Godzilla: Save the Earth FAQ/Walkthrough
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Godzilla: Save the Earth FAQ/Walkthrough

by Dracoferret   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Godzilla: Save the Earth on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
Godzilla: Save the Earth
by Dracoferret Van Dyke

Version 1, 07/26/2005
- Rose from the grave.
- Removed Challenges.
- Fixed everything Pipeworks said to. Pipeworks is my master.
- Added strategies.

Version 0.84, 01/29/2005
- Added a new site, fixed some things.

Version 0.82, 01/13/2005
- Added new site.

Version 0.81, 01/12/2005
- Added 1 new site.

Version 0.80, 01/10/2005
- First update. Everything's going smoothly.
- Added 1 new site.
- Fixed some challenges.
- Added a rumor/speculation.

Version 0.75, 01/02/2005
- First Godzilla STE guide! El yay!
- A few things missing, mostly challenges.

   Index                                        Search Phrase
Introduction                                    heyheyhey
Controls                                        whatsthisdo
STE and DAMM                                    thatsnotapottyword
Your Environment                                hellopiggy
Beam Fighting                                   kickthebaby
Characters                                      yournutsroastingonanopenfire
Rumors and Speculations                         purplepeopleeater
Disclaimer                                      youforgotpoland
Thanks                                          iloveya

IMPORTANT: If you know anything about the game that is not in this guide ( in
particular, tricks, questions, and info on downloads),
please e-mail me at neodracoferret@aol.com. I will add it in, and I will give
credit (please add in who I'm giving credit to). You can also send me praise if
you like, I'll put the first 7 praisegivers in my thanks section.

Introduction   "heyheyhey"

I'm rather glad to be the first one to make a guide for Godzilla STE here. As
far as I know, this is the first average joe's guide on the internet to the
game. I could be wrong, but I'm one of the first, if not the first. I hope you
all will contribute to the guide, and anyone with questions that aren't
answered here is free to ask me.
There are two kinds of people reading this guide. You're either a fan of
Godzilla who's picked up the game for that reason, or a gamer who decided to
give this game a try. I will explain this guide for both types of people. This
guide will NOT be just flat out information, 'cause that's boring. Instead I'll
try to keep you entertained while you read. After this anyway. You're probably
not even reading this, 'cause nobody cares about introductions. I'll stop
awkwardly now, so you can just go ahead.

Controls   "whatsthisdo"

X = Punch
Square = Kick
Circle = Fierce Attack
Triangle = Block
D-pad/Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Move monster's  head around (yes, you can nod at people)
R1 = Special Beam Weapon
R2 = Jump
L1 = Grab
L2 = Crouch (also lets you turn away from the enemy when you are moving)
X + Circle = Taunt, Rage attack (when in rage mode)
L2 + R2 = Special trick

STE and DAMM   "thatsnotapottyword"

Godzilla: Save the Earth (I'll refer to it as STE, sounds cooler) is a
fighting game followup to Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters Melee (DAMM, I like
acronyms), which took some heat for stupid things. Godzilla STE seems to be a
counterattack at harsh critics (or Pipeworks likes making these games). The
main mode, Action mode, now adds challenges and an over-the-shoulder view.
There is now a stats system, and MANY more types of damage. There are more
characters, some of which are handled completely differently from the normal
characters. There's online multiplayer. And there's Team Destruction, because
anything called Team Destruction has got to be good.

But I haven't even described the game yet. You and your opponent choose a
monster, each from various Godzilla movies, and duke it out in a completely
destructable environment. There are 3 different game types, Versus (two
monsters fighting until one of 'em dies), Melee (melee is for two or more
monsters, and it includes free-for-alls, team matches, destruction, and team
destruction matches), and Action mode (you choose a monster and fight arcade
style while collecting green capsules, until you reach the final boss, Orga.
There are mini games thrown in too).The points you earn in action mode allow
you to buy cities, monsters, and Gallery items. The game is very fun to play,
and even after you've unlocked everything, it's fun to just play around. AND
there's supposed to be downloadable content coming soon.

Your Environment   "hellopiggy"

One of the most impressive features of Godzilla STE is the interaction between
you and the environment. There are actually hills and depressions. You can sink
up to your hips in water, which slows you down and stops you from jumping. You
can tear buildings up out of the ground and throw them. Stronger monsters can
pick up bigger things. Little people in helicopters sting you with teeny-tiny
missles. On one of the levels, maybe more, little people run away from you. And
all of the levels are realistic recreations of famous places, like Tokyo,
London, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Then there's not so real places, like
Monster Island, a giant boxing ring, and the top of an enormous city built on
top of a UFO (o_O). You can bulldoze the place flat. And if you're like me,
you'll turn on the city reset option so you can do it again. You can even pick
a building that was thrown at you right out of the air and toss it back (ROCK

Powerups are also part of the environment. There's little blue health capsules,
yellow energy capsules, that swirling ball of death the rage mode powerup, and
the big ol' atari symbol. What in the name of Hillbilly Bob is that? That is the
new Air Strike powerup. Touch it, and either Battra or the Super-X 3 will fly in
to bombard the nearest enemy. The dark Mothra fires his energy beams, which will
harm but not kill an enemy, while the Super-X 3 unleashes its arsenal of cadmium
missles and lasers, freezing the enemy solid. But you don't get any choice in
the matter, it's random ^_^.

Finally, there's the Energy Fence. It's that green barrier around the arena.
Touch it and you'll fly back and be stunned a little. But you won't take any
damage. That's a change I'm glad for. And you can't fly over it, but you can
throw buildings and spit beams past it to hit the buildings beyond the fence
(take notes for destruction).

Beam Fighting   "kickthebaby"

This is what got a lot of people worked up. Basically, you and your opponent
can both spit beams at each other at about the same time and they'll collide.
You then become involved in a rock-paper-scissors sort of competition. Triangle
sends a green pulse up the beam, Circle sends a red pulse, and X stops your
beam so you can take the beam in the back of the throat, splattering your head
(actually it spits a blue pulse up the beam). You lose a block of energy each
round of the beam fight, plus another block if you lose. You can only send one
pulse per round. You can also change the color of your pulse once per round.
Whichever monster runs out of energy first takes the damage of both beams
combined, and gets sent flying. His head doesn't splatter though. Hopefully
that comes in a mod or something. An important note: Anguirus, Destroyah,
Baragon, Mothra (Imago), Jet Jaguar, and Moguera 2 can not beam fight.
Megaguirus can beam fight, but only with stolen weapons (thanks to
davidguzman2@juno.com for clearing this up for me). All the other monsters can
beam fight, but only with their charge-up beam.

Characters   "yournutsroastingonanopenfire"

Attack: This is how physically strong the monster is.
Defense: This is how well the monster resists damage.
Speed: This is how fast the monster's top speed is.
Weapons: This is how strong the monster is in terms of energy.
Inflicts: This is what kind of damage the monste can do, in order of how many
attacks it has that do that damage
Resists: This is what kinds of damage the monster resists, from most resistant
to slightly resistant.
Weakness: This is what kinds of damage the monster is weak against, from most
weak against to slightly weak against.
Rage: This is what the monster's rage move does.
Special Notes: This is special things to know about the monster.
Origin: This is background information on the monster.
Strategies: How to play as this monster.

Top Row: Godzilla 2000, Gigan, Megalon, King Ghidora, Destroyah, Orga, Baragon,
Mechagodzilla 3, Moguera 2
Bottom Row: Godzilla 90s, Anguirus, Rodan, Mechagodzilla 2, Megaguirus,
Mecha-King Ghidora, Mothra, Jet Jaguar, Spacegodzilla

Godzilla 2000
Attack: 5
Defense: 4
Speed: 5
Weapons: 4
Inflicts: Edged, Blunt, Atomic, Fire
Resists: Atomic, Fire
Weakness: Electric
Rage: NUCLEAR PULSE - A huge explosion of fire and atomic energy bursts from
Godzilla 2000.
Special Notes: Get used to playing as him, he's the default character for every
Origin: Godzilla 2000 is the third generation of Godzilla. Godzilla 2000 has so
far fought Orga, Megaguirus, Mechagodzilla 3, and Mothra, although none of the
movies had to do with one another. Godzilla 2000 has no real storyline, because
none of his movies are very consistent. All there really is to say is that
Godzilla 2000 is without a doubt much more savagely intelligent than any
Godzilla before him, but he still has the attitude of Godzilla 90s.
Strategy: The most well rounded character, you can use Godzilla 2000 any way
you want. He can deliver a powerful beam and projectile, is good in melee, and
is fairly quick.

Godzilla 90s
Attack: 5
Defense: 4
Speed: 4
Weapons: 5
Inflicts: Blunt, Edged, Atomic, Fire
Resists: Atomic, Fire
Weaknesses: Electric
Rage: FINISHER BREATH - Godzilla 90s spits out a supercharged beam that is
controlled like a normal beam, but doesn't last long.
Special Notes: Almost the same as Godzilla 2000. Only reccomended if you prefer
the Finisher beam over the Pulse.
Origin: The second generation of Godzilla completely ignored the first
generation, it started anew with it's own history, the Heisei storyline. Heisei
Godzilla is bulky, slow, and has taken on some real powerhouses like Destroyah
and Biollante. This is more the darker side of Godzilla, as opposed to the
goofy hero of the 60s and 70s.
Strategy: Same as Godzilla 2000. The only real differences are some of the
moves, throws, and rage move.

Attack: 6
Defense: 4
Speed: 7
Weapons: 3
Inflicts: Edged, Energy, Blunt
Resists: Energy, Acid
Weaknesses: Electricity
Rage: WHIRLWIND ASSAULT - Gigan spins like a ballerina with meathook claws out,
but don't take him lightly. Each hit does tremendous damage, and tosses you
into the air.
Special Notes: Gigan can teleport if you press L2 and R2 at the same time.
Origin: Gigan is sort of like a cyborg mercenary. Someone contacts the group
that hold him, and he gets unleashed on the enemy. He has a laser jewel in his
forehead, meathook claws, vibrating spines in his chest that work like a 
chainsaw, and rather wicked flying skills. He is very sadistic, taking joy in
the pain of other things. But if he starts to lose the fight, he will retreat,
preferring to live another day with indignity than to die in battle. Sadly, his
flying skills never made it to the game.
Strategy: Gigan is a very melee focused fighter. However, there's a reason his
highest stat is speed. Fight like Gigan would, pull in and don't let up until
you start getting into trouble, then take the long range combat style.

Attack: 4
Defense: 8
Speed: 5
Weapons: 2
Inflicts: Edged, Blunt, Concussive
Resists: Explosive, Concussive
Weaknesses: Edged
Rage: Instead of a Rage attack, Anguirus can use Thunderball without losing
energy during Rage Mode.
Special Notes: Press L2 and R2 at the same time to do a rolling tackle
(Thunderball). Anguirus is immune to sweeps and overhead attacks when on all
fours, and also takes half damage from non-physical attacks. Anguirus' block
can hurt the enemy. Anguirus' dash jump can hurt the enemy. Anguirus' charge
weapon (Sonic Roar) goes through buildings and has a wide range.
Origin: Anguirus is a gigantic species of dinosaur that somehow survived the
extinction. He seems to be either brave or stubborn, he never gives up a fight.
He also seems to be quite intelligent, knowing full well what he can do, but he
offsets that by ruining everything (In one movie he was sneaking up behind King
Ghidora, who was distracted by the fight between Godzilla and Gigan. None of
the three heads noticed him. Anguirus was almost close enough to clamp down on
King Ghidora's tails, but he let out a loud roar before he could. King
Ghidora's right head whirled around and blasted him with a gravity bolt before
Anguirus could actually bite) In truth, he's a rather mediocre monster, but his
determination puts him up among the top fighters.
Strategy: Anguirus' high defense means that most attacks will do very little.
Anguirus' attacks are fast and powerful, and even his block damages opponents.
His running jump ends with an automatic bite. Get up close and beat the snot
out of your opponent. Long-Range fighters won't be able to stand up to the
assault, and Melee characters will do little to nothing. Anguirus is easily one
of the best monsters in the game.

Attack: 5
Defense: 3
Speed: 6
Weapons: 5
Inflicts: Edged, Blunt, Electric, Energy
Resists: Electric, Explosive, Fire
Weaknesses: Blunt, Concussive
Rage: MAGNETIC VORTEX - Megalon shuffles his wings and all the monsters get
sucked close to him. When one is close he releases a mini-pulse of energy.
Special Notes: Megalon can dig if you press L2 and R2 at the same time. Megalon
hovers in the air for a moment when you jump. Electricity heals Megalon.
Origin: Megalon is the bug god of some random underwater people called the
seatopians (...). Megalon, despite being rather worried near Raid factories,
is a good fighter. He was unleased on Tokyo because of pollution of the world,
and he was beaten by Godzilla and Jet Jaguar. Megalon has the potential to be a
great fighter, but he's easy to kill. Take out your enemy fast to use him best.
Strategy: Megalon not only has a low defense, but is also weak to the most
common type of damage, blunt attacks. Do NOT get into a heated melee battle
with Megalon, use him as a ranged fighter. Stun your opponent with Napalm
before going in to fight close range.

Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Speed: 8
Weapons: 4
Inflicts: Blunt, Fire, Edged, Concussive
Resists: Fire, Atomic
Weaknesses: Edged, Ice, Concussive
Rage: HEAT SPIRAL - Rodan flies up twisting around shooting a continuous beam.
Special Notes: Hold R2 to fly. Press L2 and R2 at the same time to make Rodan
launch into the air, spiral around, and start flying (This makes you
untrackable to beams. Rodan flies better than anyone in the game, without
taking any more energy to fly. Fire heals Rodan. 
Origin: Rodan is another prehistoric beast that survived the extinction. Rodan
flies fast enough to create sonic booms. Rodan is also a decent hand to hand
fighter. Fire Rodan is a Rodan that was irradiated, and gained a Uranium beam.
This Rodan is Fire Rodan, without the shockwaves. Do not, under any
circumstances, fight Rodan as Godzilla or Baragon. In fact, the best character
to fight Rodan with is Rodan.
Strategy: If you're facing Baragon or Godzilla, you're in for an easy match.
Their fire attacks will HEAL Rodan, making you much more powerful than normal.
Rodan should spend most of his time flying, blasting at the opponent with
beams, then finishing off with a tackle. While your energy recharges, fight
dirty, throw rocks, and block often. Then, you can start all over again.

King Ghidora
Attack: 7
Defense: 7
Speed: 3
Weapons: 6
Inflicts: Edged, Blunt, Electric, Concussive
Resists: Blunt, Electric, Concussive, Energy
Weaknesses: Acid
Rage: DEATHSTORM - King Ghidora spins in the air, creating hurricane gusts and
spewing gravity bolts.
Special Notes: Hold R2 to fly. King Ghidora can still grab an enemy if it's
behind him. Press L2 and R2 at the same time to lose 12 blocks of energy and
gain health.
Origin: King Ghidora has been in more movies than any monster except Godzilla.
King Ghidora travels through space, sucking the energy out of whatever planet
he happens to land on, before moving on to do it again. During the 80s and 90s 
though, his origin was changed to be a creature that was created when humans
traveled to the past to switch the unmutated Godzilla with three artificial
pets called Dorats. Instead of Godzilla being created, King Ghidora was born
from the fusion of the three Dorats.
Strategy: King Ghidora is a powerful melee fighter, and a good beam fighter as
well. His biggest problem is his incredibly short legs, making him SLOOOOOOW.
Fight beam fighters with your melee attacks, and melee fighters with your
gravity bolts.

Mechagodzilla 2
Attack: 4
Defense: 7
Speed: 4
Weapons: 7
Inflicts: Blunt, Energy, Edged, Explosive
Resists: Edged, Acid, Ice
Weaknesses: Energy, Electric
Rage: ALL WEAPONS STRIKE - Mechagodzilla 2 fires his missles, maser cannon,
and eye lasers all at his opponent.
Special Notes: Hold R2 to fly. Press L2 and R2 at the same time to pull off a
super leap.
Origin: Mechagodzilla was a machine created by aliens to invade earth. However,
in the 80s and 90s, he was created by humans to destroy Godzilla. Pipeworks
confused the Mechagodzillas though, and their Mechagodzilla is the first one
with the second Mechagodzilla's body. Whatever works though, I'm not
Strategy: Stay back and use your beams and missile fingers. Mechagodzilla isn't
a very good melee fighter, even if his attack power is decent. If your energy
runs low, tackle your opponent, pull off a combo, then leap away. Try to lock
beams, as your attacks will do more to ranged fighters.

Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Speed: 2
Weapons: 8
Inflicts: Energy, Blunt, Electric, Edged, Ice
Resists: Atomic, Ice, Concussive
Weaknesses: Edged, Explosive, Fire
Rage: OXYGEN DESTROYER - Destroyah spits out a small purple ball that moves
very fast and homes in on its enemy.
Special Notes: Press L2 and R2 at the same time to spit out a very short range 
freezing mist.
Origin: The original Godzilla was destroyed by a weapon called the oxygen
destroyer. A scientist named Dr. Serizawa activated underwater, killing himself
to keep the secret of its power safe. All that was left in the area after it
went off was a lot of Hydrogen and Skeletons. This lack of oxygen allowed a
prehistoric creature of microscopic proportions to be revived. It multiplied,
and when men dug down to where these tiny creatures lay, they were exposed to
oxygen. They then fed off the oxygen and within days grew to the size of a
horse. All these creatures formed into a couple of huge, building sized
creatures that eventually melded into Destroyah, a flying creature that could
absorb oxygen and form an energy sword on it's horn. Like Gigan, Destroyah's
flying ability was left out of this game.
Strategy: Even though Destroyah's greatest stat is his weapons, don't let it
fool you. Destroyah is a melee fighter, with very quick, powerful attacks. His
beam is better if they are close to you, as it has a limited range, and draws
the enemy in. The beam is VERY powerful, but not very ranged. Most of the
Fierce attacks use the energy katana, an extension to Destroyah's horn. These
moves are powerful, hit a large area, and tend to send enemies flying.

Attack: 6
Defense: 4
Speed: 8
Weapons: 1
Inflicts: Edged, Blunt, Energy
Resists: Acid, Explosive
Weaknesses: Atomic
Rage: MEGANULON SWARM - Megaguirus fires three swarms of meganula, which home
in on your opponent, do heavy damage, and drain their energy, leaving your
opponent a twitching mess.
Special Notes: Megaguirus starts with no energy, and does not regain energy.
Each tail attack steals one energy block. When grabbing, press X to copy their
beam, Circle to steal energy, and Square to steal health. Megaguirus is immune
to sweeps. Megaguirus replaces her blast with the enemy's beam when you copy
it, but the beam is only good for one use (Megaguirus can beam fight too, if
you time the shot right, thanks to davidguzman2@juno.com for that). Press L2
and R2 at the same time to activate Inertia-less Flight, which doubles your
Origin: Megaguirus is in no way as unique as any of the other monsters. Back in
prehistoric times (not again), there was a species called Meganula, a huge
dragonfly. Their queen, the Megaguirus, was the biggest, meanest girl in the
pack. A weapon that fired mini-black holes was being tested when it opened a
wormhole, which sucked one of them through to the present. After a hive had
been built up, the Meganula attacked Godzilla. Godzilla fried 'em easy. The
remaining ones, in a desperate effort to preserve life, transfered every bit of
energy they had to the Megaguirus. This one grew huge from all the energy, and
began to attack Godzilla, the one that had destroyed the hive.
Strategy: Get up-close and personal with this one. Megaguirus is a very fast,
in-your-face fighter. Even though Megaguirus' speed is at max, it increases to
godlike agility with Inertia-less Flight. Activate Inertia-less Flight early
on, and make the best out of it. Steal energy with the tail, and weaponry with
the grab. Stealing health is always a good idea too.

Attack: 8
Defense: 5
Speed: 4
Weapons: 4
Inflicts: Blunt, Edged, Energy, Acid
Resists: Blunt, Concussive, Explosive
Weaknesses: Acid, Fire, Energy, Atomic
Rage: SHOULDER CANNON OVERLOAD - Orga twists and shakes like an epileptic,
firing his beam everywhere before releasing a devestating short-range pulse.
Special Notes: Orga can grab while running. Press Circle in midair to grab in
the air. Press L2 and R2 at the same time while holding someone to absorb some
of their health.
Origin: Orga was originally one of an alien race that came to earth long ago.
When people found a spaceship underwater, it rose to the air and attacked
Godzilla. Eventually, an alien monster called Millenian emerged, and copied
Godzilla's regenerative cells, becoming Orga. No matter how much he was
blasted at, he regenerated himself at an outstanding rate. He would try to copy
Godzilla further by biting him. Then, in one of the sickest moments in movie
history, Orga started to swallow Godzilla whole. Godzilla then blasted him from
the inside out, splattering him all over the place like the losers on the beam
fighting mod I want. Orga was killed, but he isn't the only one of his race...
Strategy: Orga is a very strong, brutal melee fighter. Grab, toss, whack, and
bite your way to victory, using different attacks all the time. Use Orga's grab
to your advantage, as it can be used while standing, running, and jumping. Stay
VERY close before pulling off your rage move, for maximum damage.

Mecha-King Ghidora
Attack: 6
Defense: 6
Speed: 3
Weapons: 7
Resists: Edged, Blunt, Concussive
Weaknesses: Energy, Electric, Atomic, Fire, Acid
Rage: INVINCIBILITY -  Mecha-King Ghidora becomes invincible, and can hurt
enemies just by touching them.
Special Notes: Hold R2 to fly. Press L2 and R2 at the same time to sacrifice
some health for all your energy. Mecha-King Ghidora creates an energy shield
while he blocks if he has energy. This shield absorbs weapon fire into health.
Mecha-King Ghidora is very weak to all non-physical attacks.
Origin: When King Ghidora was created instead of Godzilla, the unmutated
Godzilla was teleported to an underwater trench. Years later it had become so
polluted with radioactive waste that Godzilla was created again, even stronger
than before thanks to a downed nuclear sub. Godzilla killed King Ghidora, then
picked up where King Ghidora left off. The people from the future added robot
parts to the damaged sections of King Ghidora, then brought him back to the
present to fight off Godzilla. It was built in a haste, so it wasn't designed 
for long term use.
Strategy: Fight just like you would if you were King Ghidora, with a few tweaks
to the plan. Block any beams or energy attacks, as they absorb into your shield
and energy.
Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Speed: 7
Weapons: 2
Inflicts: Blunt, Edged, Fire, Concussive
Resists: Fire, Concussive (When on all fours)
Weaknesses: Ice, Concussive (when standing), Edged
Rage: LAVA ERUPTION - Baragon burrows underground (if he isn't already
underground) and opens a volcanic fissure, which scorches the enemy.
Special Notes: Press L2 and R2 at the same time to burrow. Baragon can use his
fire breath when he is moving. If you attack/jump just after breathing fire,
Baragon will continue to breathe fire while attacking/jumping. Baragon can
attack during ANY kind of jump. Baragon is immune to sweeps, explosions, and
takes half damage from weapon fire when on all fours. Baragon's grab can
counter an enemy grab if timed right. Baragon's Rend & Tear (Press Square when
you grab), does three hits, the last of which is electric. This was done by
accident, as Electric comes right after Edged. This heals Megalon (thanks to
davidguzman@juno.com for that tidbit).
Origin: Baragon is either a dinosaur who managed to escape from the extinction
(groan...) or the god of the earth and fire. Whichever he is, he's CUTE (well,
only in the movies). He also seems to be rather curious and playful (in one
movie, he breaks open a prison and starts pawing at the convicts, just like a
kitten). But that doesn't stop him from being a ferocious fighter. The most
acrobatic and singleminded monster, Baragon's mind is always stuck on either
food, play, or fight. And he's got some big teeth and claws to help him along.
Strategy: Baragon is a constantly moving fighter. Attack with your beam while
moving, and only stop to wreck havoc on the enemy with your claws. Digging is
useful, especially if you use an underground attack.

Attack (Imago): 4
Attack (Adult): 3
Defense (Imago): 5
Defense (Adult): 4
Speed (Imago): 2
Speed (Adult): 6
Weapons (Imago): 3
Weapons (Adult): 6
Inflicts (Imago): Blunt, Edged, Concussive
Inflicts (Adult): Blunt, Electric, Concussive, Edged, Acid
Resists (Imago): Electric, Energy, Fire, Ice, Atomic, Explosive
Resists (Adult): Atomic
Weaknesses (Imago): Acid
Weaknesses (Adult): Fire
Rage: Mothra does not enter Rage mode. Instead Mothra treats rage as a health
and energy powerup.
Special Notes: Mothra starts in her Imago form. Press L2 and R2 at the same
time to transform into Adult Mothra. Transformation fully restores Mothra's
health and energy. Imago Mothra does not recover energy. Adult Mothra is
immune to sweeps. Away + Circle reflects beams.
Origin: Mothra is supposedly the guardian of the people of the earth. Meaning
Mothra doesn't care about the earth, only what helps the people prosper.
There's a word to describe Mothra: Tailbiter. Every Mothra, Imago and Adult,
has been inexplicably drawn to biting or pulling their enemy's tail. Creampuff
is also a close description. Somehow, Mothra has managed to beat Godzilla
almost every time. But then, if cow tipping can be considered a sport, this is
Strategy: Web the enemy, attack while they're stunned, wash, rinse, repeat.
When you run low on health, transform into an adult, and you'll regain
everything. Then, fight with beams, grabs, and quick combos to beat down your
weakened opponent.

Mechagodzilla 3
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Speed: 5
Weapons: 4
Inflicts: Edged, Blunt, Electric, Explosive, Ice
Resists: Edged, Energy, Atomic, Acid
Weaknesses: Electric
Rage: ABSOLUTE ZERO CANNON - Mechagodzilla 3 fires a beam from its chest that
freezes anything it touches.
Special Notes: Hold R2 to fly. Press L2 and R2 at the same time to do a
shoulder rocket charge. Mechagodzilla 3's grab has a slight range, and does
more damage the longer you hold an enemy.
Origin: Mechagodzilla 3, better known as Kiryu, was created to not just fight
off Godzilla, but kill him. The secret weapon was a powerful chest beam that
could freeze anything in its path. Kiryu was loaded with weapons: missles,
lasers, even a jetpack. It was built with DNA computers (my explanation isn't
professional, so don't kill me). The practical upshot is that instead of
thinking only two types of data (1s and 0s), it would use four or more types to
compute, making the AI way better than normal. But when it heard Godzilla's
roar, it inherited the very first Godzilla's memories, and rampaged the city,
thinking it was Godzilla. Eventually he did manage to fight off Godzilla, after
everything was *temporarily* fixed. But no one cares about that. Kiryu might
still have a few bugs to work out though...
Strategy: Kiryu is a great melee and ranged fighter, with a VERY nice missle
attack. I call them Angel Wing Missles, for the way they launch. In the
beginning, immediately fire off a round of Angel Wing Missles, then move in for
the kill. Don't let up on your attacks unless you plan on using a beam, or
launching a salvo of AWMs. Use his rage move to incapitate your enemy.

Jet Jaguar
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Speed: 5
Weapons: 1
Inflicts: Blunt, Edged, Concussive
Resists: Acid, Ice
Weaknesses: Electric
Rage: TORNADO - Jet Jaguar spins around, sucking enemies into a tornado and
juggling them about the arena.
Special Notes: Hold L2 and R2, then press Square to shrink Jet Jaguar. Hold
L2 and R2, then press X, Circle, or Triangle to grow. When small, Jet Jaguar
is invulnerable to weapons fire, and can reflect beams by blocking.
Origin: Jet Jaguar is a robot created by a happy little scientist man. When
Megalon and Gigan attacked Tokyo, Jet Jaguar grew to monstrous proportions
(literally), and flew off to fetch Godzilla. Through various strange beeps,
hand signals, and increasingly large and disturbing smiles, he managed to tell
Godzilla about Megalon and Gigan. The two then mopped the floor with (quote
from the cable movie review) 'a giant cockroach and a big black chicken'
(those racists). Jet Jaguar seems to have his own martial arts style. Sadly,
his flying was taken from the game, although he kept his big goofy grin.
Strategy: If grinning hurt others, JJ would be god of pain. But that doesn't do
anything for him, so he relies on his melee skills, and his new beam move,
which works even if you run out of energy (O.O). Use his rage move as soon as
you get it.

Moguera 2
Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Speed: 8
Weapons: 8
Inflicts: Energy, Explosive, Edged, Blunt, Electric
Resists: Acid, Ice
Weaknesses: Electric, Energy, Concussive
Rage: PHOTONIC STORM - A huge ring of electricky orange and blue stuff blasts
out of Moguera, hitting everything around him.
Special Notes: Moguera 2 can't recharge his energy unless he stands still, or
you hold L2 and R2 down. Moguera 2 can jump again in midair. Moguera 2's
crouch charges up his treads for a dash. When Moguera 2 blocks beams, some of
the damage is absorbed into ammo.
Origin: Moguera 2 is really a robot called M.O.G.U.E.R.A. built to protect
Japan from monsters (for once they aren't trying to kill Godzilla). The
captain has a secret assignment to betray the crew and kill Godzilla (so much
for that last claim). Moguera stands for Mobile Operational Godzilla
Underground Expert Robot Aero-type. The original Moguera was called Mogera
(without a u), and like Mechagodzilla, was built by aliens that used it to
invade earth (not kill Godzilla). Later a special one was sent to kill
Godzilla (just kidding, that irony would be way too cruel).
Strategy: Don't use your melee attacks, ever. Period. Stay away, run around,
block beams, and continuously spout missles, beams, bolts, and the like. If you
get any projectile ammo, save it, get up close, and FIRE! Watch the enemy go
flying by, straight into a building. If you run out of energy, just try to stay
alive until an energy powerup pops in.

Attack: 4
Defense: 5
Speed: 2
Weapons: 8
Inflicts: Blunt, Energy, Edged
Resists: Energy, Concussive, Atomic, Blunt, Electric
Weaknesses: Edged
Rage: CRYSTAL PRISON - Sort of a misnomer, Spacegodzilla pulses energy
throughout the stage, damaging any who touch it.
Special Notes: Hold R2 to fly. Circle summons/attacks with crystal spires.
Spacegodzilla regains energy very quickly when standing near crystal spires.
Spacegodzilla's grab is ranged. Many of Spacegodzilla's attacks require energy.
Holding down Crouch while running allows Spacegodzilla to levitate across the
ground very fast (thanks to davidguzman2@juno.com for that). This is not his
run however.
Origin: When Godzilla defeated Biollante (an undead plant beast made of rose
and Godzilla cells), Biollante flew off into space. The Godzilla cells of
Biollante survived the cold vaccum, and was exposed to cosmic energy beyond
belief. The end result was a semi-crystallized deformed Godzilla-esque beast.
Spacegodzilla traveled all the way back to earth just to kill Godzilla. It was
stopped by Moguera though, who destroyed all the crystal spires Spacegodzilla
created, leaving him without power to fight back against Godzilla.
Strategy: Fight up close for a bit, then stand back and shoot charged beams and
crystal rockets. Make sure there are always two spires on the field, and make
sure to stay between them. Your power will increase by tenfold, as your enery
will almost never run out. This is a big worry for SpaceGodzilla, as most of
his attacks require energy to use.

Rumors and Speculations   "extradoody"

This is where rumors, ideas, possibilities, and the like are. If something is
disproved it will be removed. Feel free to send your own stuff, but I'll decide
if it's reasonable or not. You will receive full credit.

Rumor, Idea, or Speculation
-Why this whatever came to be.

Originally, Titanosaurus was a character, but was taken out because of a lack
of a moveset.
-In one of the Gallery items, there is a melee match between Godzilla, Gigan,
Anguirus, and Titanosaurus
-Disproved by Pipeworks, TOHO doesn't own the rights to Titanosaurus. How in
the heck they don't, I have no idea.

Originally Gigan had the ability to fly, but this was taken out of the game to
make him more fair.
-There is a gallery item that shows Gigan flying in the air, blasting Godzilla
with his laser. He then lands, and takes off again.
-Disproved by Pipeworks

There was a rail shooter game for Rodan, but it was too hard to string it all
together, so it never made it.
-In one of the Gallery items, there is a picture of Rodan flying in the canyons
blasting turrets rail shooter style.
-Approved by Pipeworks. They simply decided not to do it.

There was an arctic level that was taken out, that will later be up for
-There are many gallery items in an arctic setting, including one showing the
effects of falling through the ice. An arctic level like this would be almost
to good to keep away from the public. Also, there is a melee match between
Titanosaurus, Anguirus, Godzilla, and Gigan in an arctic arena.

Disclaimer   "youforgotpoland"

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Thanks   "iloveya"

Aside from the usual thanks to the creators of the game, I'd like to thank...
-Simon S from Pipeworks for fixing EVERYTHING WRONG in my guide that was left.
-davidguzman2@juno.com for helping with info.
-Everyone who reads my fancomics on the TKT Forum, and likes them
-That kid on all those Harry Potter forums who stole my name. I can't go
anywhere now without hearing a Harry Potter reference. Thank you so much. Jerk.
-And all of you comedians and webcomic authors, the world needs entertainment.