Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Point Accumulation Guide v0.8
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: : : : Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Point Accumulation Guide

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Point Accumulation Guide

by LifelessDummy   Updated to v0.8 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PSP version of the game.
*Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex *
*     The Point Accumulation Guide       *
*                v0.5                    *
*Written by Ichiniisan, AKA LifeLessDummy*

*Table of Contents*

1.   Introduction
2.   Disclaimer
3.   Factors
4.   List of Enemies
        A. Quick list
                Surveillance Camera       20
                Soldier                   50 
                Guard Robot               80
                Commander                150
                Heavily Armored Soldier  200
                Fixed Machine Gun        350
                Armored Vehicles         500
                Fixed Missle Cannon      500
                Armed Suit               700
                Think-Tank              1000
                Jigabachi               1500
                Oniyanma                2500
                Multiped Tank           5000
        B. Detail Part
5.   Multiplier and Unlocking Difficulties
6.   About Me
7.   Version History

Hello all. Well, I wanted to do this FAQ, not only to make one, but I was
curious about the actual points and stuff. Hopefully this will not only solve
my curiosity, but yours as well. I included the quick list in the table because
that is what everyone goes into this guide for, so might as well, neh?

        This list was painfully written by the Dummy and it may not be 
published publicly, privately, in print, electronically, or by any other means
known by man without prior written consent by the author (and I知 a pretty 
nice fellow), and you can't distribute this without my name on this FAQ. If I
give consent to put a copy of this FAQ on your own websites, it may NOT be 
altered, changed, or tampered with unless I agree, because sometimes the 
grammar isn稚 correct, but that痴 just the way how it was written in the game 
and DO NOT link directly to GameFAQs. They池e really nice folks, and any less
of a headache to them would be appreciated. Also, if I made some kind of error
(remember, I知 a human being AND a dummy) contact me so that I can correct it.

What goes into your score at the end of each mission?

     The faster your time on the mission, the higher your score is. Also, when
you use a continue, the time will continue to roll, so odds are your time will
increase the more continue you use.
<Will include small aprox. time table soon>
Each mission has its own sepecific time, but if you beat the level within 7
minutes, its a 99% guarantee that you will get the maximum points of 10,000.

Enemies Eliminated
     Each type of solider you eliminate, multiply by how many of them you
actually eliminate. That is added to your time score. The more you eliminate,
the better the score. The full list is in the next section "List of Enemies."

Use of bonus
     You lose 10,000 points if you choose to have Unlimited Ammo. Also, you'll
lose another 10,000 points if you selected a secondary weapon at the beginning
of the mission. These points will be subtracted BEFORE the points get
multipled by the multiplier.

*List of Enemies*
There are two list, the quick list, and the detail part of the enemies.

Surveillance Camera       20
Soldier                   50 
Guard Robot               80
Commander                150
Heavily Armored Soldier  200
Fixed Machine Gun        350
Armored Vehicles         500
Fixed Missle Cannon      500
Armed Suit               700
Think-Tank              1000
Jigabachi               1500
Oniyanma                2500
Multiped Tank           5000

     *Detail Part*

Security Guards

These soldier's are everywhere in this game. They are the main body of enemy
forces you will encounter, battle with, and occassion hack and used their
useless prosthetic body for your own personal use.
Security guards usually work in units, with one of them assigned as the leader
of the pack. These guards will have a variery of weapons to use on you: SMG27
submachine gun, AR-17 assault rifle, AS17 Shotgun, CSR29 Sniper Rifle, M23-GL
Grenade Launcher, grenades, and even more deadlier weapons. Head-shots are
always the fastest way to bring anyone of these guys down fast, no matter the
difficulty level.

     Soldier - 50 points each
Any regular foot-soldier from the speed, balance, to even the snipers.

     Commander - 150 points each
These are the soldier you get the unit ID and maybe a hacking key.

     Heavily Armored Soldier - 200 points each
These soldiers are in a bigger armor suit - sometimes even funny looking ones.

Security Robots & Flying Sentries

The Security robots have a machine gun and tasser, with either a big shield or
no shield. Either way, shoot them in the eye or from behind. The flying
sentries are bee-shaped robots that fire at any theart nearby. Best time to
shoot them is before they go on the move. They both are in the same category
as guard robot.

     Guard Robot - 80 points each

Armed Suit

Giant metal robots controlled by man inside the hull. What it lacks in speed
makes up for offensive power, ranging from machine gun, rocket laucher, and
even devisating melee attack. Only way to beat them is constant gunfire and/or
grenade/rocket attack.

     Armed Suit - 700 points each

Fixed Stations

Anything that doesn't move that may become a problem. These ceiling-mounted or
ground mounted weapons are programmed to fire at intruder.

     Fixed Machine Gun - 350 points each
These ceiling-mounted weapons fire at a high velocity rate at you, so make sure
you destory them first before the other enemy, because it can turn you 40%
health in 0% health very quickly.

     Fixed Missle Cannon - 500 points each
These ground-mounted weapons fire missle at you. More description to come.

     Surveillance Camera - 20 points each
What is camera doing in this? You get points for destroying them. Not much
though, and they don't put up a fight with you, but its always nice to know
you get something for nothing.


This last category cover's those rolling enemies. Some of these guys will give
you more problems than others, but you will aways get a decent ammount of
points for them.

     Armored Vehicles - 500 points each
Most of these guys are position without a gun turret on them, so you can
destroy them without fear of retailiation. I'm not sure if a bullet can
ricochet off the tank and at you, but I DO KNOW you can destory it with
Motoko's knife!

     Think Tank - 1000 points each
There aren't many of these bad boys, and their prime area is in Mission 8, but
they are smart and a pain to destory. During mission 8, just relentlessly fire
the chain gun at the target while shooting rocket at them. When the rocket hits
the tank, it will be immoveable for a short second - enough to fire another
rocket at it (guided or not), making it immoveable again, etc.

     Jigabachi - 1500 point
Yes, there's only one of these guys in the game, and thank goodness for that.
This bad boy is made to take out tanks, so Batou is just an armorless tank for
it's weapons. Never stop moving, because it will unlease multiple rounds of
rockets at you.

     Oniyanma - 2500 point
This flying wasp can attack with machine gun, rocket laucher, and even have the
"cargo" fire at you. Make sure the enemy inside the cargo is defeated before
jumping. I always like to jump with the target point is less than 15 away.

     Multiped Tank - 5000 point
The boss of the game, and a pain at it. It fires machine gun out of its "hands"
and rocket missle out of it's "tail". Assualt rifle and rocket rounds are the
best way to defeat this monster. Yes, it IS possible to defeat this tank only
with knives, but cheat needs to be activated for this one.

*Multiplier and Unlocking Difficulties*

The list of Difficulity, how much point you need to unlock it, and how
much the points mulitplies:

Difficulty      Points Required        Point Multiplier
Easy            Already Avalible        0.5x
Normal          Already Avalible        1.0x
Hard            Already Avalible        1.5x
Very Hard        15,000                 2.0x
Aggressive       22,000                 3.0x
Dangerous        34,000                 4.5x
Execution        50,000                 6.0x
Hopeless         75,000                 8.0x
Nightmare        90,000                10.0x
Champion        120,000                15.0x

The best way to obtain these difficulty is to play Mission 8 in the highest
difficulty you have. Defeat the 3 think-tank and a few armed suits quickly,
and its money in the bag.
Time:    11:48               8196
Enemies: Think-tank x3       3000
         Armed Suit x4       2800
Total:                      13996
Difficulty:                x_____
   Equals you getting the new diffulty.

*About Me*

I am Ichiniisan, also known as LifeLessDummy. You can contact me
by email,, aim, lifelessdummy or sephirokun or
kightdragnslayer, and/or irc, 
This walkthrough is not 100% accurate because I am a human dummy, and usually
I am in need of those "... For Dummies" book titles for everything.king.

*Version History*

0.5    7/26/05    This guide was written design for outline. I decided to
                  create the outline at least before starting to do all the
                  dirty work, which would help me later on anywaz.
0.6    7/27/05    Have all the points accounted for, need to check on one more,
                  and also began typing out the little info on things. Still
                  nowhere near complete for a time score table.
0.7               Listed all the points possible for the game
0.8    7/28/05    Included a detail section of the enemies, and included the
                  quick list in the table of contents.