Gods Eater Burst review
Good Game Wrong System

The good:

Tight Controls
Co-op Campaign
Switch from gun to sword in mid combo
Skill based
Good learning curve
Full character customization
Complete bullet customization
Weapon Customization
Play with your friends characters when offline
Epic story
Huge battles
Pretty good AI
Sword lock on
Very long game

The bad:

Gun doesn't lock on
Clunky gun controls
Feels like it could do better with dual analog sticks
Very few maps
No level system


When I picked up this game at the local Gamestop I didn't know what to expect from it. The game is set in a post apocalyptic future where the world is covered with these dangerous creatures known as the Aragami. The only chance that the people who are left is in a company called Fenrir. The people in the Fenrir company provide security and is working on a project to purge these Aragami called the arc. You start off as a private in the Fenrir company and get your own weapon called a God Arc. The God Arc is a type of synthetic man made Aragami designed to kill other Aragami, but in order to keep control over them they are usually portrayed as being a giant sword that can sprout a mouth whenever the wielder wants to.

Now me and my three friends are going through this game at a breakneck pace. We have already made our own signature weapon style and massive damaging bullets. The game developers make you really work for it though as some bullet combinations fizzle each other out. But I really just take that as a challenge. I really do feel like this game would have been better off on a console or the Playstation Vita as they use the d-pad for the aim. So it gets kinda hard to move and shoot at the same time.

Now the melee on the other hand has gotten it down just perfectly. The sword mode locks onto enemies so you don't have to spend time moving the camera around to try and hit the enemies. Also the three different weapon styles have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the claymore is really good at dealing a ton of damage but very slow to swing. You could make it even slower but up the damage tenfold just by holding square. Also had the advanced guard ability allowing you to pull up a shield mid combo. The shortsword style is really fast but also really light. It allows for long combos and huge amount of piercing damage. It also gets the ability of the advanced dodge which allows you to dodge in mid combo. The longsword style is middle speed. Its great at unbinding Aragami, which is the the same as taking off their armour. It gets the ability advanced firing which allows you to shoot while still in sword mode for the type of element the gun is. All these swords allow you to use the eater ability by holding down triangle. When you do this you take a bite out of the enemy and gain temporary strength.

I would suggest playing this game with your friends as some of the AI are old-type Gods Eaters as such they cannot switch weapon forms, However you do get some AI partners later on in the game that can and it just makes the game a lot easier. Also if you happen to fall in battle the AI become masters of dodging as they try to make their way to you to give up half of their health in order to heal you.

As for the story and characters, I fell in love with the characters. The game makes you feel for these characters as each one has their own backstory that usually ties in with what your doing in the game. I wont reveal much story I want you to find it yourself but I've put over forty hours into the game and its still going strong and keeping me sucked in. I would suggest this game to any hardcore gamer.
Verdict. GO BUY THE GAME you wont be sorry.

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