Godzilla: Unleashed review
Great Godzilla-fighting game.

The good:

All of the Monsters from the Godzilla series (Classic and new alike)
Awesome Graphics.
Good Music.
Great Store Sytem.
Fun for two players.
Won't disappoint any Godzilla fan!

The bad:

No on-line support.
Story mode is short.
Nobody talks about PS2 version, Only Wii and DS...
Movements may feel sluggish sometimes..
Only few new monsters for PS2 version and Wii/DS versions are totally different.


Godzilla: UNLEASHED!

This is a unbiased & spoiler-free review of the PS2 game - 'Godzilla: UNLEASHED' (also available on -Wii and NDS ). Which is based on the popular Sci-fi 'Godzilla' movies & series. This game is a arcade style fighting action game presented in entirely in the 3rd person perspective view and in full 3D with PS2 sheen and special effects.And just for your information, this is not a side scroller game like 'LittleBIGPlanet' or 'Mortal Kombat'.
A great entertaining game overall, of which I will give in-depth review of.And will help you in making a right decision about this game.

  • For 12+/ Teenagers:
This game contains mild violence, mild language and is probably suitable for teenagers and players of age 12 or older.
  • Story/Campaign:

In this game's Story Mode, you play as Godzilla, a Earth Defender Monster Team's member who has been called for help along with his team by humans to rescue the Earth from yet another alien attack. The sinister Alien commanders have launched Radio-active comets, each with a different chemical and radiation to sabotage the Earth's major cities and they have their own team of monsters too!
The story is different than Godzilla:Save the Earth because this time, each team of story characters have a score meter and if you won a match against a particular team, that team's score will go down by some points and Earth Defenders will get some score points and vise versa.So, depending on your performance, you'll see a different outcome after finishing the story each time. The game gives you medals when you are doing well on the story mode and it's good. However, unlike in Godzilla:Save The Earth, this time you can't play as any other monster than Godzilla. While he is powerful versatile monster, it would have been better to see other aspects of the story.The story, overall, is entertaining and has medium length but it's good and a different than Godzilla: Save The Earth.
  • Gameplay:
  • HUD:

Like any fighting game, Godzilla:Unlished have a HUD too. The HUD contains Health bar, Energy bar, Your monsters icon and rage meter.It never gets in the view and like building, HUD auto-hides when a monster is behind it to make it more comfortable.
  • Monsters' speciality:

There are more than 20 monsters. Each and every monster have it's own speciality and thus, gameplay changes according to the selected monster. For example: Rodan can fly, Gigan can teleport, Megalon can attack while being inside the ground and many more! Some even have torpedoes, missiles and other cool projectiles.
These features make the monsters and battles look, play & feel more realistic.
  • Combat System:

Although, every monster have special abilities and some unique gameplay elements, the game's basic combat system is quite straightforward and simple. You have basic attack, strong attack, laser type of beam, block, jump, special ability and you can even lift another monster!
The attacks get different as you press on the Direction buttons.
For example-
Normal square button is for normal attack, -> + Square is for Upper cut, <- + Square for Special rush attack, Down + Square for low attack, Up + Square for bash your enemy's head etc.
This can be done with Triangle button to achive more great attacks. Each attack looks different and according to a monster, each move is different.
Holding R1 button will make your monster do a beam attack. Each monster have different beams that they omit through their mouth. For example- Godzilla have fire breath, Mecha Godzilla have Electric Current, Some have sreams, some have lava and all of this looks real gorgeous!
The longer you hold, stronger the beam and full meter will unleash full power. This takes some energy from your energy meter but don't worry, it refills automatically.
  • Brawl mode:

You can play this mode alone or with up-to 4 other players who are sitting with you! And unlike Godzilla:Save the Earth, you get store points each time you play Brawl mode.It makes this game a lot easier than Godzilla:Save the Earth.And adds as much replay value to it.
In this mode, you need to choose a monster you want to play and then you can either choose to play with computer or with friends. And you can choose the number of computer enemies you want to battle with. Up-to four huge monsters battle can each-other at the same time!

There are different game modes to choose from:
You can fully customise these matches.
1. Free-for-all deathmatch: Defeat every monster you see!
2.Team deathmatch: Defeat the other team of Monsters!
3.Free-for-all destruction: Quickly destroy more things than any other monsters!
4.Team destruction: Destroy more things than your opposite monster team!

It's great to play with friends or bots. And you can unlock a bunch of stuff too!
  • Battle arenas- Cities and other places:

Like monsters, there are lot's of cities in which you can battle. There are lot's of famous cities like New York, San Fransico, Sydney (Austrailia),Tokyo, Settle etc. to play in. There are cities from previous "Godzilla:Save the Earth" and some cool new cities like "Sydney, Australia" included in this game. But all of these look a lot different than "Godzilla:Save the Earth". Because this time there are crytals attached on each cities ground and that's why each city looks colourful (!) and different than other Godzilla titles.
All the cities are different than each other but one thing is common in them- Awesomely designed landmarks,Traffic system and breakable/usable items.
Each city have a landmark that is as good looking as it's real life counterpart. For example- New York have Middle park and tall skyscrapers, Sydney have it's famous Opera house and many more!
  • Store:

There are a bunch of things you can unlock in a special section called "Store". When you play any mode-brawl,story etc.- with either players or computer, you get "Store points" that can be spent in the in-game store (Yeah, it's on the disc. Not on bloody internet!) to unlock monsters, art works, new cities etc. It's better than "Godzilla:Save the Earth" because in this game, you'll get points even if you played with your friends or computer in brawl and not only story counts.
  • Other important things:
  • Graphics:

The graphics are awesome for a PS2 game.The fire,water and building looks great and the Monsters are best Godzilla characters ever created.Although it would have been better if we were able to see crowds running and some other things but it's still damn good.The camera is in bird's eye view angle, so everything is visible and feels like we are watching it from a helicopter! When there are four monsters, each far away from each other, the whole city can be seen!
  • Sound:

The sound effects are good and music is mainly hard rock type of thing. Maybe because it's a frantic monster brawl.However, it doesn't catch the "feel" of Godzilla films but did Godzilla films had music ? maybe some minor scenes. So, it doesn't matter. It's energetic and will transform you into a monster butt kicking mood!
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence):

There is a bot multiplayer and story mode.So, obviously AI matters and this game have a great AI. Bot multiplayer is great treat for those who don't have a buddy to play and this game's monster act like they are controlled by humans. Great AI gives great challenges for players.
  • Replayability:

A lot of replayability is awaiting you if you are a Gdzilla movie fan or you like arcade style beat 'em up/brawl action games! There is bot multiplayer to entertain you for infinite amount of time and you can play with your friends too. This game can be a great party game if all of you guys love Godzilla, arcade style brawl action. And if you are willing to get entertained, this game will definetely do the job.
  • Conclusion:

This is a great Godzilla/Arcade action game experience which makes our beloved monster- Godzilla, Earth's hero.And is a must buy for any Godzilla, Monster, Dinasaur or othercool Sci-fi fan. And if you are a casual player, you can try renting/borrowing this game to get a feel of it and experience the unique tale of this game or can buy it. Really, PS2 games aren't that much expensive (especially on on-line stores like eBay, Gamestop or Amazon) and this game is a quality one.Gives you lot's of gameplay hours and entertains you a lot.
  • Scores:
Story length/depth: 3/5
Music: 4/5
Voice acting: 4/5
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Graphics: 4/5
Production Value: 4.4/5
On-line: Godzilla:Save the Earth had on-line play but, however, this one does not have one for some reason. So, N/A.
Replay Value: If you are a fan of Godzilla movies/Arcade-brawl games or you have friends to play with you & to earn every unlockable , then - 4.8/5. If you are a casual player, then- 3.5/5.
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this game gets: 3.5/5
On the scale of 10, this game gets: 6/10
On the scale of 100%, this game gets: 70%
On the scale of 50, this game gets: 29/50
On the grade system, this game gets: B-
  • This is an excellent game which is worth a try.Because you will not find some gameplay elements in other games and it's a great Godrilla arcade game.
Thanks for reading this review.I hope you found it useful.

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