God Hand GameShark Codes

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Gameshark 2 V.4 cheats (PS2) North America

Since gameshark never got off their collective asses to create cheats for God Hand (a pretty damned tough game), I thought i'd go ahead and do it for you.

Keep in mind, these codes are not in standard gameshark format, and may be RAW codes, meaning they may work on a number of cheat devices other than gameshark. In any case, these codes were tried and functional on my Gameshark 2, Version 4. (It's the same as the broadband and media player versions of gameshark).

MASTER CODE- Enter this code first in the Godhand cheats profile - label the cheat title (M).
000FFFFE 00000236
000FFFFF 00000236
90397D48 00832021

Infinite HP
202C3554 84410548
202C355C A441054A

Max and Infinite Gold
205686F0 000F423F

game shark 4 NTSC /uc/j (PS2) North America

Master code: F0100238 0000000E
Money :201FA474 00000000
Life gauge :201098F8 86250548
20109904 A625054A
God reel stock :00567D26 00000006
20567C78 01010101
10567C7C 00000101
God reel skill entirely :20567D00 FFFFFFFF
With (R2) tension gauge max : 202A951C 00000000
D05E7642 0000FDFF
202A951C E4800004