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Graphics: 9/10
The graphics aree some of the best I've ever seen for a Game Boy. Theres much more detail then any other game. Houses look like houses, people look like people, trees look like trees, you get my point. The battle graphics are extremely entertaining.

Sound Effects: 6/10
I don't pay much to the sound effects but sometimes I'll turn it on when I wanna hear what the game sound likes. It was a average sound effect game. Nothin big, no voices.

Charactors: 9/10
Theres many charactors in this but the main are Isaac (main char.), Garet(best friend of Isaac), Mai (a Water adept), and Ivan(a wind adept). Theur all very important but mostly, Isaac is the main guy. He's the strongest and the leader. Garet would be the second strongest then Ivan and Mai. Theres other charactors such as the villians that play important roles. I'll save that for you to buy the game.

Scenerios: 8/10
Many quests in the game. Some are basically you trying to save something or retrieve a item. The quests are pretty easy if you know how to use you psy power. And if you don't know, psy power is what controls your magic and it has a limit.

Gameplay: 7/10
The game overall can be boring. The chattering goes on forever and you just end up hitting A till it stops. But sometimes the info is important to listen to or you'll lose valuable information. Sometimes the talking is pointless and sometimes its not so pay attention at certain times.

Overall: 9/10
This is a great game. Golden Sun is surely a great adventure for all ages. The sequal has been released and if your planning on buying it, I reccomend you own Golden Sun 1 before you do. Golden Sun 1 gives youan idea at what GBA can do. It can do better and it will slowly but till now, Golden Sun is the best game out there.

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