Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

A Smart Weapon/Armor Setup
After looking through many different weapon/armor possibilities, I believe I have found a great combination that gives you a balanced party in which you can use almost any strategy to defeat your opponent. Now remember when it comes to setting items, there is no right or wrong answer, everything is opinion.

Sheba: Lachesis' Rule, Berserker Band, Riot Gloves, Feathered Robe, Dragon Boots, Guardian Ring, Mythril Shirt.

This setup uses 3 items that help Sheba's attack when she is in a weaker Attack class, such as her primary class Sorcerer. Lachesis' Rule is by far the best staff or mace when it comes to weapons. To receive this item, use a 1 or 2 enemy RNG on Mad Demons. To fight a Mad Demon, however, you must have access to Anemos Sanctum, meaning you transfered at least 24 Djinn from the first game. Should you not have, the Atropos Rod is a fine substitute, and to get this use a 1 or 2 enemy RNG on Fire Dragons located in Yampi Desert Cave. The Berserker Band and Riot Gloves add a combined 30 extra attack points to her stats while also being at the top of their type of armor defense-wise. The Riot Gloves also increase the chance of her weapon unleashing Apocalypse. The Feathered Robe is a rarer item (Wild Gryphons in Shaman Village Cave drop it - use a 1 enemy RNG) and it helps her wind power, her wind resist, and it increases her already-strong agility to give her the edge in link battles. While the defense points are a bit on the lower side, a point or 2 loss is worth it for the extra element and agility bonus. The Dragon Boots are the best boots for anyone with at least average agility because of their resist bonuses. The Guardian Ring is best ring for defense, but make sure to give her a few Mist Potions to back her up. The Mythril doesn't do much, but it's the best of the 3 shirts you have unlimited access to.

Ivan: Tisiphone Edge, Berserker Band, Riot Gloves, Iris Robe/Feathered Robe, Dragon Boots, Spirit Ring, Golden Shirt.

Similar setup here. The Tisiphone Edge is the strongest weapon you can find for Ivan, and the Riot Gloves and Berserker Band help improve the below-average attack of the Sorcerer class. I am torn when it comes to Ivan's armor, though. While I explained all of the bonuses of the Feathered Robe before, the Iris Robe also increases luck by 15 and restored PP, 2 very useful attributes indeed. Add 30 Fire resist points as a kicker, and you have a top tier armor item. But for some reason, I just love the Feathered Robe on Wind Adepts. Anyway, it's your choice, but if I were to pick one I'd ihave to go with the Iris Robe. The Golden Shirt is the best shirt money can buy (or bandits can steal) and it's good on those needing a bit of Max HP help. The Spirit Ring is one of the only useful things Tear Stones can be used for, giving the bearer the ability to heal all members of the party at the strength of the Wish Well spell.

Felix: Sol Blade, Gloria Helm, Cosmos Shield, Valkyrie Mail, Dragon Boots, Spirit Ring, Mythril Shirt.

Easy choises here. The Sol Blade is definately a great weapon to have on either Earth adept due to its stellar attack and its powerful unleash. I've seen the Tisiphone Edge and Excalibur on Felix before, and I just don't like the idea of the fact that not every unleash is the strongest one possible. The Gloria Helm is a staple of any 4 adept's sets who can use it due to the fact that it has the best defense for its type and the 10 HP regenerated every turn are great for tanks like Felix during long rounds as a supplemental healing device (Note: If you do not have the Gloria Helm you can get one by using a 1 or 2 enemy RNG on Aka Manah's in Mars Lighthouse). The Cosmos Shield is not only the strongest shield, but it give 80 resistance points, 20 to each element. This makes it an ideal weapon for Felix who looks to be suited for staying late in rounds. The Valkyrie Mail is a powerful Chest armor that increases the chance of an unleash, and it makes the most sense to give it to the person with the most consistent unleash. The Dragon Boots work here, but if you want extra criticals and you believe that the Cosmos Shield gives Felix all the Resistance he may need, you can pick up a pair of Hyper Boots at Contigo's slot machine for extra Megiddos when you may need them most.

Isaac: Darksword, Fear Helm, Terra Shield, Xylion Armor, Dragon Boots, Cleric's Ring, Mythril Shirt.

For Isaac, I decided to give him a setup in which he has an ungodly attack, therefore all 4 of his weapons give him his best possible attack in the Slayer class. While the Darksword doesn't have the best possible unleash, it does give him the best attack of all the weapons in the game. The Fear Helm and Terra Shield both sport a great defense and boost Isaac's attack a combined 15 more points. While the Xylion Armor may not fit the cursed item theme we have going, it is better than both cursed items in that it doesn't lower resistance and boosts Isaac's attack some extra points. The Cleric's Ring is a must here. If you did not transfer data or didn't unlock it in the 1st Golden Sun, then do not even attempt this setup, for you may only attack every other round.

Garet: Excalibur, Gloria Helm, Cosmos Shield, Xylion Armor, Quick Boots, Spirit Ring, Running Shirt.

Not much new to add armor-wise, again these are the top items you can find as long as you have enough Orihalcon. For this, use 1 or 2 enemy RNG's on Sky Dragons in Anemos Sanctum. If you didn't transfer data, then I reccommend trying items like Chronos Mail, Mythril Clothes, and Erinyes Tunic for chest armor and something like the Big Bang Gloves, Riot Gloves, or Flame Shield for his shield. One new thing I added though was the Excalibur. Being that I only have access to 1 Cleric's Ring and Sol Blade playing the right way (a.k.a not hacking), the next best weapon would be to use the Excalibur. Of course, if you do not have enough Orihalcon, I reccommend the Fire Brand, Tisiphone Edge or Masamune. The Quick Boots and Running Shirt help immensely due to the fact that the Hero class is one of the slowest in the game. If you have Garet in a faster class, then feel free to switch them out for Dragon Boots and a Mythril Shirt.

Jenna: Tisiphone Edge, Berserker Band, Big Bang Gloves, Mysterious Robe, Dragon Boots, Spirit Ring, Mythril Shirt.

Being that Jenna's primary status is a healer in the Justice class, I have adjusted her equipment to fit her needs. While the Tisphone Edge and Berserker Band both help her attack, the Big Bang Gloves increase her fire power. This makes her Cool Aura spell stronger along with her other fire-related attacks. The Mysterious Robe is arguably the best chest item any adept could wear, let alone the best of the Robes. The 20 HP returned per turn act as a better supplemental healing device than the Gloria Helm (which Jenna cannot wear anyway) and the 10 PP restored each turn make it seem like her Cool Aura only uses 6 PP per turn rather than 16. Should you wish to give the Mysterious Robe to another adept (Sheba, Ivan, or Mia), then the Ardagh Robe fits well here because of the 20 Fire power points added to the 40 she recieved from the Big Bang Gloves. While this may seem like a logical setup, I prefer giving the Mysterious Robe to Jenna due to the fact that all 3 other robes equiped to the various adepts who can use this item are all better than the Ardagh Robe.

Mia: Lachesis' Rule, Psychic Circlet, Riot Gloves/Clear Bracelet, Triton's Ward, Dragon Boots, Golden Ring, Running Shirt.

Similar to Jenna, Mia's primary role is to be used as a healer, and again I have adjusted her weapons to fit her healing needs. Like I said for Sheba, the Lachesis' Rule is the best weapon possible for Mia. I've seen people use Clotho's Distaff here because of it's ability to heal, but I don't like the idea of weapons that can break and don't unleash anything when used for attacking. While the Psychic Circlet is lacking in the defensive department, it makes up for it with its ability to restore 12 PP per turn. This helps Mia because her Pure Wish spell needs 20 PP every turn, and if you are in a longer battle then running out of PP could leave you in a tight situation. While the Riot Gloves help Mia's attack and evade, I have seen people use the Clear Bracelet on Mia to further her water skills and make her Pure Wish even stronger. Typically this would make sense, but the Riot Gloves are much stronger defensively and in the case you would need her to attack then the Riot Gloves would make more sense here. However, both are solid options. The Triton's Ward can be found by using a 1 or 2 RNG on Ocean Dragons in Treasure Isle (Note: Turtle Dragons are found in the first few rooms of Treasure Isle, and these give Blessed Maces rather than Triton's Wards. If you wish to find an Ocean Dragon, go all the way to the room in which when you first enter you see 3 boulders that you would use the Lift Psynergy on. Ocean Dragons can be found there)This is the ideal chest item for Mia because its 30 points increase on her water power make Pure Wish stronger, and it also increases her water resist by 70 points. If she has all 9 Water Djinn, then her total Water Resist should be around 200, making her virtually immune to Water attacks targeted at her. The Triton's Ward also boasts a great defense to keep Mia in longer, and typically the more Mia is in, the better shape the rest of your party will be. A new item I added was the Golden Ring. Now, if you didn't transfer data (or didn't save the young girl in the first game) then you won't have access to this item that increases all her element's resistance. In this case, you can equip her with another Spirit Ring. I also gave Mia a Running Shirt should she need to be a tad bit quicker to get a Pure Wish in there before the enemy unleashes another attack, but if you are one of those people who likes their healer to be the slowest one in your party then feel free to just give her a Mythril Shirt like the rest of them (remember, it's all about opinion).

Piers: Excalibur, Gloria Helm, Cosmos Shield, Xylion Armor, Quick Boots, Spirit Ring, Running Shirt.

Look similar to another setup? In my personal battle plan, I always use either Piers or Garet to exploit the elemental weakness of another player (sort of like a hitman), and it's no coincidence that that they have similar items.
Again, this setup requires 3 Orihalcon, and should you not have enough, I recommend first using it to forge an Excalibur, then look along the lines of Mythril Clothes or Triton's Ward for his Chest armor and the Riot Gloves or Aegis Shield (found in the Lemurian Fountain) for his Shield. And again, use the Quick Boots and Running Shirt for Piers because if you wish to keep him in his primary class Admiral, then he has a relatively low speed.

Well, that's all. If you like my guide and you wanna talk some Golden Sun, whether it's if you like my guide, you have another good setup, or you have any info on the 3rd Golden Sun (which is, last time I checked, no one) hit me up on AIM at aTzUeLo1191. And again, when it comes to setting up armor in this game, it's all just opinion.