Golden Sun: The Lost Age review
Golden Sun: The Lost Age

The good:

Graphics, Gameplay, Puzzles, and magic system

The bad:

item management, plot holes, long conversations


Can a sequel continue to live up to the standards set by the original? In the case of the Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the answer is yes and it has even surpassed the original.
Graphics are outstanding with detailed backgrounds, weather effects, characters that actually run up and hit opponents, rotating camera angles in battle mode, and visually stunning magic spells, weapon effects, and summons (my personal favs. are Odyssey, Sol
Blade, and Thor). 5/5
Gameplay is very fluid and easy to learn. Vets of the original will find the exact same format and new comers will pick up on controls with very few problems, yet a challenge remains in figuring out classes and djinn abilities when set to a character. Djinn do once again have an in-game tutorial so that's nice. Puzzles range from easy to challenging; so
be prepared to use your brain at times. My complaints are that items are hard to manage as each character only holds 15 different items with a max. of 30 of each. Plus with the new dungeon psynergies, having just two buttons to set psynergies to is not enough in my opinion. A more detailed map would have been nice too. 4.5/5
The plotline is very basic and not very original. It does get interesting at some points, but these points are seldom. Like the original, the beginning drags with details and character conversation. There are other points in the game where conversation become lengthy as well. Without spoiling anything, there are at least two points in the game where there is a
plot hole or some occurrence that doesn't make sense. Some would condemn this game on the plot only since it is a key factor in a role playing game; however, I have the opinion that if all you're looking for is a good fantasy plot, then you should go to your local library and read a book. 2.5/5
Sound/Music- The sound is decent in this game. The speech sound gets annoying after awile, but fortunately you can turn that off in the pause menu. Music for the most is nice and ususually reflects the mood or culture of the place you are at. (my fav. is the music that plays when cruising around in the ship)
Replayablity- Unlike the first one where the only reason to play again is to find all the
djinn, GSTLA offers more than lost djinn. You have special class changing items, items
that can be made into armor and weapons, and most importantly special summons to
find! Unless you follow a detailed walkthrough, you probably will miss something. 4/5

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