Goat Simulator (PC) Cheats

Goat Simulator cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Goat Statue Locations
Collect all 27 Goat Statues to complete the final quest, and unlock new skins for your goat
UnlockableHow to unlock
1Inside alcove of goat tower
2On second floor bedroom of white house next to gas station
3Inside garage at gas station
4On scaffolding above Low Gravity Testing Facility control room
5Inside Low Gravity Testing Facility vents; reach the vents from room with the large fans on floor by hovering over open space using smaller fan
6On roof of Low Gravity Testing Facility, accessed via vents (see above)
7Under tree in middle of grassy field
8At edge of pit near drifting car
9Near harvesting machine
10Next to outhouse, near crop circles
11On top of shack across the street from protesters
12Use fan on rook of shack where you got Statue 11 to hover onto power line above, then walk along it until you find statue
13Behind platform used by protesters
14Below power tower near red pentagram at top of mountain, near Coffee Stain Studios house
15Behind large round boulder near red pentagram
16On desk in second floor office of Coffee Stain Studios house
17On roof of Coffee Stain Studios house
18Inside a greenhouse
19Behind shack in school parking lot
20On top of pool diving platform
21At base of water slide
22Underneath water slide, near Statue 21
23Under school bell
24Inside blue container at construction site
25On platform at top of construction site
26Inside blue container suspended by crane at construction site; reach it by using mattress at top of site, but be prepared to headbutt opponent inside
27At top of crane. Reach it by using jetpack then climbing ladder, then headbutt man in purple shirt and jump toward crane from where he was standing using jetpack to reach cable; walk along cable to reach very top of crane


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Lvl 101 in Goat MMO
What to do is:

1. Use Anti-Gravity Goat & Tank Goat.
2. Enable anti-gravity.
3. Jump & hold W and D.
4. Press 1 to do a stomp attack. ( WARNING!!! You have to let go of
W & D otherwise you will get -125893 exp! )

Easter eggs

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Hidden Flappy Goat minigame
Enter the Coffee Stain Studios near the mountains and go to the second floor. Look for a large TV in one of the rooms up there. Attack the TV to activate a minigame based on Flappy Bird. The goal of this minigame is the same: press the R key to try and navigate the flying character through as many obstacles as possible.