Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon review
Best war game since Rainbow Six


I'm a real big fan of Tom Clancy since I have over 10 copies of all his books, so I decided that anything he makes is awesome. I quickly rushed to the store when I found out Rainbow Six had come out. I bought it was was impressed. Then when I heard about Ghost Recon for the Xbox, I quickly rushed to the store again. I wasn't disappointed. For fifty dollars, this is well worth it.

Theres quite a few weapons to start with and you unlock more as you finish certain tasks.

There are quick missions, Firefight, Recon, and mission and defend.

Firefight is when you have to kill every enemy on the map.

On Recon, you have to get to the extraction zone somewhere on the map without losing one team member.

Mission mode are just regular missions from campaign.

The multiplayer on this is so-so, but enough to keep you entertained with cooperative and deathmatch modes.

Tons of missions to keep you on the edge of your seat from capturing a guy to checking out a crash site.

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