God of War: Chains of Olympus Tips

Persephone Easy Kill
To kill Persephone easily, you just need the Gauntlet maxed out. Dodge (or reverse, if oyu can handle timing) her rush attempts. Then go in with a 3 square combo, only charging the first and last attack. Block and reverse her meele's, rise and repeat until you get to phase two.

PHASE TWO: When she sends te orbs after you, reverse those back to her. When she sends out the beam, roll away, and then roll kind of into it. When she summons pillars, just run around. When you manage to stun her in this phase, go up to her, jump and use the L + triangle attack, fully charged. You should be able to fire off about two or three. When you knock her off her last pillar, she'll fall into a wall. Stand on the glowing circle and press L and follow the onscreen moves.

Ta-dah. :3