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larger than life


He’s big, he’s bald and he’s pissed off. Who am I describing? Kratos. Why is he pissed off? Oh, no reason – just that he killed the wrong people and he’s not too happy with the fact that Ares might’ve influenced that since he gained power from Ares after nearly dying during some war. Also, he’s basically Ares’ slave and he wants out. On top of that, there are all these monsters terrorizing cities and conjuring up storms. Ancient Greece was kind of dark in that respect.

The best way to sum up God of War is that it’s a pure spectacle. The graphics engine was pushing the PS2 really hard, showin...


God of emptiness


God Of War is one of those games that has always rubbed me the wrong way. It does a fair amount of things right, but then it does a few things wrong, and those few things end up reducing the overall package's quality. It's also one of those games that felt like it was rushed right out of the door to make a deadline. That, or as an experiment to see if gamers like it so that in sequels, they know what to focus on.

Kratos is on a quest to defeat Ares, the God Of War, in hopes of redeeming himself after slaughtering his wife and kid. Basically what happened is that Kratos got his ass kicked in ...


God Of MEH


God Of War is often lauded because... well, it exists. That's how I'm seeing it, anyway. Most people will tell you “holy shit it's so refined, brutal and epic”, and all I have to say is that the only thing that's even remotely epic in this game is the soundtrack. Other than that, this is nothing more than a basic hack and slash. Now, in my Dante's Inferno review, I've given some praise to God Of War, but looking back, I think I overestimated it, because playing it nowadays gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Why did everyone like it so much? It's competent, for sure, and it has some pretty hi...


God of War=God of Games

The good:

+ Brilliant tale of Greek Mythology
+ Stunningly brutal battles
+ Mini-games in battles
+ Loads of awesomely divine weapons
+ Detailed story
+ Challenging Puzzles and mazes throughout
+ Use magic and might to defeat enemies
+ Amazing cut-scenes throughout story

The bad:

- Can become frustratingly difficult at times
- Not much variety of location- majority of game is spent in Pandora's Temple


The first thing that drew me to this game was that it was based around Greek Mythology and the tale of the Gods of Olympus. To my excitement, it stays true and accurate to the legends of ancient Greece, but adds it's own little spins. It tells the tale of a mortal attempting to kill a God. The story really engrosses you into Kratos' mindset and really empathises you with him. Involving many of the famous beasts and legends from tales, like Gorgons, harpies, Cyclopses and Cerberi.

The battle scenes are both fast-paced, colourful and extremely brutal, spewing buckets of blood with every hit. A...


The Game of Perfection

The good:

  • Great story, well-thought
  • Very good graphics
  • Challenging challenges
  • Great gameplay, some strategy involved

    The bad:

  • After a while, it gets boring


    What a great game!

    First of all I'll start with the story. The story is well-thought and is one of the main factors that kept me that interested in it. While you progress throughout the game you will get cutscenes about Kratos' past (the main character). I'll give the story 5/5

    The graphics in this game are great, just great. It really makes you feel like you're in the game. Although in some cutscenes which involve war, it is just a picture, not moving at all, with LOTS of blood pouring out of a non-moving soldier. The blood looks unrealistic and how much blood pours out is exaggerated in the...

  • 10

    God of War - One Great Game

    The good:

    Great gameplay, Awesome Storyline, Character design and creation top of the line, Great landscape.

    The bad:

    Free roam wasn't available, Invisible walls.


    In God of War you take control of Kratos, a Spartan General, and pawn of the God of War - Ares. As Kratos fights a large Barbarian horde the tides turn and Kratos' army is overwhelmed. The Barbarians are ruthless and slay all, when Kratos' life seemed to be at an end at the hands of the Barbarian King he takes a vow to serve Ares. Ares accepts this and kills the Barbarians and saves Kratos' life and honor. Along with a victorious battle Kratos recieves the Blades of Chaos, from Ares, two chained blades burned into his forearms. You now must do what none other has done, you must slay...

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