Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon review
Ghost Recon

The good:

- Lots of cool levels
- Lots of things to hide behind for cover
- Abillity to upgrade members
- Lots of weapons
- Good gameplay
- Earn medals

The bad:

- The graphics arent that good
- Cant get in tanks of trucks
- Cant play on-line


This is a fun game to play. Lots of cool missions and the game is also challneging. You can choose the people that you want to use for your missions and what weapons they are going to carry. Each soldier can carry two weapons. You can also switch from a soldier to a soldier during the missions. There are usually 3 goals per level and one extra for fun. Some levels are sunny others can be dark but that is no problem because there are night vision goggles. In some levels there are tanks and they can be destroyed with a rocket launcher. The part that sucks is that you cant steal them and ride them. You can get into some houses and look around. Also every time when you pass a mission there is a cool little movie ending. That pretty much summarizes the game. This game is worth buying and you are going to love it if you play it.

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