Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

How To Beat Valukar
Valukar is the guardian boss guarding the Daedalus summon. To get to Valukar, enter the Yampi Desert from the Alhafra side. use reveal on the second set of 9 stones you see, and it becomes an arrow. Follow the arrow (it's a very short way), and use sand to climb up the fall. Enter the cave and use Teleport on the teleport pad. Then you enter the Yampi Desert Cave, and solve a series of puzzles. (I'm not going to explain them here.) You'll find that Valukar is pretty easy. He has about 12,600 HP, but that goes by fast. Try not to use any djinn, because he can put them on standby and summon them. Usually he won't summon them, so take advantage of that and ALWAYS USE THEM!!! His weakness is definitely water, as the regular mercury summon does about 470 damage to him. He also has an attack called stun jip that may stun one of your characters. Your party should be at about level 35 to 40. That's it!