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Just a Sudoku

The good:

- The full version has over 1200 puzzles ranging from easy to fiendish.
- A starter pack gives you a few puzzles, with a set amount for each difficulty.
- Ambient background runs in 1080i, giving you an HD experience.

The bad:

- Music gets repetitive after a while.
- Backgrounds become distracting, and even getting in the way of seeing certain areas of the grid.
- Multiplayer is non-existent, no one is ever online.
- Leaderboards are simplistic and useless.


With having a little money left over on my PSN account, I decided to look for a game that would work my mind. After finding Go! Sudoku, I gave it a little whirl. With the few puzzles that come with the free starter pack interesting me, I went and bought all the additional packs (around $8.00.)

What can I say; it’s a Sudoku, nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t know what a Sudoku is, it’s a grid with 9 3x3 boxes. Each grid has to be filled with the numbers 1-9, and the same number can’t be in the same row, column, or box twice. There is only one solution for each puzzle. In Go! S...




The addictive game comes to the PSP.
Those of you in the know know exactly what Sudoku is about. It's an ancient numbers game created to challenge and feed the brain.
You are supplied a Square Grid with 9 small squares from Left to Right and 9 squares from top to bottom.
The aim is to get the numbers '1 to 9' within the grid without repeating a number in any Box, Row or Column.
It's sounds complicated but it's not. It's just hard to explain with words.

There are 1000 grids available. Rangings from Easy, Mild, Hard and Fiendish. More are available to Download online.

Unfortunatly though you can't ...

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