Golden Sun: The Lost Age Tips

Easy way to beat Dulahn.
Well beating Dulahn became a boring battle after you learn how to kill him in less than 10 turns.
Well first you need the Deadulas summon, and Some Good strong summons. You should be at least lv 38+ probably safer at 45-50+. But make sure you have the best armor you can get and a good sword or two incase your plan gets screwed by Dulahns Djinn setting Spell. If you beat him this way and your at a faily low level you will not beat the Doom Dragon, Save befor you enter the battle. SET ALL YOUR DJINN befor you enter the battle. If you dont you will be in for a long long long fight. Did i mention that it will be a long fight? Well anyway... OK. This is it you are all ready. All you Djinn are set so that you can summon Deadulas with the four people, and your renforcements are each set with Djinn ready to unlesh an Eclipse or a Stong summon. Your troops are ready for the battle of the hardest yet second hardest boss in the game. Ok. (You may be wondering why I dont get on with the battle. Well I don't know.) You are ready, (I hope. or you came all the way here to Die or retreat.), Enter the battle. (mortal combat theme) You see a creatur staring down on you, felling the strenghth of it befor you engage in combat. and you say "Bring It.". Full attack! Summon Deadulas with the four brave troops. (you may be saying this is stupid. but you probably never saw the true power of the missle happy Summon.) Dulahn Probably packed a KO punch to a couple members. If some membes survive The first assult. SAVE YOUR SELF. Heal like god was betting on you. If you have a person that knows wish / wish well use it and revive a dowened character, but its probably better to leave them on the second line. But if no one is downed heal them even if you are at %75 heal left (Dulahn has a few tricks up his sleave). Do some damage to Dulahn if possible. Dulahn will Probably unleash another "Deathcharge of wrath". If you are fine try to use a Djinn like ground or flash to save a turn. fend off and do a bit of damage to Dulahn for 3 turns and let him knock out the first line (trust me). the second line should be good defended people and Healers. Summon Eclipse or that good summon, and fend of Dulahn. If you are in bad shape and your team is almost obliterated. Switch the people and revive Issac / Felix. Any trun the true power of Deadulas should set in. If Dulahn is still alive.... (Dreadnauht theme). He can't have much more health. Use your Phynergy to finsh the battle. make sure that you do at least 200 damage per turn. Slow him down by using flash and ground. And also revive people too. If he is still Alive and hurting. use your Djinn to attack. get up enough to get a Deadulus or Ecipse. and Set it lose. Dulahn should fall. If not, ummmm. Your weak. Why did you try, Why do you make me keep typing? Ok. Time to pull out the Heavy artilary. (never mind we did that about 200 times already.) Trust your weapons. Hopfuly you have the Sol Blade or the Masa-Mune, or the cool one that has Appolo shooting arows. Well just keep staying alive. and let your swords do the talking. Charge. Dulahn should fall soon. If not, use Djinn that attack or keep hacking away. He will Fall one way or the other. Congragulations. You Killed Dulahn. and got a heck of a good summon even if I never used it. If you lost go train. If you need better or more help. Email me.
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Do not use this info as your own thanks. It only took me 1 1/2 hours to type. Scott MacDonald