G.I. JOE: The Rise of the Cobra FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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: : : : G.I. JOE: The Rise of the Cobra FAQ/Walkthrough

G.I. JOE: The Rise of the Cobra FAQ/Walkthrough

by TheCrobar   Updated to v1.0 on
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1. Introduction............(1TI)
2. Controls................(2CT)
3. The Basics..............(3BA)
4. The Guide...............(4GD)
     A. Arctic Arsenal.....(AAZ)
     B. Desert Jewel.......(DJZ)
     C. Jungle Fuel........(JFZ)
     D. Polar MASS.........(PMZ)
5. Closing.................(5CL)

Hello, and welcome to my guide for G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The purpose of
this guide is to provide strategies for how to complete the main game, as well
as tips  and general strategies. The guide is organized in to five  sections:
you're in the introduction, the controls section lists the game’s controls, 
The Basics section provides tips for general combat and how stuff works, and 
the main guide is the way through the game. The introduction and the closing 
section have contact information as well as some other information about the 
guide. If you have any questions, you can contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com

R.Stick...............Switch Targets
Triangle/Y............Operate Computer/Accelerator Suit
Circle/B..............Special Attack
L1/L.Bumper...........Lock on
L2/R.Trigger..........Switch Character (Single player only)
R1/R.Bumper...........Curved Shot

3...The Basics...(3BA)
This section covers the basics of the game. It's a tutorial section, so if
you're looking for help on something then this is the place to look.

A. Characters
There are numerous characters in the game and at the start of each mission
you'll be prompted to choose two. Each character has a unique weapon that
handles differently from the other character's weapons, as well as a unique
special move. You unlock characters by finding their dog-tags scattered
throughout the levels. (See below).

B. Character Classes
There are over a dozen characters in the game, but each one fits into one of
three classes. Each class specializes in specific things and has certain
strengths and weaknesses. The classes are as follows:

Commando: The average, decent at everything and bad at nothing. However, these
classes tend to have the most useful special moves.

Heavy: These guys pack heat, and are great at taking out vehicles and turrets
with their large guns. They deal the most damage per shot out of any of the
classes. They're a tad slow though, and they have a weak melee attack.

Combat-Soldier: These soldiers specialize in close combat, and each one has a
three hit close range combo that will kill most normal enemies. They're weak at
long range and tend to have bad special abilities.

While each class has it's benefits, I'd recommend taking a heavy along on every
mission. You fight a lot of turrets and vehicles in this game, and they're the
best at destroying them. Combat Soldiers are probably the worst class, but if
you like to get up in someone's face then they can be all right. 

C. Combat
This section details the various aspects of combat with strategies for how each
one works.

The health system in this game should be familiar to anyone who plays first
person shooters. You can be hit three times before your health is lowered to
dangerous levels, but as long as you stay alive it will eventually regenerate
back to 100%

You can take cover by finding a wall, a stack of boxes, or just about anything.
From behind cover you can shoot from a safer vantage point or hop over and rush
at your opponents. Overall, cover is a bad idea unless you're low on health or
behind something that can't be destroyed. Cover is often easily blown up in
firefights, so  you're better of strafing to avoid foes.

Dodging is a much more effective way of avoiding enemy fire. To dodge, press
the cover button and a direction to roll. During a dodge, your character is

Special Moves:
Special moves are unique to each character. Most of them are either suped-up
versions of their regular attacks or special one time use weapons like
grenades. A few of them are defensive, like shields from gunfire. There are two
ways to get special moves: you'll get one automatically when you kill enough
enemies or you can  pick up a medal to get one instantly. You can only hold
three at one, so don't horde them.

Accelerator Suit:
The accelerator suit is the same for each character in the game. It transforms
your character into a faster version of themselves and replaces your regular
weapon with a wrist mounted Gatling gun. You also get infinite special attacks
in the form of small rockets. Like special moves, the Accelerator Suit is
gained by defeating enough enemies. It's best used when you're facing a horde
of smaller enemies or a boss, so save it for when you really need it.

D. Vehicles
There are numerous vehicles in the game, but each one controls roughly the
same. Press the action button (triangle/Y) to enter a vehicle and the control
stick to move. (It controls a little differently from on foot so it might take
a little while to get used to.) Press the fire button to fire the vehicle's gun
straightforward. Most vehicles also have a mounted turret that can be manned by
the computer or a second player, which is controlled just like normal play.

E. Scoring
During the game you'll rack up points from killing enemies and completing
objectives. These points will translate into a score at the end of the level,
and depending on how well you did you will be awarded battle points. Battle
points are used to buy new characters, so it's best to get as many as you can.

F. Unlockables
There are numerous unlockable items in the game, each one of them is unlocked
through collecting items in the game's missions. The unlockable items range
from characters to concept art to in-game data files and enemy profiles. While
I do not list the locations of the unlockables in my guide, it's because they
are extremely easy to find. Given the linear nature of the game, most of the
unlockables are either behind locked doors that open depending on what class
you have or are simply sitting right out in the open.

4...The Guide...(4GD)
Each level in the game is made up a 2-4 checkpoints. The checkpoints act as
loading screens that lead into the next area, and this guide is organized
around them. Each paragraph will typically represent what happens in each
checkpoint as you progress through the game. The purpose of this guide is
twofold: to tell you how to get through the area and give any relevant
strategic information. This game is a shooter, so there's little point (or
strategic value) in telling you to go shoot enemy A, then enemy B, then enemy
C. Most of the basic enemies require no strategy beyond “don't get shot and
shoot them back”, and you should easily be able to figure that out on your own.
A. Arctic Arsenal...(AAZ)

I. Foundation
The first part of this mission is a tutorial, so there's little you'll need
clarification on. 

The mission proper begins once you pass the first checkpoint: you need to take
down a shield up ahead. To do so, continue along to the left to find a base.
Inside the base are some enemies and a couple of generators, destroy them and
head back to the shield to face a few enemies. Try out the accelerator suit,
you'll take them down easy. Head through where the shield was and shoot the
power ups out of the trees. You'll come to a large gate after facing some
enemies. Activate the terminal and head on through. 

On the other side, you'll need to fight a horde of foes and destroy a
generator. Take out the foes in the center of the area, then move to the left
to see the satellite. After destroying the satellite, more enemies will drop in
behind you. Take them out and head back to the middle of the area to find your
first boss.

H.I.S.S Tank
This battle is pathetically easy. All you have to do is circle strafe around
him as fast as you can and his turret will never catch up to you. If you have a
charge of the accelerator suit left, it makes this fight even faster. Beating
him ends the mission.

II. Genesis
Head down the bridge to see a scene. You'll be able to call in air support
during this mission by going into the green circles and pressing the Triangle
button. Call down an air strike to wipe out the enemies on the bridge (though
you might need to finish off the turrets yourself) and push through to the
other side. There will be another turret on this side, as well as a guard
tower. Destroy both and continue to the next area.

In this area, you'll need to take out a few spawn points while making your way
towards the large base at the end. The base has a large number of turrets, so
I'd recommend using your suit for maximum damage potential. After you destroy
all the turrets, you'll automatically enter through the front door.

The final section in this level sees you assaulting the main base. Go through
the canyons, taking out generators and enemies as you. There are quite a few
turrets, so be careful. You'll eventually com to your first teleporter, which
will allow you to swap out Joes during a mission. Moving forward will
eventually lead to a large base, where you need to destroy three guard towers
to proceed. Use the vehicle to make things easier, then head to the front of
the building and kill the enemies. Activate the power coils by shooting them
repeatedly to enter and finish the mission.

III. Deckhouse Six
Head forward and beware the landmines. After you turn the corner you'll be in a
larger room. Strafe at the end of the room to avoid the gun fire, and focus on
taking out the highly damaging turret before anything else. Beat everything,
then keep moving. Head down the hall to meet ninja enemies. These guys are hard
hitters up close, so kill them before they can reach you. Take out all the
enemies in the hall and move on to the next area.

The second wave all takes place in this large central room. First you'll need
to defend against waves of enemies. The best defensive spot is in the lower
right corner, you get a lot of protection there. After a couple of waves, the
gates around you will get lowered. On the end of the two catwalks on the right
side of the room are computer terminals: you need to deactivate them. Ignore
the turrets attack you, they respawn, and just activate the computers as quick
as you can. Doing so will unlock the door in the upper left corner of the room,
which is your exit to the next area. 

The final area is short. Make your way down the hall, killing the ninja enemies
along the way. At the end of the hallway, you'll see a familiar face (If you
don't know who it is, then why the hell are you playing this game?)

Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow is basically just a souped up version of the regular ninja enemies
you've been fighting. As such, you'll want to keep your distance from him as
much as possible to avoid his close range attacks. He will also throw EMP
grenades at you, which will stop you from moving for a few seconds. This is
very dangerous, since he can take you down to almost zero health extremely
quickly at close range. Thankfully, he doesn't have a lot of health: keep your
distance and keep away from his grenades and he's a push-over. 

IV. Cliff's Edge
Move straight ahead as the level begins, but watch out for landmines. There
aren't many enemies here until you get to a large intersection, where you'll be
ambushed by a tank. Take it out-it's stationary so dodging should be easy- and
move into the clearing. You'll need to head left to activate a computer
terminal, which will open a door on the other side of the intersection. This
will also spawn another tank, take it out with your accelerator suit and move
on to the next area.

The second portion begins with a boss:

The Gunship is easy to take down as long as you fight smart: the wall on the
left side of the are is indestructible, so take cover whenever you're low on
health. The Gunship will fire rapid fire rounds and missiles at you, both of
which can also be avoided by hiding behind cover when you need to. To damage
it, strafe and fire when it's shooting the blue machine gun type rounds. It
will take a few rounds, but it will go down easily if you're cautious.

You'll now have to de-activate the shield on the right of the area. Head to the
left, but be careful: there's not much cover. Take out the enemies and turrets
and activate the computer terminal at the far end to open up the shield. Head
back to the intersection to fight a new enemy. The drone has a lot of health,
but its weapons are pretty weak and easy to avoid. Continue on and take out the
enemies and turrets along the path until you come to another split. Here you'll
need to activate the power coils on the left side of the area, which will
activate a computer in the middle of the area, which will open the door on the
right side that leads to the next area.

The final area is a bit of a change: You'll take control of a satellite laser
and have to protect the tracking device in the center of the area. Move your
targeting reticule with the control stick and fire with the R2 button. Be
careful about getting too close to the tracking device, since you can hurt it
too! There are five waves in all, and you'll eventually have to fight tanks as
well as soldiers. To perform a sort of super attack, line up the two different
reticules and fire at the same time. After everything is dead, you'll exit.
Take out the few remaining soldiers past the area, then move up the hill behind
them to end the level. 

V. Rocket House
This is your most challenging mission yet, and you'll be fighting a lot of
tanks. The first area is straightforward: just charge forward and shoot
anything that moves. For the stationary tank near the start, position yourself
so that you can shoot between the two walls of cover in front of it. For the
second tank fight, just go ahead and activate your accelerator suit to finish
it off quickly. Head into the area after that too find three missile silos in
the ground, which you need to destroy to call in an air strike. As you destroy
them, be careful of the numerous enemies in the area and retreat to recover
when necessary. By the time you're ready to fight the level's fourth tank, you
should have another accelerator suit charge ready to use. Use it and destroy
the tank, as well as the silos, to call in an airstrike and blow open the door
to the next area.

The next area is a boss fight:

Baroness is a pushover. She doesn't do much fighting herself- she leaves it up
to her cronies. Enemies will appear, and you'll need to take them down. After
defeating them, Baroness will appear. This is your chance to damage her. Her
main attack is to shoot shock-waves at you, but they're pretty slow and easy to
avoid if you're moving around. After she takes some damage, she'll exit the
battle and send more soldiers after you. This fight continues like this until
you defeat her: she won't get much tougher, but the enemies she summons will
gradually become more threatening as the fight goes on. After 5-6 round of
combat, she should go down. Congrats, you've conquered the arctic.

B. Desert Jewel...(DJZ)

I. Arrival
In the first area you'll need to take out six ammo dumps before you can
progress. They're all located in the valley below where you start, so grab the
vehicle sitting near you and head on down there to blow them up. All of them
are out in the open, so it should be a snap. After destroying them, head
through the large gate and continue along until you come to a large turret. If
your vehicle still works, this portion should be easy. Just destroy it and move
along to the right into the next area.

This second area is really straightforward, nothing worth mentioning really.
There are a lot of turrets and a couple of enemy vehicles, but other than that
it's just one long stretch of enemies. Good luck

The third area is bit more complex. After entering the underground base, head 
left and eliminate the enemies. Return to the main intersection as you battle
more enemies and head right this time. Follow this path as you fight even more
foes until you come to another intersection. You'll need to head right here and
defeat all of the enemies that spawn in the area to open a computer terminal.
Activate this terminal to open the door on the other side of the intersection
that leads to the final area in the level.

This area requires you to destroy three fuel depots. Head towards the green
marker in front of you to get a vehicle, which will make the job a lot easier.
The fuel depots are the small bunkers scattered around the area, three in all.
To destroy them you'll need to blast a power generator near each one and then
go inside of the bunkers and activate a computer, which will destroy the
depots. After destroying all three, make your way to the large gate at the back
of the area. Waves of enemies will some after you, but there's a lot of cover
to make things easier. After you've taken them out the level will be complete

II. Rise
This mission begins with another simple, straightforward firefight. The area is
filled with a couple of new enemies, but it's nothing you shouldn't be able to
handle given what you've seen before. After taking down a barrier, a Gunship
will show up. Your strategy should be the same as it was before: the gunship
didn't change tactic so neither should you. After defeating the gunship, the
shield gets taken down that's blocking your path, which allows you to head to
the next area.

The second portion of this level has you assaulting a COBRA base. Kill the
enemies guarding the door to open it, then bash your way inside. Inside the
base, you'll find plenty of enemies so be careful and use some cover. A little
ways in you'll be able to call down a tank for support. Get inside of it and
start shooting. Move around the area (It's sort of shaped like an S) and you'll
run into two COBRA tanks. Destroy them and move around the path near them to
the back of the base, where you need to activate two power coils. Activating
both will unlock a computer terminal near the factory's entrance. Move back to
the front to be faced with waves of opponents. You'll use your satellite laser
again to destroy them from above, only this time your goal is to prevent them
from reaching the bottom of the screen instead of protecting a transmitter. The
only real advice for this portion is to focus on the tanks when they show up,
since they take a lot more damage to destroy. Finally, activate the computer
terminal to open the exit door for this level.

III. Robot
The first part of this mission begins in a cramped hallway. Blast the enemies
that come towards you and head down the hall. You should see a doorway on the
right side of this next hallway: enter it and defeat the enemies to turn off
the shields protecting the outside doors. Advance down the next hallway to come
to a wide open room. You'll need to dig in here and defend against a few waves
of incoming enemies. The accelerator suit really helps against these guys.
Afterwords, use a heavy character to open the door on the left side of the
room. (There's a teleporter in a previous hallway if you don't have one.)

It's our old friend Storm Shadow! He hasn't really learned any new tricks sine
your last bout, but he has a lot more health this time around. Keep your
distance and roll away from his emp grenades and you shouldn't even get hit.

The final portion of this mission requires you to destroy the factory. To do
this, you'll need to activate four power coils that are widely spaced all over
this large room. I'd recommend taking out most of the enemies before you try,
since you need o run from coil to coil in order to activate them before the
others fail and you're forced to start over. After you've activated the power
coils, head up to the top and activate the computer terminal. You'll need to
defend this position for a few minutes, so hunker down. Afterwords, the mission
is complete. 

IV. Storm
This is another straightforward “kill everything that moves” sort of section.
There are a lot of turrets in the opening area, so bring someone with a good
special to take them down. All you need to do in the first area is deactivate a
shield towards the end, and the generator is right next to it. Destroy it and
move on to the next area.

The second area tasks you with taking down a communications facility. Charge
down the hill and take out the enemies as you make your way towards the shield
on the left side of the area. At the shield, head left down a small walkway to
find the power generator for the shield and destroy it. Move through the shield
to the other side to find a few more enemies, one of them a new large robot.
These guys are powerful, but extremely slow. Circle around behind them to take
them out. Beating him unlocks a computer terminal, activate it to destroy the
satellite and lower to shield on the opposite side of the base. Hoof it over to
the other side as you take out enemies until you come to a large door, where
you'll have to fight another large robot. After killing everything, move up the
slope to get to the next area.

In the final area of the level, head forward until you come to an intersection
and turn left. Destroy the generators on the opposite walls to take down shield
that are up ahead, then return to the intersection and head left. Go all the
way to the end of this hallway through another intersection. Defeat the enemies
and activate the computer terminal to raise a bridge by the last intersection.
Return and cross the bridge. Keep going until you get to a final intersection,
where you need to turn right and disable one last generator before the final
barrier of the mission drops and you can advance to the next mission.

V. Apep
Like the last few levels, the first portion of this one is pretty nondescript.
Other than a lot of Ninjas and Land Mines, all you really need to do to get
through this area is move through and eliminate all of the enemies that
threaten you. At the end, activate the computer terminal and head through the
door to the next area.

This is probably the shortest area in the game. The first room is just a bunch
of turrets and Ninjas and a large robot that appears after they're dead. Move
through the next two rooms to see and ominous looking laser outside as you take
down all of the enemies. After taking down the foes in each room, activate the
computer terminal to open the door to the final area.

The final portion of this level is a Boss Fight

Firefly isn't really much of a boss, he's more like a regular enemy with a lot
more health. He'll appear in short bursts and attack you before teleporting
away and summoning enemies to fight you. When he teleports, listen for a
countdown. This countdown is counting down to the large laser firing at you
from the background. To stop it, fire at the shock coils on the platform you're
fighting on. When you eliminate enough enemies he'll reappear, ready to take
some more damage. Oblige him and send him packing. This pattern will continue
until the end of the fight. The countdown will get quicker and the enemies will
get tougher, but it's the same fight until the end.

C. Jungle Fuel...(JFZ)

I. Fever
This level is very straightforward. The first portion is basically a long raod
leading into the Jungle, with very little to get confused about. There is a new
Ninja enemy, but the only difference is that these ones can vanish whenever
they want to and pop up a few feet away from where they were before. There is
another Gunship fight partway through, but you should be familiar with those by
now. Destroy all of the enemies at the gate after it, then activate the
computer terminal to turn off the shield. Head through to the next area.

The second potion of the mission has you assaulting a lab. Head down the hill
in front of you, taking out the enemies along the way, then turn left. You'll
end up at a gate. Kill all the enemies, then activate the power coils and enter
the base. Once inside the walls, head to the far right side of the area to find
two more power coils. Activate them to open a computer terminal to the north of
where they are. This terminal opens the main door to the base. Enter the door
to complete the mission.

II. Sludge
Yay! Let's open some doors with computer panels! When the mission starts, head
down the hallway until you get to the first door. Kill all of the enemies
outside of it and the door should open to reveal a computer panel. Activate it,
then continue through the hallway past a locked door. There are two more open
doors: the first leads to a commando only room, and the second leads to another
computer panel that will unlock the locked door. Head back to the newly opened
door to find a computer room. Enemies will pour into the room, but it's your
goal to destroy the computer panels in the lower right and left and side
corners, then to activate the computer terminals on the far wall. After doing
so, two doors will open. Head through the soldier door (go back to the
teleporter if needed) to find...

Storm Shadow
If you've been following this guide, this should be the third time you've
fought him. He'll use mostly the same attacks as before, but he has two new
ones as well. The first is a long range attack that does almost no damage, and
the second is a a group of mines that he will occasionally drop[ when he
teleports. Watch for the mines, as they can do a lot of damage. Otherwise, this
fight is the same as the last two times. If this is the third time you've
fought him, then you will unlock him afterwords.

The final portion of this mission has you destroying more computers. But first
you'll have to take down a few waves of enemies. After you've beaten the first
wave, the middle of the area will rise up to your level and more enemies will
spawn. Beware of the Ninjas that appear in the middle of the area, as they'll
be right next to you. After you've eliminated all of these, you'll be lowered
to the bottom floor. Here you'll need to repeat what you did in the first part
of the levels and destroy the computers. This time there's one more terminal,
but the computers you need to destroy are in the exact same place. After you've
done that, the level is over.

III. Countdown
In the first area you'll need to activate two power coils to turn on a computer
panel so you can open the gate at the end. They're far apart, so you have to be
intelligent about how you go about it. Advance until you get to a large  open
area with a turret, to the north. Eliminate all of the enemies, then head down
the path the right of the coil and make your way to the end, defeating the
enemies along the way. At the end of this path is the other power coil.
Activate this one, then run back and activate the other one. Head right from
there to get to the gate, open it and head on through to fight a tank. It's
nothing you shouldn't be able to easily handle at this point. Continue on
through this portion to clear the area. 

The second portion of the level has you taking out a communications base. There
are a lot of enemies in this portion, so don't be shy about retreating and
recovering. Head down the main path to run into a tank, followed by turrets and
a robotic suit. Take the tank out away from the others, then move in and
destroy the turrets before finally taking on the robot. Inside the base, use
your accelerator suit to further clear out the enemies inside. Head up the hill
on the left side of the area to find three generators. Destroy each one to
cripple the base and open the door to the next area. Go through the newly
opened door to find yet another tank to fight. Finish it off to move to the
level's final area.

The final area is just a big gun fight. Advance to the bridge in front of the
main wall, and you'll be faced with wave after wave of enemy soldiers. There's
nothing you haven't dealt with before: the waves are mostly robots and turrets.
Take out the turrets first, then concentrate on the ninjas. After you destroy
the gate, head on through to end the level.

IV. Primal Shrine
This portion is supposed to be hard, but the tank you get for it is simply a
beast. Head forward and grab the tank, then vaporize anything that dares move
in your presence. All you need to do in this area is stay alive for a couple
minutes until the door opens, so just sit tight and blast things while you
wait. When it's open, head on through.

The second portion of the mission begins with another satellite firing scene.
As always, aim for the tanks before anything else. Afterwords you'll need to
destroy four generators to get inside of the base. There are two generators
located on either side of it. After you've taken care of them, head to the
front of the base to see a cutscene. Afterwords you'll face...

Destro is the first boss you fight that doesn't run away from you. Instead, he
turns on a shield and fires missiles at you. This battle has two stages: Destro
will first try to shoot you with his large gun. Counter by shooting back with
your own, but stay far enough away so you can dodge the missiles he shoots at
you. When he's taken some damage he'll turn on his shield. At this point, focus
on destroying  the enemies he has no doubt called into the area by now. He will
call down down missiles from the sky during this portion of the fight: avoid
the massive yellow reticules and you'll be fine. After a minute or so of this,
he'll transform back and you can attack him again. Repeat until he falls over
dead. Well, not really dead, but defeated.

V. Polar MASS...(PMZ)

I. Cobra Island
The first portion of this mission is simple. Take one tank and ram it through
three gates. The tank they give you is pretty flimsy, but you can call for a
second one if the first blows up on you. Move through each of the three small
areas with caution: there are a lot of mines in the area. After destroying the
third gate, hop out and head to the end of the path for the exit door.

The focus of the second part of the level is on taking out two generators to
lower some gates. Head forward until you see the shield, then turn right and
head down the hallway. You'll end up outside, the generator is near the cliff.
Destroy everything you see, then head back inside and move towards the shield.
You should see another path split off to the left. This room contains a
generators defended by a shield. To take it down, destroy all of the enemies in
the room, including the turrets, to remove the shield and lower it down to your
level. Afterwords, the way to the next area will be clear after the shield are
down. Head past where the shield was and kill the few remaining enemies on your
way to the exit.

Head through the first portion of this area, taking out everything in sight.
(There really isn't that much) until you get to the large gate. You need to
destroy everything on, around, in, or near the gate to continue. It's easier
then the last one of these that was in the jungle, and it shouldn't pose a
threat to you.

I'm going to correct myself from before. This is the shortest area in the game.
Kill the two robots. Boom, you're done.

II. Cryodome
Awesome, we get to pilot the invincible tank again. Grab the tank at the start
and make your way around the area in a large circle, taking out the enemies and
gates as you go. When you reach the front of the base, you'll need to destroy
five generators to lower the shield. All of them are located in the small area
to the right of said shield. After taking them out wave goodbye to your tank
and head towards the base. Destroy the turrets on the bridge as well as the two
power lines at the end to take down the shield and enter the base for the final

Cobra Commander
Head down the hallway to see a short cutscene before the battle itself begins.
This battle is actually a little disappointing, since you don't actually get to
fight the Cobra Commander himself. You'll instead fight wave after wave of
enemies that he sends after you. They star out as Cobra troops, but they'll
eventually build to more powerful vehicles. They goal of this fight is to
destroy the four generators in the back of the room. The camera will shift to
one after each wave of enemies to give you the chance to attack it. If you're
fast you should be able to destroy a generator in one go. All around this fight
is pretty easy of you've played the game up to this point. Use of the
accelerator suit can make quick work of the troops, but avoid using it on the
generators since they seem to have a lot more health. After the generators are
destroyed, congrats! You've beaten the game.

As a final note, can you believe I wrote a guide for how to beat a GI Joe video
game without ever making a “knowing is half the battle” joke? 

5. Closing...(5CL)
This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 

Copyright Woody Crobar, October 10 2009.