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one of the best shooter games I have ever played

The good:

The single player and multiplayer(including online play) is epic! The graphics are good, the sound is good, the controls for the classic controller are easy to use, and the storyline is close to the original movie.

The single player takes a while to finish but that's what you want in a game, you don't want to be able to finish it in a day. This game is very addictive for me. I haven't been on lately because my Wii is broke so I don't know if they have Easter Eggs.

I haven't noticed any bugs in the offline or online play so you can tell the producers took their time to do it right. YES! I would highly recommend people to buy this game.

The bad:

One problem for me is that the online play takes WAY too long to level up. Second problem (for Bond in general) is that he is far from the real bond. In my opinion that is Pierce Brosnan. Third problem is that the online play has quite a few hackers but they aren't THAT common just a couple here and there.


So far I have played the game for at least 3 days in all (online play). Right now I am either level 45 or 46, I don't know for sure since my Wii has been broke. I heard one guy say the best way to level is on heros and he averages about 1000 experience per game which is pretty good. He is level 42 and has played the game for at least 4 days he said. I hate to say it but I am trying to find a hacked experience lobby because I am DYING to get my Gambit.

I think the bond games should start naming the weapons after there real names instead of making up names like Terralite III which is really th...

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