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Accessory Cart
Accessories are an important part of your warrior's outfit. Find the man who sells accessories who is standing by cart in the first area of Nordagh, in between Orin and Roanor.
Accuracy Reticle
Whenever you attack in Gladius, you will more than likely be targeting a character. When targeting a character, you will see a small circle with a number in it. This is the chance of a normal move hitting. Emphasis on Normal. So, if you really need to remove a character from the field, use a move with a higher number that can get the job done than a more powerful one with a far lower number, which has a higher chance of failing.
Additional Character on the Field
Numbers is always a good way to overwhelm an enemy, so when you get the chance, always use the summoning skills that are available to a few of them, such as the Summoner's. These enemies they bring can cause extra damage and will last the rest of the battle if not killed. They can also provide a fairly strong and healthy defense, so always use them when necessary. The downside is that they are not under your direct control, but with how effective they are, it doesn't matter much either way...
Affinity: Fourth Level
If and when you get one of your characters to have the fourth level of any affinity, then when they use it, they will summon the god (or at least an avatar of the god) in question and it will perform an attack on all players on the field.

Another note on affinity: Those numbers say how much you rack up in defense and offensive affinity points, the ones beside the weapons. If you have forty affinity points beside that weapons icon, that means that you will get two full spheres at the end of each attack, making affinity attacks that much easier to engage.
Backstabbing and Surprise Attacks
Every once in a while, I find myself using a secutor and a barbarian and I wonder why I don't use them more. In the case of both, they have access to a series of moves that are extremely beneficial to the person using them. These moves, such as Surprise Attacks, are moves that capitalize on the speed of the light characters, giving bonus' to hitting in the back, or making it that, even if that character isn't engaged with another, the move still hits whatever side you approached from. Front, side, back, it doesn't matter, as the target won't turn to face you. This can give you extra damage, whether it is needed or not.
Beasts - Rock, Paper, Scissors
It's more than likely that you know the medium-large-light version of rock-paper-scissors that exists in Gladius denoting her has power over what other type, with arcane and support being left out. Therefore, you might have noticed that other beasts fit in their own versions of this. However weaker beast attacks are, these are the types (bears can be beaten by Medium Gladiators, for example):

Bear - Heavy
Cat - Light
Wolf - Light
Beginning A School: Combo's
Combo's are one of the few attack early on inthe game that can significantly sway the course of any battle over a long period of time. Because it basically doubles your attack by just getting the first one, and allows three consecutive turns of hitting three consecutive times if you get the second, damage can be dealt and battles won with far more ease then without them, or with another skill. If you can get it, use it, and it will show itself to be a true asset in battle.
Beginning A School: Different Type's of Supporting Members
In the beginning of the school, you will already have access to two better than average medium level warriors, so unless you have a real fondness for them, that is all your school is really going to need. In the beginning, you only have room for about seven members, so taking up space is not something you want to use someone for. When going about recruiting, make sure that you are not only picking up massive amounts of what could be extremely useful and worthy troops, but one's that range in size and power. For example, the first person I ever recruited when I first started off in Imperia was Lampolo, a male Centurion, who came in extremely useful in some of the newer battle involving other medium warriors, and in Nordagh, I found out that the ranged Gungnir Kayne was amazingly useful, because of the power and range of his attacks.

So, to put it simply: You'll meet many different schools with many different Gladiator's out there. To win, you'll need to be just as adaptive.
Beginning Ranged Units and Uses
For those of us still struggling to start a new school, I send you a simple message if you are starting off in a place with tons of medium warriors, preferably Nordagh, but this works in Imperia as well. Make a good investment, go out and get a gungnir. Although they might look small and skinny, those little ranged attacks of their's can cause massive damage and are usually some of the first attacks to break that centennial amount in damage, which can often times take down a great deal of enemies. Not just that, but the sheer adaptability of the Gungnir (Sorry Imperians, Peltasts are not good for this) by changing forms and the excellent range and effects of multiple types of attacks that can all do something different, from large, ground based attacks, to traps, to simple long throws.
Certain Cities and Affinities
When you wander around the world map, you might have noticed by now that some cities specialize only in certain types of weaponry. For example, Syrna with water and Exuro with fire. When in these places, the shops will be laden with that type of weaponry only, so while your there, you might as well shop for only those characters that have that affinity. The only section you might find something different in that is worth buying is the helmet section, but otherwise, don't get it, as your most likely not going to use it and the money can go elsewhere.
Checking Enemies Before Battle
On the battle screen, when selecting the troops who your going to take in with you, more than likely you will notice the pcitures of the enemies going against you. It is always worth your time to see who you are going against. For example, if the other team relies on mostly water affinity, take someone with heavy water defense along with you. If you see a bunch of heavy Gladiator's, take your light, or take a few of your own. However, make sure you check all your enemies, as you know, this can be the difference between winning and losing... if you looked at one character and saw he was light so you loaded up your entire team with mediums, you might be taking four mediums against three heavies...
Counter Attack and Riposte
Counter Attack and Riposte are both useful in that in essense they give anothe turn to your character whenever the enemy performs a set action. For example, a Secutor taunts whenever an enemy misses, making the crowd go crazy and lowering stats for the enemy. Riposte is an attack that is used whenever an enemy missed their own attack. As you know in this game, having extra damage done or extra turns is a bonus that you should try and never turn down.
Crowds and Riling Them Up
The crowds in Gladius will have a major effect on your gladiators. When they cheer for you, you can get a variety of bonus' such as increased Ini or, at the very top, critical attack power. This means that you can have an extreme edge, but just having someone keeping the crowd happy or taking on the enemy is excellent fashion's yourself. Make sure that you don't hit too often in the back or you will lose popularity... and try to lower your enemy's if it happens to get a little too high for your liking.
Death Of A Recruit
Recruiting warriors for your school is crucial to winning battles. Be careful though; if a recruit dies in a random battle outside of a town, he or she will be permanently dead. If they die inside a tournament inside a town, they will be revived after the battle is over.
Dervish Tips
The Dervish of the Southern Expanse are arguably the most useful light characters there are available. While originally they might looks weak, these red skinned men and woman can quite easily cause group damage to those sitting even diagonal to them through the use of attacks such as whirlwind, and can cause many of your characters to die of bleeding before they can even get to full effectiveness. Thanks to there light status, they can also move around the field with extreme speed, and they also have a high initative, which means they get many more turns than some of the characters you will bring along.

The one thing you really need to remember when fighting the Dervish? Never go in with an air affinity related weapon. Even if you've got a character who has an incredibly high affinity in that section, the Dervish are immune to it, so you must switch over to a fire related weapon or similar if you want that character to handle any dervish. Otherwise, if you know your going against them, don't bring that character, as he is only going to get in the way.
Effects on Characters: How to End Them Early
There are multiple status effects in Gladius that can easily change the course of a battle, so you always want to get rid of them when you get the chance, or otherwise they will be a pain, or the damage left over will be, for the rest of the match. Other than using special abilities to remove it, which takes skill points, or waiting for it to dissipate, which can cause damage, killing the enemy can alsom end them early, providing a useful character back again with one less of their number on the field. Short version? Target the one who is causes status defects and the rest of the battle will go far easier.
Engaging Characteristics
When some characters engage one another, they show a different stance. As you know, when a character is engaged, they can be successfully attack from back or side without turning. The following are the characteristics to looks for:

1. Both looking towards another: Both characters are looking towards each other only. Usually, characters will look around, but they will only look forward when engaged.

2. They have to be within one space of each other: Long range or support attacks therefore will not create an engaged stance.

3. They are crouching: Typically, they will lean lower or crouch towards the enemy, something that you will not see them do otherwise.

If you see all three, then they are successfully engaged.
Extra money in Expanse
To acquire a grand surplus of dinari is in the Southern Expanse. If you go to the city Qaa Rah east of the palace there is a leage named cash money gwa. Enter that league. In each battle the floor is littered with treasure chests containing around 14-25 thousand dinari. That is 14000-25000 for each chest. There should be around ten chests scattered all over the battlefield. What makes this tip even more effective is if you lower all the enemies levels to leave 1 while your characters are at around level 15 or higher will easily out maneuver the enemy. Each match could possibly take 10 minutes but for each time you do it you'll make at least 150 000 dinari. In less than an half an hour I made 400 000 dinari.
Getting Good Items
Walk the beach of Imperia in the early morning to find high level equipment and weapons. Stand on the beach and press A. If done correctly, you should see a window with a treasure chest on it, and a message telling you that it is searching. There is no limit to how much you can find; you can acquire a lot of items if you have the time.

When you kill somebody out of the dueling ring, a coffin will appear where they died. You can attack it to get all of that person's items. Note: This will not work in a dueling ring.

In The Southern Expanse, go to the coastline and press A. You will see a window appear that will look for treasure. This is a great way to get items.
Gods and Assorted Affinities
Due to the plot lines and assoted other reasons, it is always good to know just what the gods are behind each type of affinity. For example, if you go to Orus, then you will find yourself faced with the constant words of Exuro. If you don;t know what that god's affinity is, you could be in for trouble. They are as follows:

Aeris: The Eagle of Air
Maritimus: The Turtle of Water
Exuro: The Dragon of Fire
Solus: The Boar of Earth
Healing Moves
Healing moves in any fighting game are hard to come by, and it is the same for Gladius. So when you get a character that can heal other characters on the field, remember that you have on of the rarest advanatages on the field you can have, and you should use it often. Even equal characters will find the battle soon difficult if the enemy us still at 3/4 health and you are at 1/4. So invest in the moves, as you never know when they might come in handy, or, when out of battle, life saving.
How Much Damage Will My Attack Do?
When targeting an enemy character, you will notice that part of the health bar will begin flashing. Although you will never hear about this in the tutorial, that is how much damage your attack will do if it lands in the YELLOW section. This means than any hits in the critical attack range or RED areas will do more damage and any attacks in the BLUE range will do far less, so when your looking at what attack to do, find the one that has the largest flashing range, and you'll see just how much damage you'll do!
Ineffectual Defensive Affinity
No doubt you have some character with some defensive affinity by now, however, you might have come accross a situation when the affinity attack did the same amount of damage to you as any other character when you have the correct defensive affinity. Remember that, just as the offensive bar is raised whenever you successfully hit someone, the defensive bar will be raised whenever you are successfully hit.

So if it's your first hit on you in the game, expect to have no mercy from the gods.
King of the Hill
The point of King of the Hill is to get the most points from standing on top of the tower of rocks, boxes, or whatever is being used as the hill.

There are multiple ways to complete this. One is by getting a character up there who survives for most of the game, and the second is simply beating all other enemies. Unfortunately, the second one will not work as well if there is multiple schools or too many warriors on the field.

Remember that the characters job at the top is to survive as long as possible. If they have any sort of endurance ability or defending spell, use it now. If any of your other characters can use abilities to help defend her, do so as well. Otherwise, just beat those trying to get your character off the top up.

Also, if you don't make it to the top first, simply charge to that character there and try and beat him off. Even if he survives right up to the two minute mark, and you get on there for the last minute, than you get double points and you still get a chance to win. Double points only happen when the match is down to one minute.

Not always do enemies stand by, though. They will jump onto the space the second they get a chance.
Laying Traps
Ranged characters in Gladius have one identifying characteristic which often sells themselves into my school, and that characteristic is the ability they have to set a trap. Although this might sound corny or easy to notice, traps are actually incredibly dangerous, since the attack is actually done from a distance. Basically, you choose a spot, usually a choke point that they have to pass through to reach you, and place the trap there, which is two/three sqaures by the exact number the other way, usually. When they move through on the square, they get shot once. That means, if they move three spaces through the trap, they get shot three times! This is an excellent way to make your enemy a little bit weaker as he slowly moves his way towards you, so that you can finish him off without having to move closer to fight them.

How do you counteract this? If you see the archer point to something and not shoot, always be wary. Few times in the game will enemies voluntarily give up moves...
Ludo: Use Only If Required
Remember all, that Ludo will leave your school in the Windward Stepps when playing as Valens, and you will never use him in Ursula's campaign, so when you get the chance, stop using Ludo in favour of other characters, such as, in my case, Georgius the Murmillo and Lampolo/Laina the Centurion, as wasting too much on him will be an impact to your school.
Missing an Expelled Character?
All characters that you expel from your school can be reaccepted into the school from the same place they were originally recruited from.

The same goes for those with the Talismen of the Undead, only instead, it summons the same character from the gravestone in the area.

Note: If you expel an undead warrior from your school that came from another region, then he must be resummoned from that area.
Moloch, The Great Bear and Unna The Shopkeeper
Once you defeat the Great Bear Moloch (more than likely your first meeting with it ended after it's first round), Unna, in her wisdom and wonderful grammatical habits, will ask you to get her a better Greater Bear, which, when you get one for her, will get you a healthy amount of money. Going to the South of Sloan forest will gain you an encounter. Go in well armed, and get that bear down to 1/5-1/4 of it's health. When that happens, the battle automatically ends.
Morphing and HP
Characters from Nordagh have such close ties to nature that many can shift forms to an animal, whether it be some sort of cat, wolf or bear. They usually have several layers of forms, with the highest one being the one closest at level with theres, and also they will have any moves that that aminal might have had by that time. Another effective thing about them is that when a character morphs, some HP is given back to that character, whether he is morphing to or back from that form. This means that any character with that move can retreat or even stay where they are and continue to heal themselves to the best of their abilities.
Murmillo's and Shields
In the game, you will be looking for classes that can truly hold their own against many types of enemies. Although the Murmillo might be another one of the many medium types out there, he is not similar to the more common types through several elements that can make him an excellent gladiator. For one thing, he can act as a support character. Murmillo's main weapon is the shield they carry, and they can launch it like a boomerang at any enemy in front of or diagonal, with other attacks being able to go in any direction. Depending on the shield and the Murmillo's abilities, it can cause heavy damage by just using it's shield. Another series of attacks typically available only to the Murmillo for medium classes are moves that allow movement along the lines that Heavy's only have, like bashing a character aside to get past them, or using attacks to knock enemies down. This character has proved itself to be incredibly useful to me time and time over again, even sometimes against heavy characters. So when you get the chance, use them, and you most likely won't be disappointed.
Obscure and Useless Items
Sometimes in Gladius you will gain an award or something similar with possibly the most useless type of weaponry, for example, when in the beginning of Imperia, I recieved a Leather Bikini for Amazon. If you ever come accross these, sell them, as you can probably buy better armour later and there is no point in carrying around too many excess items.
Priam, The Murdering Murmillo
In Trikata, the shopkeeper Caryatis will give you a quest to slay the murderer of her brother in the ring, on the beach along the edge of the city at night. You will find a murmillo armed with fairly powerful weaponry, and to make things interesting, he is at a higher level than currently allowed in your current Tier, which means he is substantially more powerful than any of your characters.

In this case, I recommend using a Heavy Character. I used the Female Centurion Laina myself, and defeated him easily. From his carcass you will get the Wave Blade, a nasty weapon that, no matter which way you dice it, is just to high a level for any of your characters to use. When you return to Caryatis, she will want to speak with the killer of her brother's murderer, and at the end of the conversation, she will give your leading character some equipement for the Murmillo, an excellent shield throwing class available mainly in Imperia.
Quest Tip, Exterminating The Undead
Xandl is a virtual wealth of information and side quests, and one of them regards that tomb stone on the tiny hill south of Mordare and Vargen, in which you can not only kill off a potential threat, but also gain access to a talismen that gives you control over the undead soldiers, if you want them. Once you get this quest and go there, you will find several gravestones, and these gravestones, in turn summon skeletons.

To combat these threats, I recommend having gladiator's who can take a beating in this one, since this is an out of arena battle, which means if any characters other than the main one's die, it's over for them and you can't find them again for the rest of the game. Centurions or Yeti are extremely useful, and you should try and use them as often as possible for these, since, essentially, you want to go for what is summoning the skeletons and not them themselves, as another will easily take it's place. Destroying the tomb stones actually remove them both from play.

Once you beat that, you get the Talisman of the Undead, which means that Undead Soldier will obediently rise to do your bidding whenever you wish it. As long as it is night and you cross the gravestone of that realm that you are in, that is, and trust me, all of them have graveyards.
Random Battles
Like all RPGs, gaining experience and Dinars (gold) is best achieved by fighting random battles. Tournaments may give better results, but most cost money to enter and in the beginning, you will be spending your cash on weapon/armor upgrades and recruiting warriors. You may have to run around for awhile outside of the towns, but there are enemies wandering around out there.
Range Physcial Attacks
One advantage with phyiscial combat among some of your combatants is that some of your more physical characters have a ranged move. Even in the beginnings of the game, you might have noticed that such enemies as the Galdr and the Channeler's are not the most powerful beings on the field, and although they have a platoon of available moves, few rarely do any effective damage, at least, not until later in the game. Because of this, many a time you will find yourself facing an opponent and you are using a physical character, and, like usual, you are out of range. You will both be running towards each other, but some characters, such as Urlan, have a special area of techniques that are especially useful in these cases. You see, Urlan has a move called lunge, in which he suddenly moves forward two spaces with a powerful attack. This is a great resource to have, as long distance physcial attacks can give you the first hit and the tactical edge when it comes to hitting back.

So when you get the chance, use a special ability; Don't run and hit them with a basic attack.
Recruiting Glitch
You can only do this when you have LESS than the recruitment cost and the unit is ONLY temporary recruitable. Go to the person you want to recruit and select 'temporary recruit' then select 'don't recruit' This character will join your party forever. Works well if you want to recruit a dervish in imperia.
Roam and Similar Moves
When confronted with purchasing this move or not, I recommend you do. This move is basically a long range version, which is also stronger, of strike or the similar move of that character. Similar moves are such ones as Running Attack and Charge.
Roam and Similar Moves
When confronted with purchasing this move or not, I recommend you do. This move is basically a long range version, which is also stronger, of strike or the similar move of that character. Similar moves are such ones as Running Attack and Charge.
School Stock
The school stock is a place where you can find any item that your school currently owns. Although the space might look endless, it really isn't, so keep this in mind. Whenever you wander the lands, periodicly go on an equping spree. Equip your gladiators with the best equipement for their affinity or class as you like and then go and sell the rest. No, seriously. If you come accross another gladiator of a similar type for items, you can suit him up whenever you go on your next shopping spree. Otherwise, it's not worth having a cluttered inventory of useless and outdated items.
Secret Arena On Imperia
There is a secret arena on the beaches of Imperia. To find it, walk around on the beach and press A as if treasure hunting.
Selling Items
I missed this for most of my first region of my first game, so my school's equipment was bad. Remember that in shops, wait until you see the small button at the bottom left corner of the screen so you can sell your items.

Go through them all first to make sure you don't want them, and then equip them, but sell the rest. Dinars are more useful then lousy equipment.
Sigi The Galdr Optional Quest
In the first region of Nordagh, speak to Xandl the weapon shop owner in Mordare to hear about the missing witch, Sigi the Galdr. To find her, walk around the area north of Roanor to get a random battle that has Sigi surrounded by six Mongrel Shamen. Defeat the Shamen and return to Mordare. Speak to Xandl once again. Sigi will give you the Signet Of The Valkyrie and Xandl will give you 463 Dinars and two weapons, a Flamberge and a Tschehouta.
The Amazon: Hazard To Men
Men in the world of Gladius, no matter what the nation, will probably have to fight some version of these attacks of, which are refered to sometimes as Amazon Attacks. Quite simply, the Amazon Archer would use charm or stun, or other assorted flirting attacks, to root, petrify or other disable/slow that character while they go about slowly killing them from long range with arrows. Although these effects can be shaken from moves such as Reprimands from a Centurion, however, others, like Enamor, lower initiative and the usefulness of the these characters in battle. When you get the chance against these lovely ladies, always take some of your own in a more buisness like manner than any men you decide might be useful to bring along.

Otherwise, the Amazon is known for it's tricky maneuver's by using other disabling or damaging attacks, such as one's that poision, from range, so never let them have the leisure of room. They have a weak attack called Strike up close, so once you get them within range they are quickly defeated and removed from the arena.
The Avilable Yeti: How to Get Them
In Fluich, you will find the Trial of the Elders, with three progressively difficult battles in a row, called the 'Trial of the Elders'. They will wish to test Ursula, until the final battle pits her against him.

The best way through these battles is to make sure that they take as much damage into those turns as they power themselves up to do damage to you, so a Gungnir/peltatst is useful here, along with Urlan and Ursuala. Make sure your own shortrange characters, such as Ursula, power themselves up as much as possible, along with those around them. Urlan, if he has combos, is incredibly useful in these fights.

Make sure that your close range fighters are on the block opposite the direction the Yeti come from for a height bonus (from what I rememeber... the ice block in the middle of the field on the side opposite the large rock wall with the passageway). Make sure your ranged character is not targeted, so he can continue to do heavy damage...

Afterwards, you will be approached by the Overseer of the arena saying that there are Yeti in the Recruitement Office waiting to meet you. You have the chance to recruit Iaar permanently and Rugh temporarily. Trust me, the Yeti is well worth the time.
The Effects of Certain Affinities on Characters
The following is a small chart represting side effects that could happen to a character through the use of an affinity attack:

Air --> Frozen
Earth -->Petrified
Fire --> Poisioned
Light --> Blind
Water --> Movement Down

Remember that these effects only take place with affinity attacks level three and above.
Timing Battles and Winning
Some battles in the Gladius universe are timed, which means that you have a certain amount of time to do as much demagae, stay in one place the longest or assorted other tasks. Now, as many people know, eating up the clock with your characters on top of the Hill or on top of a hot Spot in some conflicts can give you a unique advantage. Namely, it gets you more points and less turns for opposing enemies.

Let me take an example. You've just taken the hill, and are surrounded. You can't last for two minutes, however, you know that a Samnite's running attacks or bash attacks can take incredibly long to complete, since it has to run several places before it finally stops, draws back, and hits! Because of how long it takes, sometimes upwards of ten seconds, it eats up a huige amount of time, even if it only has to go three times. That's a ton of time, a quarter of two minutes! So when your character on top needs help, take the time, find the longest move for that character (not necessarily running attacks or combos) and use them to take the clock down!
Undead and Lasting Effects
In Gladius, the undead in the game might leave behind a cloud of green gas whenever you defeat them that will poision the character for a time. So when you take them down, try to have a character that can heal them on the field, as it could be all the difference between winning and the rest of the overdead overwhelming your characters. Otherwise, just try and kill them from a distance.
Windward Stepps and Ranged Combat
A frequent battle in the Windwards stepps is your characters against three or more ranged characters, typically archers, but more than likely including some Amazons or something similar, so be prepared always to handle these sorts of battles. Most schools will have some sort of ranged character with them, so it's always good to bring along a Gungnir or Eiji to most of the battles in the expanse.

Remember, though, ranged characters do not have the highest HP in the game, so keep them out of the way.... especially archers. Remember, they have excellent disabling capabilities with that bow of theirs...
Winning Points Battle
To win a points battle get all gladiators close together, and with a Peltast, use exploding javelins. Friendly fire also counts for your points.
Wolves as Gladiators
Wolves in the Gladius world are perhaps not the strongest characters along, with the strongest moves they have perhaps doing a fraction of what similar classes can do. However, the real strength of the wolves comes out when more than one wolf appears on the field or surrounds another character. Wolves have innate abilities, such as Pack Mentality, that raises the strength of the creatures to new heights, and have other moves that allow all wolves fighting the same target to get a free move whenever it get's a critical hit. They are not all that useful in the school until far later in the game, with moves such as Lupus Call, which heals the wolf casting it, and others that are stronger such as Shred Throat (which causes bleeding) comes into play. As it is, they are good pretty much only for non human battles.

One thing that is good about the wolves though, is that there stats are not changed by equipement, which means removing the wrong item isn't possible, except for a choker. They also have a high HP, which can sometimes come in handy throughout the game.


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1000 Money, 1000 EXP
1000 health:
1000 EXP:

i got this from gameFaqs......
Control Camera View
Pause the game during combat, then press Up, Left, Down, Right, Left(4), Up(4). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Use the Left Analog-stick, Right Analog-stick, R and Black to control the camera view.
Hell's Fury optional Quest/Skill
To get Hell's Fury, a powerful skill that I have not yet experienced, but others have and I read their hints, so I'm giving credit to those who did. First, you must have killed the desert Yeti, get the promise stone, get the Signet of the Valkyrie (quest submitted by JJBdude 48), Find and destroy Sarnentunent(sp?), and have 6 characters at least at level 18 or above. Go to the Southeren Expanse and go into the southeast area. Keep going until you see a blue portal. Step into it. Usus will ask you if you are ready or not. If you are not, leave now. If you are you will be engaged in battle. Pick six characters (preferably the Four Main Heroes and 2 of your best characters aside from the heroes) and get prepared for BATTLE!!! The first battle you will fight 4 summoners with all equipped with air. They all have Crowns of Air. Next is either water, fire, or earth. Fight the other three battles. After you are finished, each of the surviving characters they will get Hell's Fury. People say it's REALLY good!
higher level enemies and recruits
Pause at league office and press right(3), up(2), left(4), right, up(4), down

note: the recruits will only be at higher levels once you fight a battle (enter a battle and when it starts, abort the battle).


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lower level enemies & recruits
pause at league office and press right(3), up(3), left(4), right, down(4), up


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no class restrictions
press start at the schools menu, press start and move the d-pad R,D,L,U,L,L,L,L,Y,Y,Y. this removes the class restriction off all equipment so anyone can use anything.
Unlimited Money for the Sellout
Ever wonder why YOU have to pay GLADIATORS to join YOUR school? Isn't that a little backwards? If only life were that easy.
Here is a way to turn that around.

You will need enough money to recruit one gladiator. After that it pays for itself.

Recruit a gladiator that uses heavy armor, like a SAMNITE or a CENTURIAN.
Take all of his gear. The way you do this is by going to the item screen, and selecting *NONE* for the gear. This cannot be done with weapons, so buy a cheap weapon to use as the replacement if you so desire.

Now sell his gear. Expel him too... he's pretty worthless.

That being said, only use this dirty trick with gladiators that you KNOW you are not going to recruit to have on your team permanently.
The reason for this is that the gladiators that you expel from your school will go back into the recruit pool, able to be recruited again.

I made 250,000 in about 20 minutes. Not a bad deal.