Project Gotham Racing 2 review
2nd best racing game

The good:

Awesome graphucs, wide selection of tracks, cars, and music.

The bad:

The game soundtrack is a little too horrible to be considered music, and the AI is whacked


Project Gotham Racing 2 is definitely a step up in racing games, even from PGR1. I would consider it the 2nd best racing game ever, next to Gran Turismo 3. The graphics for this game are smooth and vivid. There are many cars to choose from (Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Ferrari Enzo? You decide). Also, the levels are detailed, and the gameplay is just downright fun. I could spend hours on Xbox Live and never get tired. The only snags that I can think of is the music. 99% of the songs I don't even know, so I just turn it off and listen to my engine and full throttle. One other snag is the AI system. It is either too easy or too difficult. Sometimes, they never recover if you screw them up, and other times, they will do everything in their power to crash your car. These snags wouldn't change my view of this game however. If you have 30 dollars, buy this game immediatly.

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