Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon review
Ghost Recon Isand Thunder

The good:

It is the same great game with great look. you have 8 new missions that challenge even the best 1st person shooter. Getting special people is harder then ever, and making sure everyone of your men back alive are both harder.playing online is more fun, with more options. the story line is great, and so is new land scape.

The bad:

its the same game, new levels? they need to stop coming out with ghost recon ****** they need a ghost recon 2 or nothing more. new levels are getting old, the game just need an over hall to stay the best looking game out.


the game is just like the original, you follow the missions and get your men back alive. If you can do that then you will fly threw the game. Yet in Island Thunder the levels and game over all is harder. Elite lives up to the word now, you have to be elite to be able to complete elite levels. Any hick with a computer can beat recuite in the original ghost recon. But even the recruite in Island Thunder will challenge you.

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