Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

My Golden Sun cheats
After reaching loho.... do this!!!!
get back in your ship and move your ship to the bottom of the sand place where you get off. Face your ship to the mountain. Move the ship a little down. Then you should be able to to hop off your ship UNDER THE MOUNTAIN.... Keep going along the island then you should be able to see Vale. You won't be able to enter it, but you can have MINI ADVENTURES around it. See youtube if you don't get this cheat Enjoy Though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just sayin....
Once you finish the game you will be able to select save. Save and then press new game. Press select three times to get the characters names and name your characters. Then it will say if you want two play on easy. SELECT this to do the following.......
All gold that you had in the last game will be transfered to the new game
All levels that the main characters excluding Isaac and CO will be transfered
All stats will be transfered.....