without being noticed. 
Even if the Wolf runs right by you chasing the Molerat, it won't come after you. 
She will eventually come back, and be gone when she arrives. Continue along the 
path, and soon you'll meet a Mercenary at the New Mine. Tell him you want a look 
around, and down we go. Work your way around the area, sneaking into any huts 
you can without being challenged, and loot whatever's available. Find a Scraper 
named Swiney on the far side, middle level, who will give you some armor if you 
tell him you want to be a scraper. Tell him you don't have any experience, and 
he'll give you some tips. Equip the armor. 
Go up a level, and find Okyl, who will give you a hard time. Tell him you're 
just looking around, no problem. Beyond Okyl is a tall ladder. Climb up and go 
to the end of that ledge to find Baloro, who is a right bastard. He will give 
you a most annoying quest if you tell him you must have the weapon he speaks of. 
You must find 5 Apples, 2 bottles of Rice Schnapps, 5 bottles of Beer, 3 loaves 
of Bread, 2 pieces of Cheese, and 2 bunches of Grapes. Fabulous. Well, we 
already have the Grapes, a few Apples, some Schnapps probably some Beer, and 
perhaps some Bread and Cheese you may have found laying around. If you can break 
into some of the chests here in the Free Mine, you can find most of the items 
right here. If not, you will later. You can go down to the mine entrance if you 
like, but you will not be allowed in. It's time to head back to the Old Camp, 
avoiding the Wolf in the meadow, as before. She'll probably have another Molerat 
for distraction, and come running right at you - just glide by. 
Once in the New Camp, we have to avoid Lefty at the top of the paddies again; 
so, climb down a level, and run across the paddies, then climb back up to speak 
to Horatio. Since Jeremiah told us the right answer, Horatio will give you +5 
Strength. Climb down, and head out. Once you leave the gate, directly ahead of 
you are some Scavengers down by the lake. Take them out, completely avoiding the 
Lizards off to the right. To the left of the Scavengers is a small swarm of 
Bloodflies; you should be able to attack them individually at this point, too. 
Then follow the same path back toward the Old Camp. We'll make a stop at 
Cavalorn's hut on the way, though. Remember, you'll find him in the dwelling in 
the wide valley Mordrag lead you through. 
Check near the fire for some items laying around on the ground, then go inside 
to speak to him. For 10 Skill Points and some ore, Cavalorn can teach you Sneak 
or Bow. You can also loot his chest without fear of reprisal to obtain his Key. 
This fits a door in a cavern behind his hut, which contains two Molerats. Kill 
them, open the door, and treasures await. Pick to lock on the chest for great 
treats, and check around the room for more goodies, including your first Bow. 
After you Equip the Bow in your inventory, it will be in hot slot 2, so when you 
press "2," you will automatically equip this weapon. When you press the space 
bar now, to enter combat mode, you will automatically grab the last weapon you 
used. This is both handy and frustrating; if you were using a ranged attack and 
forget that in a close encounter, it can be deadly to grab the wrong weapon! 
When you absolutely must grab your melee weapon quickly be sure to press "1." 
Now that you have all of this great stuff, you can even sell it back to 
Cavalorn, if you like, giving yourself a little extra cash. Hold onto the 
Apples, as they'll help you with the annoying quest. Also, when you have your 
Bow equipped, it takes longer to switch weapons, or put your weapon away for 
some reason. Bear this in mind when enemies are charging you, and you need your 
melee weapon. 
Sidebar: How to pick locks 
Kneel in front of the chest by using Ctrl-Up, then use Ctrl-Left/Right to try to 
pick the lock. Go slowly when you don't know the combination - going faster 
increases the likelihood of breaking your pick. The lock will be a combination 
of left/right turns, anywhere from 2-7 of them. When you pick the correct turn, 
you'll hear a "click" and see "that sounds good" on the screen. If you pick an 
incorrect turn, you'll see "shit, and all over again" and hear a clunking noise 
- this means you have to start all over again. The combination remains constant, 
so if you had already done "left, right, left" successfully, do that again, and 
then go the opposite direction of the one you missed. Eventually, you'll open 
the chest and get its goodies. 
Back in the Old Camp: 
Once you're safely back in the Old Camp, continue with the clockwise circuit; 
turn left off the South Gate ramp. Continue forward until you find the large 
fire, and look for a character named Dexter. Ask him about Swampweed. 
Incidentally, you can smoke the weed yourself, and for each of the three 
different kinds you try, you'll receive a little boost in your stats. You can 
buy all three varieties from him; Green Novice will give you 5 XP, Dream Call 
will give you +2 Mana, and Northern Dark will give you +10 XP. Tell Dexter you 
want to join the camp, and he'll assign you a task - you must go to the Swamp 
Camp and obtain a recipe for him. Dexter will not give you 50 ore in advance, so 
just accept his quest. Another character around the fire, Baal Parvez, will lead 
us to the Swamp Camp, but we don't want to do that just yet. Find Fisk, the 
trader, somewhere in this vicinity - either at the fire, or sitting on a bench 
to the right. He'll introduce himself. Trade as you will. Go up the dirt path 
across from Fisk's hut and find a Digger sitting off to the left named Dusty. 
Talk to him for part of a Brotherhood quest. 
Back down the incline, and hang a left. Go until you see Whistler sitting on 
your left. He'll ask you to go buy a sword for him from Fisk. Accept the quest, 
and go buy the sword from Fisk without mentioning Whistler, even though you have 
to pay 10 more ore than Whistler gave you. Take the sword back to Whistler; if 
you do this, he will speak to Diego for you. Continue around the lower level of 
the outer ring, right through the little pond, and talk to Gravo on the other 
side; if you ever piss off a guard or another important Old Camp figure, Gravo 
will help you sort things out, for a price. Simply find him in this area when 
you need help, and ask him to assist you. It'll cost between 100 and 500 ore, 
depending upon whom you've upset. He can help you with Gomez, Thorus, and Diego. 
Turn around, go back across the pond, and go up to the higher level. Find a 
Shadow named Sly, who will give you a job. It's the same quest Fletcher gave you 
- find Nek. Continue forward until you reach a group by the fire, and turn left 
to go find Graham, the cartographer. He will sell you a map for 20 ore, no 
matter how much you tell him Diego said to just give you one. Pony up the ore, 
because it comes in handy. 
Another guard, Bloodwyn, may harass you in this area, trying to get your money 
for "protection." Feel free to tell him you can take care of yourself; however, 
unlike the other guards, who won't punish you for your non-payment, Bloodwyn 
will put out a contract on you. If you don't pay, the next time you go see Diego 
at the fire, Grim the Digger will pretend to have a sure-thing. He'll offer to 
share the loot from the two Diggers outside the Old Camp, but it's actually a 
trap - they will all attack you. You can either take out the Diggers ahead of 
time and just deal with Grim when he leads you out there, you can take on all 
three (very difficult at this stage,) turn down his offer (which means other 
Diggers will attack you later on,) or you can pay Bloodwyn. I just dealt with 
the attacks and didn't pay him. 
Go up and speak to Thorus, and tell him Mordrag won't be around anymore, then 
check in with Diego to see about your esteem within the camp. A few people have 
reported in, but of course not enough yet. We still need to work hard. Go down 
to Snaf, and give him the Bugmeat and Hell Mushrooms, whacking Mud as needed. 
Once you give Snaf the ingredients, he will give you three portions of Ragout 
each day. You can either use them to heal, or sell them. Just talk to him once a 
day, and there you go. At this point, I used 10 Skill Points to get Open Locks 
level one from Fingers, because it cuts down dramatically on broken lock picks 
and time spent figuring out combinations. 
Let's go find Nek; he's not far. Exit the camp via the South Gate, and go 
straight ahead, past where you found the Hell Mushrooms. Ahead, you'll see some 
Molerats. Slay them, and investigate the cave. When you find Nek's body, loot 
it. You'll get an amulet. A note on jewelry; you can only wear one amulet and 
two rings at a time, which is a bit of a pesky problem, so keep track of what 
you have, and wear the item appropriate to your tasks; if you're going up 
against an enemy that uses fire spells, equip an item with fire protection, et 
cetera. Once you have Nek's amulet, go back and find Sly to report in. Give him 
the amulet, and he will speak for you. 
Time to go to the Swamp Camp. Head around to the back of the Castle again, where 
you found Dexter and Fisk. Go near Baal Parvez, who will tell you about the 
right path and the Sleeper. Ask him to take you to his camp, and he will lead 
you to the Swamp Camp and the Brotherhood. Follow him just as you did Mordrag, 
and the same rules apply, including getting the XP for his kills. Baal Parvez 
leads you to the gate of the Swamp Camp, and gives you some XP. Go on in. The 
guards give you the usual routine, and just inside is an NPC named Lester. He 
takes care of the new arrivals in the camp. He informs you that you are not 
allowed to speak to the gurus, and tells you about life in the camp. Further, if 
you ask him where to find things in the camp, he will lead you where you want to 
go. Be sure to ask him how to impress the gurus if they won't speak to you for 
your new journal entry. Ask Lester to show you the way to the alchemy lab, and 
he will head off. Before long, you will come to a group of men sitting around a 
water pipe. One of these guys is Melvin, Dusty's friend. He will give you the 
next phase of this quest. While you're there, talk to Joru, who will give you a 
small task, which you can fulfill quickly. He wants three rolls of weed, which 
you will receive for free in a moment. Tell Joru you haven't seen Fortuno yet, 
and that you'll return with the weed. 
Continue following Lester to the ladders, and then ask him how to get his master 
to speak to you. He will hatch a plot, and the two of you will act out a little 
play the next time you're with the Baal. In front of his master, you will 
renounce your old gods, and then talk about your vision. But for now, go up one 
of the two tall ladders, and speak to Cor Kalom. Tell him you want to join the 
Brotherhood; he'll be impatient, and end your conversation after telling you he 
trusts the Baals. Now we have to find that recipe for Dexter. It's in the left 
chest in the lab, and make sure only Cor Kalom is present when you pick the 
lock. Grab the recipe, and go back down to Lester. As you're going down the 
ladder, you'll see the blacksmith's right in front of you, if you require 
anything there. Near Lester, behind a little wooden stand, will be Fortuno, who 
will give you some weed, and tell you that you can have three rolls per day. You 
can also trade with him, though he doesn't have much ore, most of the time. 
Have Lester take you to the Temple, and find Baal Tyon on one of the pedestals. 
Offer him the Prepared Dreamcall that Baal Kagan gave you, and he will enter a 
trance. After a few moments, he will awaken, and say that you are the chosen 
one; he will vote for you. Ask Lester to take you back to the main gate to act 
out your plan for Baal Namib. On the way, give Joru your weed, and he will give 
you some excellent advice. Continue to the gate. When you have finished with the 
act, speak to the Baal, and tell him you wish to follow the Sleeper. Like Baal 
Tyon, he tells you to go see Cor Kalom. We'll do that in a moment. 
If it's growing dark while you're in the Swamp Camp, and you'd like to sleep 
until morning, from the main gate take the right boardwalk along the swamp, 
until you come to an open area with Baal Orun. Behind him are group huts, which 
you can often enter without anyone making a fuss. When you wake up, go to the 
weed mashing area in front of this hut, and speak to Ghorim, one of the novices 
hard at work. He'll complain that he's been working too long, because another 
worker, Marlok, didn't show up. We need to go find Marlok and convince him to go 
relieve Ghorim. Marlok is smoking a water pipe near Futuro. Go speak to him, and 
tell him to go to work. He will not, and will sit down again and smoke some 
more. Take out your weapon and kick his ass unconscious, and loot him. When he 
wakes up, tell him to go to work, dammit. He will do so, very, very slowly. 
After he arrives, go and stand before Baal Orun. He will speak to you, and give 
you (oh boy!) another task. When you have the opportunity to respond, say 
nothing, and end your conversation. 
You must now go find the harvesters of the swampweed. Turn to your right, and 
find the stone dock leading out into the water. Follow it, go right off the end, 
and wade to Balor a short distance away. Speak to him and tell him that Baal 
Orun has sent you for the weed. If you bribe him 50 ore, he will tell you that 
Cipher is a dealer in the New Camp. Now you have to go and find the other group 
of harvesters; this bit is tricky, because there are formidable foes within a 
short distance of your path - Swampsharks. These guys will be able to kill you 
for a long time to come, and they are also relentless stalkers; if one catches 
sight of you, it may very well follow you no matter how far you run. 
Fortunately, unless you let it get really close to you, it will follow very 
slowly, and you can lead it right up to a Templar or two in the camp, and they 
will dispatch it for you. They're very graceful and kinda pretty, when they're 
not trying to eat you. 
From Balor, turn right, and go in the direction of the tree with many legs. Walk 
this way until you see the main swamp ahead of you, over an embankment. You can 
probably see some snakey-looking things slithering around - these are the 
Swampsharks. Run along the bottom of the embankment, and you'll be able to keep 
them from finding you. Follow this embankment straight for awhile, and as it 
curves around. After the curve, kill the swarm of Bloodflies (part of the next 
step of the quest) and proceed forward until you find Viron. Unlike Balor, he's 
not willing to simply give you the weed; you must earn it by killing all of the 
Bloodflies within visual distance. [Sigh] This is fairly dangerous, as it 
involves sneaking around between islands and Swampsharks, but if you are 
careful, you will manage. If you hide behind trees and grasses, you will be 
hidden from the sharks most of the time. As you walk around on the islands, 
gather up the herbs you find. Save the Healing Herbs with four golden leaves on 
them for a quest later - you'll need five of them. Kill the Bloodflies on the 
nearest islands, and then check back with Viron. If he is satisfied, he will 
give you the weed. Incidentally, both Balor and Viron will continue to give you 
their weed daily, and you don't have to take it back to Cor Kalom after this 
This time, though, you must deliver it to Kalom. Do so, and then go back to Baal 
Orun. he will speak to you, and then tell him you delivered the weed. He will 
give you a Sleep Scroll in return that is instrumental in persuading another 
Baal. Go back to Lester at the main gate, and ask him to take you to the tutors. 
He will lead you to Baal Cadar. Equip the Sleep spell, and take note of the red 
number that appears in its inventory window - that's what number you press to 
activate that spell. Walk up to one of the Novices at Cadar's feet, and use the 
Sleep spell (Ctrl-Up as usual) to knock him out. The Baal will take notice and 
agree to teach you. This means he will also sell you spells and potions. 
Turn around, face away from Cadar, and walk to the center of the wooden 
boardwalk hub in front of you; take the first right, and walk to the Baal 
teaching on the wooden platform. This is Baal Tondral, and if you stand in front 
of him, he will begin evangelizing - oh, yay. This is part of the Dusty/Melvin 
quest, though, and when he's through, we're going to head back to the Old Camp. 
If the hour is getting late, sleep until morning before going back. Leave the 
stoner Swamp boys, and this time, instead of following the path, run along the 
cliff face. This will show you a cave with Molerats and some booty, and further 
along, a couple of Bloodflies in front of a Hell Mushroom cave. Save before you 
try the Lizards, they might still kill you, even if you're Level 5-ish. 
On the way back to the camp, after you cross the wooden bridge, explore the 
wooden shambles to the right to find some treats. Upon arriving back in the Old 
Camp, give the recipe to Dexter, who is very pleased. Trade as needed with Fisk, 
and if it's getting late, go to bed. We're going to grab Dusty next, and head 
right back over to the Swamp, and we want it to be nice and sunny when we do. 
Sometimes, you can sneak into one of the huts around the fire, and not have to 
go all the way around to the other side of the castle, only to come right back. 
You'll need 100 ore to get Dusty out of the gates, so make sure you have that, 
and then go get him. Offer to give him the ore, and to travel together. He will 
now follow you to the Sect/Swamp Camp. Go to the South gate, and bribe the 
guards; tell them you're going for a stroll, and give him the ore. Go to the 
Swamp Camp, and keep an eye on Dusty frequently as he has a tendency to run off 
and get lost, especially if something threatens you. Be especially careful once 
you reach the camp - walk slowly, and take him directly to Baal Tondral. After 
introducing him to Dusty, tell him you wish to join the Brotherhood. 
Now, you have a choice to make; a very important one. 
Choosing Your Camp
You have now completed all of the requirements to joining the Brotherhood; if 
you desire to join this camp, go and see Cor Kalom, and tell him you have 
convinced the Baals. He will reward you with armor and experience; 
congratulations! You are now a member of the Brotherhood...but this means that 
you have failed joining the other two camps, alas. The Brotherhood are excellent 
warriors, and if your primary interest is being a badass fighter with awesome 
armor, then they are for you. However, they are not so big on powerful battle 
magic, and getting to a point where you can use offensively strategic magic will 
take a bit longer with the Brotherhood; you'll have to wait awhile before you 
have access to many spells. Cor Kalom gives you your first task for the 
Brotherhood - The Weed Monopoly. You'll find them very close to the New Camp, in 
the cliff side near the fishing huts on the lake. More precise instructions are 
below, if you still have troubles. Kalom also gives you the Taking Weeds to 
Gomez quest, which will allow you inside the castle walls, and hence to give 
your message to the Fire Mages. As you leave the camp, Chapter Two, as discussed 
below, will begin as Lester speaks to you. To complete the Gomez Weed thing, 
speak to Thorus about your task, and go into Gomez's house, the one with the 
orange banners inside the inner walls, and find Raven, Gomez's right-hand man. 
He'll direct you to Bartholo, who is in Gomez's main chambers. Go through the 
kitchen on the right, and into the large room. Speak to him, and he'll give you 
ore and XP. Return to Kalom for your XP reward, and he'll direct you to get 
another task from "somewhere else." None of the other Baals have any tasks right 
now, so it's a good idea to go ahead with the Secretion of the Minecrawlers 
quest in the Old Mine. Skip down to Chapter Two, after the end of this 
paragraph. At this point, you can approach Baal Cadar and ask him to teach you 
to become a Mage by asking him about the magic of the runes, and you can go up 
to Cor Angar (directly above Baal Cadar) for Strength and Dexterity training. If 
you're in the Swamp Camp, chances are you're more in the mood to fight melee, 
instead of magic, right? Then Gor Na Toth is your new best friend; he can teach 
you One-Handed Weapons, as well as Strength, Dexterity, and Mana. 
If you choose the path of magic, you should know that being a Mage is a 
difficult path; casting spells in battle can be nearly impossible, because every 
time you are hit, you have to start from scratch on the spell you were trying to 
cast, and some of them take a few seconds. For this reason, I recommend that 
even those who wish to follow a Magical path have decent melee skills. Also, 
every single player will need a bow and arrow to complete the game, so don't 
sell off your last bows and arrows. There don't seem to be any defensive spells 
for Mages to use, which makes things difficult - with a melee weapon, one can at 
least parry. Not so with magic. Each player will need to choose what to 
specialize in, but should have a well-rounded set of skills. 
Right then. 
If you decide you'd rather join the Old or the New Camps, you still have some 
work to do, but you'll be able to use magic sooner, if you so desire. Each camp 
has its advantages, and each its disadvantages, which I'll flesh out sometime, 
and perhaps at some point, I'll play each one straight through. This isn't your 
last chance to decide, though; you can skip talking to Kalom for now, and putter 
around the Old and New Camps to gain more XP. In order to join any of the camps, 
you must be at least Level 5. For now, I'm going to walk you through joining the 
Old Camp. 
Ok, we still have some Shadows to impress, right? Beating Kirgo in a fight is 
still a long shot, but let's check in with Diego to see who's saying what about 
us. Hey, what do you know? Even though we haven't gotten Fingers or Scatty to 
speak for us, we've found enough people to sponsor us! All that's left is the 
Test of Faith, which involves going to the old mine. First, let's go see 
Cavalorn and learn about the Bow, and then to the New Camp to see what's going 
on there. There are surely some things to do there before selecting the Old Camp 
that wouldn't be available if we had already passed the Test of Faith and given 
our allegiance to Gomez. 
This time, when you enter the New Camp, go right up the path to Lefty; you'll be 
immediately sucked into the Rice Lord's employ, but that's ok. Get the water 
from the Rice Lord (off to the left,) and give it out to the workers (don't 
worry about even distribution, just give it to the 12 closest people.) This is 
time-consuming, because each man has to drink the water and make a comment. 
After you've shared out all the water, you'll get 100 XP, and Lefty will inform 
you that you're to do this every day. Don't worry about that for now. Take this 
opportunity, though, to kill the Rice Lord; walk behind him, draw your weapon, 
and slash him - you'll want to save your game before you try this, because if he 
gets a couple of hits in, you're toast. Grab all of his stuff, and be sure to 
finish him off - we want him dead. Loot the living quarters attached to the rice 
warehouse, too, and then head up to the bar. 
If you have 400 ore, you can get 500 XP from Lares if you give it to him. This, 
put together with giving him the list from the Old Mine (the item Diego wants 
for the Test of Faith, which you don't have yet, but soon will,) should get you 
admitted to the camp, if you so desire. It's also a good idea to have Gorn's 
blessing. In order to get Gorn to speak to Lares for you, you must defeat Shrike 
in combat (and this is something you should eventually do, anyhow, to gain XP. 
His hut is the first hut in the center; during the day, he'll be pounding on the 
outside wall with a hammer. Unfortunately, he's really tough, and we'll need 
heavy skills to beat him. If you have 20 Skill Points, getting One-Handed 
Weapons level two from Cord surely couldn't hurt in this endeavor; or you could 
boost your Strength by an insane amount. Either way will help. You will not be 
able to kill him with arrows, as this must be a hand-to-hand fight. Just walk up 
to him, begin hacking away, and good luck to you. Definitely save before trying! 
If you do manage to knock him out, tell him to get lost when he comes to. Now 
this is your hut, and you should go tell Gorn. 
Go up to the right-hand side of the cavern (as you face it from outside,) and 
find the path leading up. You'll pass Orik, and continue up to the two guards 
who stop you. Go into the chamber they're guarding - this is Lee, the leader of 
the mercenaries. He won't have much to do with you right now, but you can get 
some great stuff from his chest if you pick the lock. 
Let's head over to the Old Mine, then, using the map Graham gave us. If it's 
getting late in the day, it doesn't really matter, unless it's already dark; the 
Old Mine isn't far from the New Camp at all. If you do sleep, you can confront 
Lefty the next day, and finish that quest off. Save your game before you get 
very close to him, and then approach. He'll say he doesn't appreciate people who 
don't do what he says, and then will try to teach you a lesson. He'll do his 
best to pummel you, and he's way tough. Knocking him out may take several tries. 
After you manage it, tell him that the peasants look thirsty, and he'll get to 
it, never bothering you again. If you happen upon his Thug co-hort alone, and 
Lefty nowhere to be seen, take out the co-hort, so he won't help Lefty in the 
fight. You've equipped your best weapon, right (probably the Sting Mace from 
Shrike, or the Scepter from the Rice Lord?) If you truly cannot defeat him at 
this point, you can avoid him by climbing down the near edge of the rice 
To get to the Old Mine, don't bother going out the gate - just swim across the 
pond and into the stream. There will be Bloodflies there, be ready. Come out, 
kill the flies on the right side, and then cross to the left. Take out the 
moles. Check your map to get your bearings, and head toward the Mine. Basically, 
you're going to hop on the path, take a left, and follow it to the entrance. 
If there are Templars at the mine entrance, talk to Gor Na Drak to learn how to 
take the mandibles from the Minecrawlers, and to find out why they're needed. 
They are only at the entrance at certain times, though you may encounter them 
elsewhere in the land, as they are en route to the mine. After talking to Na 
Drak (or not, if he's not there,) head on in. 
Don't waste a torch or a light spell going in - after a few yards, you'll see a 
load screen, and when the mine loads, it's lit by torches. 
The Old Mine: 
Directly ahead of you is Drake, who will give you the basics of the mine itself 
and the Minecrawlers. You'll need to bring him a beer in order to learn details 
about the crawlers. Then he'll refer to to Ian and Viper, down lower in the 
mine. If you don't have a beer, there's a merchant across the bridge. If the 
Templars were not at the entrance, you can learn how to cut the mandibles from 
crawlers from the Templar at the merchant, though it will cost 1 Skill Point, 
whereas the guys outside will teach you for free. If you bring the mandibles 
back to Cor Kalom, he will reward you with potions, so it's a handy skill to 
have. You can also trade them. 
Navigation in the mines is tricky, and it's a bit hard to describe. However, 
I'll do my best. Climb down the ladder that's nearest the merchant, and go down 
the mine shaft directly in front of you at the bottom. Be careful not to run 
right off the edge, though. At the bottom, walk around the edge til you see a 
Digger named Aleph sitting down. Give him 10 ore for a small tip on the location 
of a healing potion. If you give him more ore, he'll tell you thant Glen, up at 
the top of the shaft will sell you some lock picks - we'll go get them. As you 
leave, you'll see a guard named Brandick - don't bother with him. Go back to the 
mine entrance, and instead of going straight to talk to Drake, turn right and 
find Glen on the top level. Trade whatever you have for the picks, and then go 
down the ladder that is just past Glen and the guard there. 
Follow the wooden ramps down to a short ladder, and see two men - one Digger and 
one Guard. Speak to the Digger, Snipes, who is relaxing against the wall to the 
right. He'll propose a deal. Then go to Aaron and lure him away; tell him Ian 
sent you, and that you have no idea why. Go back to Snipes, get your ore, and 
buy the key to the chest. Make sure Aaron is out of sight, and then open the 
chest to loot it. Follow the wooden ramps down again, this time to a taller 
ladder. Go down. Go into the storeroom behind you, and bribe Ulbert with a 
drink. He'll tell you about the chests, and that the key is probably with Aleph. 
Remember him? Don't select the "lure him away" option until you go and buy the 
key from Aleph for 50 ore (he'll also throw in a Ring.) Then go back, lure 
Ulbert away, and loot the chests. After that, head toward the Diggers. Grimes 
will stop you for a little chat. Go forward, and find Aaron, who is displeased. 
He'll threaten you, but won't attack. Ask him if he misses his key, and then 
sell it back to him. Heh. Not a bad deal. 
Directly behind Aaron is Ian - go speak to him about the list. He will give it 
to you, and you can either leave to give the list to Lares or Diego, or you can 
explore further. I recommend exploring if you know how to remove the mandibles 
of the Minecrawlers; if you don't there isn't much point to further exploration 
at this point. Ulbert is down here, too, and whiny. Ian can tell you more about 
the mine and the ore itself. Behind Ian is Alberto, a pretty lame trader. If you 
want to return the list to Lares or Diego, go to them now. If you want to 
explore further, go past Ian, and down the steep wooden ramp near the wall of 
the shaft. Make a sharp right turn at the bottom of that first ramp - don't go 
left, or you'll be going in circles. You'll see two Templars here - you're in 
the right spot. Directly ahead now is a creepy looking side shaft. If you want 
to see what the Minecrawlers look like, go in here, but save first. You can see 
if you're able to fight them, but chances But you can lure them back 
out to the Templars if you want to - not much point in that right now, though, 
if you don't know how to remove the mandibles, and you won't get the XP for 
them. If you do know how to remove the mandibles, and don't care about the XP, 
go ahead. If you don't want to kill them, you can just continue down into the 
mine to explore. 
Under the ramp you just came down, you'll find a rocky path along the wall; go 
down it, past another side shaft (nothing in there for us right now,) and down 
the remaining wooden ramps to the floor of the mine. Here, you'll see an Orc 
slave, Viper working the bellows, various Templars, and sundry Guards. Viper is 
a great trader, and if something were to kill him...say, a Minecrawler lured 
back to this area, you could get a huge amount of stuff from him. You'd also be 
killing off a great trader, but there is no shortage of them in this game, and 
he is inconveniently located, anyhow. If you kill him yourself, chances are the 
Guards will punish you. 
Well, this is it, boys and girls; you have the list - what are you going to do 
with it? Take it to Diego and join the Old Camp, or take it to Lares and join 
the New Camp? If you take it to Lares, Roscoe will inform you that Diego isn't 
really all that keen about Gomez, anyhow. Go in and give the list to Lares. 
He'll be very impressed, add a few things to it, and have you return it to 
Diego. Ask Lares if this is enough to join, and lo and behold - it is. He'll 
give you armor and a task (the same task Gomez would give you, if you joined the 
Old Camp.) Any Old Camp Missions will now be under "failed admissions," and when 
you give the list to Diego, you will not be admitted to the Old Camp. See Cronos 
to get a message for the Mages of Fire, as well as an amulet that will allow you 
into the castle. Report to Mordrag in the bar to get the next set of 
instructions for the The Big Thing of the Brotherhood quest. Then go to the Old 
Camp, give the list to Diego, and speak to Thorus. Tell him you've got a message 
from the Mages, blah blah blah. Then go inside the castle, to the building to 
the left of the one with the orange and red banners, the one with three guys in 
red robes standing out front. The one on the steps will stop you. Give him both 
the letter from the Mages and the message from the outside, and skip the next 
couple of paragraphs. 
If you decide to return the list to Diego first, he'll tell you to go see 
Thorus, who will let you in to meet Gomez. Woohoo! Proceed through the entrance 
to the house direction in front of you, with the orange and red banners, and the 
two guards at the entrance. After a challenge by the door guards, go inside and 
meet Raven, Gomez's effeminate right-hand-man. He'll take you to see Gomez. Go 
forward to meet Gomez (and admire his dancing girls.) Tell Gomez you have 
contacts at all of the camps - and don't lie about whom you know. Tell him Cor 
Kalom, a few of the Baals, Lares, a couple of the fences in the New Camp, and 
that those were the important ones. Don't tell him Y'Berion, or he'll know 
you're lying. Ask "does that mean I'm in?" and you'll get XP plus armor. Turn 
around and talk to Raven, tell him you're in, and he will fill you in on what 
you're to do. 
Ask about better equipment, and he'll tell you to go speak to Diego again. If 
you have 1200 ore, you can buy Heavy Shadow Armor, which offers greater 
protection. However, I don't have that kind of cash right now, so I have to 
pass. Go upstairs and loot and pillage to your heart's content; no one will stop 
you. Peek in on the girls, but you are not allowed to speak to them. Be sure to 
pick the lock on the door in the right-hand bedroom; it leads to another locked 
door, behind which lies a metric plethora of very fine booty, indeed; this will 
make us some excellent money in trade and ore. Be sure to get all of the chests 
on all of the floors. If you come across a Horn of a Shadowbeast, do not sell 
it! You'll need that for a quest much later down the line. 
Now run across the street and pillage the first floor of the guards' quarters 
for many good items. You can access the dungeon from the guards' quarters if you 
go all the way to the back of the main hall, then take a right, though there 
isn't a whole lot down there. Across the hall from the group bedroom, you'll 
find your old pal Bullit (remember that first "welcome" he gave you?) in the 
room. Smack the shit out of him, if you can, but you will probably get 
slaughtered at this point. 
Now, we can finally give the message to the High Magician of Fire! Go to the 
house next door to Gomez's, and speak to Milten on the stairs. Tell him you have 
a letter for him, show it to him, and you'll hear (not for the last time) the 
name of Xardas. Milten will take the letter to the High Magician, who will tell 
you to go to Torrez (off to the right) and choose your reward. You can ask 
Milten how you can become a Mage, as well. Go to Torrez, tell him about the 
reward, and he will offer you four different rewards; a +5 Strength Ring, a +5 
Dexterity Ring, 3 spell scrolls (Fireball, Chain Lightning, and Transform into 
Scavenger,) and a permanent +5 increase to your Mana. I dismiss the scrolls out 
of hand, as they are one-time uses only. The rings are both tempting, but we'll 
encounter them elsewhere. The Mana bonus is truly rare; you can't buy these 
sorts of potions, so I chose this reward. Torrez is pleased by this, as it is 
the most precious of all. 
Stop by Skip the trader in the opposite corner if you like; you'll probably need 
to visit every trader in the entire world to get full value for all of the loot 
you've got now. Since we need to head over to the New Camp for the Dam Lurker 
quest, and to get our reward for messengering (if you joined the New Camp,) go 
there, and hit up all the traders there. If you are in the New Camp, report to 
Lares, and ask about your part of the take. He'll send you to Gorn. Then see 
Cronos about a reward for the message. Then, we'll go take on the Lurker. There 
is a beach below Cord, by the waterfall. Swim across the lake here after you've 
upped your Strength or your One-Handed Weapon skills. My stats look like this 
right now (but yours can look entirely different and still be just right - you 
definitely don't have to follow my style:) 
Guild: Shadow
Level: 7
Experience: 16105
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 33
Dexterity: 12 (need to up this next)
Mana: 12
Life: 154
One-handed Sword: Master
Two-handed: Unskilled
Bow: Trained
Crossbow: Unskilled
Open Locks: Trained
Pickpocketing: Unskilled
Magic: No
Sneaking: No
Acrobatics: No

Lurkers are tough, but with my Battle Sword and Shadow Armor, I should be all 
set. There are two ways to go about this; shoot arrows at it until it charges 
you, then run away til it gives up chase. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed. Or, 
tackle it head-on with your sword after plinking it with a few arrows. After 
you've killed it, go back and find Homer on the dam to tell him the good news. 
This is a fine time to grab some extra points just outside the New Camp. Go out 
the main gate, and veer right (don't the road up the hill, stay on flat ground.) 
Take out the Lizards and Molerats if you like (there's a potion in the cave,) 
and the follow the cliff face around as to jags right. Save, full Strength, 
combat mode. If you joined the Swamp Camp, you're about to take care of your 
first task; the independent weed mixers. If you're in the Swamp Camp, do not go 
in fighting! You have to talk to Jacko. Select "I want to know what this 
information is worth to you for 95 ore and 500 XP. If you warn him about 
Templars, you'll just get the XP. If you take the first option, you'll get the 
snot beaten out of you, and even if you do prevail, you won't complete the 
mission. After you speak to them, you can return to Cor Kalom for more XP, or 
continue on with the Gomez weed stuff. If you're in the New or Old Camps, enter 
the cave and kill (don't just beat unconscious) Jacko and his friends. Loot. 
Turn back, swim across the lake, take out the Lurker, and check out the shacks 
to see what they might contain. 
Head back to the Old Mine. If it's evening, 7ish-pm or later, Gor Na Drak will 
be there, if you didn't catch him the first time around. Learn the secrets of 
the Minecrawler mandibles, and we'll go kick some bug butt. 
Go down a level, to the two Templars. Try to lure the Minecrawlers to you one by 
one, and defeat them by keeping your back to the wall, and slashing left and 
right to keep them at bay. If that doesn't work, lead them to the Templars, and 
flee. When all of the crawlers in that room are dead, collect what you can find, 
and then go into the small shaft at the end of the room. There is one more 
crawler in there, as well as a Ring and a sharp drop-off - careful, there. 
Head down to the next level, and enter the right-side shaft near the single 
Guard. When you reach the edge, walk along the left-hand side, and you will 
reach the ledge off to the left. Go up the wooden ramps, and jump over the gap 
to find a Potion and a Pickaxe. Now for the crawlers. There is a Gearwheel down 
there which we'll need, as well as a lot of Raven Herbs. Go back down the ramp 
to the stone ledge, and turn to face the first wooden ramp. There, you'll see a 
very narrow angled rock face. Slide down this, and then another, until you drop 
down to a wide shelf. From here, it should be fairly simple to pick off the 
crawlers with arrows or spells, although on rare occasion, they do figure out 
how to get up there, and you may need to fight with your sword, or jump off the 
ledge flee to the ladder on the other side of the room, and start over after 
healing. Be sure to grab that Gearwheel near the masher, though; Ian is going to 
need it in the next chapter. For some reason, I have a hell of a time climbing 
back up the ladders to get out of this area; my character would get to the top, 
and fall back down, no matter what I did. I was finally able to get out by 
jumping at the very second I reached the top of the ladder. 
Go down to the bottom of the mine, where you met Viper. Trade with him, and then 
go off down the side shaft closest to the Templars. There are two crawlers 
there, as well as a Bone Bow, and a Ring (up on the wooden scaffolding.) Go back 
to the main room, turn left, and go down the next shaft. There will be 5 
crawlers in here, spaced out two by two and a single one, as well as a couple of 
potions, a stone crusher, and some herbs. The Crusher is a great weapon. 
You should definitely have enough ore now to purchase that Heavy Shadow Armor, 
if you want it; drop by the Old Camp if so. After this business, we're to go to 
the swamp and try to figure out what the Brotherhood are up to with this big 
incantation thing. It should be safe for you to go into the woods by now, but 
save before going in; you never know when you're going to hit a large pack of 
Wolves, Orc Dogs, a Shadowbeast, or something else nasty. 
If you do decide to go back to the Old Camp, take a right turn after that 
guarded wooden bridge, and follow the creek past where the Molerats were in the 
cave, and the Scavenger was on the bank, under the wooden brackets, and 
slaughter the Bloodflies down there. Turn around, and go up the hill, kill the 
lone wolf, and loot the chests there. Then continue into camp, buy the armor, 
and head over to the Swamp Camp. If you'd like to take a different route, go out 
the front gate, swing a right, and go along that way. You'll run into some prey 
animals along the way to hunt, too. 
As soon as you enter the Swamp Camp, Lester will approach you, and tell you 
about The Brotherhood's Big Thing. He needs your help to find the Focus, a 
magical object required for the ceremony. Find out what that has to do with you, 
and Lester will send you to Y'Berion, who is in the Temple. Thus begins Chapter 
Chapter Two: The Minecrawler's Nest
Each time you enter a new chapter, a small number of the ambient beasts of the 
land will regenerate, which is handy, but their numbers are greatly reduced, 
Make your way to the Temple (or have Lester show you the way,) and talk to 
Y'Berion. At the Temple doorway, you will be challenged by the Templars; tell 
them the truth, that Lester sent you, and you will be admitted. Y'Berion is at 
the back, begin fanned by the lovely and talented Chani. Inexplicably, Y'Berion 
has a most Southern accent, and with it he asks you to help find the focus. Get 
all the information you can, and then tell him you'll bring it back. Feel free 
to loot all the rooms before you go. When you leave the camp, follow the cliff 
face until it doubles back on itself, then keep following it. Eventually, you 
will see a grey stone circle with white points sticking up from it. The novice 
is sort of hiding behind some shrubs there, and he's about to schiz out and 
attack you. Be prepared. 
He has the focus on his person, so you'll need to knock him out to take it. 
Return the stone to Y'Berion, who will ask you to take it to Cor Kalom. Do so, 
and give him the mandibles you've obtained thus far, too. He will give you a new 
task - go to the mine, and look for the minecrawler's nest; there must be 
something there with higher concentrations of the secretion, he reasons. 
Okeydokey, then - back we go to the mine! Before you go, though, make sure you 
have several Light scrolls; you'll need them in the depths ahead. 
When you reach the mine, go down and talk to Ian. He's in need of that Gearwheel 
we found, so give it to him. He'll give you the password to give Asghan, the 
gatekeeper at the bottom of the mine. Go all the way down to where Viper is, 
take a sharp right, and follow that side shaft. You'll go past an Orc working 
the masher, up a ramp, and then up to where a Guard is standing in front of a 
gate and winch. Speak to him. He'll let you in, but first you have to get two or 
three Templars to come help stem the tide of crawlers that'll come pouring out 
when you open the gate. 
Go back up to Viper's area, and grab the two Gors there. You could stop with 
those two, but you get 250 XP for each Templar recruited, so I'd go up to where 
the two Templars are standing a couple of levels up (just below Ian,) and grab 
the Gor there, too. Only those three will let you recruit them. They will all 
meet you down at the entrance to the shaft where the nest is. When all three are 
there, tell Asghan you're good to go, and he'll tell you to open the winch. Save 
your game. Use a Light Spell, open the winch, and prepare for about 8 crawlers 
to attack. You could stand back entirely and watch, but then you wouldn't get 
any XP. Join in the fray, and do what you can. After they're dead, continue into 
the shaft. Hug the left wall to find the nest - it's easy to get disoriented in 
here, what with all the creepy, Alien-esque tubes and whatnot, but if you stick 
to the left wall, you'll soon find the tunnel leading to the nest. You'll know 
you're getting close when you notice glowing orange filaments clinging to the 
wall. The passage ahead will light up - you're almost there. 
Dispatch any nearby crawlers before approaching the Queen. Now to complete this 
quest, you do not have to kill the Queen; you just need to gather the eggs. You 
can do this by running around behind the Queen, who can't reach behind her very 
well, and come out basically unharmed. However, she's worth a very tasty 2000 
XP, so I recommend slaying her. There are two ways to more easily kill her; if 
you can, get behind her and kill her that way - she very often doesn't move at 
all. Or, stand right in between her two long, pointy arms, and just hack away at 
her until she's dead. If you're in between those arms, she cannot hurt you at 
all! Standing back and plinking her with arrows would be a very slow process - 
she seems highly-resistant to arrows, alas. But it's pretty simple to kill her, 
really. If she does hit you, it'll hurt pretty badly, so be prepared to run 
back, heal, and then come at her again. 
When you've got everything gathered up, hug that right wall to find your way out 
again, and talk to Asghan and the Gor Na Kosh. He will mention that you might be 
worthy of becoming one of them, and that you should talk to Cor Angar in the 
Swamp Camp (if you've joined the Sect Camp already, this means something; if you 
joined one of the other camps, they'll still tell you, but it won't do you any 
good.) Asghan says he'll send a note to Thorus, as well. If you're New Camp, 
when you return, Jarvis will say Lee wants you to be a Mercenary. Cool. On your 
way up the mine, stop by Ian, and he'll give you a few items in thanks. The 
Guard at the top of the mine will tell you that you've now earned your place 
among the Guards, if you're Old Camp. Snazzy! I believe that you must be at 
least level 10 to join the Guards, Mercenaries, or Templars. If you wish to 
become a Templar, speak to Cor Kalom first, and then Cor Angar will be willing 
to train you. As it seems, you can learn Circles of Magic while being a Templar, 
something I don't believe is possible in the other camps. This is A Good Thing. 
If you are in the Old Camp, go there and the gate Guard will tell you that 
Thorus wants to see you. By day, he's in his usual spot in front of the castle, 
but at night, he's inside Gomez's residence, on the second floor, last bedroom 
on the right (front side of the house.) If you want to be a mage, you have to do 
things in a certain order, here. When Thorus compliments you and says you're 
ready to join the Guards, tell him you're "interested in the path of magic," and 
then go to see Corristo in the Mages' house. If you become a Guard before you 
talk to Corristo here, you will never have the option to become a Fire Mage, 
which is a pretty serious bummer! Go see him, and tell him you want to join him, 
take his test (the answers are "Innos" and "humility in the face of magic,") but 
do not follow him upstairs! You can go back to Thorus now and talk about 
becoming a Guard, after which you will have access to more training, get good 
armor and a Guard's Sword. You can go back and become a Fire Mage anytime you 
like by going up the stairs to see Corristo. First, though, go and see Stone, 
the smithy. Ask him for armor, and he'll provide you with the armor and a sword. 
Mosey on over to the swamp. 
Return the eggs to Cor Kalom for a modest reward (you may choose your own again 
- and again, I recommend the Mana +5 potion, because it's permanent, and it 
means you won't have to spend valuable Skill Points on those Mana Points) and 
another quest. The novice Talas was robbed of an important Almanac, and we have 
to help him find it. Give Kalom any mandibles you have for more potions, as 
well. Talas is in the Temple Courtyard, all the way to the left as you face the 
Temple. Talk to Talas, and swindle him out of 50 ore, if you like, who will lead 
you to a bridge (although if there are any Lizards in the way, he'll run like a 
nancy-boy until you kill them. Go back to the edge of the sandy area to find 
him.) Go across the bridge, and face the hoardes of Black Goblins there. You can 
take them on about two dozen at a time, so don't worry about getting too badly 
hurt. Still, save before you go in. Total coward that he is, Talas will not join 
Enter the cave and take a right. Go all the way to the last room to the right, 
and battle the Goblins til they're all dead. The Almanac is in one of the chests 
there, and there is other booty laying around the room. The next two rooms have 
nothing in them. The third room has a lone Goblin, and the rooms beyond that 
have minor items like herbs and a potion. Go back and find Talas, then return to 
Cor Kalom for your rewards. He will tell you that now they have enough of the 
secretions for Their Big Thing - and Invocation of the Sleeper. Return and tell 
this to Raven if you're in the Old Camp, or Mordrag if you're in the New Camp. 
Return to the Swamp Camp at nightfall. At approximately 8:00pm, go to the Temple 
courtyard and watch the great invocation ceremony. 
A long cutscene ensues, which involves the Orcs; Cor Angar will dispatch a group 
of Templars to a nearby Orc Cave. When the vision is over, talk to Cor Angar. 
Chapter Three begins. 
Chapter Three: Artifacts of Ancient Power 
Cor Angar explains the situation as it stands now. He needs us to go to the Orc 
Cemetery, once again following our buddy, Talas. Talas will lead you to the 
bridge to the Orc Lands. After you cross the bridge and round a corner, you will 
come upon a pack of four Biters. These guys aren't too tough, but since they're 
in a pack, things could get ugly. Save. After you defeat them, you'll see four 
Orc Hunters up ahead. They can do a lot of damage, but are slow - keep swinging 
left/right, and you should be able to stave off the worst of it. Try to lure 
them out one at a time, so you don't have to take them all on. 
Follow the path to the entrance to the Orc Cemetery, and open the gate using the 
winch off to the left. Go down into the black hole, but don't worry about a 
light spell or torch - you'll soon be transferred to a lit chamber. Shortly 
after you come out of the tunnel, you'll be in a burial chamber with a few Orc 
Scouts in it. Do try to take them on individually, won't you? When they're all 
dead, be sure to investigate all of the mummies and whatnot - if you open the 
mummies as you would a chest, many contain potions and such. I start with the 
top level on the left-hand side. In the second chamber, there is a switch on the 
left near the entrance - be sure to push it, as it opens other chambers. Go 
forward until you see the body of a dead Templar, and take a left (if the 
Templar is still alive, that's a bug, but ignore him.) There's a switch on the 
wall there you should activate. As you cross over to the right side, the 
third-from-the-front chambers will have another switch to open the front-most 
chamber, which itself contains one final switch to open the second chamber. The 
Orc dead are generous, no? Plenty of potions and such to help us on our journey. 

Alrighty, then. Having looted all of the mummies, it's time to lay seige to the 
rest of the tomb. In the next chamber down, there are three more Orc Scouts to 
wrassle with, as well as another dead Templar to loot. Continue downward. As you 
go through a tunnel and come out into a small room, you'll see Baal Lukor 
fighting for his life against a mob of Orcs. Never fear; at this point Baal 
Lukor cannot die. You can either stand back and watch, or you can wade in and 
assist, gathering up valuable XP in the process. 
Baal Lukor tells you what happened here in the caves, and asks for your help 
investigating the rest of the tomb. I recommend beginning with the passage 
that's on the right-hand side of the room, as you face into the room from the 
stairs. Baal Lukor will follow you wherever you go from this point, though sadly 
he will not fight anything. When you reach the end of this passageway, Lukor 
will say "maybe these niches bear hints." Well, as luck would have it, they do. 
The un-gated niche has a sort-of hidden switch. Push it to open the next niche 
over. Pick up the parchment and such, then give it to Lukor. 
Go back up to the room where you first met him, and go into the next passageway 
(not the one with arch yet, the middle one.) At the bottom is the other half of 
the Orcish spell scroll, as well as other sundry treats. Now we need to go into 
the arched passage, and take on a few more Orcs, including an Orc Warrior who's 
a tough SOB. Full heal, save. When you enter the large chamber, go immediately 
over into the dark right corner. With luck, you can lure the two Scouts over to 
you without attracting the attention of the Warrior. Taking all three on is 
nigh-impossible. Once you've dispatched them, save, then go ahead and challenge 
the Warrior. Best of luck. There are two other Scouts in the room, too, who will 
likely join the fray, unless you go over and hunt them down, too. 
At this point, here are my stats, and I still had a very hard time with the 
Guild: Guard
Level 13
Skill Points: 50 
Strength: 43
Dexterity: 22
Mana: 17
Life: 226
Protection weapons: 70
Protection arrows: 20
Protection fire: 20
Protection magic: 0
One-handed Sword: Master
Two-handed Sword: Untrained
Bow: Trained
Crossbow: Untrained
Open locks: Trained
Pickpocketing: Untrained
Magic: No
Sneaking: No
Acrobatics: No

When you have defeated all Orcs, go into the center of the pillars where the 
Warrior was standing for more info from Lukor. He will then guide you to the 
spot where you can use the teleport spell. He'll give it to you, and you must 
teleport to the other side of the wall. In order to use teleport and 
transformation spells, you must hold down the Ctrl-Up keys until the spell 
completes - it took me quite awhile to realize this the first time around. 
Teleport to the other side, but don't open the winch just yet; we want to get 
some stuff before Lukor comes over. First chamber on the left, many herbs. Next 
chamber down around the corner, get the Sword of Death from the altar, and equip 
it; you're going to need it very soon. Now go back and open the winch to let 
Lukor through. Approach him for another small exchange. Draw your weapon and 
lead him back to the room where you found the Sword. 
When he sees what's in there, he's going to freak the hell out. Then he'll try 
to kill you. You must kill him first. After he's knocked out, give him the final 
blow. After killing him, thread your way out of the caves, and return to Cor 
Angar to give him a report. After, ask about Y'Berion. Give Cor Angar the 
healing herbs you saved from the swamp, and he'll tell you that Y'Berion awoke 
while you were "away." If you hadn't gathered the herbs yet, go out into the 
swamps, and find the strongest herbs (those with four golden leaves) on various 
islands. You'll also find out from Angar that Y'Berion realized the sleeper is 
evil, and that we must all put our hopes behind the Water Mages in the New Camp. 
Interesting. Speak to him again before you leave to receive a Swamp Camp 
Teleportation Rune, which will be very, very handy, indeed. Go to Cor Kalom's 
lab, and open the right-hand chest. Take the Focus and the Almanac. 
At this point, I went back to the Old Camp to become a Fire Mage. If you choose 
to do this, too, be sure you get any training you want from the guards before 
you talk to Corristo; once you're no longer a Guard, they will not train you. 
This is a good time to decide whether or not you're interested in becoming a 
Mage, because if you do, it's unlikely that you'll become proficient with the 
use of a two-handed sword or a crossbow; they take many skill points, and 
leveling up after this gets increasingly difficult. It's not impossible to 
become a better figther if you choose to become a Mage, just harder. If you 
decide to try magic, find Corristo and the other Fire Mages up in the temple. 
You'll take the vow of the Fire Mages, and then ask Corristo about the circles 
of magic. He'll tell you about them, and then offer to instruct you. I'd saved 
up several levels of Skill Points for this, so I trained up to the third circle, 
and then bought a High Robe of Fire, the best protection you can get at this 
point in the game. The other Mages of Fire will give you some objects as a 
welcoming present that are useful, and you can be on your way. Down in the lower 
level of the Mage's dwelling, Damarok is in the right-hand room; he will heal 
you for free if you are injured. Out in the outer ring, I stopped by Diego and 
got +10 Strength while I was here, too. A word of advice - the faster you can 
get to Magic Circle 4, the easier your life will be! At that level, you have 
access to the Storm of Fire Rune, which makes taking out swarms of enemies from 
a distance a veritable piece of cake. 
Now head over to the New Camp, and talk to Cronos. On your way into the New 
Camp, Gorn will meet you on top of the rice paddies with a little advice. Go and 
find Cronos, and tell him that the Brotherhood now believes the Sleeper is a 
demon; this will allow you to see Saturas, the High Water Mage. You can tell him 
the other things, too, without harm, but he won't let you see Saturas until you 
mention the demon. He will give you the password (see the answers page if you 
can't remember what it was, or go back and ask Cronos again) to give to the 
guards. Go up to the top of the left-hand side of the cavern, give them the 
password, and go into the Water Mages' area. You'll pass Nefarius, who spends 
eternity perpetually blowing himself up, and who, if you check in with him from 
time to time, will let you know if you're ready to become a Water Mage, if you 
want to select that path. Go straight ahead to a glowing room through a round 
passage to find the High Water Mage. If you wish to become a great Warrior, you 
may want to get some two-handed weapon training at this time, since we got a 
massive amount of Orc weapons in the Cemetery. See Lee for this, if you like. 
Tell him about Y'Berion, and give him the Focus an the Almanac. He'll tell you 
about their plan, and how you can help. Ask what he's going to do now, and 
you'll be able to offer your services. Your next task is a bit of a lengthy one 
- you must find the four other stones, which are, naturally, strewn about the 
land. He'll give you a map of their locations. Leave him, and go out to speak to 
Riordian, in the second room on the right. He will give you a metric plethora of 
potions to assist you on your quest, including +3 Dexterity and +3 Strength. 
Stock up on other potions, too. We may as well go and finish up Baloros' Weapon 
quest while we can, so head over to the Free Mine with your 5 Apples, 2 bottles 
of Rice Schnapps, 5 Beers, 3 loaves of Bread, 2 pieces of Cheese, and 2 bunches 
of Grapes. Give the items to him for the XP, listen to his taunting, and then 
beat the living snot right out of him, take all of his stuff, loot his chests, 
and be on your way. 
Now we're going to go after the Focus Stones. You may do them in any order, but 
this is the way I feel is easiest - feel free to devise your own plan, of 
course. Leave the New Camp via the front gate, and take the narrow road leading 
up the mountain to the immediate right. You're going to encounter a pack of four 
Snappers and a Bloodhound up there, but you should be ok at this point. Snappers 
are much like velociraptors, and are deadly in packs. After taking care of the 
Snappers, go into the cave right where they were originally hanging out to get 
the Bloodhound, as well as a Potion, a Ring and some herbs. Continue up the path 
to the top, where it starts getting green again. If you're unlucky, Milten has 
already killed the Bloodhound there, so you won't get the XP for it, alas. He 
has a proposition for you, which you should accept, as it will make getting the 
Focus Stone nearby much easier. 
After you use all of the conversation options, follow him and get ready for 
battle. Also, equip the Death to the Undead Spell in a slot, and remember which 
one it is, so that you may take out the warden with it - don't use it on the 
Skeletons! They can be tough, but if you back them up against a wall, they die 
much more quickly. The game's bad target-locking also makes things hard, because 
the Skeletons move around so much, but you'll get through ok. And if you must, 
just run outside and let Milten handle them all, while you heal up. 
After all of the Skeletons are dead, take out the Guardian with the spell, loot 
his body for the key and Milten's Talisman, get the Stone, et cetera from the 
chests and then use the Teleport spell back to Saturas, if you like, or since 
it's such a short distance, you could just walk. However, each time you return a 
stone to him, he'll give you a new scroll if you've used the other up. Give him 
the focus, and set out for the next one. Go past the Old Mine, and follow the 
cliff walls. As you're right across from the Old Camp, a cut in the rocks forms 
a wide passage leading North (left.) That's where we're headed, but it's full of 
Snappers, so watch out. If you can't take them all on, it's very easy to lure 
one or two back from the packs. 
After taking out the third pack, go on up the slope to the fork. You'll see a 
figure standing on the left fork (it's Diego,) and the right fork goes over a 
hill. You can go either way - the Focus Stone lies to the left, and a bunch of 
Thugs and such are off to the right for some easy XP. Basically, just kill 
everyone in the camp and loot them, before or after you go after the Stone. 
If you go after the Thugs, go up the right branch. If you are in the New Camp, 
they may not attack you upon sight - I'll figure that out when I run through as 
a New Camper. But if you're in the Old Camp, they will attack, and youyou can 
get double XP for all of these guys, if you do it right. With your melee weapon, 
take out the Thug on the ground. While he's unconscious, loot him and equip your 
bow & arrow. Then, when he gets up, shoot him. This will kill him and give you 
another 120 XP. Then, go forward slightly, turn around, and begin shooting 
arrows at the one up in the guard tower. Don't kill him with the arrows, though, 
just take him down to low Health. Then climb up the ladder and knock him out 
with your melee weapon. Loot him, and when he comes to, shoot him with your 
Now go up the hill just slightly, and take a right onto the gray rocky area. 
You're now overlooking the Thug camp. You can do this in a couple of ways; 
either take the Thugs you can see from up here down to low Health with your 
ranged weapon, then go down and get them from this direction with your melee 
weapon, then kill them with the ranged, or you can follow the path from the 
guard tower area around and take them out that way. Whichever way you do it, 
make sure to knock them down with your melee weapon first, then kill them with 
the ranged weapon. There isn't any treasure to be found in the camp itself, 
except for what's on the Thugs' bodies. 
To get the Stone, go and talk to Diego. He'll tell you what's up, and follow him 
up the hill. As you see the Goblin Warriors, drop back a bit. They will attack 
Diego (who is invincible) and ignore you; you can then pick them off with ranged 
magical or arrow attacks at your leisure. After, Diego will speak to you and 
then distract the Troll and other Goblins. Don't worry about him - he reallly 
cannot be hurt, no matter how much abuse he takes. If you can't figure out how 
to beat the Troll, see the answer page to discover what you're missing. Diego 
will complement you, and tell you to go get the focus on the left. Don't do that 
just yet, though; follow him to the back of the canyon. Try to operate the 
winch, which is jammed. Diego fixes it and then runs off. 
More Goblin Warriors have appeared, so help him take them out as before. Then 
follow him to the tunnel entrance where the Focus stone is. You may want to save 
before you go up - there be Harpies there. A Harpy is not hard to kill, but they 
can do a lot of damage pretty quickly, especially if you get distracted trying 
to look at their naughty bits. Kill them all off, and if you start getting 
critically low on Health, run back down the tunnel - they shouldn't follow you 
all the way down. Grab the Focus and go back to Diego. 
Return to Saturas, either with the Teleport Scroll, or by walking. Now we're 
going to go after the next Focus, of course. Before doing so, here's another 
"Status Shot" to compare with your own. Remember, some of these are enhanced by 
my jewelry, too. 
Guild: Magician of Fire
Level: 17
Experience: 82150
Skill Points: 10
Strength: 56
Dexterity: 25
Mana: 31
Life: 274
One-handed Sword: Master
Two-handed: Unskilled
Bow: Trained
Crossbow: Unskilled
Open Locks: Trained
Pickpocketing: Unskilled
Magic: Circle 3
Sneaking: No
Acrobatics: Yes

Protection against weapons: 75
Against arrows: 20
Against fire: 30 
Against magic: 10

Armor: High Robe of Fire
Melee Weapon: Sword of Death (Damage 48)
Ranged Weapon: Longbow (Damage 40)
Equipped jewelry: Amulet of Stone Skin (weapons +15, arrows +15,) Ring of Ore 
Skin (weapons +10,) Ring of Strength (Strength +10.) 
The stones we've retrieved thus far are the easiest to get; the next two are a 
bit dicey. First, we're going to set off all the way across the land to the 
farthest stone, the smallest point on the star of the map. You can either 
Teleport to the Swamp Camp, use a Potion of Swiftnesss/Velocity, or walk. The 
route's a little hard to describe without going into insane detail, but it's 
generally North by Northeast of the Swamp Camp, across one or two bridges, 
depending upon which way you come. In a nutshell, go to the North (front) Gate 
of the Old Camp, and continue along the path that runs along the stream. Follow 
it into the woods until you come to the stream again. Turn left, and cross the 
bridge you come to. Go forward, and turn left at the next bridge. You'll know 
you're in the right place if you come to a relatively high bridge over a river 
that has stone pillars just taller than you are with ropes wrapped around them, 
and wooden planks on the bridge itself. Cross that bridge and go forward, 
dispatching the three Lizards on the beach. Now go up the slope and find Gorn 
waiting for you. He'll explain what he's doing there, and ask you to follow him 
to "see what's at your backs" before going on. He'll lead you down into a deep 
cut with a four Snappers. He cannot be killed, so you can let him do the dirty 
work and reap the XP. 
In the cavern where he tells you to take over, get the stuff out of the chest. 
Lead him back up to where you met him, and take care not to leave him too far 
behind; otherwise, he'll get "lost" and you quite possibly won't find him again. 
As you go over the log, it's likely that he'll fall off. If he does, you may be 
able to rejoin him if you go all the way back down into the canyon he fell into. 
Further, Gorn may or may not follow you over the log at all, so if you're 
uncertain about your ability to take on the Snappers alone, lure them over it, 
one or two at a time. Chances are, though, you can take them all on yourself. If 
he doesn't follow you over, he might meet you just up the path, at the gate to 
the castle. After finishing off the Snappers, go there to meet him. If he isn't 
there, then that's a bug in the game, but you can still keep going. If he's 
there, he'll give you a hint as to how to get inside the gate. If you can't 
figure it out, see the answers page. 
Open the gate. At this point, if Gorn had vanished, he should reappear. If he's 
still gone, the going will be tougher - you can go back to a previously-saved 
game, or you can forge ahead without him. It surely is a lot easier with him 
around, though. With or without Gorn, take out the pack of Snappers ahead of 
you, then go into ahead, past the rocky outcropping on the left, and then turn 
left. In there is a tunnel - the Focus is, of course, in that tunnel, behind 
numerous Snappers and a Shadowbeast. The Shadowbeast is tough; try taking him 
out with Fire Ball spells and running away, if you have a hard time. Past the 
Beast is a door with the stone inside a chest. 
When you come back out, you can go all the way to the back, to the left of the 
tower, and climb up the ledges. There's a Troll up there guarding a chest. 
Shrink him if you have another scroll, or find another way to kill him (huge 
weapon with massive damage?) and loot the chest. Not much there in the way of 
booty, but 2000 XP isn't anything to turn your nose up at. 
Return to Saturas, or go get the next stone, which is on this half of the world, 
anyhow. Before you retrieve the final stone, go back to the Old Camp and get any 
training, objects or complete any missions you may have there, because after 
giving the fifth stone to the Magicians of Water, the OId Camp will become a 
very hostile place for you, indeed. You could take this opportunity to go 
through the Old Camp and pick off the Guards, one by one, loot Gomez's armory 
and such...if you were an evil kinda player. After all, it's free XP, and no one 
will so much as raise an eyebrow at you when you're through. It might even 
behoove you to get rid of as many Guards as possible now, before they attack you 
on sight later. 
Some NPC's here in the Old Camp are invincible, though, so you may run into some 
(Gomez, Thorus, the Gate Guard watching the winch above the North gate, Guard at 
the winch of the South Gate, Corristo, et cetera,) who cannot die. You should be 
able to level up at least once, and find a bunch of good treasure, as you 
pillage your way through the camp. 
To get to the final stone's location without going through Orc lands, go to the 
bridge that Talas took you to, which leads to the Orc Cemetery. Don't cross the 
bridge; instead, turn right and go uphill, through a passel of Lizards. There 
are two sort-of separate groups, and once you kill the second group, turn right, 
toward the cliff face. Pass a log, and see a stone ramp leading up on the 
right-hand side. Just over that edge is a Bloodhound, a fairly formidable 
creature. There's another close-by, so try to lure this one down the ramp before 
you attack. Kill him, and his pal that's right over the crest. There are several 
more in the area - take them on one at a time. As the road opens and then 
branches off to the right, be sure to go that way, and take out the four or five 
hounds up there. Walk that way, and find a cave on the left. Inside is a door, 
and inside the door is a chest and a few other items. 
Now, go back out to the open area, and take a right. You should see a large 
wooden bridge ahead of you, and beyond that, a fortress of some kind. On the 
bridge is a Bridge Golem, whom you must get past. If you are unable to cross the 
bridge, check the answers page. He's pretty slow, but when he hits, he hits 
hard. Go on over the bridge and find Lester. You'll be fighting the metric 
assload of Harpies up ahead together. As usual, you'll get the XP for the 
Harpies that Lester kills. Make sure you have your best weapon equipped. 
Kill off the Harpies in the first room of the fort, and then go left, into the 
front room on that side. Check for any treasure, then go into the back room on 
that same side. Loot, then pull the lever on the wall, which opens up a secret 
laboratory near the door. Fight the skeletons, and head over to the other side 
of the fort. Kill any remaining Harpies, and follow Lester up the ladder and to 
the balcony. Open the chest, and retrieve the items in it, one of which Lester 
wants. Give it to him, in exchange for a Telekinesis Spell, which will help you 
get the Focus. Equip the scroll, and use it on the Focus. It will not come up to 
you; rather it will go down to the ground when you let go of it. No problem, 
we'll pick it up on the way out. Explore the rooms on this floor for treasure, 
then go up the ladder in the same room the ladder you came up is. If you haven't 
killed the two Harpies out on this level's balcony, do so, then go up the next 
ladder. Loot the chest, then go down to speak to Lester in the courtyard, 
picking up the Focus as you pass out of the fort's doors. 
Go back across the bridge, and instead of going the way we came in, let's go out 
through the Orc lands. Go over the bridge and kill the Orc Hunter at the end. 
Ignore the ruins for now; those will activate shortly. Go around the right side 
of them, and follow the path. Kill the Orc Hunter further along. As you come to 
a plateau, the path takes a hairpin turn. If, instead, you go around to the 
right, you can kill off a couple of Bloodhounds first. Also, I recommend taking 
care of a pack of Orc Dogs from up here as well. To do so, go past the path and 
around a hairpin turn and go forward until you see a series of green, step-like 
shelves leading down the cliff face (you'll know you're on the right path of 
it's grassy/green instead of stone/dirt.) Go down them, and when you get toward 
the bottom, you'll see a large pack of Orc Dogs. Take them out with spells or 
your ranged weapon, from whatever level you can. Climb down, go around the 
corner, and take out the Orcs you'll find up the hill one by one. There is also 
a large pack of Orc dogs in a nearby hollow that shouldn't bother you unless you 
seek them out. 
After you return this Focus, everyone in the Old Camp will try to kill you. So, 
do any trading, training, et cetera you wish before you go back to Saturas. 
Diego and Milten will still be your friends, but anyone else inside the camp 
will be out for you after this point. For this reason, it's a very good idea to 
kill off whoever you quickly and quietly can. The Diggers and Shadows will not 
actually try to kill you, but all of the Guards will. But the Diggers and 
Shadows are XP,, if you knock out Fisk, you'll get all of his ore and 
items, some of which are impressive. Ditto Dexter. 
Take a last look around, perhaps sleep in your own little hut one last time, and 
go back to Saturas. Riordian will reward you with great potions, including 
bonuses for Mana, Strength, Dexterity, and Life - Excellent! Cronos will give 
you 1000 ore. Thus begins chapter four. 
Chapter Four: Xardas 
We must head back to the New Camp. Let's go around to the back side first, as 
that will help out with another quest. So, go out of the New Camp via the gate 
instead of the pond. On your way out of the New Camp, you'll meet Lee on top of 
the dam, and learn some of his history. Go past Cavalorn's shack, and around to 
the South Gate of the new camp. As you pass Cavalorn's house, you'll see Scorpio 
by the fire; he can now teach you Crossbow, if you so desire, but it takes a lot 
of Skill Points. Meet Diego outside the South Gate to learn some shocking news. 
When you meet Diego, he'll fill you in on everything, and asks you to find Gorn 
and Lester for him. We know Lester is in the fort where we left him, and Gorn is 
probably at the New Camp. We're also supposed to warn the New Camp about the 
oncoming attack, so let's Teleport back there with the Rune Saturas gave us. 
Upon our arrival, we'll be debriefed by Saturas, and Gorn is right in the room. 
Since you were exiled, you will now be accepted into the new camp. You'll have 
to take the Oath of Water. If you were not a Fire Mage, you may have to serve a 
brief term as a Mercenary - in which case, go to see Lee to get your armor and 
assignment. If you were a Fire Mage, your oath will be slightly different from 
that of a non-Mage, and a bit more interesting. If you've been a Mercenary in 
the New Camp, you should be ready to become a Water Mage now, too, if you like. 
Speak to Saturas again about the "Somebody" he mentioned, and he'll tell you of 
Xardas, the next person you must seek out. Also, try to buy the High Robe of 
Water for better protection. Stop by Riordian to find out that he will heal you 
for free from here on out. If you don't have any Bloodfly Scrolls, now would be 
a good time to see if Cronos has any; they come in handy, once we reach Xardas. 
Ok, now we need to go find Lester and Xardas. Conveniently, they're both in the 
Orc lands. Go find Lester first (take the road leading up the mountain from the 
front gate, and take that path into the Orc lands. When the path ends up in the 
wide area with Orcs and Orc Dogs, kill them all, and just keep following a 
straight line from the exit of the path. That will lead you directly to the path 
up the mountain where the ruins are that we didn't investigate yet. Use your 
Focus Map if you get lost. Cross the bridge there, go straight, cross the next 
bridge, and speak to Lester; he'll be in the back room, on the left side. You'll 
find he's changed...just a little bit. Now we need to scurry over to Xardas' 
place. Go back down the way we just came, until you're down at the foot of the 
mountain with the hairpin turns (the one with the large, unexplored ruins on 
it.) A Bloodfly scroll will get you there even faster, as you needn't worry 
about falling, and can just sail right off the sides of cliffs and such. 
If you do the Bloodfly bit, once you reach the rope bridge, just go off the side 
of it, and across the lake. Upon reaching the other side, and getting over the 
edge, you'll see a pointy tower ahead of you; that's Xardas' Tower. If you take 
the long way, you'll need to get to the foot of the mountain and take a sharp 
left leading slightly uphill. Bloodflies can un-transform now, and we follow 
that path around and down, until it makes a sharp left. You'll see a skeleton 
with an Old Battle Axe and a Potion lying there. Ahead is the test of the 
Golems. If you are unable to defeat the Golems, see the answer page for 
Ready? Let's go. 
If you cannot defeat the Stone Golem, you back around the corner and find a 
ledge you can climb up on. That will lead you to a series of steps leading down, 
and you can more safely attack from the bottom one. If at some point the Golems 
run away and vanish, don't worry; just run up the path a bit, and when you come 
back, they'll have reset themselves. Finally, after passing all of these tests, 
enter the tower and loot the chest directly ahead of you for some good potions. 
Then turn left - there is a Demon there, but don't attack. He's a good guy. 
You'll have a conversation, after which he'll give you a rune to reach Xardas 
after you show him the proof of your victory over the elements. 
Equip the rune and cast its spell. It will transport you one level up. Loot the 
chests, and then leave the room through the only available doorway. Likewise the 
next room, and then climb up the ladder. Xardas is dead ahead, in his library. 
Xardas isn't amused at being interrupted, but quickly changes his tune when you 
give him your news. He has surprising news as well - the ore mound explosion 
isn't going to do it. He's going to give you [sigh] another test. After he does, 
pick some spells and runes to take with you; Shrink Monster is vital, so 
absolutely get that. The Death to the Undead Rune wouldn't hurt, either, if 
you're of sufficient Magical skill. Any scrolls to summon creatures are 
optional, and if you have the cash, aren't a bad idea. I'm fond of the Army of 
Darkness and Summon Golem - very handy indeed, and when you're done with them, 
you can kill the creatures for XP without them fighting back (not that I don't 
feel guilty about this, mind you.) 
Getting out of Xardas' Tower can be a bit tricky, but there are three easy ways 
to do it. If you can't figure it out, see the answers page. 
Before we go see Ur-Shak, the Orc Shaman, let's pick up another quest. So, let's 
set off back toward the Old Camp. If you like, you can sneak into the Old Camp 
on the way by transforming into a creature that will allow you to get in, 
ferinstance, a Meatbug. Pillage the Magicians of Fire and anyone else you like. 
Follow the path leading from the South Gate through the center of the woods - 
not the one toward the Swamp Camp, but the one that will run along the river. 
Cross the river at the bridge, and continue on the path's left fork. This will 
eventually lead you to a tower. This tower is jam-pack full of Skeletons, so 
definitely save before you go in. Tough battles lie ahead! The key to Skeletons 
is to back them up against a wall; that way it's much easier to hit them. There 
is nothing up the ladders, so head down the stairs. 
Continue down into the tunnels until you come to a larger room with a chest off 
to the left. At this point, you may wish to use a Light spell. Loot the chest, 
and continue down. In the next room, go down the stairs to the four waiting 
Skeletons. Go down until the passage splits off to the left. Here, things get a 
little dicey, navigationally speaking. It's pretty random. So for now, just take 
the left corridor. You'll see a dead body with some Potions. Go left again. At 
the next fork is a Beer - keep left. Next fork, left. You'll see a large room 
ahead of you with a whole honkload of Skeletons in it. Don't go too far into the 
room, otherwise you'll trigger more of them being conjured by the Skeleton Mage. 
Take them out with Storm of Fire, or melee, or whatever, then save. Now go in 
and storm the Mage, a creepy-looking floating guy. Whenever the ground starts to 
shake, make sure you hit him with something, thereby interrupting his spell. If 
he gets that spell off, another wave of Skeletons will attack you. Which is fine 
if you want the XP, but tedious. Loot his body when dead, and then the chests 
behind him. On his body, you'll find a book with a riddle in it; read it, and it 
will give you another quest, The Stranger. The solutions to this quest are on 
the answers page. This quest is extremely difficult, since the clues are quite 
obscure, but the payoff is a bunch of XP and some nice treasure. 
From here, you can either explore the rest of the tunnels, or just head back 
out, keeping to the right, remember. There are other Skeletons in here, and 
minor treasure, so it's up to you. You'll probably run around in circles a bit, 
but you shouldn't get hopelessly lost. Even if you do, we're going to Teleport 
out of here anyhow, back to Xardas. Do so when you're ready, and then leave the 
tower however you choose. 
Since we have to go to a nearby location, either jump or Bloodfly off, and go 
back up the mountain where the unexplored ruins are. As you approach, you'll 
hear the sounds of a battle being fought. Ur-Shak is under attack by Orc Temple 
Warriors, and we've gotta help him. He is invincible, but he won't kill them all 
alone. The Warriors are tough buggers, so use Storm of Fire if possible, 
otherwise, try ranged attacks. One or two may come after you, but their focus 
will be Ur-Shak. Speak to Ur-Shak after killing them all, and he'll give you a 
huuuuge history lesson, and yet another quest. 
Return to Xardas for some XP. Now go back to Saturas. There doesn't seem to be a 
way to answer Saturas' questions that allow for completion of the Xardas quest - 
every answer results in failure! Turn around and speak to Riordian, who tells 
you that Gorn seeks you. You'll find Gorn by exiting the cavern, going around 
the path to the right, and continuing forward until you see a group of people. 
Gorn will inform you that he needs your help clearing the Free mine; tell him 
that it's time to clear out the unwelcome guests. As you begin to walk toward 
the Free Mine, he'll stop you again, and say that Wolf wants to see you urgently 
first. Go back to Wolf, who will give you a quest involving the armor plates of 
the huge Minecrawlers in the Free Mine - upon completion of this quest, you'll 
get one hell of a suit of armor, so don't pass this one up! Be sure to ask him 
how to remove the armor plates. Be sure to get at least 15 of them when you're 
in the New Mine, otherwise Wolf won't be pleased. 
Go back to Gorn, and lead him to the mine. Be sure not to lose him, as he does 
tend to get behind. As you pass through the tunnel, he'll warn you of a pack of 
4 Razors up ahead. Razors are like mini T-Rexes, and they're pretty tough, but 
Storm of Fire is your friend. Don't forget that Gorn is immortal, and he can 
take them out and get you to XP, too. Continue to the mine, where Gorn will tell 
you he'll wait for you up at the top, ostensibly to "cover your back." Coward. 
Make your way down through the mine village, looting and pillaging everything 
you can. At the bottom, there are several tough Guards that you'll have to take 
out. You can Storm of Fire them from one level up, or take them out with a 
ranged weapon, or go head-on, your choice. When they're dead, go into the hut to 
the right of the gate, turn the winch, and open the gate. Return to the gate and 
wait for Gorn to meander his way down from the top. He takes awhile, as he is in 
no particular rush, apparently; I mean, what's the urgency, right? [sigh] 
When he (finally) reaches you, enter the mine. This is a tough entry at first; 
Guards everywhere charging you with swords, shooting at you with crossbows - 
rough going. Definitely save before entering. Full health, full mana, equip 
whatever you'll be using to fight. One Guard will come right for you, as Gorn 
goes after the others. Gorn sometimes has a hard time with ladders, and gets 
confused. If at some point you lose him, come back here, and he should be 
waiting for you at the mine's entrance. If not, exit the mine, and there he will 
be. Re-enter and go about your bidness. It is to be hoped, anyhow. If you go 
down the ladders in this initial area, you can slay some Minecrawler Warriors 
and get their plates, too. I recommend doing so, because Wolf needs a bunch 
(about 15) before he can make the armor for you. There is also a shortcut to the 
Orc Slave we have to talk to this way; climb up the opposite side wall you came 
in; you'll find an Astronomy book, a Ham and a wooden barrier. Go through it, 
and jump down onto the wooden platform. This is Tarrok, the Orc you who can make 
the ULU-MULU, and he needs help. You must find a special Orc potion for him. 
The only thing is, if you take this shortcut, Gorn won't be around to help you 
fight through the Minecrawlers and Guards. You can do it alone, but it takes 
more time. If you do take the shortcut, take out the two Minecrawler Warriors 
from up there, or jump down and get them. Then go straight out of the room, kill 
the crawler, and go under the wooden beams, not up the ramp. Go down to the 
bottom and kill the crawlers there. To the right of the ramp as you come down is 
a ledge. Climb up on the ledge, get the Orc Medicine, and return it to Tarrok. 
He'll offer to make you an ULU-MULU, but you need to bring him four things: The 
teeth of a Swampshark, the tongue of a Fire Lizard, the horn of a Shadowbeast, 
and the Tusks of a Troll. You should already have the Shadowbeast horn from 
Gomez's chests. Maybe even the Fire Lizard tongue. You can't get the teeth of 
the Swampshark or the tusks of a Troll until you get this quest, though, so 
we'll need to go off looking for those. 
If you decide not to take the shortcut, here are the directions to the bottom: 
From the entrance, go straight ahead into the mine. Go through the short tunnel, 
and down the ladder ahead of you to kill two Minecrawler Warriors down there. 
There are also some Healing Herbs off to the left. Now go back up the ladder, 
hang a left, and go up the ramp a very short ways til you see a side passage to 
the right - go in there. Go down the first and second sets of ladders, and then 
take out the Guards at the bottom from the ledge (there should be 3 of them.) 
Take the only passage leading out of this cavern and continue fighting. Clear 
out the entire open area of Shadows and Guards, then go up the wooden ramp on 
the left side of the cavern. Follow the ramp down until it turns to dirt, then, 
when you reach the dirt, go under the wooden beams to your left and that's where 
you'll find the ledge to climb up onto to get the Orc Medicine. When you have 
it, continue down the path to find Tarrok. 
Now, we're all on the same page, and need to get the four items for the 
ULU-MULU. If you don't have any of the items, you can find them here: 
  There will be another Troll in the same location where it was with the Focus 
  stone. Be sure to have another Shrink Monster spell handy when you go after 
  Shadowbeasts tend to live in the woods. There is one on the way from the Old 
  Camp to the Swamp Camp, in the woods right across from where the Black Goblins 
  caves are. Shouldn't be too hard to find. There is also one near the stone 
  circle where you and Milten defeated the Skeletons and the Guardian of the 
  Fire Lizards can be found right by Xardas' Tower. If you approach via the 
  Golem path, keep going around the Tower, and across the path that's cut into 
  the land and ends in a drop to the water. The Fire Lizards are on the other 
  side of that path. It would be wise to either take them out from a distance, 
  or to have some serious Fire protection, as they're fast and vicious. 
  Swampsharks are, of course, in the swamp. Teleport back there and grab some. 
If you didn't take the shortcut to Tarrok, you'll need to navigate your way down 
through the mine to the bottom, with Gorn's help. He may randomly attack you for 
no reason; this is a known bug, and can really only be fixed by running away 
from him. If you did take the shortcut, you now need to fight your way back up 
to the top, or go out through the shortcut, rejoin Gorn, and fight your way down 
to rid the mine of the Old Camp folks. Your choice. Personally, I'm just going 
to fight my way up, since Gorn gets so confused with the ladders and the 
climbing, it's just not worth the trouble. 
When everyone is dead, return to the mine entrance and leave. If you'd lost Gorn 
somewhere along the way, he'll meet you there. When you leave the mine, Gorn 
will tell you he's going to wait here and guard the entrance. Go back to the New 
Camp to give Wolf your armor plates, and he'll tell you to check back after 
awhile for the armor itself. It'll take at least a few days for him to make the 
armor, so in the meantime, busy yourself with gathering the items for the 
ULU-MULU, and with the third book of the Chromanin and the Stranger quest. If 
you haven't been back to the Old Camp, stop by the North Gate and speak to 
Milten. There are Fire Lizards near the shipwreck, which is right next to the 
tower were we found the first book of the Chromanin. Fire Lizards are very 
deadly, and are immune, oddly enough, to Fire spells. Ice spells and ranged 
weapons will work, however. They are very, very fast, and have Fire Breath 
that'll seriously mess you up. I've found that climbing up onto the shipwreck is 
a great way to stay out of harm's way and take them out from a distance. 
After you have the tongue, Teleport over to the Swamp Camp and let's get our 
Swampshark teeth, shall we? Ok, once you have everything, Teleport back to the 
New Camp, and take it all back to Tarrok to receive your ULU-MULU. Tarrok will 
make it and give it to you. Exit the mine, and Chapter Five begins. 
Chapter Five: Guardians of the Portal 
We now need to go to the Orc village. First, let's check to see if Wolf has 
finished with that armor, shall we? It should be done by now, and it is awesome: 

Weapons: 80
Arrows: 15
Fire: 30
Magic: 5 
This is what to wear when you're under attack from conventional weapons, but the 
High Robe of the Magicians of Water is better for fire and magical attacks. 
Before you enter the Orc Temple, be certain that you have a Bow (not a Crossbow, 
but a regular bow, and arrows.) Onto the Orc Village! 
Here's another character snapshot: 
Guild: Magician of Water
Level: 27
Experience: 198050
Skill Points: 20
Strength: 78
Dexterity: 29
Mana: 61
Life: 414
Protection against weapons: 80
Arrows: 20
Fire: 70
Magic: 23
Melee Weapon: Scar's Sword (damage 85)
Ranged Weapon: Willow Bow (damage 48)
Armor: High Robe of Water 
The Orc Village lies (naturally) inside Orc lands. If you follow the path from 
the Old Camp that leads to the gates to the Orc lands, then follow that path as 
it curves around to the right, you'll find it. Ur-Shak will meet you outside, 
and it's good that he's there. He tells you to have the ULU-MULU in your hand 
when you go over the bridge, so that the Orcs don't attack you. Here's another 
idea; you can kill all of the Orcs for their XP. Ur-Shak will even help you, if 
you entice the Orcs to chase you back to him. Of course I feel a few pangs of 
guilt about this, because I'm killing off Ur-Shak's village that he so 
desperately wants to return home to. Be sure to ask him about the sealed temple, 
There are four ways into the Temple, an three easy ways, and a hard way. The 
hard way is more hack'n'slash fun, and involves killing off the whole village. 
One easy way is a piece of cake, involves killing no one, but leaves you trapped 
inside the Temple, except for Teleport spells. This is not a big deal. It all 
depends upon how you want to go about it. I'll walk you through this easy way 
Equip the ULU-MULU in your hand, and go into the village. The Orcs will be very 
nervous, and two or so of them will become your little shadows. Go to the gated 
area, and if the gate is down, open it (once you're inside the village, you can 
put the ULU-MULU away, but do not equip another melee weapon! Go through the 
gate, down the ramp, and across the gated area in front of you. Down into the 
tunnels, and take a sharp right, as there's a room right next to the ramp you 
just came down. Get the treasure from the chest, go into the next room, counter 
clockwise, and grab that stuff. In the room to the right of the stairs is a 
chest with all kinds of spells in it. One of them is an Orcish Teleport scroll 
that will put you inside the gate without having to resort to bloodshed. You can 
use the spell without being attacked by your escorts, even. You are, however, 
depriving yourself of several thousand XP at a time when XP is hard to come by. 
The teleport spell is also a one-time thing only! You have to finish your 
business inside the Temple in one shot, no exceptions; the second time you come 
back, you have to use the Figurine mentioned below. It is possible to complete 
the first part of the Temple phase this way, but you do have to leave at least 
once to finish the game. Also, if you go the hard way and have to leave the 
Temple for some reason to go to the New Camp or wherever, you can use the 
Teleport scroll to come back quickly, rather than trek all the way - a distinct 
The second easy way is to find a safe spot within range of the Telekinesis spell 
- up on the hills to the right of the entrance of the Figurine's cavern and grab 
it that way. Put it down on the ground, and wait for the Orc Shamans to stop 
trying to find you and kill you; they'll eventually go back to worshipping the 
empty pedestal, and you can go down at your leisure and pick up the Figurine. I 
had to turn into a Bloodfly to get up into those rocks, but it was easy in that 
Thirdly, if you like that idea but can't get up into the rocks, stand as far 
away from the Orc Shamans as the Telekinesis spell will allow (basically just 
outside the cavern entrance,) nab it, let it fall to the ground, and run like 
hell (ingesting a Potion of Velocity before you begin the spell is handy.) 
They'll stop chasing you eventually, and will seem to forget they're mad at you. 
Again, pick it up at your leisure. 
If, like me, you want to do it the hard way, equip the ULU-MULU in hand, and 
then go in and scout around, see what's what. Find the cave of the Orc Shamans 
that Ur-Shak told you about, and see where the figure you must steal is located. 
So. Cross the bridge, and watch the Orcs get very nervous. One or three will 
follow you at all times, to be sure you don't get up to anything bad. If the 
gate to the Temple area is closed, you can open it with the winch. Once you're 
inside the village, you can put away the ULU-MULU without being attacked; just 
be sure you don't equip a different weapon! 
As you enter the Temple area, there will be a ramp leading down. The large 
grated area in front of you has a tunnel behind it. Go in there to loot some 
treasure in the rooms below. Now that you've had your look around, it is my 
humble opinion that it's time to take them all out - it will make your next task 
ever so much easier, and will give you a honking assload of XP in the process. 
Once you take that figurine, the entire Temple Guard and the Shamans are going 
to try to kill you, and they are tough mothers. Your two or three escorts will 
follow you right out of town, and lead them there gladly. Once you're across the 
bridge, swap out your ULU-MULU for your best melee weapon, and have at them. 
They're tough so you really want to take them on in as few numbers as possible. 
Don't forget Ur-Shak is right there to back you up, too. Welllll, sort of. He'll 
get into the fray sometimes, but not always. You can leave the random, 
non-Guard/Warrior Orcs alone for now if you like, but get rid of anyone in 
Once you've cleared everyone in the village except the Shamans inside the 
cavern, lure the Shamans out one by one. You'll want your Mage's Robe for them, 
as they will use Fire magic against you. You can lure them out, one by one, by 
pointing a ranged weapon at them from close enough range. Keep dancing away from 
their Fire Bolts, and they will come closer. I found that taking refuge behind 
one of the pillars over the grates works very well. Then, immediately after he 
casts a Fire Bolt, sprint out and dispatch him before he can cast another. 
Repeat for all Shamans. When all are dead, nab the Figure from the top of the 
pedestal with a Telekinesis spell, and go into the ungated tunnel. Go down, grab 
the Horn from the throne (although I'm not sure what it does at this point,) and 
the loot from the chest. Down further to the two cages. The one on the left has 
a switch in the wall just past it which will open that side and get you a 
Revenge Steel, a fine weapon, indeed. 
Open the gate with the figurine. 
Enter the Temple (make sure you go far enough in to get the load screen, past 
the door with the giant Orc statues on either side of it,) and then immediately 
go back out and Teleport to Xardus. If you are a level 5 Mage, and have 40 Skill 
Points, you can be promoted to the 6th Circle of Magic, and receive some truly 
awesome armor - The Robe of the Dark Arts (90 Weapons, 20 Arrows, 60 Fire, 30 
Magic) and some XP. 
When I went through again as a New Camp Warrior, my stats upon entering the 
Temple for the first time were these: iWhen I played through as a New Camp 
Warrior, my stats at this point were: 
Guild: Mercenary
Level: 26
Experience: 180195
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 100
Dexterity: 78
Mana: 27
Life: 382
One-handed: Trained
Two-handed: Master
Bow: Trained
Crossbow: Master
Open Locks: Trained
Pickpocketing: Unskilled
Magic: No 
As you go down the steps and into the doorway, know that we're about to go up 
against The Bigs Bads of the game - the five undead Orc shamans Ur-Shak spoke 
up. To get to the them, though, we've got to fight off hoards of Skeletons and 
sundry other critters, as well as solve puzzles. Big fun! A huge key to the 
Temple is to pay attention to things that are written on the walls. 
Alrighty then; here we go. 
Go through the stone passageway and into the open room. Walk straight forward 
until you see a pile of stone; this is a bridge over the open gap in the floor 
(I went down there to scout around - nothing there, incidentally.) Climb over, 
and on the other side, you may wish to summon some help - my particular favorite 
is the Golem - exceptionally useful against Skeletons and other bad guys. One 
Golem can go in ahead of you and clear out the entire first room, no problem. A 
Death to the Undead Rune is also most helpful. From here on out, more than ever, 
save soon, save often! 
After getting rid of the Skeletons and the Skeleton Mage in the room, go to the 
passage that is on the left-hand side of the room (as you come into it, about 
midway up.) There's a switch on the left side of the wall; depress it, and it 
will open the door. Once you go inside, the door will close behind you, and two 
Skeletons will be released. Kill them, and press the switches in each of the 
niches. This opens the gate ahead of you, and releases one final Skeleton. 
Dispatch it, and then go into the room ahead. Here, you have three switches that 
serve some mysterious purpose. They probably open the gates letting you into the 
next chamber, right? Right. Figure out their puzzle, and turn the switches. 
Having trouble figuring it out? See the answers page. 
After the cutscene showing the gates opening, go in through the upper gates. 
Ahead are many more Skeletons. Clear them and their Mage (top center) out and 
then go into the passageway that's to the left of the main passage where you 
killed the Mage. Press the switch on the left of the door, and go inside to kill 
the Orc Temple Warrior. Go back toward the exit of this passage and find two 
large switches on either side of the doorway. Decide which switch to throw, so 
that the door to the main passage opens. If the first one you throw doesn't 
work, then use the other one (simple, eh?) Go through the main passageway, and 
meet your first Undead Orc Shaman, Varrag-Hashor. He'll throw Pyrokinesis at you 
almost constantly, but if you have the Dark Arts Robe, or any other high Fire 
protection, you won't sustain much damage, although you will be temporarily 
paralyzed under the spell. As a Mercenary, my health was taken down almost to 
zero with only the Crawler Plate Armor for protection, but I did take him out on 
the first attempt with the Revenge Steel (two-handed, damage 92.) He can be 
dispatched with a blade easily, or with magic (though the Undead Rune won't work 
on him.) Loot his body for important stuff, and explore the room ahead. There 
are three potions above the floor in one of the corners. It looks like a bug, 
but isn't. I probably spent a half hour trying to get to them before I realized 
the simple solution. 
Now, to leave the room you have to solve one small puzzle, which really isn't a 
puzzle at all. If you can't figure out how to leave the room, look here. 
Go back out into the antechamber, and over to the pillars you were shown moving 
down during the cutscene (they'll be off to your left, just before the trench in 
the floor.) Climb up them, get to the ledge, and take out the Temple Guard ahead 
of you. Throw the switch on the lefthand side of the door, and enter the next 
tomb. You'll meet Varrag-Unhiqt, who comes at you with Chain Lightning, which 
shouldn't cause you any more problems than the Pyrokinesis did. In fact, as a 
Mercenary, Unhiqt was much, much easier to destroy than the first shaman. Take 
him out with magic or sword, whichever you prefer. If you have a hard time with 
him, rush past him and into the room behind him, being sure to run beyond the 
skull on the floor. This will cause the gate to shut behind you, trapping him in 
the other room. Now, you can take him out with your ranged weapon or a 
long-distance spell, such as Storm of Fire. But then, you have to figure out how 
to get out of the room. Hmmmm. If you have troubles, check the answers page. If 
you didn't go into the room, you really should; there are some excellent 
stat-boosting potions to be found in there. 
Walk back toward the pillars you climbed up on, but just as you get there, 
notice the passageway on your right. Kill the Temple Guard there, and the one 
ahead, guarding a ramp down. Go down the ramp and take a left in the trench. Go 
forward until you hit the glowing white filaments, taking out any Temple 
Minecrawlers in your way, and take the first available left passage. From the 
trench floor, take out the Temple Guard. Climb up and hide in one of the 
corners, then summon a Golem to help. Go into the next room and take out the 
Temple Guard yourself, as he can kill the Golem easily; let the Golem take out 
the Skeletons, and then go into the next chamber. Try to work it so that your 
Golem is inside the gate with you when the gate closes. If you can't, summon 
another one once inside. Again, you're confronted by three switches, but these 
are unmarked. Hmmm. Stuck? This shaman was easily killed as a Mage, and was a 
bit tougher as a Warrior; you have to keep hitting him, because if he gets a 
spell off, they hit hard (and are really fast to cast.) I got him on the first 
try with both characters, but the Warrior took about half of his health in 
damage. After you've killed Varrag-Kasorg, loot the rooms for some Stuff, and 
exit that tomb using the Strange Shrine again. 
Go back to the trench, and back to the stone bridge. Climb up into the room 
there. In the room directly ahead (not the bloody one, but the lit cavern,) 
you'll see a Templar, probably fighting two Minecrawlers. You may wish for help 
taking out Gor Baba, because he's pretty tough; summon Skeletons or a Golem for 
aid if need be. As a Mage, I took him out with Scar's Sword in one battle, but I 
did get hurt. As a Warrior, it was easy to take him out with the Revenge Steel, 
after first taking out the Minecrawlers with the Heavy Crossbow. Here are my 
current Mage stats: 
Guild: Necromancer
Level: 32
Experience: 269790
Skill Points: 28
Strength: 76
Dexterity: 37
Mana: 101
Life: 514
Protection from weapons: 110
Arrows: 40
Fire: 70
Magic: 36
Magic: Circle 6
All other skills are unchanged.
Equipped jewelry: Amulet of Enlightenment (Life +25, Mana +25,) and two Rings of 
Greater Invincibility (Protection from Magic +3, Fire +5, Arrows +1-, Weapons 
And current Warrior stats: 
When I played through as a New Camp Warrior, my stats at this point were: 
Guild: Mercenary
Level: 28
Experience: 217095
Skill Points: 20
Strength: 106
Dexterity: 86
Mana: 42
Life: 421
One-handed: Trained
Two-handed: Master
Bow: Trained
Crossbow: Unskilled
Open Locks: Trained
Pickpocketing: Unskilled
Magic: No Crawler Plate Armor, Revenge Steel, Heavy Crossbow, Amulet of Might, 
Ring of Life, Ring of Power. 
Now we have to figure out how to get further into the game. The hint I'll give 
you here is that the next stage is in the bloody room with holes in the floor. 
If you can't figure it out, check the answers page, as always. 
Enter the room shown to you in the cutscene, and you'll find three large 
switches. At this point, it's a very good idea to summon a Golem or other help, 
if you want to get a metric plethora of XP without much work. It'll take a lot 
of patience, but not much damage. Every time you throw the switches in the 
incorrect order, a Lesser Demon will appear. Every time, til the end of time. 
So, if you want to level up a bit, this is a great way to do it; simply summon a 
Golem, and hit a wrong first switch for as long as you have patience for. You 
can literally fill the room up with their corpses, if you so desire. If you just 
want to get straight to it, then figure out the correct order. There is another 
feature of the room you should notice, too. Trouble? 
Go into the gate that opens, and cautiously go down the ramp. In the small room 
ahead is a Temple Guard, another beyond him, another to the right, and Fanatical 
Templars all around. Try to get them to come after you individually, as always. 
The Temple Guards go down if you hit them with two fully-charged Storms of Fire, 
and then run away. The Templars go down with one Storm of Fire. Of course, if 
you're a warrior, you'll need to take them on the old-fashioned way, and it is 
to be hoped you have mastered the two-handed weapon! As a Warrior with the 
Revenge Steel, they were fairly easy to take down, but I did sustain damage. As 
a Mage, I used a combination of sorcery and Scar's Sword to slash through. 
A cautionary note: This is not the only way to get through this stage; you may 
find a way that works better for you. This is simply what I found to be the most 
expedient way, but just about any of the passages will lead you to the same 
conclusion, mostly. 
Take the passageway to the right, and go over the bridge, after clearing the 
room off to the left. You'll find valuable potions and treasure in the box 
there. If you fall into the trench, that's fine - you're going to end up there, 
anyhow, and it's actually easier to just jump in like this. If you don't want to 
jump in the trench, and I don't know why you wouldn't, follow the directions in 
the next paragraph; they're more challenging, but only slightly. 
Go back to the large, central room with the two statues on either side of the 
arched doorway; that's where you're going next. Save first; trust me. What we 
have here is a Hallway O'Perpetual Spikes; they don't ever "stop," you have to 
navigate them as they are. It's fairly easy to get the timing and hop from side 
to side, but they do hurt pretty badly if you get stuck, so having a saved game 
to go back to is good. Go forward and take out the first Temple Guard, then turn 
around and notice the arched passage ahead of you - that's where you want to 
head first. 
Ok. So now we're all in that passageway. If you came from the lava pit, go 
forward until you see a tunnel going down to the left. If you came from above, 
you'll need to find the end of the tunnel that I'm talking about, and the 
passage will be going down to your right. Either way, go down there, fight any 
Temple Minecrawlers in your way, and read the Journal on the table for important 
information. Gather the treasure from the box, and head back up. On your way, 
you'll notice another passage forking off to the right; go there, fight more 
Temple Minecrawlers, and gather the booty items. The weapon is the Barbarian's 
Fist, a formidable axe for anyone who has two-handed weapons training - woohoo! 
A word of advice; don't wander off the edge and fall into the pit of lava. :-) 
Coming out of the tunnel, turn left and follow the looooong passageway to 
another large room. Ahead is a dias with a large switch on it; jump over and use 
the switch. Don't panic when you start sinking - it's just an elevator. Wade to 
the end of the passageway, and choose which switch to throw; both end in 
essentially the same result. One simply opens the gate that leads to the final 
Orc Shaman. The other one looses three Temple Minecrawlers at you, and then 
opens a secondary chamber that contains some very nice treasure. A long look at 
what lies ahead of you follows; take a good look at what enemies lie in wait. It 
also seems to indicate in which room you should begin the next phase of assault. 

Wade back to the start of the passage and press the switch for the elevator to 
come back and fetch you. 
First, we need to get across to the other side of this room, by leaping from 
pillar to pillar. If you have acrobatics in your arsenal, this is really 
dangerous; it makes it entirely too easy to overshoot your target. Most of the 
time, this is a non-fatal error, and you simply have to run clockwise around the 
room, back to the other side and start again. 
When you get over to the other side, there will be multiple Temple Guards and 
Fanatical Templars around, so take them out. If you're having a hard time with 
them face to face, try luring them back to the pillars, where they almost 
inevitably fall into the lava and die. You won't get their XP, but at least they 
won't kill you. Then go into the room last seen in the cutscene, and gather up 
all of the valuable potions and such from there, and imbibe their skill-boosting 
goodness. There is also the amazing Troll Fist here, a true prize for two-handed 
fighters. This is why we came this way now - to gather up this stuff as quickly 
as possible. However, a word for Warriors; if you haven't boosted your Strength 
and Dexterity skills to 100 yet, you may want to hang onto these. You cannot use 
Skill Points to get over 100, however, you can use any potions to get higher 
than that. Thus, use up any Skill Points to get to 100, if possible. The same 
goes for Mages and Mana. Mages will very likely not be anywhere close to 100 on 
Strength or Dexterity, and so may use these potions now, if they like. Now we go 
back to the large room with the lava moat and the shrine-thing in the middle. 
You can either go back the way we came, or you can go out the exit on the left 
side of the room and find the trench that way, through the room with the two 
large statues, et cetera. 
Our objective in this room is, naturally, to get to that center shrine. You 
might be able to leap over the gap if you have acrobatics, and time your jump 
just right, but there's another way - the XP way. And, XP whore that I am, 
that's the way I'm going to lead you through. Basically, just enter each of the 
three side room, slay everything in sight, and throw the switches. This will 
extend a bridge to the shrine. I'll wait here while you go do that. Don't forget 
to explore the rooms for possible treasures. 
Once you've got the bridge happening, now you just need to enter the shrine and 
defeat the last Shaman, right? Uh, right. There's help, if'n you need it. As you 
enter, you'll see a brief cutscene of a great-looking sword laying on the altar; 
you need to grab that after defeating him. Also, if you initiate attack from the 
point of entry, the cutscene may break, because the Shaman can't get up to speak 
to you. 
Dispatch Varrag-Ruuushk, grab the Strange Sword and Ruuushk's stuff, and head 
back over to where you found the Troll Fist. Now we need to go all the way in to 
fight the final Undead Shaman. To get there, exit the lava pit room, go through 
the passageway of spikes rising, and into the next doorway on your right. 
In the next room the left of the booty room you looted is a Fanatical Templar 
and several Lesser Demons. The Demons can't fit through the doorway, it seems, 
so if you lure them to the door, you can just plink away with them in whatever 
way you choose from a safe distance. Go on in, and explore the large room off to 
the right after you turn the corner. Slay the Lesser Demon, and find the 
Warrior's Voice in a corner. Continue forward to the edge of the spiky bridge, 
and save. 
Ahead of you is the fifth Shaman, Grash-Varrag Arushat, who is invincible at 
this stage of the game. We have to try, though; slash away at him until your 
character notices he's doing no damage, and then take his advice and flee. You 
may take considerable damage as you run, so run quickly, and keep running; he'll 
chase you for quite awhile. You need to get back to Xardas, so run all the way 
out of the Temple, and teleport to Xardas' Tower. As you leave, you'll notice 
that the Temple is repopulated with enemies again. If you've taken a Potion of 
Velocity or some such, you can easily dodge them, but I like the XP. 
Speak to Xardas about the sword, and learn all you can, then ask about better 
armor. He'll give you the key to his old tower, which is nearby. Leave Xardas' 
Tower, and go up the Golem path, following it around that sharp right turn where 
the skeleton is, and up to the embankment surrounding the lake below Ur-Shak's 
ruins. We're heading for the tower coming from the center of the lake. Swimming 
underwater is always a bit disorienting, and the camera angle in the narrow 
passageway won't help any, so save before you dive. In the center of the tower, 
the water is deep again, and we need to dive down and go through an underwater 
passage; it's basically straight down, over just a tiny bit, and then straight 
back up again. 
You'll emerge in an underground cavern with many Skeletons and Undead creatures 
up ahead. Try to take on the Skeletons first without alerting the other nasties. 
Mages have it easier here than fighters; a Death to the Undead Rune is very 
handy here, but can sometimes take more time that you might have, and is very 
short-ranged. Once you have the initial bad guys taken out, you can nuke the 
Skeleton Mage with Storm of Fire if you're a Mage. If you're fighting, it's just 
going to be a lot of running around, hacking and slashing. Don't forget to make 
sure of handy ledges all around, where the bad guys can't reach you. 
When you have the lower level cleared and the Skeleton Mage taken care of, run 
up the stairs and straight ahead to the ledge, which you should climb up on 
immediately; lots of Zombies around, now. They're slow, but they pack a hell of 
a whallop, as you may have already found out. If you have the Death to the 
Undead Rune, you're golden here; pick them off at your leisure. Fighters will 
have to lure them around and take them out one by one, although if you have the 
amazing Troll Fist from the Temple, and the Crawler Plate Armor, they really 
help, and you can probably take them on in small mobs. Zombies are really dumb 
when it comes to ledges and holes; if you can get them into one of the side 
rooms with the pits, you can keep them on one side of the pit indefinitely, and 
lure them out singly. Like Skeletons, they die best up against a wall. 
In the left room, with the orange glow, there are two chests that will open with 
the key Xardas gave you. You'll get the Ore Armor (Weapons 95, Arrows 25, Fire 
40, Magic 10) and Teleport to the Magicians of Fire. After getting that stuff, 
return to Xardas, who will have finished the spell. 
When you return to Xardas, he'll comment on the Ore Armor if you're wearing it. 
Remember that this armor is great against weapons attacks, but not as good 
against Fire and magical attacks as the High Robe of the Dark Arts. Ask Xardas 
about the formula; he's done. If you haven't mastered two-handed weapons, and 
are at least a 6th Circle Mage, you will probably want to change the Sword to a 
Rune, but first you have to activat the sword. You'll need to go back to the 
Water Mages. When you arrive in Saturas' chamber, Milten will be there. Speak to 
him, and go off to the library to discuss your plan. He'll offer to help. Before 
you go down to the ore mound, be sure to carry out any training or trading in 
the New Camp you wish; you'll surely make some enemies after this! Also, make 
sure that a Teleport spell is equipped before the ritual; you'll probably want 
to leave quickly after performing it. A good one to equip is the Teleport 
Magicians of Fire, because then you can go back and kill Gomez, the bastard. 
You'll see a cutscene of the charging of the sword, and then you should go ahead 
and get out. If you go back up to Saturas, he and Riordian will hit you with a 
deadly combination of Ice Block and Fire spells that'll make it difficult to hit 
them, and they're not worth much XP, anyhow. 
Chapter Six: The Temple of the Sleeper: 
When you arrive in the pentagram, Bartholo (and some Guards, if you didn't kill 
them all off) will be waiting for you. Kill him, then go and get Gomez. You can 
get Thorus at this point, too, if you like. There's a Guard running around 
somewhere that has a very nice Crossbow Of War that's even better than the Heavy 
Crossbow. I found him in the barracks at night, but he could be anywhere. If you 
would like to rescue Stone, whom Bartholo mentioned had been imprisoned, go into 
the Guard's quarters, all the way to the back, and down into the dungeon. Stone 
is locked in the second door on the left. He'll offer to meet you back at the 
smithy, so follow him there. Ask him all the questions offered, and then he'll 
forge you pretty much anything you like. I asked him to reinforce the Ore Armor, 
which gives it Weapons 100, Arrows 30, Fire 45 and Magic 15. Spiffy! On my 
run-through as a New Camp Warrior, after I rescued Stone, he got inexplicably 
stuck over by the Fire Mages' house, and refused to budge, thereby denying me 
the reinforced armor. Bastard. 
Go back to Xardus with the charged Uriziel. If you want to turn Uriziel into a 
rune, this is the time to do so. He'll give you the rune and the "empty" sword. 
Now return to the Orc Temple. I had saved the Teleport spell til now, just to 
avoid the hassle. This is it, folks - endgame! 
Return to Grash-Varrag-Arushat and use either the sword or the rune on him. The 
rune will take three or four passes to kill him, but you can do it from 
sufficient distance so as to not even have him attack you. As a Warrior, about 
15 hacks with the sword Uriziel did it, and he didn't even get an attack in 
edgewise. Loot his body, however you kill him, and steal what he's got. As a 
Mage, the Breath of Death Rune is awesome; it only does half the damage of 
Uriziel's Rune, but it's much faster to cast. 
Ascend the ramps and face the Apocalyptic Templar, who's very, very tough. I 
found them exceptionally difficult as a Mage; the best way seemed to be to drink 
a 2-minute speed potion, hit him with Breath of Death a few times, flee until 
well ahead of him, turn, Breath of Death a few more times, lather, rinse, 
repeat. As a Warrior with a two-handed weapon, they were almost a piece of cake, 
though they seem virtually immune to arrows or bolts. There is another inside 
the room. After taking care of them both, use the Undead Shamans' Swords in the 
Strange Shrines (your character will automatically select the correct one.) Go 
into the next room and speak to Xardas, who will fall asleep shortly, after 
explaining how to destroy The Sleeper. After, explore the second pasage on the 
left, and go forward until you find a platform of Mummies, and loot them for a 
huge number of stat-boosting potions and such. 
You should now be a lean, mean fighting machine, ready to take on the biggest 
bad of the entire realm. Here are my own Mage stats, post-imbibing the special 
Level: 36
Experience: 339420
Skill Points: 10
Strength: 168
Dexterity: 88
Mana: 221
Life: 697
Protection Weapons: 120
Arrows: 50
Fire: 55
Magic: 21
Jewelry Equipped: 2 Rings of Greater Invincibility, Amulet of Enlightenment.
Armor: Reinforced Ore Armor 
And as a Warrior: 
Level: 32
Experience: 278095
Skill Points: 18
Strength: 185
Dexterity: 136
Mana: 190
Life: 594
One-handed: Trained
Two-handed: Master
Bow: Trained
Crossbow: Master
Protection Weapons: 120
Arrows: 50
Fire: 55
Magic: 21
Jewelry Equipped: 2 Rings of Greater Invincibility, Amulet of Might.
Armor: Reinforced Ore Armor
Weapons: Sword of Uriziel, Crossbow of War 
As you can see, I wasn't as vigorous in my pursuit of XP the third time through 
(the Warrior version;) I could have gone up a few more levels if I'd taken the 
time to go after more enemies and such. But as it stands, you can see that the 
stats aren't that different, when it comes right down to brass tacks. 
You may now select either of the two remaining passages to get to The Sleeper's 
Inner Sanctum. Each contains one Apocalyptic Templar to kill, and each leads to 
the same place via jumping across pillars and such. As you approach the Inner 
Sanctum, you'll see a cutscene showing you exactly what you're up against; 
wow...lots of people, including a crazed Cor Kalom. Take out the Templars first, 
by luring them individually out of the arches. As a Mage, I had to drink a speed 
potion and Breath of Death them while fleeing, as before. Next, we need to deal 
with the Novices and Kalom. Before you initiate any kind of attack on them, 
drink a speed potion so you can flee, because as soon as you let them know 
you're there, they will attack en masse and Cor Kalom will hit you with 
Pyrokinesis. Warriors and Rangers will likely be able to just take them head-on, 
but it's a good idea to drink a 2-minute speed potion, just in case you need to 
flee. The Obsessed Novices present almost zero problem for a Warrior, but the 
Pyrokinesis Rune that Kalom has paralyzes one, and so it becomes easy to take 
much damage whilst flailing about, helplessly. After Kalom's death, the Novices 
can be taken individually, or as a group. I chose to "get their attention" with 
a crossbow from atop the ramp (they take no damage from Crossbows, but they do 
come to attack their assailant, one by one.) 
After you get away from their initial attack, they will go back to their worship 
of the demon. Take them out from above with either a ranged weapon, or Breath of 
Death. They'll give chase, you'll flee or fight them, and finally, they'll all 
be dead. Now, you only have to pierce the hearts to kill The Sleeper. At this 
point, you'll want as much Fire and Magic protection as possible. If you go up 
to try to kill the Sleeper, you will fall asleep. 
Go down and select which end of the pillars you want to start with. Approach, 
and Ctrl-Up the pillar with the face on it (you can do them in any order, but I 
prefer starting from one end and going across for simplicity's sake.) You'll 
pierce the heart, and a Demon Lord will appear. These are tough buggers, so save 
after each one you kill. Fortunately, they can only attack at close range, so 
the key is to smack them (magically or with your melee weapon) just as they're 
in range, and are about to attack you. You'll do the most damage that way, and 
as always, try to back them up against a wall. 
As you pierce the final heart, your final action in the game, you'll see the 
ending cutscene, in which it appears The Sleeper is banished to another 
dimension. The ending narration suggests a sequel, which is actually due out 
very soon (if it hasn't been released already.) 
Roll Credits. 
Congratulations! You've conquered Gothic! 
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