Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

Good Tricks and Tips
Forging Quickly Trick

Ever got tired of running back and forth from Sunny's house in Yallam, trying to get Excalibur?

Well I'm not sure if you already figured out,
but you dont have to go all the way outside of the town after you commision Sunny to forge you an item. Just simply go over to the Yallam's Sanctum, and immediately come back out again. Now run back to Sunny's house. His wife will give you the forged item. Sanctum's faster than going all the way outside of the town.

And dont ever randomly let Sunny forge you anything he wants. He will randomly forge you an item from the forgeable materials, and it solely depends on luck to get your desirable item from the certain forgeable material. Always check the Forge Item list and make sure what YOU want out of that material. Go ask Sunny to forge you an item, and if it's not something you want, reset and try again. If you dont really care what comes out, you just want to get rid of the material, then fine. (Like Tear Stones and all the other useless crap.)

Quick Teleporting to Town Trick

You know how you finish a dungeon or a quest in one place and you have to return to town, or you're simply too far away from a certain point and is TIRED to run or sail all the way back? Well, now simply just save after you're all ready to go back to town. Now press A + B + Select + Start. You just did a soft reset. (Hard reset is when you turn off the power and turn it back on.) It doesnt matter which reset you do, but soft reset is faster. Now before you load back your save data, press L + R and Start. (Not select. If you press L + R and select, you'll be in sleep mode. More about this later) Keep pressing it and press A to load back your save data. You should be in the Sanctum of your last visited town. See? How easy was that? You didnt have to run all the way back. Note that you have everything from the last save data. You just moved to a different point, it's not like you loaded a different save data.

Sleep Mode

I have a feeling most of the people know this, but I'll mention anyway because few of my friends didnt know. Sleep mode is.. well.. It's like Screen Saver for your GBA. You can make it automatically go into sleep mode, or you can manually force it to be in sleep mode. To do this, press L + R and select. To get out of the sleep mode, press L + R and select again. The good thing about sleep mode is this: You can activate it WHENEVER you want. So say you were playing this game in class.. (lol) and you're just about to beat Dullahan.. and your teacher walks over to your table. You dont want to turn off your gba because you're SOOOO close, but you cant continue to play in front of your teacher either. And you're afraid the gba will turn off by itself because it's sort of low on battery. Well press L + R and Select. Your game will go into Sleep mode. You can activate it whenever! In town, when you're not doing anything, in battle, in middle of event, in middle of conversation, When Ever.