Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

Tip for Doom Dragon
I keep fighting the Doom Dragon because it's easy and fun. Here's what I did:

Party #1-Isaac,9 Venus Djinni;Jenna,9 Mars Djinni;Sheba,9 Jupiter Djinni;and Mia,9 Mercury Djinni. All members lvl 48-50, all Djinn SET.

Party #2-Felix,Garet,Piers,Ivan,all corresponding Djinn in the right places. All members lvl 48-50,all Djinn SET.

Okay,what I do is have Sheba use High Impact for 3-4 rounds in a row, Isaac and Jenna attack, and Mia frequently heal,stopping for and occasional attack. Have Isaac equipped with Excalibur,Jenna with Tisiphone Edge/Lachesis' Rule, and Sheba and Mia with Lachesis' Rule. The Apocalypse/Vengeance/Legend unleashes are powerful,delivring 400+ damage when paired with two or three High Impacts. People say it's slow, but it's actually faster than using most Psynargy,and much less risky than Summons,because putting Djinn on standby lowers your stats.

Doom Dragon's first head can't do anything good except Djinn Blast,but that's not such a deadly setback as Djinn Storm or Cruel Ruin. It's second head,though,can use Cruel Ruin, and that move can do up to 700 damage if you aren't careful. Use Resist or Protect if you have to. When you beat the second head,things get tough. You will probably lose a character or two. Use Isaac's Revive to take care of that. Also unlesh Salt/Tonic (if you have them in your party,which you should) if Doom Dragon casts Curse/Haunt because Curse will take you down eventually,and Haunt does damage to you frequently depending on how powerful your attacks are. Have Mia use Wish Well/Pure Wish often,it'll heal a lot if you have a Pure Circlet or Clear Bracelet.

Doom Dragon's third head can use Djinn Storm,Cruel Ruin,Stone Spire,Nettle,Darksol Gasp,and Curse. Watch out for Djinn Storm/Cruel Ruin combo because it HURTS. Have Sheba carry Mist Potions in case D. Storm deprives Jenna of Cool Aura and Mia of her Wish attacks. Stone Spire,Nettle,and Darksol Gasp are basically attacks that do some good damage,and weaken you so you're susceptible to Cruel Ruin. Take care of Curse with Mia's Restore or Salt/Tonic. Remember to heal EVERY turn even if you are a little damaged. You never know when you'l be struck by a Djinn Storm/Cruel Ruin.

If all this fails,bring out your second party,checking to make sure Ivan has at least 8-10 Mist Potions. Ivan casts High Impact. Felix should have Sol Blade,Garet with Tisiphone Edge/Excalibur,and Piers with Levatine/Excalibur. These weapons have kick-@$$ unleashas,so try to get them. Sol Blade has a high unleash rate. Heal with Mist Potions if necessary. But I don't think you'll have to use this party,and even if you do,the rest of the battle should be a breeze because you should have taken out about 16,000 out of the Dragon's 18,000 HP with your first party. 2,000 more HP is nothing.

This is a battle of endurance,so you have to survive in any way possible. I made up this strategy because it works best for me. I beat the Dragon with just my first party and only one character was downed. This happens usually every time.