God of War III review
The most epic action experience of all time!

The good:

True 50% power of PlayStation 3 console
Life-like graphics.
Epic scale of levels and story.
One of the best background scores and Music.
Fluid combat system
New weapons and magic system
No loading times & No installation required!
Battle arena & Challenges of Olympus

The bad:

Only one in-game costume
The end of Kratos' journey.



  • Intro:
This is a unbiased & spoiler-free review of the PS3 game- 'God of War 3'.
Developed exclusively for PlayStation®3, God of War®III is the final instalment of the multimillion selling trilogy. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studios, God of War III brings epic battles to life with stunning graphics and an elaborate plot that puts Kratos at the centre of carnage and destruction as he seeks revenge against the Gods who have betrayed him.

Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mount Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take
on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus.
This game is a third person action/adventure/hack n' slash game.
Lot's of people bought this game, lot's of people praised this game & some people bashed this game for being a button masher or combat being same.
Don't know who to believe? Can't decide whether you should buy this game or rent it?
-Don't worry, I am here to help you.I will point out the pros & flaws of God Of War 3.I'll clear some doubts and I will answer every question through this review.
  • Only for mature players (18+) :

This game is mature in a refreshing way. The blood and gore effects are life-like and after a battle, if the camera comes close to Kratos, you can even see the battle pores on his face and scars, blood drops, burning effects etc. on every characters of this game, even enemies too.
There is a optional sex mini-game too, you don't get to see anything during that act but you can hear the moans of women and you can definitely avoid it because it's optional.You can't avoid nudity. But, nudity is artistic and realistic on the characters ( On Godesses for example) and like wild animals on monsters like Gorgons and harpies.
All this makes this game inappropriate for children under 18. But, this game is one of the best epic- movie type of action experiences if you are over 18 or are mature enough.
  • Story:

The God of War III storyline is the epic conclusion to the trilogy; the storyline will be told in a way that is true to traditionalist roots in Greek mythology, from moral consequences to brutal battles against the Gods.
In God Of War 3, you play as the fallen Greek God of War, Kratos who is an ex-Spartan warrior too. Story continues where God Of War 2 left off. Despite this, you actually don't need to play God Of War 1 or 2 to understand this game, because this game explains some main events through a cut-scene which plays when you start the game. But it is recommended to play both of the God Of War games after or before you play this game. Simply because they are as awesome as this game is and you'll get to experience Kratos' story first hand!
Now that the mighty Titans are with him, Kratos climbs the Mount Olympus and descends into the Hades (Greek version of Hell) to deliver the final blow to the Gods who've betrayed him and to end this cycle of Vengeance once and for all.
Can he defeat the mighty Gods themselves?
Will Kratos ever get redemption?
Find out in this epic Greek action adventure full of horrific Greek creatures and world famous Greek Gods...
The war has begun and the end is in sight and in the end, There will be only chaos....

The story is great and even if some people may find it too simple, I assure you that the story is not the thing to look here, how the events in this story unfolds is the best aspect of this game.
The story have the scale and quality of a Hollywood film like-"Clash Of the Titans". Although short, story is worth playing again and again not only for trophies but also for it's awesome production value and many great set pieces and the Greek Gods themselves.
  • Battle arena and challenges of Olympus:
Yes, there are free features like an arena, 7 challenges, 1 costume and some 'Making of' videos. All of these features unlock once you finished the story.No DLCs required for them but addition costumes, Challenges of Exile, Official Music Score are available for purchase via PlayStationNetwork Store.Battle arena is great for practicing your skills and if anyone wants to play God Of War for the first time, he/she can preview the enemies and combat system here.Challenges are awesome and are less hard than previous ones. Also, give you a shining gold trophy too! Really worth it!
  • Gameplay:
  • How is this game different that other action games like Darksiders, Dante's Inferno, Devil May Cry etc.?
Answer: We all know that people say Darksiders, Dante's Inferno and God Of War are same looking but THEY ARE NOT.
This game is unique because of these points and these are the main gameplay elements so, these will tell you How God Of War 3 really is -

(a) Greek Mythology:

This game is the only one (besides other GOW titles, of course) in this generation of games that is based on the Greek mythology and gives you the exact epic experience of movies like 'Clash Of the Titans'. Others are basically based on Christian mythologies and some are simply fictional. S0, each of them is unique when talking about the story and 'theme' aspect of these games.

(b) Fluid Combat:

Ok, God Of War games are not the only ones who use chain blades but when was the chain blade combat so intuitive and fluid ? Unlike many other action games, God Of War games use a unique combat sytem built around the chain blades that Kratos use.Although, there are four different playing weapons in this game, the most remarkable is the Blades Of Exile. New players as well as expert players will be pleased with this combat system. And these chain blades make God Of War games unique and different than many other action games of this genre.

(c) Epic scale:
The scale of this game's story is not the only thing that is epic, the levels are huge too. This game features groundbreaking depth of scale as Kratos explores areas up to four times larger than those found in God of War II, as well as carving through entire armies while navigating on the back of Titans – living, moving, breathing levels as tall as the Empire State Building. The epic scale of God of War III reaches heights unseen in the franchise.
And this is the only game that have huge highly detailed worlds and living and breathing backgrounds.

(d) Life-like graphics:

Players battle in detailed and unique 3D worlds lit by thousands of dynamic lights and textures with quadruple the resolution, which allows for realistic muscle striations, detailed facial expressions, and new heightened levels of brutality and gore. The graphics are so detailed that you can even see the scars and pores on the face and body of Kratos when the camera comes close to him. When you look closely, every enemy looks different than each other. Even the main munu screen looks like a scene. And it really feels like Kratos is standing before you. Breathing, watching and you can even see the smallest details of his face. For example- Tiny facial hairs, Dots on his face, scars etc. And the game keeps the resolution intact during all the gameplay, cut-scenes and the menu. That's awesome. The physics system is best in the action games.When breaking jaw of a Minotaur, tearing apart Soldiers, ripping Gorgons heads the blood flows hyper-realistically. Even, water physic system is one of the best in the games. Water not only looks realistic, but also, flows like our real life water!
No other game of this genre (if not "-of the current generation") is as realistic as the God Of War 3.

(e) Music and sound effects:
Please, listen this GOW3's main theme music-

Why God Of War 3 is perfect in every way? It is because, while many games just concentrate on gameplay aspects, God Of War 3's all of the areas are perfectly tuned. The music for example, is as epic as any Godly or action movie you have ever seen. The music is filled with emotions and beautiful chorals and thousands of instrumental sounds to add the perfect epic-ness in the God Of War 3's story, gameplay and cut-scenes. Even the Main title theme is epic. If this was a movie, the music would have definetly got an Oscar/Academy Award for Best Music/Background Score.
Sound effects are as remarkable as music itself.The sounds have as depth as gameplay and levels. For example- When you are in the Hades, you can even hear the souls of people screaming as the fall in the depth of Hades, The hades armies' war cries as they are about to attack you, sounds of clashing metals as Kratos battles with sword welding creatures, Kratos' expressions, Sound of breaking jaw when you perform fatalities on the Minotaurs and all of this is combined with awesome background score and music.
No other game can achieve as epic and energetic music as God Of War 3 did. Music makes God Of War 3 feel less like a game and more like an epic interactive action movie.

(f) Godly items & other new abilities of Kratos:

There is magic available in God Of War 3 but a particular magic can only be used if you have that particular weapon which gives this magic equipped.So, now it's far more realistic and reasonable than previous God Of War games and many other action hack n' slash games. For example- If you have Blades Of Exiles equipped, Army of Sparta can be activated. If you have equipped Cestus, Namean Roar can be activated etc.

The blade of Olympus is available to use but not like a normal weapon. It is bundled with "Rage" mode. That means, when you activate the Rage, Kratos will weild the blade and become invincible for a short time.

There are new items called - "Godly items" that are ripped directly from Gods themselves. After using them, the "Item meter" refills quickly and automatically! That's a great new
addition in God Of War 3. There are Items like- Bow of Apollow, Head Of Helios and many more.

Now while battling certain enemies, Kratos can grab them and use his new "Battering ram" move to clear out entire armies of soldiers.In that move, Kratos grabs an enemy and then you can run towards other enemies and use the body of the enemy you are holding as a weapon to clear out lot's of enemies without trouble. Great new addition in God Of War 3 and this is another unique feature of God Of War 3 that makes this game different than many other games of this genre.

(g) Original weapons:

Along with the trademark chain blades, there are many new weapons in this game. New deadly weapons such as the Cestus - powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength - and other brutal instruments of war that will allow Kratos to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with enemies and launching explosive wall-to-ground attacks. The weapons play and look different than each other. And the weapons are original. Switching weapons is more intuitive and easy than previous God Of War games. You can even switch weapons during combat by pressing L1 + X or by pressing up,down,right and left on the Direction buttons (D-pad)! Thus, you can use all of the four weapons at touch of a button. They aren't copied from any other games or comics etc. They are ripped straight from ancient Greek Mythological Gods and creatures.

(h) Original creatures:

The creatures are entirely designed and are ensired by the true Greek mythologies. The creatures include- Gorgons, Cyclops, Minotaurs, Skeleton Soldiers, Hades' armies and many more.
There are some new horrific creatures like Chimera added in this game. Several of the menacing creatures of Greek mythology in God of War III can now be manipulated against their will, as Kratos uses them to cross chasms, inflict blind rage against enemies, reveal puzzles and secrets, and as tools of complete annihilation. The whole Greek creatures and their rideable quality makes this games unique than any other game of this genre.

(i) WITNESS THE POWER OF PlayStation 3 as Kratos ferociously carves through the massive army of Olympus - its Centaur Generals commanding wave after wave of merciless undead soldiers. Unlike previous God Of War games, this time there can be 50 ruthlessly moving enemies on-screen at the same time and despite this, there is not a SINGLE frame rate issue or a glitch. This is my friends, the power of the PlayStation 3.
This is only 50% power of the PlayStation 3, Imagine what will happen if some game developer uses 100% power of the PlayStation 3!
Can any other console handle such a complex and detailed game? Not at all. And there are not many games that feature armies after armies of soldier soldiers at the screen without any problem.

(j) Cool old abilities return!:
Kratos still have his "Icarus' Wings", "Golden Fleece" and "Posiedon's Trident" with him.
With them- Kratos can glide for infinite amount of time. And with the Fleece, you can deflect the projectiles, Gorgon rays, enemy attacks towards them.
These features make God Of War 3 unique and different than other games.

(k) Collectibles and NEW GAME+ :

While you are on your journey, you are able to collect 9 or so Collectibles called- "Godly Possessions". When you complete this game, you can play on the difficulty on which you have finished it again to use special costumes and these items. However, you cannot take all of your weapons you've acquired in the new playthrough as you were able to do in God Of War 2.But there is a glitch which lets you do this! I will tell you how in this review (see point- n)!

(l) Protagonist like no other:

If you have played God Of War 1 and 2 or at least watched the intro movie that is included in God Of War 3, you'll know that Kratos' past is as dark as his current quest.The hero of this game is very different than many other games. His past have made him a brave ruthless warrior that he is now.He never fears anything. Like he said in one of GOW3's trailers- "I fear NOTHING, I hope for NOTHING, fate has brought me here."
This will make players brave too! Instead of fearing the ancient creatures, you'll eagerly want to battle them. Kratos is one of the most memorable characters video game world have ever seen.

(m) No installation = No loading times!:

Unlike many other games of this generation, God Of War 3 doesn't need any installation on your PS3.Still, there are no loading times at all! There is only a short 10 or so seconds loading time when you load your saved game and after that, when you start playing this game, there are no loading screens to spoil the fun! Even between cut-scenes and levels!
No other game have this advantage! And this shows that this game is greatly done and the power of PS3's CPU.

(n) Glitch that 'Helps' player:

God Of War games are famous for some glitches that players try purposefully to get advantage in the game and thus, this glitches are most loved than hated among the gamers. Fortunately, God Of War 3 also have one glitch that helps you a lot especially on Chaos mode.
Credit goes to VampireHorde for telling this through his FAQ/Guide of God Of War 3. So, Thanks a lot VampireHorde, you rock!

Now, here is what to do-

It's come to my attention that there is a glitch that enables you to
have Maxed Weapons at the start of a New Game and I can confirm that
the glitch DOES indeed work!

To use the New Game+ Weapons Glitch, you need to first unlock the
Combat Arena. If you haven't completed all seven Challenges of Olympus,
now's the time to do it! Once the Combat Arena is available, follow
these directions:

--Select the Combat Arena and choose TITAN Mode and leave the Health,
Magic, and Item at Level 1. Choose any enemy (preferably the Gorgon).

--Let the enemies kill you FIVE times in a row and the game will ask if
you want to switch to "Easy Mode". Choose NO and you will be taken
back to the Main Menu.

--From here, choose ANY difficulty and when the game starts, you will
have immediate access to all Maxed out weapons and Items (except for
the Blades Of Exile) for the entire game!

It's a cool little glitch and it definitely makes early enemy battles
much easier, especially with the Cestus. But be aware that this glitch
is ONLY for Maxed Weapons! There is no glitch for Infinite Magic, so
don't even ask.

It's possible that Sony will fix this glitch, so try it now while there
is still time!
Not many games give us such glitches, do they?
So, as you can see, all of these games are unique and are worth playing especially God Of War III.
  • Is this game a stupid hack n' slasher?
---No offense to anyone, No biasing, No flaming. This is just a request---
God of war 3 is not just a typical hack and slash game that you & me hate. God Of War is a series which is truly epic and you can only feel the epicness if you've experienced it.
Those who bash this game because they think this game is a stupid hack n' slasher are doing a big mistake.Some people haven't even played this game and are still labeling this game as being a stupid hack n' slasher.Even IGN, Gamepro etc. never said such thing.
And also on that, I want to tell you guys that -as my friend AgentMo says- Demos and gameplay videos don't do justice to any games.So, not buying this game because you didn't liked God Of War 1,2 or God Of War 3's demo or hack n' slash games is real mistake.
But I want to inform these game bashing people that before you call this game a button masher, please at least rent or borrow this game and try to beat this game on hard (Titan) and very hard (Chaos) difficulty modes and I request these people to at least stop bashing the game you haven't played or just because you don't like this genre's games.

It's like bashing a veg dish because you wanted a non-veg one......LOL!
  • Replayabillity:
Even if the story is about 8-10 hours long, you don't need to think that it's not a 'worth your money'. The story is as epic as any Hollywood movie and the music, graphics make it even better. So, like the DVDs you own of your favourite movies or cartoons, this can be like an interactive movie. And that's why every gamer as well as Greek Mythology/fantasy/Action loving person should own the God Of War 3. Also, you have to play the story for more than one time on Hard and Very Hard mode for trophies. And besides the fantastic story, there are challenges available and the Battle arena, free videos and trailers sure add to the game's replay value and will entertain you for hundreds of hours.
  • Conclusion:

The God Of War is a must try game for any gamer as well as Greek Mythology/fantasy/Action loving person. Even those who don't like Hack n' slash genre games should rent or borrow this game to experience it first hand and then make an opinion.I want to tell you guys that -as my friend AgentMo says- Demos and gameplay videos don't do justice to any games.So, not buying this game because you didn't liked God Of War 1,2 or God Of War 3's demo or hack n' slash games is real mistake.
For God Of War fans and PS3 owners, this game is a definetly must buy game.If you don't have GOW3 and you have PS3 then simply you are not enjoying it fully and ARE missing a GREAT gaming experience that you can never get in any other games than God of war 3.I recommend buying God Of War 3 because, it shows what PS3 can ACTUALLY DO.

* Scores=
Music: 5/5
Voice acting: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Graphics: 5/5
Production Value: 5/5
On-line (DLCs etc.): 3/5
Replay Value: If you like God Of War games, Greek Mythology/fantasy/Action movies/games or want to get every trophy, then- 5/5
For casual players- 3.5/5.
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this game gets: 5/5
On the scale of 10, this game gets: 10/10
On the scale of 50, this game gets: 50/50
On the scale of 100%, this game gets: 100%
On the grade system, this game gets: A+
  • This is an excellent game which is worth a try.Because this game is essential if you want to know the ending of Kratos' story and to watch some Greeks Gods stumble before you! Also because, you will not find some gameplay elements in other game series, the graphics are the best in this generation of consoles, the scale of this game is enormous and any gamer who have not experienced this game is not a true gamer and is really a unlucky guy especially if you have a PS3 and still you have not played this game. Calling God Of War 3 a game is unfair, it must be called 'One of the most epic interactive Greek Mythology themed action movie'.
Really, this is the true next generation action game and if you don't have a PS3 already, this game is one of many reasons to own one.
Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found it useful and some misunderstandings, misconceptions etc. are now cleared.

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jbh Jun 1, 10
Good review darsh, Just a few spelling mistakes on the creatures names but apart from that your english is absolutely amazing
0 thumbs!
DarshD Jun 1, 10
Yeah, I've fixed those Greek Creatures (Minotaur, isn't it?) spellings. Their names are weird and I was writing too fast.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback .
So, how did you found this game? Interesting, isn't it?
0 thumbs!
jbh Jun 1, 10
Yeah it is

I've played it at a friends house and enjoyed it, You can always expect what to see in a GoW game though.
0 thumbs!
DarshD Jun 25, 10
Nah, I never expected this jaw-dropping graphics and awesome sounds!
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