Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

Defeating Dullahan
Alright, first I gotta give props to "dude" for the whole Deadalus strategy. I'm just gonna go more in depth. When you go to defeat dullahan, your party should be around level 50 or you won't stand a chance. Ok, no for the stratagy. Your base party should be Felix, Isaac, Jenna, and Garet. The backup party have Piers, Mia, Sheba, and Ivan. GO INTO BATTLE WITH ALL DJINN ON STANDBY. I cannot stress this enough. Enter the battle and first turn have all the starting characters unleash deadalus. If Garet (who is probably the slowest) is downed before he can unleash just have Isaac (who should be the fastest) unleash the remaining deadalus the next turn. You should have enough djinn left to unleash both a Haures and a Judgment. Unleah them both. Continue the fight. Once all your djinn are used up, wallop dullahan with Felix and the Sol Blade and psyenergy attacks. Prefeably use dragon fume for jenna. Alright by now the true power of deadalus should be setting in. Once all the starting characters are downed, switch them. DO NOT SWITCH RIGHT WHEN A STARTING CHARACTER IS DOWNED. WAIT UNTIL ALL THE STARTING CHARACTERS ARE DOWNED. Once the second party is in, unleash Eclipses like you life depended on it. By the 5th or 6th Eclipse, Dullahan should be downed. Congradulations, you just defeated the hardest boss in the game... and got the strongest summon at the same time.