GoldenEye review
The TRUE best N64 game of all time.

The good:

Try everything!

The bad:

I can't quite find anything.


Lastability: 10/10.
This game will last you a long, long time. Not just in the sense that you just want to play again to see if you can do better but more because of all the extras like cheats and plus, friends make it all that much funner. 4-player deathmatch FTW!

Graphics: 9/10.
The art direction here is just good. Everything looks amazing for the time, hell I think it looks awesome by today's standards! Some bland color schemes here and there but that's nothing!

Sound: 10/10.
Catchy soundtrack, realistic sound effects...honestly what more could you ask for?

Gameplay: 10/10.
This is how FPS games are supposed to be done. None of this World War crap we're seeing today with halfassed AI and such. The AI is just friggin awesome, not the smartest, but they're decently smart. Plus, it just plain kicks ass. You get to shoot just about everyone you see, but it feels so rewarding and such. Weapon varieties are good too. Overall, best gameplay you could ever want from FPS or N64 games.

Overall: 4.9/5.0.
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