Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

The bone, some corn, and the oldie
The Bone- It's just a regular of bone, that you can find in only one spot in the whole game. There is only one, and there is no use for it. You also can't sell it. When in Lemuria, look for the flashy looking butterfly's on the ground, use scoop on one of them, and a bone will pop up. This particular spot is by a dog in front of a palace.

Corn- There is one corn on the cob in the whole game, that restores 100Hp, and can be sold at a very low price, so it's not really worth it, but it is cool to know you've got the only one in the entire game. Go to Contigo, and look for a guy selling corn outside of a building. Talk to him, he WONT sell you corn. Use mind read, and notice that one of the pieces of corn on the bottom edge lights up. Go to it, press A while facing it, and you'll pick it up.

The Old Golden Sun- Ever want to see the old Golden Sun lands? but don't want to buy the game? Well you can, even if this game does have every single rout blocked. Go to Loho, right at the little beach near there, but don't go on the land. Point your boat facing in between the mountains, and the beach, and the little piece of green land that you don't normally get to dock on to. Press A while forcing yourself in to that little corner, and you are now on to the Old Golden Sun land!!! You can explore most of it, there are monster battles, but you can't go in to any of the places. They are just landmarks and are not supposed to be entered. You can't go to the Mercury lighthouse area as there is no Goma Cave in this version, so that area is officially blocked off.