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Goemon's Great Adventure cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Goemon's Great Adventure cheat codes.

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Goemon's Great Adventure Cheats

Four-Player Mode

Have controllers in all four slots. Then play the game with one or two players. Find 44 hands from various levels. Then on the third and fourth controllers hold C-Right + Start.

Alternate Costumes
Enable four player mode as above. Then go to the Prediction House. You will be able to change costumes.

Mushroom Hunt (Chapter 3)
With 0 lives, go to Tomb Pass. Collect as many mushrooms as you can before the final minute. Then kill your character. At the game over screen, select Continue and go to Maneater Road mushroom hunt. The mushrooms collected from the previous hunt will be credited to the current one. In addition, the time limit is reset to 12 minutes.

Unlimited Lives Trick
This cheat requires a memory card. Go to the restaurant, buy sushi, and you will gain one extra life. Go to the Inn, save and reset the system. When you resume the game, you will have another hundred coins that you can buy sushi with again. Repeat this to gain as an unlimited number of lives.

Infinite Items
This cheat requires a memory card. Begin a game and go to the upgrade store. Purchase any desired item, then go to the save location and save the game. Reset the your system. When the game is resumed, you will have all your money plus the item that was purchased. This may be repeated to get an unlimited number of items.

Control Ending Screen
Highlight “Try Again” at the game over screen and repeatedly tap A.

Double coins
Wait until night to get two coins from an opponent that would normally only have one coin.


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Alternate costumes
first, enable 4 player mode. then you can access new custumes for each player at the "predition" house.


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Faster hoola-hoopa
In the game-over screen, Select 'Try Again' then repeatedly press A to make the hoola-hoopa hoop faster!