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More mediocrity in a great game's clothing


The first God Of War wasn't bad, but honestly, it felt unfinished in some aspects, like bosses, locations, weapons and all that other shit that makes other games good. It had its fun moments, but then it had its frustrating parts and boring segments, not to mention, even though it looked great, you were just in one dungeon for most of the game. Ah well, we got ourselves a sequel, and surely, it'll improve on everything, right? Yes... and no.

Kratos is the new God Of War. Ohh man this is going to be sick! So what adventures are we going on? Trouble brewing in Rhodes? On my way! Oh wait, what'...


God of satisfying cliffhangers


God Of War 2 is.. well, God Of War 1.5. It's practically the same game, just with a different storyline, different puzzles and a few more bosses. There. I summed it up in two sentences. I might as well just copy and paste my review of the first God Of War, change the story section and maybe do something about the longevity section, and viola - I've just summed up God Of War 2. Now, I understand that sequels rarely innovate, but considering that God Of War 1 wasn't hot shit and God Of War 2 didn't even attempt to iron out most of the flaws, well, it just makes you think, doesn't it... oh, fo...


The End Begins...


God of War 2 was launched only last year in 2007 with the first debuting in early 2006. With God of War 3 on the horizon I thought I would come back to one of the Play station 2's smash hits. God of War has been claimed to be one of Sony's flagships and the second game is no exception, dripping with blood and screaming in pain. But as we peer deep into the chasms of chain hit combos and boss battle action sequences we can find out how good of a game it is.


Fans of the series will undoubtedly know the ending of the first game but for those of you new to the series; God of War is based on...


God Of War II - The PS2 Swansong

The good:

- Excellent storyline following on well from the first game
- Epic settings
- At least twice the length of the first game
- New weapons and magic which all come in useful
- Best graphics on PS2 (rivalling next-gen)
- Superb musical score
- Plenty of replayability
- More boss fights
- Blades Of Athena are even better than before

The bad:

- Punishing difficulty level
- Occasionally frustrating camera angles
- Large number of puzzles may not appeal to everyone


God Of War II had a lot to live up to. The first game came virtually out of nowhere, and blew everybody away with it's flawless combat, incredible graphics and engaging storyline. Unbelievably, God Of War II manages to live up to the giddy heights of the first game, and indeed betters many aspects of it.

The storyline is as epic as always. Kratos, despite being the new God Of War, doesn't exactly see eye-to-eye with his peers, causing constant grief and indeed being a bigger war-monger than Ares ever was. When he is tricked by Zeus in order to defeat the games first boss, The Collossus of Rh...



The good:

The Good
--The story - No matter the cliffhanger ending, the story of Kratos as Hercules in Greek mythology is implemented very well.

--The scope - The environments are massive and you get to experience all of em firsthand

--The boss battles - The battle with Perseus is one i'll never forget. Every other one is perhaps just as memorable.

--Cinematics - The high res cinematics are impressive indeed, but i would have been much more impressed if they would be able to produce such things in real time. It is damn sure feasible.

--Gameplay - The very same tried and true formula from the original that worked so well. Minor tweaks here, but they are mostly visual. Most will enjoy it. Developers got complacent and didn't take risks at all.

--Quicktime sequences - Some of the best kills in the game come from these. They are well implemented and quite imaginative.

The bad:

First of all let me say that i'm a huge God of War fan, but this game was very much a let down for me; from the graphics, gameplay that didn't change a bit from the first GOW, useless secondary weapons, bad programming and testing, recycled enemies, and the mass amount of puzzling in this supposed to be action/adventure game. The story plays out well..as it's probably the reason why i finished the game, but if story is all Sony Santa Monica wished to focus on then they should have made a movie in lieu of a game. Complacency sickens me and it is all over this game. It's the very blueprint of it. Ok, yes i understand that it's Cory Barlog's first time in the director's chair and he didn't want to change too much given that so much was good about the original game, but this is a sequel and you have to up the ante.
First of all this game is so pretty cause all we get to see is the game at so far a distance that we can't notice just how bad the graphics is. The set pieces of the stages are nice, but they are just that..set pieces, not real time. If you don't believe me then take a look at the 'real time' cinemas when Zeus appears and tell me how 'nice' they are. This is the real time footage that Sony was able to come up with after 2 yrs work on the game! And the use of CG to impress all the graphic whores out there is such a cop out. If you lot want to see great real time graphics and cinematics take a look at MGS2: SOL.
So Athena's blades are given to us at the end of the original game and we expect more killer moves for what is our primary weapon in the 2nd game only to be sadly disappointed. Not a single new move only visual tweaks to the already existing moves lol. We get a couple new animations for grab kills, but those things are not so practical in the context of the game. Let's not talk of the uselessness of the secondary weapons. From to the warhammer to the staff and everything in between, they all suck and is futile in real situations. The magic spells are decent, but you find yourself mainly using atlas quake or eurayle's head if your in a jam. The other 2 spells are worthless. The new aspects are somewhat fun, but we only get to do them for a little bit, then it's all over and done with.

Why are there so many freaking puzzles in an action game? Where in the 2 yrs of production did Sony think that throwing in a puzzle in every stage would enhance the God of War experience? It slows the game down considerably. Ok so maybe they thought that once we finish the game we can have a quick time with the puzzles the next play through on a harder difficulty possibly..we'll discuss this as well. The first game had just the right amount of puzzles and none of them was overly difficult. The main focus was on combat..combat Santa Monica studios!

Let me say that i started the game on Hard difficulty and it wasn't too bad. I felt like it was a good challenge, but i had a harder time with some of the puzzles than i did the actual enemies. After i completed hard i tried titan only to get frustrated and quit at the point where i have to protect the architect. The game is so unforgiving on this difficulty. Enemies are relentless to the point where u can't even get a chance to attack before you are hit by someone else. No, i'm not talking of the harder enemies either as these are some of the initial soldiers u encounter. The bosses, Theseus especially, is so insanely difficult that you'll find yourself breaking controllers and pulling out hair as a result. The game lacks balance. The people who beat this game on titan will say i'm not 'hardcore' enough to play this and so i quit. Well, to you i say, i've beaten Ninja Gaiden, Halo, Halo 2, Half Life 2, MGS2, MGS3, DMC, DMC3 all on the hardest difficulty so my skills are not a question here.


All in all, this is my opinion and while some of you will disagree, in the end it's just my take on the game after all the hype has died down. It's an honest take because i am a God of War fan, but i don't think this game deserves a 5 from ign for a sequel. I'd give it an 4 at best and perhaps that is even biased since i'm a fan and can't wait to see the rest of Kratos's story on PS3


This time when you die, you get to beat the shit outta the bastards responsible for it


This epic journey starrs Kratos,who after defeating Ares, became the new God Of War. Too bad he eventually gets betrayed and killed by Zeus. On his way to hades, he gets a helping hand and gets a chance to change his fate.. The whole beginning serves like an intro to the real game, and when you start your pissed off mission, you'll get into quite possibly the most entertaining adventure ever.
The graphics are nothing but impressive, especially the beautiful mythical scenery and temples. The visuals in parts like the flight of the pegasus and in grappling or narrowing through edges sequences ...

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