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Godzilla (Import) Walkthrough

by Apathetic Aardvark   Updated to v1.0 on


Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark            Email: Jason@lelando.net
All rights reserved                           Version 1.0    3/5/2004

                         Index/Table of Contents

   Version History....................................................ii
   The Planets........................................................iv
   The Monsters.......................................................v
   Godzilla & Mothra..................................................vi
   Frequently Asked Questions.........................................vii

                       i)  Disclaimer (Legal stuff)

Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark
All rights reserved.

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                          ii) Version History

3/5/2004 - Began the guide, finished it too....

                          iii) Landscapes

Throughout the many planets in the game, Godzilla & Mothra will have to battle
across various land formations.  Each type of formation has its own set of 
enemies and threats to deal with.  There are multiple layouts for each 
land type as well.


Wilderness - The first type of land you will see, very common on earth.  This
land type is home to the many militaries of the worlds.  Equipped with fighter
jets, stealth bombers, laser satellites, these areas can be a real pain to walk
through.  The mountains also slow down Godzilla and prevent him from getting in
range quickly.  Mothra may fly over these, but beware, a head to head collision
with a jet will send you to the lower left of the screen, sometimes pinned by
the mountains you have just flown over.


Volcano - Another very common land type, this occupies most of the hexes on 
mars.  Volcanoes have fire breathing birds, giant fire breathing worms, and many
types of fire projectiles which move along the screen.  A very common one in 
these areas is a two tailed fireball.  It has the ability to home in on you. 
If this hits Godzilla and has a lot of room to drag him, he will take extreme
damage [often fatal].  Mothra isn't affected as greatly by these as she is very
easy to push and will just fall into a corner [avoiding the drag damage taken
by Godzilla].  Other obstacles include fiery walls.


Jungle - The main land type on Jupiter is somewhat rare anywhere else.  Like
Volcano, you will get hit from about every possible angle here.  There are 
still a lot more life capsules though.  Tanks patrol the ground [more like just
sit there and shoot] while many weird life forms attack you.  Expanding vines 
will hamper your movement as both Godzilla and Mothra.  Totem polls and small
snake like vines shoot various things at you as well.  Jungles very rarely do
have a super fireball so be careful of those.  Be very careful of little red
dots in this area, if Mothra shoots one, even at great distance, she will lose
some life.


Subspace - These are by far the best zones to level in, at least some of them.
The Mushroom zones offer up very easy kills which will give you over 100,000
points on average, which is usually enough for a level.  Another point getter
is the airship zone.  These offer a lot more damage, frequently with a fireball
but give good points as well.  The other type of subspace zone is a vine jungle
area.  The enemies in this area don't offer up good points, but do give both 
Power and Life recharges like mad.  Very useful to traverse one of these areas
just before getting into a big fight.


Dome - These areas are highly annoying.  They make their first appearance on
Jupiter and occupy a lot of Saturn as well.  Dome areas are loaded with small
ships and saucers flying in to collide with you.  In addition, there are many
old looking structures to destroy.  Some of them fire lasers, others have drill
like objects which are a real pain for Godzilla to get around.  Keep an eye out
for the fireballs as well, they love to get in the mix of things.


City - All maps have a couple of city hexes at least.  They are just high tech
areas which everything fire some sort of projectile at you.  There are many 
ground mounted cannons Godzilla will have to kick through.  Mothra holds the 
advantage in this area as she can fly under most things and over the rest.  If
you elect to do this, just beware that once she gets hit once, her light weight
will floor her to possibly get hit by many other things.


Mecha-City - These contain the exact same set of enemies as the city.  The only
difference is that they act as a teleporter to the next planet when you do not
move off of it after clearing it at least once.

                          iv) Planets


Wilderness - 18 Hexes
Volcano - 2 Hexes
Jungle - 2 Hexes
Subspace - 3 Hexes [1 Mushroom zone]
City - 2 Hexes
Mecha-City - 1 Hex

Gezora - 4.0
Moguera - 8.0

Most of the areas on Earth are wilderness, though it offers some of everything
except for Dome.  These areas are very short, giving you just a warm-up to the
game.  The closest subspace zone to where you start is a Mushroom one.  These
give off very large amounts of points.  The bosses will also give off many 
points on earth, enabling you to level up rather easily here.



Volcano - 20 Hexes
Subspace - 7 Hexes [2 Mushroom, 1 Ship]
City - 2 Hexes
Mecha-City - 1 Hex

Gezora - 6.0
Moguera - 9.0
Varan - 12.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Mars -

Mars is one of the most annoying planets.  Since volcano terrain is perhaps the
hardest to not take damage on, you will be getting hit frequently.  While there
are a lot of life capsules to counteract this, it is still annoying.  Mars is
the first planet in which the fireballs will come in.  These are about the size
of Godzilla痴 head and will track you around.  Be VERY cautious around these 
especially if you are Godzilla.  There are a couple of good ways to avoid them.
If the screen is mostly clear, keep jumping up and to the left, trying to get 
the fireball as high up as you can.  Then, quickly duck under it so it passes
by harmlessly.  The other method is to try to run beyond it [by ducking under]
if you are too far to the right of the screen already.  There are also several
subspace zones here, make use of them for some good leveling.  



Wilderness - 3 Hexes
Jungle - 26 Hexes
Subspace - 2 Hexes [2 Mushrooms]
Dome - 4 Hexes
City - 5 Hexes
Mecha-City - 1 Hex

Gezora - 7.0
Moguera - 10.0
Varan - 13.0
Hedorah - 15.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Jupiter - 
AEG16N61PL Y1094536AT

Jupiter is a real pain in the ass at times.  The monsters are not particularly
hard, but the long amount of time it takes Mothra to kill anything in jungle 
areas will slow you down immensely.  I often just kill Mothra and then do the
entire level with Godzilla.  The Dome areas are rather annoying, it is wise to
just avoid them on this world.  Both of the subspace hexes contain Mushroom 
zones, so you will gain mad experience for clearing them.  Fireballs are pretty
common here, but not as much so as they were on Mars.  Due to the clutter most
zones have on Jupiter, they may also be harder to dodge so beware.



Wilderness - 16 Hexes
Subspace - 4 Hexes [4 Mushroom]
Dome - 15 Hexes
City - 4 Hexes
Mecha-City - 1 Hex


Gezora - 8.0
Moguera - 11.0
Varan - 14.0
Hedorah - 16.0
Baragon - 14.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Saturn -

This planet carries a good mixture of Wilderness and Dome.  Dome is not a fun
ground type for Godzilla as his breath is about his only weapon against some of
the enemies.  The wilderness is also quite annoying for Mothra.  Baragon will
likely retreat to the next battle field before you are able to kill him.  All 4
of the subspace hexes are mushroom hexes so take the free experience while you
can.  Saturn boasts quite a good number of fireballs too, so keep Godzilla ready
for a quick dodge.



Subspace - 14 Hexes [3 Mushroom, 1 Ship]
City - 3 Hexes
Mecha-City - 1 Hex


Gezora - 9.0
Moguera - 12.0
Varan - 15.0
Hedorah - 17.0
Baragon - 15.0
Gigan - 17.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Uranus -

This planet is tiny.  You will get many monster battles here, but the subspace
vine areas allow for easy healing between fights.  There are several good 
subspace squares here as well.  Be ready for a constant stream of battles 
though.  Gigan has a lot of life and will retreat if you can't kill him but do
get him rather low on life.  Try to concentrate on one monster at a time if you
can so they don't always come into battle fully healed.



Wilderness Hexes - 11
Volcano Hexes - 11
Jungle Hexes - 8
Subspace Hexes - 4 [2 Mushroom, 2 Ship]
Dome Hexes - 7
City Hexes - 3
Mecha-City Hex - 1


Gezora - 11.0
Moguera - 13.0
Varan - 16.0
Hedorah - 18.0
Baragon - 16.0
Gigan - 18.0
Mecha-Godzilla - 21.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Pluto -


You may be wondering why Pluto is before Neptune.  During the last 18 years of
the 20th century, Neptune was in fact farther from the Sun than Pluto due to an
orbit cross over they have.  

This level has a bit of every type of land mass, it is also very large.  Odd 
that Pluto being such a small planet has the most area, also the coldest, 
having the most landforms, *shrug*.  However, for the first 60% of the areas or
so, you will get the smallest possible landmass for that type.  After that, the
wildernesses, volcanoes, and cities near the end are all very large.  Mecha-
Godzilla will not leave the area of the cities so you will have to fight him in
some capacity.  As always, take advantage of all of the subspaces.  I would 
recommend taking the wilderness route instead of the volcano route, but that is
all personal preference, they both have lots of obstacles and the fireballs.



City Hexes - 36
Mecha-City Hex - 1


Gezora - 12.0
Moguera - 13.0
Varan - 17.0
Hedorah - 19.0
Baragon - 17.0
Gigan - 19.0
Mecha-Godzilla - 22.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Neptune -

Neptune is really a pain in the ass.  Everything is city and for the most part
they are all very long cities with one, often two fireballs per level.  Being
a somewhat small level you'll get attacked frequently as well.  Try not to lose
too much life in the monster fights or you'll have trouble getting to a place
in the city in which you may recover it.  Mecha-Godzilla will not guard the 
exit this time, so it is possible to just blow past half of the monsters if you
so desire.  By now your levels will be high enough though to just use your 
special attack far more often.


Planet X

Wilderness Hex - 1
Volcano Hex - 1
Jungle Hex - 1 
Subspace - 1 [1 Ship]
Dome Hex - 1
City Hexes - 10
Mecha-City Hex - 1


Gezora - 13.0
Moguera - 15.0
Varan - 18.0
Hedorah - 20.0
Baragon - 18.0
Gigan - 20.0
Mecha-Godzilla - 23.0
Ghidora - 23.0

Password to Start at the beginning of Planet X - 

In case you've never seen a Godzilla movie, Planet X is where Gigan and Ghidora
are from, as well as many evil aliens who try to defeat humans over and over.
This planet is set up in a two hex narrowing to one hex expanding to two hex
formation.  All the monsters start on the right side.  Move about halfway to
them and then let them come to you.  Due to their turn order they'll come one 
at a time and you can engage them two on one.  Ghidora will not move from where
he sits so if you need some life, back up a hex and then come back at him.  
When you teleport both characters out [or kill the first and teleport the other
one] you will see the spectacular ending!

                         v) Monsters

There are at least two monsters on every world, increasing by one for each 
additional planet you've been too.  You do not have to kill most of them, but 
it is wise to for the extra experience.  All monsters have the movement range 
of two, except for Ghidora who does not appear to move on Planet X.  Some of
them may retreat if heavily damaged but not defeated.  They will just leave
the planet allowing you an easier time getting by it.  Once you are adjacent
to a monster with movement, you may not use any hex which allows you to slip
by it, you may only move backward.



Earth - 4.0
Mars - 6.0
Jupiter - 7.0
Saturn - 8.0
Uranus - 9.0
Pluto - 11.0
Neptune - 12.0
Planet X - 13.0

Gezora is one of two bosses found on every planet.  He is essentially the first
boss so does little, often no damage to you.  He has very small amounts of life
to deal with.  Gezora is extremely large and can easily pin either of your
characters in the corner for long periods of time.  This doesn't hurt at all, 
but it does waste valuable battle time.  Even on Planet X Gezora has such a 
small amount of life you should be able to defeat him in one round.  His 
special attack is some sort of projectile emitted from a tentacle, however, I
have seen it used once since the game came out years ago, so I wouldn't worry
about it ever happening.



Earth - 8.0
Mars - 9.0
Jupiter - 10.0
Saturn - 11.0
Uranus - 12.0
Pluto - 13.0
Neptune - 14.0
Planet X - 15.0

Moguera is the second monster on every planet.  Moguera uses some fire beams
from his head to attack both ground and aerial targets.  Unlike Gezora, Moguera
tends to retreat back to his corner.  It is quite easy to pin him in here.  
While pinned, Moguera tends to do nothing to attack you.



Mars - 12.0
Jupiter - 13.0
Saturn - 14.0
Uranus - 15.0
Pluto - 16.0
Neptune - 17.0
Planet X - 18.0

Varan first appears on Mars.  He has a great deal many spikes on him.  His 
hands are frequently grabbing and punching at you.  He is more aggressive than 
the first two monsters, but after he gets hit a few times or when he gets hit
in a sensitive area, he will make a scream and fall back, opening himself up
for more attacks.  The only time he is any sort of threat is when his head is
down and he is charging at you, even then he is easy to avoid.  I'm not even
sure if he has a special attack as I've never seen it used.



Jupiter - 15.0
Saturn - 16.0
Uranus - 17.0
Pluto - 18.0
Neptune - 19.0
Planet X - 20.0

Hedorah first appears on Jupiter.  He likes to stay towards his end of the 
screen and will fire a smog burst which arcs down about a quarter to a third of
the screen in front of him.  His only other attacks involve hitting you with 
his hand or grabbing you with it.  His attacks are not all that powerful, but
standing in a stream of smog bubbles from above does add up after a while.  



Saturn - 14.0
Uranus - 15.0
Pluto - 16.0
Neptune - 17.0
Planet X - 18.0

Baragon can be quite annoying as he walks on all fours.  Because of this, he is
very small and low to the ground.  When he is about to use his special fire 
beam attack, he'll stand up on his hind legs.  It doesn't hurt so there isn't
really any point in trying to avoid it.  If he makes ramming contact with you,
that doesn't seem to hurt much either, nor does his lunging ram. 



Uranus - 17.0
Pluto - 18.0
Neptune - 19.0
Planet X - 20.0

Gigan is the first real Godzilla enemy we've seen yet.  He has metal claws 
which hurt when they hit you.  He also has lightning beam eyes which can hit
targets on the air or ground.  His most devastating attack however is his 
spiked wheel which comes from the chest.  It is like a saw blade.  When you see
it coming, try whatever you can to stay out of your corner without running into
it.  If he does pin you with it on, expect to take some major damage.  Gigan 
first appears on Uranus.



Pluto - 21.0
Neptune - 22.0
Planet X - 23.0

Mecha-Godzilla has squared off with Godzilla in a couple of movies.  He has
several attacks.  Mostly he runs around punching and kicking, which is damaging
on its own.  He also uses his powerful eye beams to hit ground and air targets.
He is very aggressive and will try to get you in a corner so he can wail on you.
If you need to, bump into him to push him back a bit to prevent this.  Mecha-
Godzilla also has a large amount of life, so it may take several fights to
finish him off, luckily you'll only face him on three planets.



Planet X - 23.0

Ghidora is a dragon like creature with three heads.  It has no arms though, but
frequently uses the outer two heads as arms in the movies.  Ghidora has very
powerful beams which can spray out of any of his mouths.  Ghidora is extremely
large as well, taking up a good third of the screen.  He pushes quite well and
will bite you apart if you get pinned in the corner.  Ghidora only appears on 
the final world though and does not move on the map, so you can pick and choose
for the most part when you want to engage him.

                             vi) Godzilla & Mothra

Both Godzilla and Mothra may be controlled.  Godzilla moves up to two hexes per
turn while Mothra can do up to four hexes per turns.  To advance to the next 
planet you must use the teleporter at the Mecha-city.  Only one character needs
to use it, BUT, if one character uses it and then the second one dies, it is
game over.  So if you have a weak character just let them die or advance them

You'll share a score between both characters, most hits are worth twenty points
but defeating most monsters will give you over 100,000.  Subspace Mushrooms are
also worth over 100,000 points as well.  You can only level up until you have 
twenty three life and power squares.  Life is how much damage you can take 
before you die.  Power is how often you can use your special.  The more power
bars you have the faster they replenish too.  Godzilla may take deeper breaths
with extra power bars to do additional damage.



B Button - Kick
B while Down - Tail Spin
A Button - Punch
Select - Radioactive Breath

Godzilla is a very large target and will get hit nearly all of the time because
of this.  He doesn't lose life quickly though.  His punches are kick little 
jabs.  The kicks are slightly slower but do more damage.  The tail spin is very
damaging but very slow too.  The Radioactive breath is extremely powerful, but
very limited in use.  Godzilla can move two hexes per turn and is by far and 
away the better of the two characters.  The only real threat to Godzilla are
the fireballs which are very frequent on Mars on beyond.  They are easy enough
to dodge though.

Wilderness: Godzilla gets hit quite a bit here.  Almost all of the units hit
targets on the ground.  Mountains will make movement hard.  Punch off the tops
first so you can one kick the bottom, otherwise it takes two.  Tail swipes work
well for multiple mountains at once.  Don't bother using radiation breath on 
these.  Perhaps the most annoying parts of wildernesses for Godzilla are the 
little openings which fire pairs of small boomerangs.  These are one of the few
things in the game which can knock Godzilla back slightly.

Volcano: This is the worst area in the game for Godzilla.  There are many 
objects which Godzilla must kill to advance farther.  With his considerable
strength killing these isn't all that hard though.  Firebirds and volcanoes pose
a small threat.  The flying saucers are just an annoyance if anything.  The 
biggest threat are fireballs in a crowded area and perhaps the fire breathing

Jungle: Godzilla rocks here.  While he needs to kill nearly everything to move
around, he can kill everything far more quickly than Mothra.  Almost all 
enemies are perfectly positioned to get punched or kicked without jumping at
all.  The only worry is the honeycomb looking vines which go up and down.  Just
don't run too close to them or you'll be knocked back somewhat hard.

Subspace -

Mushroom:  Godzilla can rip these things apart very quickly.  In the later 
levels some of these mushrooms will expel a fireball which can be a quick 
amount of damage.  They also release little creatures, just claw or kick them
away.  They almost always turn into life capsules.

Vines:  These areas are so easy.  You can punch, kick or breath your way 
through here.  The large yellow things give off power capsules to replenish
your breath.  

Ship: There are four guns and one panel. You'll need to kill the panel before
the upper gun.  In the later levels the top gun fires off only fireballs, so
get under it and jump up for clawing.  Try not to get too far to the right or
it may tear you up.  After it is defeated it will take a few seconds to be able
to walk farther to the left.

Dome: Dome areas are somewhat rough.  The laser domes are very easy to take 
care of, but the claw like ones often need to be destroyed with breath.  The 
constant bombardment of saucers is troublesome, but most can be avoided by 
slide walking and tail swatting.

City/Mecha-City: Another place which takes a good amount of time.  If Godzilla
jumps too high many missiles will fly at him from the top of the screen.  There
are many types of wall mounted guns.  The three beam gun is easily kicked or 
punched, depends on where it is firing from.  The three missile gun is a pain in
the ass.  Just walk right up to it and keep kicking.  It can be damaged while 
it changes positions.  There are blank caverns which a wall comes out to block 
you.  If it hits you, you'll be knocked back.  Instead, walk near it and kick,
it will come out, then kill it.  Little eyes can zap you with lightning, they
are often connected to little shooters which open up and fire four balls on the
top half of the screen.  Many things in this area give life capsules though.

Gezora: Just jump against him and punch while doing so.  You won't take any
damage from incidental contact.  As he starts to push you back, give him a hit
from your breath.  Often he'll back off.  After that go clawing at him some 
more.  He is very easy for Godzilla to defeat.

Moguera: If you want toward him, he'll walk back.  Blast him with breath and 
then pin him in his corner and start tail swatting him.  When you get breath
back, blast him again.  Keep repeating this, he'll fall quite quickly.

Varan: A bit harder, blast him with breath as usual and then let tail swats
do the rest.  Try to swat him right where his private parts would be if he were
a human, he'll momentarily stun.  If he puts his head down and charges at you
walk back and breathe on him if you have it.

Hedorah: Many try to claim Hedorah is hard for Godzilla with his arcing smog
bubbles.  Get as close as you can and blast him with breath, then back off just
a bit and tail swap JUST out of his arm range.  He'll keep reaching for you and
not using the smog attack.  Breathe again when you get it back, he may fire off
a smog shot or two, just let them hit you, if you back up he'll really start 
using them.

Baragon: Breath is pretty much useless against him.  Just kick him in the head
with your normal kick.  He'll stand up very infrequently to blast you, just 
stand there and let it hit you and then start kicking him again.  This is one
of the easiest fights for Godzilla.

Gigan: This is the hardest battle for Godzilla.  Gigan's arms make punching a 
bit difficult.  Breath will do most of the damage here, but tail swipes can be
somewhat useful.  His eye beams will knock you back a bit, but the real danger
is the saw.  When it comes out, try to stay a punch length away and swat at him
to keep him to the right.  If he starts forcing you into the right corner, nail
him with some breath.  While breathing it the saw can't hurt you, but after it
is done be prepared to take some extreme damage.  

Mecha-Godzilla: Mecha-Godzilla likes to punch quite a lot.  His eye beams will
knock you back slightly.  Try not to get pinned in a corner.  He is quite 
strong and has a lot of life.  It will take a while to beat him but keep at it.
Use tail swats when not breathing all over him.

Ghidora: This battle is tough too.  Ghidora does a lot of damage if you're in a
corner and can hit you with a lightning attack.  Try to keep him on his side of
the screen with breath.  Punching will hit him, but you'll likely get hurt too,
but it is necessary to do something while you're charging your radioactive 
breath up for a second use.



A or B Button - Attack Pellet
Select - Poison Quills

Mothra can fly from the bottom of the screen to about 2/3rds of the way up.  
The attack pellet fires straight ahead about half of the screen.  If is quite
weak.  The poison quills do decent damage, but they are hard to aim.  You can
get slightly improved range by moving backwards [range increase is forward] but
they are not too useful for things at equal altitude.

Mothra's light weight frequently causes her to get knocked backward into the
lower left corner.  Most collisions will cause this as well as some projectile
attacks.  This works to Mothra痴 advantage when hit by a fireball, as it will 
not drag her into the corner and kill her.

Wilderness: Mothra can fly over most anything in these areas.  Just make sure
to knock the fighter jets down so you don't collide.  If you wish to actually
fight your way through these areas, you're in for a lot of shooting.  Feel free
to spray areas with the quills to kill them from above.

Volcano: There are a lot of little fireballs shot by enemies, you can reflect
most of them back by shooting.  While it will take a while to kill most of the
things here, Mothra can avoid taking too much damage.  The only real threats to
her are the walls which come up from the ground and the worm like things, both
of these may not be flown over.

Jungle: Mothra is not suited for the jungle.  If you really want to go through
it, know that everything will kick your ass and things take forever to kill 
with pellets.  Quills don't work well either as everything is eye level.  Don't
try to go under things either unless you really want to die in a hurry.  Watch
out for pumpkin like things shooting red dots.  Hitting these dots WILL hurt
you even when great distance is between you.

Subspace -

Mushrooms: Get above their weak spots and flood them with quills.  Pellet once
you run out.  When the mushrooms are critically hurt, the fire explosions will
make it a bit difficult to not get pushed around.

Vines: Easiest deal.  Just fly around shooting pellets in front of you, quill
things below for capsules if you need any.

Ship: Not as damaging as they are to Godzilla, Mothra can take her time killing
the guns on the ship.  It will take a lot longer, but you won't die from these

Domes: Domes are not fun for Mothra either.  Many flying objects means a lot of
collisions.  Don't try to go under a dome or you'll get clobbered, though you 
can go over many of the lower sitting ones.

City/Mecha-City: Try not to fly too high or you'll have a constant stream of 
missiles sent at you.  Many of the objects you can just hop over though, so the
only real threat are projectiles.  Unless you're low on life I would not spend
too much time trying to clear the level like you'll need to with Godzilla.

Gezora: Poor Mothra has trouble here.  Gezora can push her around and lock her
in a corner.  It isn't very damaging, but it is quite annoying.  Pellets do 
very little damage and the quills are hard to aim.  I recommend you just use
Godzilla to take him out.

Moguera: Mothra can float at just the right altitude to avoid getting hit with
the fire beams.  If you're willing to get hit a few times, move into quill 
range to speed up the process.

Varan: Another toughie for the moth.  Varan will run towards you a lot.  Try to
force him to lean back after getting hit so you can hit with some quills.
Either aim pellets at his neck or feet.

Hedorah: Just bash him with pellets, try to stay under the arc of smog so you
can get unobstructed shots.  Quills work nice too, try not to get caught up in
his hand.

Baragon: While he is short, you can not fly directly over him.  His beam will
ground you in a hurry and he'll use it a lot against Mothra.  Just save use
Godzilla or fly around him.  He will take forever to kill with the moth.

Gigan: Mothra has the easier time here.  If you hover about neck level and just
far enough so he has to beam diagonally down, but they fall a bit short of you,
you'll be able to take as many free pellet shots as you wish.  You also won't 
have to worry about his hands or blades.  While it will take a while to kill 
Gigan like this, it will be a very safe way.

Mecha-Godzilla: Just like Gigan, if you position yourself properly he won't be
able to do ANYTHING to you.  He'll stand in the corner getting killed as you 
slowly drain his life.  Again, you probably won't get hit.  Welcome to the end
of Mothra's usefulness.

Ghidora: Mothra should never do this fight.  Ghidora is just too strong and too
able to corner her.  Pellets do next to nothing and quills seldom hit.  If you
are going to try this, make sure to recharge your health after every battle or
you will certainly die before he does.

                       vii) Frequently Asked Questions

1) What were those level passwords again?

Password to Start at the beginning of Mars -

Password to Start at the beginning of Jupiter - 
AEG16N61PL Y1094536AT

Password to Start at the beginning of Saturn -

Password to Start at the beginning of Uranus -

Password to Start at the beginning of Pluto -


Password to Start at the beginning of Neptune -

Password to Start at the beginning of Planet X - 

2) Any other passwords?

If you leave it completely blank, it will load earth with Godzilla at level 13,
but if you play on an emulator, Godzilla won't be there either.

S0und - This allows you to play with all of the sounds and music of the game.
Take not that is a zero and not an o.  The songs are as follows.  Everything
beyond them are just sound effects.

00 - Movie battle theme
01 - No idea! 
02 - Mode Selection Menu
03 - No Idea!
04 - Game Over
05 - Movie battle theme
06 - No Idea
07 - Earth Theme
08 - Mars Theme
09 - Jupiter Theme
10 - Saturn Theme
11 - Uranus Theme
12 - Pluto Theme
13 - Neptune Theme
14 - Planet X Theme
15 - No Idea!
16 - Monster Battle Win
17 - Password Menu
18 - End Credits
19 - Ghidora Battle Theme
20 - Gigan Battle Theme
21 - Mecha-Godzilla Battle Theme
22 - Hedorah Battle Theme
23 - Moguera Battle Theme
24 - Gezora Battle Theme
25 - Varan Battle Theme

Enter the first three letters of any planet other than Earth and Planet X and
you will start on that planet at level one with no experience!

                                viii) Credits

CJayC - for creating GameFAQs.com, the best site on the Internet!

Myself - just because I can.
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