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I wish I never went home!

The good:

  • Simplistic controls
  • Incredible storytelling
  • Mysterious allure
  • Fitting graphics
  • Voice-acting

    The bad:

  • Short
  • Replay value minimal


    There's not much I can say about this game without giving everything away and ruining the experience for anyone who reads this. All I can do is attempt to justify what seems to be a highly debatable topic: The price tag. Yes, it's starting out at $20. The game's roughly three hours max if you take your time and explore, and there isn't much for replay value. There's no action, fighting, stages, complex puzzle-solving, multiplayer, experience meters...nothing. You're in a gigantic empty house the entire time. And yet...this is easily the most memorable game I've ever played.

    Gone Home...

  • 6.0

    Exploring, not playing.

    The good:

    Lots of things to pick up and move around.
    Plenty of exploring
    Story is easy to follow.
    The art work is nice.

    The bad:

    Nothing happens.
    No re-play value.
    Story is sub-par.
    It's easy to miss clues, you need to look at absolutely everything.


    The game starts out promising enough, you can explore every nook and cranny in the house. Secret passage ways, things to move around, doors to open etc. You can do a lot in the house, but there is no outside exploration. There are a lot of rooms to see and it's all pretty detailed. I had high hopes, but those hopes were dashed.

    I've seen commentary on the "amazing" story and characters, but I don't feel emotionally invested in the story line or the people. Instead, I find myself annoyed at the main character for her typical teen actions/decisions, annoyed with "me" for having no clue...

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