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[edit] Background

The God of War Collection is a PS3 port of God of War 1 and 2, collected on a single Blu-ray disc with Trophy support for both games separately.

[edit] Game Play

[edit] Features

Anti-aliased graphics, running at 60 frames per second and Trophy support for both games.

[edit] Hardware Info


God of War Collection goes digital November 2

Kratos' HD update to be sold through PlayStation Network

Oct 20, 2010, by Dany Argueta | 1 comment
God of War Collection release date, trophies announced

Ghost of Sparta returns next month

Oct 27, 2009, by Jim Hargreaves | 7 comments

Latest Activity

Jan 1, 13 10:06pm
Epic game!!, it really helped me gain tolerance towards frustration. Specially after the challenge of the gods and god mode play-through. GodOfWarCollection
nasty nappa
Jan 22, 12 4:04pm
two of the best ps2 games remade GodOfWarCollection
Jul 15, 11 11:31pm
God of war 1 platinum God of war 2 Platinum GodOfWarCollection
PangTong_Blademaster blogged
Jan 27, 10 3:36pm

Hello there, this is PTB and I am revamping my NeoBlog at last. Teabag Gaming Daily is a daily project I am working on that covers my opinions on the latest gaming news and highlights. I may also drop in a mini-review occasionally for a change of pace. I hope you can swing on by and leave me a comment (or even favourite my blog!), enjoy reading.

It's true; when the PlayStation 3 launched there was one thing that was holding it back from sudden success, namely it's array of launch titles. Of course there were exceptions such as Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but there was not one game that grabbed the eye of the public.

Recently, in an interview with Game Informer, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida commented on how there was a debate as to launch God of War II as a Playstation 2 or 3 title. Here are a few of my thoughts about God of War II being a launch title fro the PS3.

+ Firstly, it would have cemented the passion of God of War fans who may have been sitting on the fence about getting a PlayStation 3.

+ Sony wouldn't have received so much flak for its starting line-up. Mature gamers would be more enticed to by the console if Kratos turned up for the launch party.

- God of War III is a huge technical leap from the second instalment; releasing God of War II for the PlayStation 3 would have narrowed the gap slightly.

- The time taken to develop the game would have been a lot longer, probably resulting in delays. If not, the game may have been botched together to coincide with the release of the PlayStation 3.

All in all, it would have been a bad idea. God of War II was the platform for the final game, and releasing it for the PlayStation 3 would have cut anticipation by a healthy margin. When launched on the PlayStation 2, GOW II shone brilliantly and is still regarded as one of the best PS2 games to date.

Neoseeker's review for God of War Collection can be seen here.

tgd god of war ii ps3 god of war iii playstation 3 playstation 2 gaming related
Dec 30, 09 8:00am
Shadow of Death
Nov 20, 09 5:44pm
Beat the first game, just need a 5 hour or less playthrough to get the last gold trophy. Not far into the second one. GodOfWarCollection
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